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BaByliss Pro BABP6685N Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer

BaByliss PRO Carrera Professional Commercial Grade Porcelain Ceramic 1900 Watt Hair Dryer with ionic technology emits negative ions eliminate static, reduces drying time. Ceramic generates far infrared heat to protect hair’s luster.

Key features

  • 1900 Watt Ionic Technology
  • Commercial grade porcelain ceramic with high heat and increased air pressure
  • 6 heat/speed settings with cool shot
  • Soft touch rubberized housing
  • Removable filter

Honest reviews


Shiny, sleek bouncy locks can be yours!

My husband recently asked me what the hairdresser did to make my hair look so sleek when she styled it. I used the same products as her and copied her techniques but my fine hair tended to be a bit frizzy. The next time I was at the hairdressers I paid closer attention. Same shampoo, conditioner, brush size and similar technique. As she blew my hair dry I realized the difference – she used a professional hair dryer. For years I have purchased inexpensive drugstore hairdryers that run about $20 and replaced them when they blew a fuse a year or so later. With a professional dryer she was able to dry my hair quicker and that combined with ceramic and ionic technology of the dryer she used cut out the frizzys!After checking out several hair dryers including the one she used, I decided on the Babyliss Pro-Carrera. There were a number of reasons. It offers ceramic and ionic technology. The wattage 1900 is gentler than the 2000 but still powerful. AND a super selling point was that though the dryer is a professional model it is LIGHTER and more COMPACT than other professional dryers by about 25%. Yes I want nice toned arms but not from using a hairdryer. I wanted the dryer to be easy to maneuver.The dryer has not disappointed. The styling is very euro-chic. Black with a matte finish. Not the shiny easily scratched surface of other models. Controls are easy to use. The handle is comfortable to hold. It has a heavy duty cord, overkill for my home perhaps but not a problem and the hairdryer is compact and not too heavy. The dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle which is not mentioned in the item description. This snaps on the dryer and concentrates the air where you want it to go.And it dries beautifully. A powerhouse but very controlled – works great on my baby fine hair and dries my daughters thick locks in half the time of our cheapie models. And the good news is I understand it will last for years instead of breaking down within a short time period like the cheapie models. Plus its quiet!Sleek styling, good looks and great results – a super hairdryer choice!

Clara Claytonville, IL


When I first got this hairdryer, I got the most compliments I’ve ever received. I was able to style my hair quickly and in a variety of ways (sleek straight, voluminous, flipped out…etc.) The hair dryer has 3 heat settings: cool, warm, hot. I used all three settings to achieve a variety of hairstyles.One month after I got it, the hairdryer would overheat short out when it was on the “hot” setting for less than one minute. I would have to wait for 5 minutes for the hairdryer to cool off and then use it for another minute to repeat the cycle of overheating and shutting off again and agan. This was pretty frustrating because without the “hot” setting, the variety of styles I could do with the hairdryer was severely limited and it would also take much longer for me to dry my hair on the “warm” setting alone. I’m a broke student, so I decided to just manage with using the warm setting alone instead of buying a new hairdryer. This hairdryer was not exactly cheap either.Within 6 months of me having the hairdryer, the filter cap broke off and would not stay on the hairdryer. I persisted to use the hairdryer for a while, but there were a few close calls where my hair almost got trapped into the fan, so I finally gave up.There are hairdryers I have bought for $25 that lasted me years and this hairdryer technically broke in 1 month. I never write negative reviews on products, but this is really not a good hairdryer and I hope I can save people the disappointment of spending $60 for a short-lived bliss when it comes to their hair. I will be more mindful to read reviews where people revisit their product months later and update other customers on how the product is working. I think a lot of people have similar complaints to mine and I wish I knew that before I made this purchase.

Rosella Darien, GA

Just right

Not too hot, not too loud, not too big…just want I wanted. Feels balanced in my hands and has a cord that’s long enough. Even makes my hair look good – not necessarily the best bargain, but pretty much the perfect hair dryer.

Gabriela Cleburne, TX

My hair feels good!

Previously I had the Babyliss Pro TT but I like this hair dryer better. So far I haven’t had any problems with the nozzle staying on. it dries my hair quickly and no damage or frizziness.

Jade Nadeau, MI


I did a lot of research before deciding to buy this dryer. It is a great investment. It cuts drying time in half. Becareful that it does get hot, especially if you have thin hair like me. And it is a bit heavy. But it works really well, it is powerful. I even bought one as a gift for my mom! She loves it too.

Hilary Bergenfield, NJ