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BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron – 1 Inch – model: BABP9557

Commercial grade porcelain ceramic creates shiny, smooth finish. Porcelain emits negative ions that smooth and relax hair while generating far-infrared heat to protect hair’s luster.

Key features

  • 4″ long porcelain ceramic plates
  • Reostat temperature control up to 450 F
  • Instant heat and recovery
  • 8ft swivel cord for tangle-free operation

Honest reviews


Where has this iron been all my life?

I don’t normally use flat irons. As a matter of fact, I rarely even use a blowdryer. I’m not what you call savvy when it comes to styling straight hair, as I stopped relaxing my naturally coarse hair (4b, I believe) back in 2007 and have experimenting with natural styles (braids, twists, etc.). So, I starting using Organix’s Brazilian Keratin treatment a few months ago, and even though I was thrilled with results (super soft, very manageable hair) I could tell that the iron I was using was getting hot enough. A little searching on good ole Amazon and I found this iron for about 20 bucks. It took nearly a month before the seller finally got it to my mailbox, I did the Keratin treatment on Saturday and just flat ironed my hair again this morning. I CANNOT believe how SMOOTH and SHINY my hair is! The only time I have had similar results was when my was hot combed… I’m blown away!! Such great results for a fraction on the price! I’ll be purchasing the 2″ soon!

Marsha Sedona, AZ

Refurbished Flat Iron or it’s A Lemon?!?!

What a piece of junk!!!! I had high hopes for this iron after reading all the good reviews. But it feels & looks cheap plus the plastic is very lightweight…don’t drop it!!!! I am a licensed cosmetologist and was hoping to get one of these for my at home use (at a decent price) since I have had experience with them in the salon. I originally bought this iron to use on my teen daughters’ hair….which is very thick, past the shoulders length hair. After reading and following the directions for heat settings, the iron does not get hot enough!!! Setting for her hair was 245 – 325 degrees, but had to turn up past 400 degrees using RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, to get it to work!! Next, I decided to try the iron on my hair, which is fine, chest length & layered cut. I do have a slight natural “wave” in my hair when I let it air dry and this iron will NOT take the wave out (no matter how small the amount of hair), without passing the iron through 3-4 times! Heat setting on 300 degrees (which was not what directions said to use) for me, but it didn’t matter, took me 1/2 HOUR to straighten my fine hair!! I have used this iron on my hair, 5 TIMES in the last month since purchasing it, and am sooo disappointed with it!! Remember, You get what you pay for….if the price sounds too good to be true for a salon professional iron…it is.

Willie Dalton City, IL

Babyliss pro

My croc just recently broke after only 6 months. So i really didnt feel like spending that much again but surprisingly this is great straightner and a great price. Heats up super fast and straightens my curly hair in no time. Great buy lets just hope it lasts!

Melba Pine Apple, AL


This was a gift for my sister-in-law who has very thick hair, and she loves it! Very good heating tool.

Lillian Big Bend, WI

Good iron

I love the size and the swivel end on the cord. It does damage your hair quite a bit, like any flat iron will. I wish I could get it closer to my roots is all.

Mayra Rocky Ridge, MD

Glad I got it!

I have used this once and so far have no complaints. Awesome price for this. It has super smooth and silky plates which prevents me from crushing my hair too hard or snagging it. I like that it has low settings because I avoid high heat at all costs. It light and easy to use. Heats up fast. It was brand new and in good conditioner and packaged in its original boxing and all. However, it was the DEVIL to get it out of it’s boxing. Those stupid zip ties!!! My god!! They were wider than toe nail clipper mouths (which is what most ppl traditionally use to get zip ties off) so I had to like… chip and bite away at it in piece using the clippers. A bit frustrating and tiring. But nonetheless, it came in reasonable time, I guess it took about 7 business days to get here. Not the fastest shipping in the world but acceptable and it was packed well. If anything miraculous or disturbing happens with it, I’ll be sure to update.

Marla Sharon, SC


This flat iron glides through my hair. I have very fine, breaking, dyed hair and have to be very careful what I use in or on it. This product does not burn my hair and it never pulls or tugs at it. It has a temperature gauge so you can set it relatively low for fine hair. It also has a nice long cord that swivels. I like to flip my hair under at the ends and this unit allows me to do that. I do have to go over it a couple of times because I am using such a low heat setting. I would definately recommend this product. For the price you can’t go wrong.

Fay Lanagan, MO

450 degrees of goodness

This is the straight iron you want if your naturaly hair is thick and curly. I have other BaByliss Pro irons and they are OK, but I’m truly impressed with the performance of this one.The enclosed directions give guidelines to heat settings based upon your hair type, and they seem fairly accurate. The directions also advise ironing as close to your scalp as possible (*not too close or you’ll burn it…), and taking small sections at a time and letting them cool prior to combing or brushing your hair.There’s an on/off switch and manual dial adjustment for the heat setting. The cord is on a swivel and it’s of a generous length. The 1″ porcelain plates are smooth, and will remain that way with care.I found that usingTRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray 8 fl oz (236 ml)as I dry my hair, and then again as I am using this iron, gives me excellent results! Soft, straight, smooth and shiny, without any stiffness or stickiness. A great combination of heat protection and performance.I highly recommend this iron for all hair types, but especially for those with thick wavy or curly hair who want a smooth option.

Sally Kemp, OK


I was a little reluctant about buying this , I’veheard rumors that you don’t get the real name brand product always, that what you order will look like the name brand feel like it but won’t perform the way it should . WELL as far as I’m concerned it works better than any flat iron I’ve ever had I have extremely thick hair course and wildly untamed and this flat iron tames my hair it’s shines its stick straight and I get done in half time i do when I use my Chi . ICouldn’t tell you if it’s really a “BABYLISS” of not but whatever it is its works great so who cares

Stacy Moundsville, WV

love it

love my new porcelain plate ceramic flat iron, leaves hair soft and smooth also great price. Highly recommend this flat iron.

Adela Spur, TX

I love this flat iron!!

In my opinion its best one that i have had in a long time! Has great temp. settings! Highly recommend!!

Malinda Boody, IL

A no go

I owned another babybliss iron that died I was excited to get this one, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. It could have been defective but I decided to give fhi a try..

Noemi Salineno, TX

Good product

You can’t beat this item for the price. I never spend more than about $40 for a flat iron, this one works well, heats evenly and because of the ceramic it doesn’t make my hair color get brassy as quickly.

Patrice Ryde, CA

love it

this flat iron is so light and amazing it gets my natural and bleached hair straight with one pass using the chase method i thought it was kind of cheap at first when i felt the weight of it but its amazing and the only thing i recommend is trying out different heat temps because i read a few reviews and women are saying it burnt their hair and i know for me i had to turn the flat iron down a whole 100 degrees than i usually use with any other flat iron and i have no heat damage or breaking of my hair and i wash blow dry and flat iron my hair every 2 to 3 days even though i dont need to this flat iron keeps my hair straight soft and silky but my hair gets product build up fairly quickly i highly recommend this flat iron great quality and great price

Kay Callaway, MD


I love this flat iron and I love this company, I will buy nothing but BaByliss from now on and tell everyone!

Mattie Hackettstown, NJ

One of My favorites!

Love it!! One of my favorite flat irons! Leaves my hair very smooth! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a new flay iron!

Kristie Otego, NY

Great little straightener!

This heats up SO quickly, and gets my naturally wavy hair lovely and smooth. I love that it has an adjustable temperature control, so I can decide how hot I want it to get.The thin plates mean I can get really close to my roots, and it also means you can use to curl your hair. The swivel cord is handy for when you’re constantly switching sides or hands, or if you’re curling your hair.

Annmarie Gibson, PA

Good little thing

I wanted the wider version but accidentally got this and said whatever. It works great, very smooth and minimal pulling. Worth the price, used more expensive tools that didn’t do half as good as a job.

Erma Clayton, WA

Great flat iron!

I have had several expensive flat irons (CHI, TIGI, GHD) in the past and I was looking for an inexpensive one with an adjustable heat dial and found this one. I have bangs and some of my other ones do not have an adjustable heat dial so when I straighten my bangs, they get a kink in them because the iron is too hot, even if I don’t press too tight. I based my decision off of the other reviews and I am happy about my purchase. I think this one has done as good of a job as my expensive ones. Great price and very satisfied. Definitely recommend!

Kimberley Stanleytown, VA

This is a great Flat Iron!

makes a great Flat Iron for an affordable price. I love that it heats up fast and is ready for use in minutes! This is the 3rd BaByliss Flat Iron I have purchased. I previously bought 2 as gifts for my daughters and after I saw how much they enjoyed theirs, I had to get one for myself! I’m so glad I did!

Ernestine Westons Mills, NY

Babyliss flat iron

I’ve been a Chi flat iron girl pretty much since they were invented, however, none of my chi irons have lasted longer than a few years, which seems silly, since they cost nearly $100. I decided to try the babyliss iron for around $40 a few weeks ago and I am SOLD! It works just as well or better than the chi, and has adjustable heat settings. For the money, I’ll stay with this brand.

Tamika Clayton, WA

Great flat iron!

This is a great flat iron! It is lightweight, well made, heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly. It has a very long cord, it is simple to use. I really like this flat iron, I would recommend it to my friends, and I would buy it again. I have a hairdryer by BaByliss, and I love it too.

Elsie Wayland, OH

Great flat iron

Gets nice and hot, and heats up fast. My last straightener was 3 times as much (even at wholesale price because I have my cosmetology license) and it still took longer to heat up and pulled my hair like crazy. No pulling with this one and it does it’s job fast and effectively.

Mai Rotan, TX


Have used a Sedu flat iron for literally years and when it bit the dust I figured I would do a little research. Boy did it pay off! This flat iron Straigtens my hair so quickly and leaves it so shiny! Only regret is not buying the 2 inch! But if you have thin to normal hair, the 1 inch would work great!

Ronda Crossett, AR

Gives the Chi a run for its money

I used the Chi straightener for years but one of the plates fell off so I started looking for new straighteners. When I first bought my Chi I used Christmas gift cards to offset the cost, but since I didn’t have any of those now I started looking for less expensive alternatives. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, did a lot of research, and read a lot of reviews and finally decided on this item. If you’re a previous Chi owner but don’t want to spend that much for a replacement, I’d definitely recommend this item!The BaByliss Pro has ceramic plates and an adjustable heat dial. The instructions break down hair types and recommended heat settings, but I’d definitely recommend starting on a low setting and increasing the temp until you find the one for you. I have long, fine hair (but a lot of it) so I found the higher settings worked best for my hair type. But be careful that you don’t set the temp too high because some reviewers have said they’re burned their hair. Fortunately, that didn’t happen to me.The size of the unit is comparable to the Chi, but I feel like the BaByliss Pro is a little bit lighter… which I like.The cord is nice and long and it swivels so it doesn’t get tangled.All in all I’m very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to others. I was afraid it wouldn’t work as well as the Chi, but it works just as well and costs far less.

Mamie Grove Hill, AL

Works great and good price.

This flatiron is very good. My hair easily gets and stays straight – almost too straight. It heats up fast and has great temperature adjustments. I have relatively fine hair and it is short so I find myself going back to my bablyliss travel flatiron a lot – this one is great. I just think it is more than I need.

Sallie Almond, NC

Top Of The Line Unit At Less Than Half Price

I’ll caveat this review by saying I’m not a hair stylist and no nothing as in zip, zilch, nada about the tools used in that profession. However my better half has been a stylist for twenty years and serves as Creative Director for one of the top ten Day Spas in the United States – he knows his scissors and then some.Based on his feedback BaByliss Tools are a top choice for professionals for a couple of reasons:
• They hold up to heavy commercial use
• Superior build quality
• Solid Warrantee
• Comfortable grip and easy to work withAs for sizing the one inch is the most popular and any hair stylist worth their salt can straighten any size curl or wave with the one inch diameter plate. The price on Amazon was the best – beating out even the closed to the general public beauty supply houses that cater only to professionals.Over the years I’ve found this to be true with virtually all his tools of trade and recently bought him a pair of $700 Kamisori shears for $265 with free shipping to boot. As for the flat iron it arrived in it’s sealed retail packaging and again with a Prime membership you get free two day shipping to boot.

Rosalie Salisbury Center, NY


The only thing I dislike is that it takes a little time to warm but other than that I love it. Once warmed up it gets nice and hot and it works really good on my hair.

Regina Doon, IA

Great flat iron

This iron heats up seriously as soon as you turn it on. My hair has a natural wave and the 450 degree temp is awesome because its hot enough to pull out that wave and make it stick straight. The iron has skinny plates and handle. I actually pinched my hand because I am used to a thicker one. This is a great price (less than $40) and it arrived super quick. I don’t see the need to buy an expensive flat iron because this one works wonderfully.

Lavonne New Haven, IL

Great flat iron for a great price!

I just received my BaByliss Pro flat iron and I’m really impressed with it. It straightened my thick hair so well, and the sleek, straight style lasted until my next shampoo. The temperature dial was easy to use and it gives you lots of control over how much heat you want to use. It goes up past the highest temperature on a Chi, so it should work on even hair that is really hard to work with. It’s comfortable in your hand, and the controls are well designed so you won’t accidentally turn it off or change your temperature setting. I’ll have to follow up this initial review after I’ve used it for a while to see how the product holds up over time. For now, I’d say that it’s a very good flat iron for a really reasonable price!**12/13/12 – I still love this flat iron, it works very well and I like that there is a fairly wide range of temperatures to choose from. I have now purchased two of these 🙂

Geneva Washington, ME