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Babyliss Scalp Massage Brush

The Babyliss Scalp Massage Brush gently massages hair and scalp. Stimulates the hair follicle for healthier hair.

Key features

  • Thick bristles gently massage and stimulate the scalp for healthy, shiny hair
  • Non-slip handle is contoured to fit in the palm of the hand for extra comfort and control
  • Distributes styling products evenly throughout hair

Honest reviews


Not for thin hair

I liked the idea of using this to sort of ‘massage’ my scalp, but think it’s probably better for thicker hair. It’s prongs are fairly hard and didn’t feel all that great. I gave it 4 stars still because I think it’s just my hair type, if you have big thick hair and want a way to get through the hair down to the scalp I’m guessing they is much better.

Erica Lookout, KY

very good product

I use this product to comb conditioner through my very long hair. It works well to get it distributed evenly without snagging or breaking my hair. I am on my second one in a number of years. It’s sturdy and non-damaging to my hair.

Eva Saugus, MA

Bad Purchase

I really liked the way this brush felt when I used it to wash my hair, but suds collected inside and I discontinued using it before mold could grow.

Darlene Bedford, NH

scalp massage brush

The product itself does what it’s supposed to do but it is very brittle. I dropped it in the shower and it broke the first time I used it; unless you are extremely not clumsy (unlike me), you might want to look for something made of softer plastic.

Charmaine Maine, NY

Feels Good, Wrong Color

this is a nice item that feels good, but based on the quality it has to be replaced pretty often (so buy a multipack) …suds and soap will get stuck in it and that can be unsanitary. Also, I ordered a blue for a male and got pink. Kind of annoying for him as he was using it in his dorm. There are better ones out there that clean your scalp better for the same price.

Kristina Cooksburg, PA