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Badger SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen

The Badger SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen formula is water resistant for at least 40 minutes, environmentally friendly, safe for children, blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and thoroughly moisturizes while it protects your skin. This natural, organic, physical barrier sunscreen is made with zinc oxide instead of chemicals. Since the inception of this steamy, dreamy potion, previously sun-shy Badgers have been sighted belly up on the most luxurious beaches around the world. Meet you at the beach! Active Sunscreen Ingredient: Micronized Zinc Oxide 20.5% Other Sunscreen Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Beeswax, *Jojoba Oil, *Cocoa Butter, *Shea Butter, and CO2 Extracts of *Rosemary, and *Seabuckthorn Berry. Wt. 2.9 oz.

Key features

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  • Size: 2.9 fl oz. (85.75 ml)
  • SPF 30
  • Unscented
  • blocks both UVA and UVB rays
  • physical barrier sunscreen is made with zinc oxide.

Honest reviews


Great ingredients but I’ve found better overall

This sunscreen has great, all natural, non-toxic ingredients and I feel much safer using it than anything you will find on a “box-store” shelf. I don’t have any complaints about it really, just that I’ve found other natural sunscreens that I like better. My favorite so far is “Loving Naturals”. You get WAY more for the money and it smells better (without any fragrance added). Loving Naturals also has a bit less of the whitening effect. I’ll finish out the Badger but probably won’t buy it again.

Brandi Blue Rock, OH

way too greasy to use on my face or anyone’s face

I didn’t understand why people gave such good ratings for this product when it’s so greasy and thick you can’t even smear it on your face. Even tough it’s more natural, I rather stick to other brands that is easier to apply and for sure won’t cause me to break out.

Tommie East Rutherford, NJ

Too thick

It’s pretty thick, so you have to use quite a bit to get any coverage. It works well enough, but it would be better if it spread easier. If you’re buying for your kids the Badger “Kids” sunscreen spreads very easily.

Alison Dakota City, IA

Best stuff out there… and safe too!

I love everything about this sunscreen! Natural product. Doesn’t cause my daughter’s skin to break out like most sunscreens. Most of all, it works really well! I read the reviews that said people got sunburned using it. I will say that when you’re using a barrier sunscreen like this, you need to reapply it more often. I tend to go with every 2 hours when out in the direct sun. But my daughter and I have incredibly fair skin, and have never burned while using this product. Fantastic stuff!

Freida Shelter Island Heights, NY

Pretty good…

I really want to love this sunscreen because it’s so much safer than other brands! I do like it, but it sure does go on thick. Keep in mind, this is my first natural sunscreen. I use it on my bi-racial son and it does well on him. It goes on pretty white, but rubs in to almost clear. The main thing I don’t like about it is how greasy it feels, even after rubbing it in. I take him on stroller rides in the morning, and I feel like I need to give him a bath when we get home to get the greasy sunscreen off. I’m going to keep using this until we run out. But I think I’ll try something else next time…

Rachelle Salinas, PR

Very Good For My Purposes

I needed an all purpose sunscreen that won’t poison my great grandchildren with hazardous eco-system-killing toxins. For me, this was kind of an experiment, so here are my results.Pros:1. Ingredients that I can take seriously.2. Soaks in quickly.3. No icky smell (It smells like the oils that are in it. I smell the olive oil.)4. Water resistant.Cons:1. Kind of oily at first, but like I said, it soaks in.2. I paid like $13.50 for the whole thing. I knew it would be small, but in a month when I use it all up, that feeling of “OMG that’s a little bottle” will be even worse. A bigger bottle would be nice.For the record, IT DID NOT COME OUT WITH WHITE CHUNKS. I guess people who had that problem got older bottles of the product. I mean, it’s a natural product with no obvious emulsifiers, so you would need to shake it a bit just to be sure, but I experienced nothing crazy.Enjoy the Sun with natural sunscreen.

Tanya Daytona Beach, FL

Not for the fair of skin

I am super into natural skin care, so when I found out that this product existed I was SUPER EXCITED. It smelled great, it wasn’t horribly expensive and it rubbed in well. The first time I used it, I went to the beach and re-applicated regularly and I got horribly sunburned as if I was not wearing sunscreen at all. It may have been because this was my first venture into full sunshine during the year and I am porcelain pale but I won’t be buying it again because it was sadly ineffective.

Mercedes Saxapahaw, NC

Wanted to keep using it…

I give this three stars for being a safe, effective sunscreen. (As far as the EWG is concerned).Unfortunately, this sunscreen was very white, made my skin itch, felt very, very greasy and I broke out whenever I used the product. I am always on the look out for safe more natural cosmetic products and really wanted this to be my every day sunscreen. I sill have it on my shelf.I have used many other sunscreens and blocks and they do not all make me itch and break out- but they often have other nasty chemicals in them. I do wish there was a natural product with zinc oxide that did not contain so many oils. They don’t seem necessary! Most of us just want to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.Anyway, hope this works for you and your children. I am still on the look out. 🙂

Lila Derry, NM

Excellent protection and especially good for kids

I have used this sunscreen on my 3-year old son since he was less than a year old, and I can’t imagine using anything else. Yes, it does make him look a bit mime-like, but he has always been well protected (even while splashing in the ocean), and does not fuss when I put Badger on as it doesn’t smell or feel “yucky” to him. I have used both the lightly scented and this one (the unscented) and prefer the unscented. I appreciate that it does not have added scent, but also find that it spreads more easily that the scented version (though I can’t imagine why that is). And yes, my husband and I do use Badger as well, though admittedly we prefer hats to protect our faces since Badger is a bit clown-like for vain adults!

Kara New Franken, WI