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BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron – 2 inch – model: BABP9561

Babyliss pro 2 inches plate porcelain ceramic flat iron generates far infrared heat to protect hair’s luster. Renews and revitalizes hair’s shine.

Key features

  • Ceramic plates of 2 inches
  • Fast heat up to 450 degree
  • Generates far infrared heat to protect hair’s luster
  • Renews and revitalizes hair’s shine
  • Emits natural ions that smooth and relax hair

Honest reviews


Best for thick, long hair

After years of fussing and struggling with some drugstore version of a hair straigtening "tool", I bought the 2" flat iron model from BaByliss. My hair stylist suggested it and he was 100% correct. What used to take me hours of fighting and cursing and sweating with my hair, now takes minutes. I couldn’t be happier with the ease this works thru my thick, super long hair.

Cassie Vining, MN

better than chi??

i think so! ive owned just about every single hair iron known to man. ive started off using a real clothes iron to do my hair “back in the day”. bought a revlon that “worked” but always made my hair greasy after a day. had conair that broke, owned chi that was more about a price tag than results and now i ventured off into the “babyliss” be honest ive never even heard of them before. i needed a new iron since the last one i owned from target (some generic brand that was on sale, bought it because my chi was acting up) took a poo on me as well. i did a search on amazon and found this. i just bought their travel hair dryer that was beyond outstanding and figured if that was great, why not this? i read the reviews and found a vast majority of them to be positive.i tried it and not only does it produce a beautiful finish, it doesnt leave my hair feeling oily or dry or flat or anything! it just gives me a clean hair look thats straight and perfect.would recommend this to anyone who needs a good quality hair iron for a decent price!-jill

Loraine Marshall, WI

I do not believe it is made of ceramic…

I used this flat iron a few times and it damaged my hair. My hair was not soft at all and was falling like crazy… I went back to my Conair Infiniti Pro with steam. Wow what a difference!

Mollie Crocketville, SC

Babyliss Pro 2 inch ceramic flat iron

I have thick hair and those little short, thin flat irons were ridiculous. They just took too long to use. My new flat iron from Babyliss is long, and 2 inches thick. There is a temperature guage and an on and off switch. So many of these products are on when plugged in. This one doesn’t burn my hair cause you can use thicker strands. It’s really worth the price. And, the best part, it really works, I have kind of frizzy hair, in the back, I was using product with it, but it straightened so well I just use shampoo and conditioner. It worked well for me. I have cut back on hair washing, especially during the winter, when it’s so dry. I can use this flat iron on the days I don’t wash my hair, and it works great. So, I can have straight hair and it looks clean because of not using the products after showering. Really try this, you’ll be very happy you did.

Claudia Hopkinton, MA

Great purchase

This is the best purchase for people with hard to manage hair. Straightens it with no problem and FAST!! I recommend this to many girls if they are looking for a quality flat iron

Laurel Ahwahnee, CA