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BaByliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600, 2000-Watt Nano Titanium Ionic Hair Dryer, Black

Powerful italian ac motor with ionic and nano titanium technology delivers optimum results quickly. combined effects of the ionic generator and nano titanium conditions the hair, making it soft while adding shine.

Key features

  • Plastic, Titanium, Steel
  • Imported
  • Powerful long-life italian ac motor
  • Nano titanium grill and true ionic generator
  • 6 heat/speed settings with cold shot
  • Ergonomic handle and removeable stainless steel filter
  • Includes difusser and 3 concentrators

Honest reviews


Powerful blow dryer

I’m fairly impressed with this hair dryer. I had been using a professional Conair hair dryer for the last 13 years, which I noticed wasn’t getting as hot as it used to. This BaByliss dryer gets extremely hot on the highest setting. I have very thick, wavy hair, so drying my hair has always been a chore. With this hair dryer, my drying time down by at least 1/3, if not in half. I also notice that I don’t have to use a straightening iron anymore because this dryer gets so hot that it blows my hair straight. I also like that the motor is very powerful, yet the dryer is extremely light. I enjoy holding it at the very top of the neck between my forefinger and thumb while drying my hair bent over. I’m still amazed at how light this dryer is.One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s a little plastic part that goes over two screws at the base of the hair dryer, right above the hook. I looked at two identical BaByliss dryers and on both of them, this plastic cover was loose in the box. It doesn’t secure tightly either and just keeps falling off. I eventually tossed it in a drawer. I’m sure it’s only used for cosmetic purposes to hide these two screws, so it’s not a big deal. Another thing I’m not crazy about the rubber hook; I’m afraid it’s eventually going to tear away, so I now lay my dryer down instead of hanging it on the wall.Overall, it’s a good, lightweight hair dryer with a powerful motor and more than adequate heating ability. It’s not particularly quiet, but the noise is not so loud that it’s irritating to use. I also like that it doesn’t have that high-pitched, ear-piercing whine that you find with a lot of other hair dryers. It also has a 4-year warranty and if you haven’t noticed, it’s made in Italy.

Celia Crystal Lake, IL

your hair will feel like silk

My hair actually feels healthier from using this dryer, unlike other heat styling tools where there is a trade-off between hair damage and getting the job done. My hair is finally how I’ve always wanted it to be. I have thick, wavy, unruly hair that is prone to frizz and poofiness, and this dryer eliminates all that. My hair feels soft all the way down to the ends.

Kristine Amo, IN

Excellent Results

I come from the land of cheapie dryers ($30 or less from local drugstore or discount chain). I was so sad to part with my last one ~ I opted to leave it at our vacation home and order a new one for everyday use. After reading lots of reviews, I chose this model and it exceeded all of my expectations! Why did it take me over 20 years to realize that a professional-grade styling tool works better and faster?!? This dryer has a little bit more heft to it, but nothing overwhelming, and the weight seems to create a solid, balanced feel instead of a light, cheap, feel. The performance is impressive: doesn’t get too hot, 3 nozzles create optimum airflow, and, perhaps my favorite feature ~ it’s so (comparatively) quiet! I would definitely recommend this dryer to anyone looking to upgrade while improving dry time and overall finished style results.

Georgina New Site, MS

GREAT investment 🙂

So far, I really like this product and I have only used it twice since I purchased it about three weeks ago. I am African American and I have natural hair. I was looking for a hair dryer which would dry my hair fast without using much heat. The first time I used it, I used the lowest heat setting and my hair dried quickly (I was super surprised). The second time I used it, I used cold air and my hair still dried pretty quick, but took just a tab longer than the first time I used it. My hair did not look or smell fried after each use, rather it was soft and it smelled like my conditioner 🙂 The handling of the dryer was easy and I LOVE using the concentrators… I’ve never used them before. I spent $89.95 which is outrageous from my perspective, but it does what I want it to do and besides, it’s an investment as I continue to care for my hair on my own. For three years, I had been getting my hair done by a natural hair stylist because I didn’t know how to care for my natural hair. I am at a point where I do my own hair now and the cost of this dryer is practically the cost of one trip to the salon! GREAT investment 🙂

Dona Crewe, VA

Great hairdryer

I recommend this hair dryer.Had good reviews online.Dries my hair well and fast, less frizz (almost none actually). Gives my hair a natural shine.

Dianna Wapello, IA

Great dryer

I found this BaByliss drier easy to handle, except for the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to use the various heat settings with which the dryer is equipped. There are two rows of small, easy to push,buttons and I thought that by pushing them, there would be a difference is temperature settings or speed, or both. I guess I have’t figured it out yet, but I will. And, it definitely made my hair look shiny.

Avis Garden City, UT

wish i didn’t feel the way i did

My dryer came today and i was literally squealing in excitement taking it from the the mail man and ripping it open. I opened it up and everything was disheveled inside. only the difuser was wrapped in plastic while the 3 concentrators just were thrown in. I realize that i paid 80$ for a 130$ blowdryer so i wouldn’t even mind if it was used and someone returned it cause they just didn’t like the feel of it. i read the bad reviews like a thousand times trying to see if anyone had the same problems as me but only one seemed to relate to me. there is a burning plastic smell that’s coming out when it’s turned on and i don’t know if im crazy but it just sounds weird on the lower power setting. i’ve only used it once and it actually worked pretty good but i realized that all it says was portofino and didn’t have the italian flag on it like the blue and black ones do. i went on babyliss’s official website and the only leopard print blow dryers recognized on there are from the ‘be wild’ collection. it looks like it has the same exact features as the portofino but it’s called be wild instead. when i go to any other website leopard is not an option for the portofino 6600. i honestly feel kinda played like i got a fake product. what should i do? does anyone have any opinion on this?

Mariana Corsicana, TX

Great hairdryer

I liked this so much — it’s quick, not too heavy, good choice of settings, very quiet, so I’ve already purchased two more as gifts

Beryl New Market, AL

wish it had more temperature settings, but overall a great product!

high quality product, of course, it is Babyliss. I knew when I was looking to purchase a new hair dryer I was going to stick with the Babyliss brand, because I am in love with the flat iron. This product has lived up to my expectations, will continue to use Babyliss styling products on my precious hair!

Lorena Virgil, IL

Like one used at a salon

I had been looking for a new hair dryer and this was a great purchase. My hair dries faster and smoother. It is pretty light so my arm doesn’t get tired while I use it. My hair falls about 6 inches below my shoulders and is pretty full. With my old hairdryer it could take over 20 minutes to dry, this one I’m done in less than 15. Small victories!

Kelley Ojo Caliente, NM

Babyliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 660 2000-Watt Nano Titanium Ionic blowdryer

This is far and away the best blow dryer I’ve ever used- nothing I’ve ever bought, commercially comes close.The best tools do the job and get the best results…My hair has never looked better- if you’re going to use a blow dryeron your hair-this is the one to purchase.

Greta Roodhouse, IL

The BEST (and I have tried many) – see my comparison

I tried 8 hair dryers before finding this one. I am so glad that my search is over!I have dry, wavy/frizzy color treated hair. It is fine but very thick, dry & damaged with a lot of hair breakage from bad dryers (the orange Conair Infinity) & bad highlight jobs.These are the ones I have tried in the span of a few weeks in my search for perfection.1. Elchim 3900 (healthy ionic) – $200 – This is a very solidly made machine but it made my hair flat and lifeless. I think the ions were too strong. Would be good for someone with VERY thick hair who wants to flatten the look as much as possible. It dried my hair VERY fast, which is good because it is VERY heavy.2. Solia 1875 – $65 – this is also a good dryer. Very similar to the Elchim, though, in that it made my hair lifeless but dried it VERY fast. Seemed healthy on my hair and made it shine. Stole all the body though so I returned it.3. Rusk Spead Freak – $70 – this is a beast. Way too hot and powerful. Totally fried my hair in one use. Hair felt like hay. I don’t recommend it. I think this would end up causing any hairs a lot of damage.4. Rusk W8less – $80 – Just ok. Not bad. Didn’t do anything to smooth my breakage/split ends/flyaways. Dried it pretty slowly in comparison to the Solia, Elchim and Babyliss.5. Jibere Tourmaline tools from Sally’s- $55 – Dried fast but didn’t completely straighten my hair. Was wavy within an hour. Gentle but overpriced and felt cheap.6. Jilbere titanium tools dryer (from Sally’s) – Felt cheap. Took a really long time to dry my hair. Left it frizzy.7. Revlon – RV544 – Good dryer for $20 but didn’t smooth flyaways/frizz enough and didn’t make my hair soft or shiny. Kept as a backup.8. Babyliss 1500 travel dryer (the red one – $25) – Awesome little tool. Kept it. Will use it for travelling since is has dual voltage. Made my hair feel great but not enough power for an everyday dryer.9. Babyliss 6600 Portofino (the leopard one – $65): AWESOME TOOL! Made my hair shiny & dried it very FAST. It wasn’t too hot, very powerful, 3 concentrator nozzles included + a diffuser, AC motor, nice controls (I haven’t accidentally changed anything while drying), smoothed my flyaways and calmed my frizz but didn’t take away any body. My hair looks like I just came out of the salon and i feel like using this regularly will make it healthier and let my breakage finally grow out. I AM SO HAPPY! The best part was the price! The leopard model is significantly cheaper than the other versions. I can’t attest to any comparison in quality but this one really holds up! I absolutely love it and am considering getting a back up in case it ever dies. It is also nice to know that this product has a 4 yr. limited warranty in case it breaks on me. I don’t want to ever be without it though!

Antionette Free Soil, MI

Jury is out

I don’t know if I like this dryer or not. My first impression is that it’s too heavy. Perhaps that’s necessary because of the more powerful motor. However, it’s really too heavy for me and I have to take a break from drying when my arm gets tired. It does have more power than a drugstore brand, but I’m not sure how much faster it dries my hair. A little, I guess. And I do think it makes it a little shinier. I don’t like the placement of the switches – too easy to change them by accident. And it’s not very quiet – same as my old cheap one. All in all it’s a step up from a drugstore brand, but as it’s my first “expensive” blowdryer, I expected more. I would still recommend it over the cheaper brands, but I wonder if there is a high-end dryer out there that is lighter, quieter and better than this one.

Beverly Goshen, NJ


Bought this blower because I was told it is a very good cuality. I’m glad I listened because dryer my hair in less time and hair looks silky and shiny. Weight of blower is light.

Joan Westlake, OH

Great blow dryer, very high heat so be careful. Especially with Afro Textured Hair!

I wanted to get the salon look at home so I asked my girlfriend who’s a hair stylist what brand of blow dryer she recommended. This company was one of the names she mentioned. The price was decent, so I bought it. I got exactly what I wanted, the salon look on a couple of occassions. Unfortunately, my natural afro textured, 4B curl type could only take so much. I had a traveling job and found myself washing my hair every couple of weeks. To save time I would blow it out so I could style if faster in updos and other natural styles. That’s when my hair started breaking. I don’t have that job anymore and now I’m back to wearing kinky twists and keeping the heat off so it can recover. I just washed my hair recently and used the blow dryer for the first time in months. I gave the medium setting a try and it was worth it. I wouldn’t suggest using high heat if you’re doing your own hair, unless you’re a professional.

Meagan Mc David, FL


Replaced my 8 year old Conair with this Babyliss and am glad I did! This dryer is quiet and dries my hair very quickly. I especially love the nozzles to concentrate the air just where I want it. It gives me many options on how I want my hair to look that day. I wanted a really nice dryer for once and I sure got one!!!

Bridgett Studley, VA

Not hot enough

My stylist uses this dryer, but apparently hers is a professional only version as this dryer did not get any where near as hot as the one she uses. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a dryer that will burn my scalp or hair, but the air coming from this dryer appears to be warm at best even on the high setting. I purchased this as a backup dryer for my T3 Featherweight as the low setting heating element on that item has stopped working and I only have the one speed. I think I’ll be purchasing another T3 in the near future. Even though it is outrageously expensive, the T3 is the best dryer I have ever had.

Joanna Edgewood, TX

Best Dryer I Have Ever Bought!

I LOVE this hair dryer!!! By far the best I have ever bought!! I love the different diffuser attachments!! My hair dries so quickly and is soft and silky.

Cherie Newburyport, MA