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“BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron – 1 1/2 inch – model: BABP9559

Babyliss Pro BABP9559 porcelain ceramic hair flat iron. 1-1/2 inch ceramic plates. The BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron is an extra-wide professional iron utilizing 200 watts of power and porcelain ceramic plates to create a shiny, smooth finish while eliminating frizz. 1 1/2 inch (one and a half inch) plate width. Porcelain Ceramic technology. Rheostat temperature dial up to 450 degrees F. 3 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Key features

  • Porcelain ceramic plate technology
  • Rheostat temperature dial-up to 450 degree F
  • Ceramic heater instant heat and recovery
  • Longer plates straighten more hair faster

Honest reviews


Great before it broke

Nice straightener! It works really well just like the CHI I used to own. It heats up really quick and does the job well. The only problem I have with it is the on/off button and heat adjustment knob looks cheaply made. It’s more of an appearance thing, my CHI looked top to bottom like a product made with great material. This one just appears to have more of a cheap plastic look to it, but just the button/knob part, the rest of it looks really good. I guess I was just surprised, but for the price it does just as good as those expensive CHI straighteners. If I had been able to afford a more expensive straightener by Babyliss I would hope the buttons don’t look like cheap plastic. Otherwise, 5 stars still because it works great! Babyliss makes awesome straighteners, even the cheaper ones such as this one works nicely.UPDATE***Just a couple days after writing this review my straightener stopped working. I have only had this straightener for 24 days before it broke. I didn’t drop it or expose it to water, suddenly one morning it just didn’t heat up. It turns on, but the plates don’t get even remotely warm. It showed no signs of failure prior, in fact I used it the day before and it was great. I just wish it would not have broken, and it still deserves 4 stars because it worked well when it was working. I noticed there was something inside the straightener that seemed loose, when I shook it a bit it sounded like a piece of plastic had broken off or something inside. Maybe something did fall apart inside and that’s why it broke, I feel this straightener could have been made with better material. As I mentioned previously, the buttons and knob had a cheap plastic look to it, I was going to get an exchange but turns out fulfillment by Amazon is refund only. So I suppose I’m taking my refund and spending it on another straightener instead. I’m just paranoid even though I feel I just got a defective one.

Colleen Hickory Flat, MS

I love it!

Easy, fast and perfect hairdo!I have only one complaint though… i bought it to basically curve the ends of my very long hair, and the result is perfect, the temperature control is awesome, but the paint on it’s sides started peeling out… not that this is a problem on how it works, again, perfect! But sadly, in two weeks it looks like an old iron…

Sasha Macks Creek, MO

Works amazing! And the price is great!

My hair type: Dark, thick, long, curlyHaving used the worse $20 flat irons and the best $100+ Chi, this is an amazing product without having to break the bank. I use this at about 375 degrees, for my hair type it works the best for a quick, straighten. It does smoke a bit and have a smell but I think that is from using it on a high heat. The hair straightens with first pass (I usually do 2 though). The hair stays straight all day!RECOMMEND!

Shari Haydenville, OH

Great job for the price….

Since my HAI iron broke I needed to find a new iron and didn’t want to spend over 100 bucks for one. Read the reviews and since I have thick wavy hair I did end up purchasing this BaByliss iron and it does work really good. It takes less time for me than my previous HAI (when it was working). I needed something that heated to at least 400degrees and this does the job. My hairdresser says don’t use any iron at 450degrees because you will cause damage to your hair. You should not go over 400 but I use it at 415 and it works really good. I try not to keep going over the same piece several times. Anyway, this is a really good product, I just hope it lasts. That will be the ultimate test….

Stella Big Lake, MN

Nice Flat Iron

Lives up to its advertising.Straightens my thick, coarse hairvery well. I’m satisfied with this product,and would repurchase again if and when this one gives outfrom use.

Nell Cragford, AL

Great Iron for extensions!

I love this iron for straightening extensions. It’s inexpensive and straightens just as well as any super high end straightener. I bought this as a gift for my best friend, she is absolutely going to love it!

Dollie Forbestown, CA