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Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm-Mocha

Badger’s Mocha Cocoa – Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is made for true coffee lovers! We don’t just add coffee flavoring, we use real CO2 extract of Arabica Coffee beans, meaning this lip balm stands up to any taste-test challenge. All of Badger’s dreamy Cocoa Butter Organic Lip Balms come in larger .25oz sticks to provide soothing rich relief for dry lips! These creamy organic lip balms feature rich, Certified Organic and Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa Butter, which has the sultry fragrance of dark chocolate. Badger’s Cocoa Butter is traditionally processed at low temperatures, allowing the butter to retain its natural, health-giving properties. Flavored with all natural steam distilled essential oils – no artificial sweeteners or fragrances. We may be a little biased, but these are some of the best lip balms we’ve ever tried! (We think you’ll probably agree.)

Key features

  • Super moisturizing protection from Organic Fair Trade Certified TM Cocoa Butter.
  • Powerful antioxidants fromAloe, Rosehip, and Seabuckthorn help to prevent cellular damage.
  • Nice larger-sized stick.
  • We never use any artificial “fragrances,” color, detergents, synthetics, mineral oils or harsh ingredients.

Honest reviews


Nice Lime Lip Balm

I, too, am a lip balm addict, and I love anything lime-flavored. Limes remind me of all the times I’ve visited Thailand and Florida. The W.S. Badger Company make great lip balms and body salves. In the past, I have bought a lot of their salves and rubs for co-workers, friends, and family. I bought the Lime Rocket and Poetic Pomegranate lip balms at Rollin’ Oats Market and Cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida last year for some of my friends and myself. This Lime Rocket lip balm feels and tastes great. The lime fragrance is very pleasing, and the taste is pleasant. This lip balm applies very smoothly on the lips. There’s no stickiness or wax feeling. This lip balm is Fair Trade and Certified Organic. This lip balm has extra virgin olive oil, fair trade certified cocoa butter, beeswax, castor oil, essential oils of lime, litsea cubeba, tangerine, aloe vera extract, and CO2 extracts of rosehip and seabuckthorn berry. I really like the size of this lip balm tube – it’s .25 oz, and well worth the money. The size of this lip balm tube is the equivalent of Mission Skincare’s Acai Lemonade Mega Balm lip balm, which I will review later. The biggest lip balm I own is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick .5 oz tube, which I will review later as well. Most of the lip balm tubes sized .25 oz and above have been well worth the money. Anyways, it’s the cocoa butter that stands out in this lip balm. The cocoa butter really softens your lips. Another lip balm I highly recommend besides any of the W.S. Badger Company lip balms, Mission Skincare lip balms, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm is Thistle Farms’ lip smoothie. I highly recommend buying any product from Thistle Farms – product purchases and donations help the women who work at Thistle Farms in Tennessee, an organization/company that has ran for ten years and that has helped women freeing themselves from violence, addiction, etc. I’m highly supportive of buying products that help people get back on their feet, so if you buy products such as their lip smoothies or Sandal Survival Kit, with celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, singer Julie Roberts, Reba McEntire, Jordin Sparks, Jane Pauley, Nancy Lieberman, etc. supporting them – check out Thistle Farms’ Facebook page to see what I mean, then that’s great. Anyways, in early June, when my sister and I stopped at a Greenlife Grocery store in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I bought Thistle Farms lip smoothies for some of my friends and myself. Some of the ingredients in their lip smoothies include almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, cocoa butter, etc. If you want a great lip balm, Thistle Farms’ lip smoothie fits the bill. Also, if you want another great lip balm that has a lime taste to it, try 423balm’s Patchouli Lime Lip and Body Balm. 423balm is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based company. You can check out 423balm via their website. I first bought 423balm’s Patchouli Lime Lip and Body Balm when I also visited Greenlife Grocery in Chattanooga, Tennessee last year. They have lip and body balms in Tangerine Sage, Green Tea, Rosemary Lemongrass, and Sage Mint. I bought some 423balm products for my co-workers and friends, and they loved the 423balm products. Anyways, 423balm’s Patchouli Lime smells and feels great when applied to lip and body. My verdict: if you want to own some excellent lip balms, try W.S. Badger Co.’s Lime Rocket and Poetic Pomegranate lip balms. Like their slogan says, their lip balms truly feel like “a little magic for your lips”.

Connie Palmdale, CA

Very creamy and hydrating

I love this lip balm. You really should only use it at night or indoors because it doesn’t have any SPF, but it goes on smooth and wonderfully. Highly recommend!

Jaclyn Springfield, NH

Fine Ingredients, but Not My Cuppa

I have used Badger Lips and Body Balms for over 10 years. Their product Badger Organic & Natural Lip Care was packaged in a box and contained seven average-sized ( approximately .15 oz like a Chapstick) lip balms with flavors like Chai Rose, Highland Mint, Cinnamon Bay and Tangerine Breeze. These lip and body products come in disc format also in (.74 ounces) in an Unscented version and in all the other flavors which includesGinger & Lemon Balm Stick – 0.15 oz – BalmandBadger Lip & Body Balm, Lavender & Orange – .75 oz. This flavor selection offers the user something energizing, balancing, relaxing and romantic in their realm of “flavor-therapy.” Presently, Badger is including some “gourmand” flavors likeBadger Lip Balm, Vanilla Madagascar, .15 ozandCocoa Butter Cream Cocoa – 0.25 oz – Lip Balm.This particular flavor Badger Mocha Cocoa Lip Balm tastes and smells like coffee. The flavoring isn’t overly strong but it is slightly bitter; I had to look on the tube to put a name to what I was experiencing. If you like that type of sensation then perhaps, add a star to this review. However, I find that it is not one of my favorites. Because of this, Mocha Cocoa is something I reach for only when I don’t have anything else to use.The overall size of the product is larger (.25 oz) than Badger’s other products in stick format which makes the application initially awkward. The consistency of the product is like that of the other Badger balms–they melt with the warmth of your skin and have an overall soothing effect. This product is part of their cocoa butter balm line that includesBadger Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Sweet Orange — 0.25 oz, Cocoa Butter Poetic Pomegranate Lip Balm – 0.25 oz – Balm and Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm-Vanilla Bean (Quantity of 5). Like all the of the fine Badger products, this line uses CO2 extracts and essential oils for flavoring and aloe and seabuckthorn and olive oils for moisturizing in addition to the cocoa butter.As the ingredients are faultless, my only complaint about this product is its flavoring. I just don’t like a coffee scent:( For a non-caloric chocolate hit, I use myGanache for Lips, Chocolate Moussewhich tastes good and has similar ingredients.Badger has been making these wonderful body and lip balms for quite a while. Before this line took off–it is featured in Whole Foods around the country–the W.S. Badger Company was offered on the internet. At that time, ordering a product entitled you to so many handcrafted samples packaged in tiny plastic jars–I would be beside myself with joy as I treated myself to so many different flavor combinations of fine organic quality. What more could you ask for? Caring people who communicate well and make a quality product from fine ingredients cannot be beat.Bottom line? Badger’s Mocha Cocoa Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is a superior product in a larger than average size that definitely will moisturize your lips. Personally, the coffee flavoring is not to my liking so I would not purchase this again–instead I would stick to their wide selection of other more likable flavors. Recommended for those who like the taste of coffee on their lips.Diana Faillace Von Behren”reneofc”

Cheri Silver Star, MT

I am in love. This lip junkie has found a new Top 5 product!

Was wandering around Ulta when I stumbled upon Badger products. I automatically loved that the lip balms came in big sticks (I find them more convenient than standard size lip balms) and that the ingredients were REAL and identifiable. Then I smelled a tester of “Cool Mint” and fell head over heels. I have been searching for AGES for something close to the “Vanilla Mint” that Bath & Body Works used to sell (which also came in a big stick), and this is the closest I’ve found. I don’t think there’s any vanilla in this mint, but it is a CLEAN, fresh, delightful mint that doesn’t smell chemical-ridden or bitter. And when I tried the product on my lips, I was more excited than ever – it’s creamy and addicting!This product gets 5 stars, absolutely.

Elnora Granger, MO

Just as Suggested

If your lips have stopped producing their own moisture because you constantly use lip gloss or vaseline-type products, switch to this >> STAT! At least in the evenings, and it will encourage your body to naturally moisten up those lips. I still use lip gloss during the day because let’s face it >> just looks nicer. But while watching TV and sleeping, it’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

Patti Naubinway, MI

Fully Moisturizing

I love this lipbalm because theres that lovely cocoa aspect in the background of all the flavors, but then you have whatever scent you super-impose over it. Its super moisturizing, never greasy or heavy, or "fake-moisturizing" where it feels nice but then leaves your lips dried out. This is my true favorite. And the bigger size means its harder to loose (which is where 90% of my lip balms have gone) and also it takes less time to fully apply, and you get more moisture and application out of ever use.

Tara Bremerton, WA


I brought this based on all the other reviews. I returned it. I hated the taste of this product. It also did not work on my lips and dried them out. I do love the fact that there wernt any harsh chemicals in this product, but I need a lip balm that has medication for healing in it. I switched to aquaphor instead. I guess it would be good if you just wanted something to put on your lips, but I live in a cold environment, where I need a lip protectant/healing oinment.

Marcia Heislerville, NJ

Delicious, smoothing lip balm

Badger is my favorite balm. The smell of this, first of all, is amazing. It’s not too heady but a delicious blend of cocoa and vanilla. The balm is smooth and long lasting, a real savior in all weather. The tube itself very big for a lip balm stick, but it’s not a problem and makes up for the fact that it is a pricier (but much more effective and healthy) buy than most other drug store lip balms. My favorite!

Keisha Elwood, NE

Love this!

Got this as a promo item from badger balm when I ordered several tins of their other lovely soothing balms. I love it and find it soothing.

Toni Cedar Lake, MI

Like smooth chocolate

This has a nice chocolate scent and the softness last for hours. It is rather a large tube that will probably last me an entire year since I don’t need to constantly re-apply the balm. I actually wished it came in the normal size tube because I am a lip balm addict and I have plenty others that I need to test out and use up. I try to finish one tube before moving on to something else. It will be a while before I finish this tube. Lovely product though.

Rosella Marathon, IA