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BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 1/2″ Mini Iron Blue

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron combines the power of nano technology, a new technological development that creates maximum efficiency, with the high heat conductivity of titanium and the heat resistant properties of Ryton. It is exceptionally resistant to chemical corrosion.

Key features

  • Creates maximum efficiency, with the high heat conductivity of titanium
  • Fast heat up – up to 430F
  • Gets close to scalp; 6 inches cord excellent for travel and purse
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • Exceptionally resistant to chemical corrosion

Honest reviews


If you want to straighten Barbie hair

This product is perfect if you want to straighten Barbie hair. (Don’t actually try that.) It’s so small… This is probably useful if you’re one of those people that have perfect hair all day and have a rogue curly section every now and then. But if you’re like me, your whole head gets nappy after a long trip anywhere. This thing would take me hours to straighten out all the curls. I ended up cutting the cord and letting my son pretend it’s an alligator.

Wendy El Campo, TX

Tiny, Heats Up Quickly, Perfect for Touch-Ups

Tired of hauling around my straightening iron in my purse, I’ve been looking for something more practical that fits in my makeup bag. The BaByliss is it!To give you an idea of scale, it’s exactly the length of a dollar bill. The cord itself is the bulkiest thing about it, but it’s not one of those super stiff cords and you could probably save additional space by winding it around the appliance.The BaByliss doesn’t take long to heat up – about 30 seconds or so.It straightens effectively on my fine + wavy hair. The straightening plate itself is small – this is not going to be an effective way to do your whole head of hair, ladies & gents. You could, though, if you don’t have a ton of hair and were willing to go slowly and take the time.I use it for touching up my bangs after getting caught in the rain and for going out after work.Love this product!

Vivian Saxon, WI

Not my best purchase

If you want to take 40 minutes to straighten your hair, this is it! :/ Not impressed by this. Basically threw the money down the drain. My suggestion is don’t buy… I have very easy to style hair (like it takes curl and straightening well, and it took me forever to get straight hair using this!

Lucia Lorena, TX

Awesome EXCEPT…

…the paint comes off of it after awhile because it’s so hot which is super annoying because I find paint chips in my hair. OTHERWISE–it’s awesome-goes through my hair smoothly, heats up quickly and effectively. I have tried other minis and this is for me the best.

Liza Mc Dade, TX

I adore this product

It is so cute. The size is so handy, so light. I knocked off a star coz the temperature is not adjustable and it takes a longer than usual time before it completely warms up. All the same it is such a good buy. I dont iron all parts of my hair, just the front and ends so this size is perfect for me!!!

Carissa Newfane, VT

Just okay

This iron is okay but for the price it was not the best I found. I found one at TJ Maxx for $13 dollars that heats up just has well. Shop around has they are making minis that are comparable to this one even though the name may carry weight I don’t see how the price makes up for it.

Summer Noxen, PA

Fried my hair

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Babyliss irons, but this one completely fried the front of my hair. I bought it to touch up my bob while at work, since I commute via foot and bus. The plates seem to catch on my hair which might be what has damaged it so much. This thing also gets crazy hot to the touch and it is so small that there isn’t really any way to hold it without getting burnt.

Eloise Fleetwood, PA

Didn’t work for me

I purchased this for my trip to Europe and tried it before hand, it was really hard to use and just way too small. I returned it and bought the 1 inch, which worked perfectly for me!

Esperanza Dugway, UT

Life saver!!

I bought this for the purpose of travel. It’s a great size and it heats up really well. I actually like it better than my usual hair straightener because I think it gives me more control. Loved it!

Stefanie Pell Lake, WI

nice flat iron

Works great with my hair. My only gripe is that it has no heat regulation. My hair slides right through smoothly. It never feels like it is overheating my hair, burning or causing any heat damage. It is very small and easy to carry in my make up bag when traveling.

Angela Jessie, ND

Five Stars


Josefina Guthrie Center, IA

So adorable, light weight, good investment

This is the most adorable straightner. Beautiful color, works well, very light weight I use this daily not just for travel. It takes up less space and is easier to pull out to use. Excellent purchase.

Jeanine Hartfield, VA

Lovely Iron

This iron is amazing for short hair as well as your "edges". It makes your hair look silky, and straightens with ease. It’s pretty powerful for such a small iron. I’d recommend this flat iron to anyone who is looking to buy a 1/2" iron.

Johnnie Saipan, MP

Really tiny

This is even smaller than I pictured; okay for touch-ups but that’s about it. It does get hot though, and was better than nothing for my recent trip overseas. (I bought it for the dual wattage option.)

Hazel Ashland, ME

Its not too bad a purchase

Okay so I got this to reach my hair edges that are out when i do my weave. Its pretty good actually. But dont turn it on and leave it. It gets hot immediately like 30 seconds or less and it is hot on the outside so be careful when using it. If you get one of the heat resistant gloves you should be good to go. And oh yeah when it clamps the plates dont touch.

Tameka Placitas, NM

Works great for what it is

Original Review – August, 2013 – I think it works well for a travel flat iron and the size is perfect. It is tiny and really cute. It does get a bit hot but my hair is short and does not take long to do (I mostly do just the front.) I read some other reviews that say they burned their fingers using it and that the blue came off on their fingers – well it has these little pads right around the middle for your fingers – if you use these you won’t burn your fingers or get any blue on them. I have been using it at home just to check it out before taking it on vacation and, because I just got a haircut and my hair is shorter than usual, I think it works better than my bigger flat iron. For longer hair it won’t be better but should be adequate for travel. For less than $20 you can’t beat it!Update – March 18, 2014 – I liked it so much I ordered a second one. I find I use it much, much more than my regular flat iron and wanted to leave one in my travel bag and have one for home use. If it had temperature control it would be totally perfect. Without it, it’s still good for me.

Dessie Casa, AR

Doesn’t Heat Up to What It Claims

I could have bought a $14.99 mini and it would have worked just as well. It really does not heat up to temperature as claimed.

Anita Dunnville, KY

Not for me but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you

I am not a flat iron person so I thought this little one would be easy to handle and control, it is just fine but I guess I am not a flat iron person. It is just sitting in my drawer but I recommend it for those that do use one. Nice travel size.

Ginger Anson, ME

a lot of heat for a tiny thing

Excellent travel flat iron. It puts out a lot of heat. I w/still use my full size iron. Using this for touch up or if I’m in pinch

Carolyn Searles, MN