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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer with Folding Handle

Nano technology is an exceptional conductor of heat and emits negative ions. yields maximum far-infrared heat.

Key features

  • Dual votage for international travel
  • Foldable handle
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


Big surprise

After lugging my full-size dryer on a trip this past weekend, I decided it was time to look for a travel dryer again. Found this one here and just received it. What a surprise! It’s like a mini version of my full-size dryer, same heat settings and nearly the same blowing power. The product description omits what the instruction guide says, which is that it’s 1000 watts. But don’t let that fool you. I just returned an 1875-watt Conair model that I purchased at Target; this little BaByliss is far superior. Blows very well and has better heat. Plus, it’s tiny! It seemed to me that the little red BaByliss sold here on Amazon is even smaller, maybe too small, so I chose this model. It’s still smaller than I expected, but it will work fine. I’ve had travel dryers before, but never one like this BaByliss. It costs more than many others listed here, but it’s well worth it to me if it does a good job on my hair and fits neatly in the suitcase.

Carmela Sparkman, AR

Small, powerful, quiet and dual voltage.

This is an excellent travel dryer both in size and in effectiveness.I have shoulder-length thick hair and using the hotel dryer would take me 20+ mins just to get my hair to semi-dry (& this was using a super-absorbent hair towel prior to drying).An effective dryer = high velocity for its size, and this little dryer delivers. This dryer easily out-performs others in the “Compact” range and most definitely in the Mini-range.Pros:* High velocity (speed of air) for its size* 2 settings (high heat/speed:low speed/heat)* Matt finish: a) enables better grip b) hides fingerprints* Removable back-grate enabling filter cleaning.* 6-ft cord* Small size – *almost* falls into “mini” category.* Lightweight – approximately 12oz/350g including concentrator nozzle.* Does not sound like a lawnmower – quiet.* Dual voltage – a true travel dryer.* 10A surge so can be safely plugged into “Shavers Only” bathroom outlets and safely used with travel adapters without fear of tripping the breaker or burning the adapter.If you don’t need the dual voltage, can spare a few grams and another inch or two in the suitcase, Babyliss’ other Compact Travel [single voltage] dryers deliver a higher air volume for even faster drying.Note that this travel version’s model number ends in “T” (for “dual-voltage Travel”) and does not have the cool-shot feature that the non-travel/non-dual voltage (and otherwise the same) version has. Additionally, the non-travel version does not have the folding handle.It is also important to note that the plug for this dryer is the polarized two-prong type that has one prong bigger than the other, so international plug-adapters need to have one slot bigger than the other to fit.*** There is an older version of this hairdryer that ends in model number -052T and was the previous recalled model for a faulty fan. The issue has been fixed and the new models’ numbers ends in -053T. Should you receive the wrong one, the recall is still active and Conair (the parent company of Babyliss) will happily replace.***Update: May 2012Cons:* The dual voltage switch markings can easily rub off and it is important to note that the indicator is not where the screw points (like regular dual voltage appliances) but where the printed arrow would have pointed.

Lorrie Albion, ID

Fuse blew

I was looking forward to using this in Asia, however the fuse blew while I was in the middle of using it. I was able to use it only twice.

Jeri Dateland, AZ

compact and serviceable

cute and tiny, it also folds up. great secondary or travel blowdryer, it does catch my hair in the back into the air intake if i hold it too close.

Lara Dumont, TX

Great and light!

Small but powerful ! VERY light weight but still powered thru my medium thick curly hair. Good purchase, long cord and has 2 speeds and 2 temps.

Stacie Gentryville, IN

Great travel dryer.

I like this but not enough to use it every day. It doesn’t really get hot enough to dry my medium length hair in a reasonable amount of time, but its great to take on vacations.

Sasha Dragoon, AZ


MUCH smaller than I expected; working well so far. It is not as powerful as a full size HD, but that is no surprise!! The concentrator is perfect for my shorter hair, but I doubt this little gem would work for those with long, thick manes !! Shipping was swift; and in the original packaging. I was hesitant based on some of the reviews, but I’m pleased with my purchase and I would likely purchase another !!

Genevieve Salix, IA