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BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt Dryer, Black

BaByliss PRO Super Turbo Professional Commercial Grade Porcelain Ceramic 2000 Watt Hair Dryer with ionic technology emits negative ions eliminate static, reduces drying time. Ceramic generates far infrared heat to protect hair’s luster.

Key features

  • 2000 Watt Ionic Technology
  • Commercial grade porcelain ceramic with high heat and exceptional air pressure
  • 6 heat/speed settings with cool shot
  • Extended-life AC motor
  • Removable filter

Honest reviews


what sorcery is this?

So I have been using the same Vidal Sassoon dryer for at least 8 years. I have been impressed with how long it has lasted. However, lately, it just smells like burning and finally is giving up the ghost. It was 2000W, it was “ionic.” It was shooting sparks out at me.So I bought this one based on the reviews.Normally when I am ready to dry my hair, I turn on the ceiling fan and jack up the a/c in that part of the house. The heat makes me sweat and I have to do it in bursts. I also turn on my hair straightener, as I will have to calm my mane once it’s dry.Uh, so I went in and used this dryer with the same protocol. 4 minutes later, my hair was dry. I was not sweating in the least. I didn’t have to use my flat iron. I walked back out and my family said (not looking up), “Hey! Weren’t you gonna go dry your hair?”I am so sold. Nice job.

Marla Medford, WI

An Actual Steal!

What a steal! This product is just like a professional. Who knew that there would be such a difference from the ones you get at walmart. Cuts drying time in half!

Rosalyn Collegeville, MN

Great deal on a great blow dryer!

I wish I could give this 10-stars. Wow – love this unit. I had a VERY expensive unit (not this brand) that failed after a year. It was under warranty so I was sent another. That one lasted about 2 years. At $300.00 I was very angry as it is used gently. the company did not answer my inquiries about some type of replacement even at partial cost.This unit is actually quieter and dries as fast as the $300.00 unit. I have had other BaByliss items and so far I have liked the quality on all of them.

Jana Old Fields, WV

Love it!

I love this dryer. It has a narrow nossle but thats great since i use it for grooming when i need a high heat dryer to fluff out or straighten hair.

Janette Negley, OH

I LOVE this blow dryer!

I have very fine, wavy hair but a TON of it, and it is prone to frizz. If that sounds like you and are turned off by the “not for fine hair” reviews, ignore them. People don’t seem to know the difference between having thin hair and having fine strands. They are referring to people without a ton of hair. So get this dryer, someJohn Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme, 5 Ounce, aCricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush, XX-large Round, 2 Inchand you’re set!Pros:- It’s quieter than my previous blow dryer and has a low-pitched hum rather than a high-pitched, screeching sound. It’s surprisingly unobtrusive. I can have a conversation while using it.- It gets extremely hot (so be careful not to point it directly at skin too closely, ouch!) so it dries very quickly but doesn’t torch the hair.- I love that it not only has a cold shot button but a cold SETTING. So handy!- I have weak arms/wrists and I don’t have a problem holding this for 20-40+ minutes at a time. It’s not particularly light, but I think the balance works to even it out and not be a strain.- The cord is nice and long.- It freaking works. Really, really well.Cons:- The concentrator is prone to blowing off if you don’t make sure it’s on securely before turning it on. Just give it a good tap in case.- That’s it. Really. This is an amazing blow dryer. Look no further!

Gale Pocatello, ID

Just awesome !!!

I bought 3 on sale for my salon, as a favor, and I regret that I didn’t buy one for myself. It leaves super shiny, soft hair and fast!!! My hair dresser is really glad with the purchase, and told that she definitely will buy them again

Mona Franconia, NH

Must have hair dryer!

My Bed Head hair dryer was worn out so I started researching hair dryers on Amazon. The reviews on this Babyliss were amazing and, being French, I know this is a good brand. I went ahead and bought it and, man, I am SO GLAD I did!!! My hair dries in 5 minutes and styling is SO easy! My hair looks great!I wash my 4 year old daughter’s hair every night (since she goes to daycare….) and drying her hair every night after giving her a bath was such a shore after a LOOOONG day at work. Not anymore!!! Her hair now dries in less than 2 minutes!Yes, it is on the heavy side (compared to my last flimsy one) however it doesn’t bother me at all given the fact that the drying time is shorter and that I LOVE the results.My hair looks healthier too!

Patrica Oakland, MN

As close as I have found to a professional dryer

I could get a professional dryer through my hairdresser friends, but am not willing to fork over the $150+ for one. This little baby gets super hot and does an amazing job of drying my very thick, curly hair straight. It leaves my hair very shiny when I go straight. It is a little heavy, but feels quality.I only gave it 4 stars due to the lack of a diffuser. I purchased a "universal" diffuser, but the dryer’s nozzle is so narrow that the diffuser pops off every minute or so. I wish it came with a diffuser that fits.

Monica China Grove, NC

Goodbye Round Brush

This blow dryer is so powerful that I hardly need a round brush. Before this dryer, I’d have to do sections of my hair with a round brush. Now, I just use this powerful dryer. It somehow manages to dry my hair straight with no frizz…wonder of wonders if you ask me. I might use a round brush to give the ends a little flip but my hair drying time is so minimal these days. What a god send.

Monika Lake Hopatcong, NJ

The nozzel don’t stay on

This blowdryers does great blow outs!! but the damn nzzels don’t stay on that sucks,, and it doesn’t come with a comb attachment bummer…

Olga Farmland, IN

Works great. Gets HOT.

I really like my hair dryer. It does get ridiculously hot. You can get great results on the medium setting and that is cool by me. I have coarse wavy to curly hair. It’s great for blow outs but just watch that heat.

Noemi Ellenburg, NY

Good buy!

I cannot live without this machine! It is very easy to keep control of the hair you are dryingand the heat levels are just right. The size is regular for a hair drying.

Liliana Andrews, SC

Amazing Blow Dryer

This blow dryer was a replacement for the Byliss I purchased 7 years ago. I was nervous because I was very much in love with my previous blow dryer and it lasted for so long that I was afraid the new dryer wouldn’t even compare. Well the new Byliss is amazing, dare I even say a tiny bit better. Just as ,y old Byliss, this one days your hair faster than you can believe. My friends always wanted to borrow my blow dryer. It gives it a really glossy finish as well. I highly recommend this blow dryer. I am hoping it will last at least 7 years like the last one 🙂

Janice Blanco, TX

I love it

since I am a hair dresser I use my new blow dryer on my clients and how quick it dry their hair I have to repurchase another one for my personal use I love my new blow dryer super affordable and it arrived super fast. Thank You.

Shannon Hot Springs, MT

gets too hot to use on highest setting

The hairdryer is ok. I was looking for a more powerful hairdryer, because it seemed like my old one would take for ever. I got this one because of all the favorable reviews. The thing is, I can’t use it on the highest speed/temperature setting, because (1) it gets too hot to comfortably dry my hair, (2) it tangles my hair. So I am using the hairdryer on medium and while it’s faster than my old one in drying my hair, it definitely didn’t cut my drying time in half, like other reviewers suggested.

Madelyn Rawl, WV

3 year warranty, nice features and great build quality, but it’s not magic

Powerful and priced right, I purchased this hair dryer to replace an aging Conair 1800 watt dryer. I was impressed with the numerous positive reviews for this product, so I thought I’d give it a try.My first impression, as was the case for many reviewers, is how much heavier this dryer is than others I’ve used. Its 9′ power cord is substantial and the Professional Super Turbo 2800 (as it is named on the box…) is hefty , but not oversized. The grip is comfortable, so the added weight doesn’t seem that noticeable to me.The selling points to this dryer are the following:+ 2000 watts+ ‘Ionic’ – negative ions eliminate static, and reduce drying time.+ ‘Ceramic’ – emits the negative ions and generates far-infrared heat, which is less harmful to your hair.+ (6) heat/speed setting combinations; cool to hot, all work well.+ Extended life AC motor with limited 3-Year Warranty from time of purchase (with receipt) or time it was manufactured without a receipt, per the included instruction/styling guide.+ Cold shot button.+ Removable, easy to clean rear filter; twist and remove.+ Concentrator nozzle – removable.Unlike many of the reviewers, I noted no 5-10 minute improvement in terms of shortened drying time of my thick, wavy, medium length hair. I also noted no great change in the texture of my hair after using this product.I use the following styling products which tend to keep my hair soft, smooth and frizz free other than in the harshest humid conditions:Suave Professionals 4 Piece Keratin Gift SetandSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil, 3 Ounce. I deep condition as needed and color usingL’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color, 4G Dark Golden Brown.I also use this flat iron:HSI PROFESSIONAL 1 CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER FREE GLOVE + POUCH AND travel size Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment. WORLDWIDE DUAL VOLTAGE 110v-220v.I paid about forty for it, which is on par with lesser dryers at my local store with shorter warranties. The increased air pressure is salon-like, and the build quality seems on par with its warranty. It’s a very good product if you can get it at the right price, but it isn’t a miracle worker. If your hair is damaged and/or you need a haircut to get rid of split ends, this hair dryer won’t fix ‘fuzzy’ results. As long as you know this prior to buying it, you should be happy with your purchase.

Hollie Pentress, WV

quick drying with minimal frizz

I can dry and type my shoulder-length, thick hair in 15 min with minimal frizz. I don’t thick this dryer is too heavy, not any heavier than others I’ve used. The controls are in an easy, convenient spot. I can use the warm setting, intend of hot, to get my hair to style as I want.

Blanca Fox River Grove, IL

Solid Hairdryer!

Based upon the positive reviews, I decided before spending $100.00++ for a salon quality hair dryer I would try a $50.00 version. I am impressed. Definitely cuts down on the frizz from my cheap Walmart hairdryer. Yes its heavier but nothing too unbearable and the buttons are in a somewhat awkward place but very easily manageable. I found using this dryer with a nice round brush creates a very nice (and virtually frizz free) hairstyle for my long thin hair. I would recommend anyone considering a expensive salon hair dryer to try this one first!

Chelsea Liberal, MO


This does a great job with my short hair but my daughter (who has long hair) thought it tangled her hair too much on the high speed and didn’t dry it fast enough on the medium speed.As other reviewers have noted, it is fairly heavy – guess it’s a great workout for your arms while you’re drying your hair – multi-tasking!!The one thing I really find annoying (as did other reviewers) is the placement of the controls. I end up unknowingly switching the heat setting almost every time I use it. No other hair dryer I’ve ever used had them smack dab where your thumb goes – especially since it’s also heavier than most. If it weren’t for that, I would’ve given it five stars.

Jenny Surprise, NY

Great hair dryer

This gets hot quickly and has decreased my drying time compared to my previous standard hair dryer. My hair seems shinier and softer as well. It is a bit heavier than my old model but overall I prefer this dryer.

Diann Whitinsville, MA

great hair dryer

I love this hair dryer. The only thing I wish it came with was a diffuser. It comes with the nozzle for straightening your hair but they left the diffuser out. I have looked around to ordering a generic diffuser for this item but I have read reviews that they don’t quite fit so I am just going to leave it alone. Other than that, it is a great hair dryer.

Lily Pemberton, OH


Love it. The dryer is the best really. I have virgin hair and so it is somewhat difficult to straighten but not with this blow dryer.

Carolyn Otisville, MI

Leaves Hair More Shiny with Volume

Due to my old blow dryer from ancient times finally dying out on me, I had to look around for a new dryer and found great reviews on this BaByliss. My hair dresser uses the BaByliss brand, which he also recommended to me for home use. I shopped around for a long time and read countless reviews on different hair dryers, because quite frankly I don’t know much about them and there is such a vast price range that I didn’t know what to do!The BaByliss Pro has been great for my hair, and I have fine thin hair that usually has NO volume at all! I’ve noticed that now when using the BaByliss, it has more volume and my hair is shiner and looks healthier instantly! I have been very impressed with this dryer. I also LOVE, as many other reviewers do, the "cooling" option, it is great and helps set in your hair when you’ve styled it with your blow dryer. I also like that it has multiple heat settings, in case you don’t want it too hot.Overall, I would recommend this product to my friends. It may seem a little bit more expensive, but I think that it is a fairly decent medium when it comes to some out there (some go up to $300, which I think is a little ridiculous). Other reviewers have stated also that the attachment comes off easily, I have had it pop off before but only once in about 6 weeks. I think this was also due to maybe getting too hot and than instantly cold, but I’m not an engineer or anything so I don’t know exactly why that happened. I think that the attachment popping off once in awhile is to be expected, especially if that is how you store it in your drawer. However, some people might have had a defective attachment, so I am not doubting their experiences.

Fanny Moose Pass, AK

Loyal BabyBliss customer

I’ve used BabyBliss hair dryers for yrs, never have been disappointed, they’re a great product.They’re not cheap but they do last years.

Lola Culloden, WV

It really blows

Get it? Blows.Anyway- this hair dryer is VERY quiet. I was skeptical that it would do the job because on top of it being quiet, it doesn’t seem to blow very hard or be very warm (on the warm setting it feels a little on the cool side). I wouldn’t call this the BEST hair dyer I’ve ever owned but it does the job.

Velma Monterey, CA



Tonia Meriden, WY


I have been blow drying my hair for over 30 years. Almost since blow dryers were invented. I really never thought a blow dryer could make that much difference, but it does!! My hair is fine, but I guess I have a lot of it. Also, it is pretty straight with the odd cowlick in front and a few waves on the sides. It is also long, below shoulder length. So we have fine, long, cowlick-y hair which never EVER looks as good as it does the day I get it cut — until I got this. And the bonus is that with absolutely no product in my hair except for the shampoo and conditioner I used, my hair did not turn into gross, ugly, straight frizz when it was raining. It looked and felt like my hair did when I was a teenager. Long, silky, shiny locks of my gorgeous and mysteriously not-grey-at-all natural color. I had been using a Conair 1875 ceramic something or other. This is one billion times better. The weight is a bit more, maybe 8 ounces. And the whole thing is longer so there was a little adjusting needed, but that’s why I have a bathroom mirror. And it dries my hair a lot faster than the old dryer, too. I used to spend 15 to 20 minutes with just the blow dryer and now that’s down to 10. Yep, just 10 minutes – I do use a microfiber towel when i get out of the shower. Then I bend at the waist and dry the underside quickly without the concentrator. Then I flip back over, pop the concentrator on and do the top section, back section, both sides and do the very front last. I use a large round brush at the roots and pull down the shaft with the dryer following quite closely, but not touching. The concentrator covers a smaller area than the Conair, so the heat is more direct. One tip is that you should always blow your hair with the dryer pointing downward on the shaft as opposed to straight across or upward. This seals the cuticle and gives amazing shine. I could get my hair straight with the Conair, but no matter what I did, I needed to use either a flat or curling iron to get shine and product to hold it in. This is now the only tool I need other than my giant round brush. If I want curl, then I might use a curling iron and hairspray, but if I want to wear my hair straight, now I can just blow it and go — no hairspray required. LOVE IT.

Sherrie Van Vleet, MS

Good, Heavy Duty Hair Dryer

I like this hair dryer because it’s really quiet. It’s quite heavy but I’m used to heavy hair dryers. I find the ones you buy at the drugstore are cheap feeling and loud. I highly recommend this hair dryer.

Janelle Bridgewater, CT

Best hair dryer i ever owned!!

This is by far the BEST hair dryer i have ever used! its gets super hot and dries my hair in no time. this dryer is professional grade, not a drug store flimsy drier, i absolutely love it! makes styling 10x easier, you will not be disappointed by this dryer at this price, i have been using this dryer regularly for about a month and no issues what so ever! i used to dread drying and blowing out my hair due to the length of time it took, but not any more! cut the time down to half. def recommend this dryer, shipping was fast too

Meghan Newman, IL

Finally found a great hair dryer

This is a great dryer. It is much quieter than my "old" hair dryer and even quieter than my recent attempt at a new hair dryer. It does have some weight but after the last purchase, a little weight is not a problem for results!

Angel Tresckow, PA