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BaByliss WORLDWIDE VOLTAGE Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Blow Dryer, Ultra Lightweight Design, Features 2 Heat / Speed Settings

BaByliss Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Hair Dryer, Dual Worldwide Voltage The Bambino is dual voltage for worldwide use making it the perfect travel companion. It’s ultra-compact size doesn’t mean it lacks drying power, it boasts 1000 watts with high air pressure and heat. Nano Titanium technology delivers smooth, shiny and frizz free hair in less time. The lightweight hair dryers Nano Titanium feature is an exceptional conductor of heat; maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures. Emits natural ions that eliminate frizz and close the hair’s cuticle to create smooth, shiny results. The professional blow dryers Nano Titanium technology yields maximum far-infrared heat, penetrating the hair from within for faster drying with less damage.The compact powerful blow dryer is a must for all kit bags, great for hairdressers on the move Features Compact, travel blow dryer 1000 Watt DC motor Dual voltage for worldwide use High pressure air & heat Lightweight design 2 Heat/speed settings Removable rear filter Concentrator nozzle 5 Ft power cord Specifications Nano-titanium technology Watts : 1000 DC motor Worldwide voltage : 110v / 240v

Key features

  • 1000 Watt DC Motor, ultra lightweight with Strong air pressure and high heat
  • Nano Titanium Technology Emits natural ions that delivers smooth, shiny and frizz free hair
  • 2 Heat/ Speed settings, Removable rear filter, Includes ultra-thin concentrator nozzle
  • Dual Worldwide Voltage : 110v / 240v, 5 Ft power cord with hanging loop
  • Compact & powerful blow dryer is a must for all kit bags, great for hairdressers on the move

Honest reviews


Nano dryer

I bought this and the mini flat iron to leave at my new vacation home I just bought (did not want to spend a lot$)It might be my fault, maybe I did not read it close enough but this dryer is a joke! It’s like a little toy.Ok the ONLY way I see this being good for anyone is if you have SHORT hair I mean shoulder length or shorter and thiner hair. My hair is to my bra strap in the back and thin but a lot of hair and I just could not use this. I will not give up on it entirely , I will section off my hair as I dry next time to see if that helps. I hate drying my hair I like it to be very fast and go.

Olivia Clarksville, NY

Less powerful than expected…

This is definitely going to be a backup or travel dryer for me, but for the 20 bucks I paid for it I did decide to keep it. I have very long and thick hair. This dryer did a nice job as far as the condition it left my hair in, but took too long to dry. If you have short or thin hair and want something compact, it should work fine. If not, I’d go for something with more power.

Rita Danville, WA

Mini but Mighty!

I recently went out of the country for a couple of weeks with only a carry on suitcase. I needed something that took up minimal space and this did the trick but did not slack on power. Very pleased with this purchase.

Terry Readfield, WI

Work pretty well, but maybe my expectations were too high.

This dryer works pretty well, but maybe my expectations were too high. I read a lot of reviews prior to buying this, and most were very positive. I don’t feel it lived up to the hype for me. First, I own a full sized Babyliss dryer called the Voltare. It is a higher end and professional quality dryer with a lot of power. I have a lot of hair (long, thick, and wavy), so I need something with a lot of power. This one seemed okay for the size, but took a long time to dry my hair. I was glad it didn’t get too hot though, because I don’t want burnt hair. I also liked that it had a cool button, because I always use the cool shot at the end of drying my hair.Second, as I was drying my hair the first time with this dryer it sucked up a few strands of my hair. I could not uncoil it and had no scissors, so I had to rip them. Thank goodness it wasn’t too many, but ouch! I was very careful the rest of my trip not repeat that again. All and all, I am not sure I would recommend this to someone with as much hair as me. Perhaps it would be better for someone with fine to medium thick hair. I would not say this would replace my every day dryer as some people have said. I would be spending at least an extra 15 minutes drying my hair if I did that.

Madeleine Mulberry Grove, IL

Nifty little dryer

I’ve had a regular size Babyliss for years and it’s great. I wanted a travel dryer and this one is so cute. It’s small and works pretty well. Great for the price.

Sheree Sardinia, OH