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Babyliss Pro Straighten 1-1/4″ Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Nano Titatium is an exceptional conductor of heat; maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures. Nano Titatium heat retention weight and smoothness helps reduce time and fatigue. Nano Titatium yields maximum far-infrared heat penetrating the hair from the within for gentle straightening without damaging hair. Ryton housing- resists high heat.

Key features

  • Yields Maximum Far-infrared Heat.
  • Ryton Housing resists High Heat.
  • Glides through Hair with No Pulling.
  • Straightens Hair 40% Faster.
  • Led Temperature Settings.

Honest reviews


Straight in one pass???

Not hardly! I am an African American woman with what I call “heat resistant” hair. Normally, I have to do a “wet set” to get soft, shiny, straight hair… only, by definition, “wet set” is code for lots of curls that I either have to flat iron anyway or wait till they fall to get truly straight hair!! lol My hair is coarse, but not as coarse as most Black ladies, but it is not quite in-between hair either, it is not what people call “kinky” AND I have deep waves. It’s the kind of hair that if I put a curling lotion or a wet solution like Sebastian’s WET, it will curl up and stay that way… as long as I don’t try to comb it out! LOL My hair is thick and long.So, I was thoroughly impressed with the reviews here from other African-American women who had claimed they’d found the solution to straight, no-frizz, non-salon hair. Many said that you could get your hair straight in one pass. As this iron costs so much money (I found one elsewhere for $69.99), I read a lot of reviews, watched some videos on YouTube, and, after much debate with myself, decided to give it a try.So, here is what I did: I’m a huge fan of Ojon products and I used their Detox Shampoo to make sure I didn’t have any product buildup. Then, a nice deep conditioner that rinses out, then FHI Heat Hot Sauce (which is a good product by the way) on my damp hair. I blow dryed it nice and straight (the Babyliss Hair Dryer works pretty good/can’t see why it’s so expensive though), and let it dry overnight. One thing I’ve learned from salon styling, your scalp needs to be really dry. Then, I used got2b crazysleek xl conditioning #4 for coarse hair straightening… so, I’m all set to flat iron.I heated this baby up to 410 degrees. And, it heated up real fast, on that I will agree with other reviewers. But, I ran it through my hair expecting this nice sleek finish in one pass… but, … nothing! So, I ran it through again and now I can see it beginning to straighten. So, I pumped up the heat to 450 degrees and tried it again. Now, a little more straight… all the way down to about 3 inches from the ends (my hair is down to the middle of my back), but, that was about it. The ends still looked frizzed… heck, they were downright fuzzy! AND this was after about 4 or 5 passes.So, I had to pull out my Maxius to finish the job! Now, Maxius is one of the first steam straighteners. You run one pass with steam, and the next with the iron clamped as tight as you need it… as slow as you need it. It comes with one toothed and one smooth plate. (I’ve never used the smooth one.) But, a pump of steam on my ends and one tight, slow, toothed pass later and my ends were straightened too.Another reviewer on Amazon said that no amount of straightening will handle dry, split ends, but, my ends are dry… not necessarily split except at the very bottom, and I trim my hair every other month, sometimes more frequently. Still, my Maxius has not failed me yet in that department. Plus, steam is supposed to be better for your hair, it opens the “pores”, if you will, and allows the product and heat to penetrate on a deeper level. This means that the ends are actually reconditioned as you straighten.Now, you may ask, if I have the Maxius, why try this one?? Because all the reviews said that their straightening efforts lasted so much longer, with minimal frizz, AND that this iron greatly reduced straightening time. Not so in my case, it actually doubled my efforts as I had to go back over my entire head with the Maxius to get it really straight.Besides this fact, these Babyliss appliances have cords like you would not believe!! Nice, thick, sturdy, and long… about 8 feet I think. But, the only thing it did do that was great was allow me to get closer to the roots than my Maxius. Which, my iron is 2″… so, it’s a little bulky (another attractive quality about this iron was its’ slimness).Side notes: This iron DOES get HOT on the outside. I started becoming a little concerned for the finish on my dresser, so you have to put something under it when you use it. My Maxius gets hot too, but not so hot that you can’t touch it and it is grooved on the outside so you can turn it over and let your hair continue to glide thru as you get closer to the ends. It also has a raised solid bump which means that you can sit it on your dresser or countertop without worry, which really doesn’t mean that much as the outside doesn’t get so hot that you can’t lay it directly on the dresser finish anyway.Overall, this was a $70 lesson for me: stick with what works well for you, and use better straightening lotions and conditioners to aid in that process. New, sleek, shiny, and works well for others may not be what’s best for your hair. I actually considered keeping this for a brief moment to address my roots, but then remembered that my “toothed” mini-Maxius with its’ groove exterior can handle my roots just fine. I hope the return policy where I bought this is in effect, because this one is going back!!It gets only 2 stars, because I believe there are a lot of inexpensive flat irons that are just as capable as this one. There is nothing special for the bucks this one costs!Did I get a defective model?? I don’t think so. AND I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the Babyliss Wet to Dry Flat Iron actually states that it “works well on coarse hair” and this one doesn’t. I think that the steam makes a difference. Bottom line: if you have thick, coarse, maybe “kinky” hair, try the steam one. If not, try the Maxius… both of the large ones use steam, the mini-Maxius does not, but is good for quick touch ups – especially on bangs. You actually put water in them to create the steam, so, it is not just generated from the machine. But, I wouldn’t buy another Babyliss anyway, steam or not.

Brenda Branch, LA

Smooth, affordable, fast

I read a lot of reviews of different brands all over the internet before buying this product. This was the only one I found that was (a) affordable (GHD got the best reviews, but they’re $240); (b) had no bad commentary, (c) was sold by a trusted site (Amazon) and (d) was a brand I trust (Babyliss). I have a Babyliss hair dryer and curling iron (5/8″) and they’re both great.The iron heats up fast. The only minor drawback I see is that (although it goes to 430 degrees) the heat settings are preset, so you choose from, I think, 300, 325, 350, 375, 410, and 430. If I use 375, I get “good” results but have to go over some sections twice. If I use 410, sometimes my hair starts to smoke (though I don’t know if it’s my hair, or the product, that is burning), but it only takes one pass to get it done. I’m sticking with 375 from now on!Remember to use a thermal protection product before ironing. I don’t like the kind that you spray on dry hair just before ironing (this gives me a crunchy, flat ‘ribbon’ of hair) and I don’t feel comfortable with the serum kind you smear on wet hair (because I’m afraid I’m not getting it on all the places it needs to be) so I’m still investigating products you can spray on wet hair, let air dry, then iron.

Carissa Turner, MI

Best Straightener Ever Made! Beats GHD, CHI, & Sedu!

Hair type: dirty blond with highlights, thick, medium-long length, coarseI have been using a BabyLiss for 6 years. I loved it so much, but wanted to try something different after my plates got older. I have tried the CHI, GHD, and the Sedu. They all suck big time! There’s no temperature setting and why on Earth would you want to put that on your hair! I bought each of them and compared them all in 1 week. Each one did the same thing to my hair. They made my hair dry and brittle! It really ticked me off since I had spent so much money on them. I didn’t care about the price because I just wanted an effective flat iron that would make my hair nice, straight, and soft like the BabyLiss. None of those did that! Well, I bought the BabyLiss again and man I am so glad I returned the others! I couldn’t imagine using those for long…my hair would break all off! Do yourself a favor and headache like me! Just buy a BabyLiss! It’s the best one on the market and has a temperature setting. I use mine on 300 or 350.

Lina Colfax, ND

How can you tell if it’s a fake?

I just got this and haven’t used it yet. I turned it on to see how fast it heated up. It got really hot really fast. So how can I tell if I ended up with a fake one? I’ve read all these reviews about sellers selling fake babyliss flat irons, but no one explains why they think it’s fake.I called the babyliss customer service, and they had me check a number on the product itself, and they said mine is authentic. But I read the fakes are pretty hard to detect, and are very well replicated.

Erna Fort Yukon, AK

It works….. Sort of

Works for my biracial child’s 3c hair, although it still ends up looking fluffy but straight. It does not work for my 4c hair,unfortunately. Barely makes it straight and it always ends up crunchy. I will continue to use this for other people, friends and those family members with a finer Grade Of Hair , but it does not work on my coarse AA hair!

Tracy Yorkville, NY


Love that you can set the temperature for the iron so you can style your hair using the minimum temp needed but enough to get the job done properly. Works like a dream, no pulling of the hair, gives the hair a nice shine as well. It really helps my hair look healthier and less fly-away.

Jody Burbank, CA

the best straightener

This straightener is definitely the one professionals use. it heats quickly, gets hot and doesnt cause any damage to my hair. the chi died after 3 years, and i didnt realize it at the time, but my bangs were kind of fried. This is what my stylist uses and i believe it gets hotter than most any other brand. id rather use high heat and go thru once than lower and having to keep going over the same piece of hair. to me, that causes less damage. this does the job quickly and i just put some serum like smooth down on dry hair first. wont waste my time with any cheap straighteners again. the only drawback is since its prof quality it doesnt shut off after 15 minutes and might be a problem if you have small children around. BabylissPro Nano Titanium 1 1/4″ Straightening Iron – BABNT2091T

Becky Corona, NM

Did not work correctly

I purchased this iron based on the reviews and I must say I was surprised to find that it tugged on my hair has I was flat ironing it. I am African American with 3b, 4a type hair and I had a keratin treatment about 2 months ago. Although it did straighten my hair I did not like the feel of it going through my hair. It felt like I was going through straw and it bent my hair on the end I don’t feel this was an authentic BaByliss because I used a friend of mines iron on her hair and it glided through with no rough feel to it. My friends iron also felt different then the one I ordered here on Amazon.I am sad because it seems like so many people liked it and I am trying to find a professional iron that won’t burn my hair. Also this iron turned off on me several times. I had to turn it back on…odd. Well needless to say I am returning it……I think I will have my friend pick up the real deal for me even if I have to pay a bit more for it.

Cecile Cumberland Foreside, ME

Babyliss pro nanotitanium

The Best straightener ever. it works miracle on my natural hair, made it silky,and bouncy. I use it once a week after cleansing my hair. I am sold and I preemtively purchased 2 more so that I can have on hands in case the designer/manufacturer decides to discontinue this flat iron. Five stars out five.CamilleBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 “Babyliss is The Superstar staightener!

Fran Grove City, PA

Damaged my hair!

Edit: I’ve been using this iron for over 6 months now and my hair is very damaged and I don’t even put the heat up all the way. Be sure to use some kind of heat protectant protect on your hair before using this flat iron. I will be looking for a new flat iron that is less damaging.This flat iron works great. I have very, very curly and frizzy hair and this flat iron gets it perfectly straight after blow drying it out with a paddle brush. I’m super picky about flat irons, but this has met all of my expectations. And I cannot believe how fast it heats up! I have 3 minor complaints which is the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars. First is that it needs to have an auto shut off function. Since it gets so hot, I can imagine it would be a major fire hazard if you forgot to shut it off before leaving the house. I was used to having this with my old flat iron. Secondly, I wish there was a clearer indicator that the iron was on. There should be a light or something on the top of the iron to indicate when it’s on. And lastly, it’s kind of a pain that it doesn’t recognize the last heat setting you had it on. So every time I turn it on, I have to hit the button 4 or 5 times to reach my desired heat setting. Not deal breakers, but adding those 3 things would make this flat iron exceptional.

Charlotte Skidmore, TX

love it

very nice and does a great job… would give as a gift… price is good for the quality… nice size…

Rosanna Jacksonville, AR

Excellent on fragile/50-something hair

I had planned on getting an Ozon but they were out of stock and so I researched the alternatives and settled on the Babyliss Pro Nano, choosing one of the vendors who are selling at a discount. It works perfectly, heats up immediately and does not burn my hair which is long but dyed and thus a bit fragile. My hair is usually a hygrometer, straight when it is dry (and somewhat flyaway) and frizzy when it is humid (but this gives it more volume). With the Babyliss I am able to straighten it quickly, keep the volume and maintain it frizz-free for a couple of days. It stays hot, does not scorch the Corian counter when I set it down, is easy to manipulate and seems strong while being light. It is also attractive and “substantial” looking. I love the LED readout of the temperature (in Fahrenheit). It can easily be used to curve the hair as well, but I use my curling iron for that after using the Babyliss for lifting and straightening.So far, so great!

Sadie Friendsville, TN

No more salon blowouts

I am happy to save some money and not have to go to the salon every week to get my thick frizzy course hair smooth and straight. I can just blow-dry my hair myself, doesn’t even have to be perfect since this iron takes care of the rest. This is the iron my stylist uses and it really is the best iron I’ve ever used. Even better than the Chi which I’m not impressed by.

Amelia Mc Dermott, OH

i have thick hair

The product is pretty good, i have thick coarse hair and i didnt need the higher setting. It gets really hot.

Saundra Westwood, MA

Not as expected

I think this is a good brand for flat irons but not the one for my hair type. I have thick, course hair and I need a flat iron that smooths without frizzing. My hair dresser uses this brand and manages to get a smooth look for my hair with this flat iron. However, I am not that fortunate with this purchase.

Myrtle Dearborn, MO

Amazing straightiner

I was never one to buy high end hair tools and thought my con air flat iron was just as great as any other. After buying this straightener I am never looking back. It does make a difference and I get salon quality results with this straightener. I love it!!!

Amparo Whelen Springs, AR


I was one of the many ‘I only use CHI’ cult followers, then my chi just stopped working on me in the middle of me doing my hair..can we say pissed!!! Got this from ulta then found on amazon for waaaaaay less and took the ulta one back. Overall great tool gets my hair straight in about 2 passes (just being honest) and after I’m done my hair looks like I just left the salon. This flatiron has various heat settings, I use 375. Im black with thick, middle back lenght mixed hair (curly/wavy) and works fine for me. Depending on how long this tool lasts I will try sedu next…but I’m thinking this babyliss will last me for quite a while.

Brittney Nebo, NC

Not a good seller

One star..I’d give none if I could! The package was taped closed like it had been used before. The logo was partially rubbed off. The flatiron itself worked for the first two minutes and then after that it always glitched out and shut off. The whole two minutes it worked, I was extremely impressed. However, the package arrived very late, and I am not happy with the condition of the flatiron after waiting so long for it to arrive and paying so much money. NOT HAPPY!

Mabel Lunenburg, MA

My Hair Has Never Looked Better

This is an outstanding product. I’ve been using low-range straighteners for years (Helen of Troy, etc.) and my stylist finally said to buck up for something that could get the job done. I have long blonde, extremely thick and semi-frizzy hair that tends to be a bit dry. I thought it was heat tolerant so I was always turning my old flat irons on super high heat. With this new one, I use it between 20-25 and it works amazingly. Things I love about this model: it’s LIGHTWEIGHT – I have puny arms and having to straighten my hair gets exhausting for my shoulders, especially having to make several passes with the iron. This model gets it done in 1-2 passes maximum. Both of the titanium plates get hot so the hair is straightened from both sides. The plates are titanium and very easy to clean. I’ve found that ceramic plates just fry the product so you end up with plates that look like old cast iron. Also, this iron heats up and cools down quickly (heats within 3 minutes, cools within 10). The price is GREAT for this model. It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy features or attachments, but your hair will never be the same.

Earnestine Tutor Key, KY


my babyliss has a gap in the straightening plates toward the switch and when straightening my hair, it pulls and snags and really hurts. the top plates touch together but again it doesn’t make a flat even contact. i am able to straighten my hair all at once because i have fine hair but i truly expected more from a product that’s recommended by stylists comparable to the One Pass. ow, ow, ow, ow, i dislike this product a great deal.

Jeri Sunny Side, GA