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Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium with Integrated Ion Generator Hair Dryer

A stellar combination of power, speed and design offers both heavy-duty 2000-watt performance and lightweight ergonomic handling. Six heat and speed settings, a cool shot button and a concentrator nozzle provide a wide range of styling options, and the removable filter makes cleaning easy.

Key features

  • 2000 Watt for faster drying
  • NANO Titanium with integrated Ion generator
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


excelente producto

es un excelente producto, y a un excelente precio, la calidad es la descrita y por los momentos funciona de maravilla. no ha tenido fallos. el empaque del mismo fue adecuado y no tuvo golpes ni inconvenientes. En el caso de que se presentaran problemas lo estaré comunicando, gracias y buena compra

Lottie Kula, HI

Good, but design issues

I love the amount of air and the shortened time with this hairdryer. Unfortunately, the switches are toggle switches and there is hardly any place to put your hand to grasp it without toggling the switches. I wish they were sliders.

Maricela Onancock, VA

All hot blowing air is NOT created equal!

I have a high end flat iron and understood why those should be better quality, but to me I thought if a wattage was similar to another on a high dryer, plus had the ‘ionizing’ feature, what’s the difference?Only when my stylist recently mentioned what a difference a better quality hair dryer made I start thinking about it and decided to buy this Babyliss after comparing reviews and prices.I have to say I am now convinced! This dryer, while almost the same wattage as my previous one, dried my hair quickly (my hair is fine, but I have plenty of it), and it was easier to get my cowlicks blown out, which in addition to adding volume, is the other main reason I blow dry my hair at all.A great price too for such a quality product, and the ionizing feature must work too because my hair did look shiny and bouncy.

Maureen Dallesport, WA

Love Love these curlers

Excellent product, fast service the best customer service I have ever dealt with! I highly recommend these to anyone looking for big wave/curls.

Sondra Eccles, WV

Very nice

One of the nicest hair dryers I have had so far. I would buy this one again. Love the long cord on it too, it helps a bunch getting my kids’ (5 and 7) hair dry, since they can’t stand still very well, so it gives me space to move. It definitely makes my hair looks nicer (smoother) than the other hair dryers I had.

Renae Winger, MN

Finally what I expected!

After buying THREE different hair dryers, the second being another Babyliss (the red one), which had to be returned, decided to take a last chance with this one. The main difference (and it DOES make a difference) is the wattage. This dryer has 2000 Watts, which heats it up much faster and stays blowing hot air as long as you wanted to. Therefore, I am finally able to "run" thru my hair drying business and keep going thru my plans of the day. Since my right arm is very weak, it also helps the fact that is fairly light, about 2 pounds. It does not get hot in the outside, and once you get the settings as you want them, they will stay in place. All in all, a wonderful purchase for the price! I now feel as I do when they dry my hair in the salon without burning my scalp! Hoping this information is helpful to someone…

Frieda Fort Gibson, OK

Wow! Impressive

I bought this to replace my 7 year old Conair which had a crack in the power supply and was overheating. I choose the Babyliss mostly because of the reviews and because of the low price. I was also considering the T3 dryer which was significantly more.I was very impressed with this one! I have very thick hair which is fine and used to take me about 20-30 minutes to dry. In 10 minutes with this dryer my hair was completely dry! It seems to run a little quieter than my old Conair and is a little smaller. The buttons are stiff enough that a little bump won’t change the setting and I found the grip to be comfortable. On mine, the nozzle stayed on perfectly. It’s got a long cord which could be convenient. The low heat setting does a great job of drying, and the hot setting DOES get pretty hot. I haven’t tried the cool.Overall it’s a very pretty and great working hair dryer!

Elnora Mountain Home, TX

Ok, but expensive and HEAVY.

This is a good blow dryer, but I guess I was really expecting to be BLOWN away (pardon the pun), but I was not. Generally, it does no better job of drying than Wal-Mart cheapies I have purchased in years past. It is heavy as lead, so you might build biceps trying to dry your hair. The temperature and air controls are good. Generally, I don’t feel bitten by this purchase–nor would I go out of my way to buy another one.

Iris Paradise, MI

Nice hairdryer

I’ve had Babyliss Ionic hairdryers for years now, this one is good, light.This is my 3rd Babyliss Ionic dryer in the last 10 yrs, only one has completely burned out. They are worth the extra money, considering how often they get used.

Annabelle Jamestown, VA

Great Dryer

Great dryer! It dries my hair quickly, and it really does seem to help with frizz compared to other dryers. I didn’t think it would make much of a distance, but it did. I highly suggest this one!

Lynda Cumnock, NC

Fast Drying and Lightweight

Wish I’d found this hair dryer sooner! My last titanium dryer was oddly heavy, rather slow, and I never noticed any difference with the titanium versus a regular dryer. This Babyliss is much lighter, dries my thick hair very quickly, and adds some shine to my hair. I wouldn’t say the shine the dryer adds is extraordinary, although it is noticeable. This Babyliss does not get extremely hot, unlike some other 2000-watt dryers, so there is less damage long-term, especially with daily use.

Tanisha Bude, MS


Makes my hair fantastic. Dried it quickly and leaves it nice and shiny. I bought the nano version to take to the gym, and its okay, but this puppy is my favorite. I take it on all of my trips, etc. Highly recommended.

Alyssa Fairfield, IL

Returned. Not sure if it is defective or just …

Returned. Not sure if it is defective or just awful. No blowing power. Didn’t get hair dry.

Berta Armonk, NY

I am in LOVE so is my thick and curly hair!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this dryer. I have been eyeing it out for a while but was not wanting to pay $60 for a a hair dryer. Then after a few week of debate I decided to get it after all. It arrived yesterday and I could not wait and tried it on. OMG! This is the lightest BIG hair dryer I have ever owned. It feels GREAT in hand. Also 2000 watts is JUST what I needed for my thick, long and curly hair. Usually It takes me about an hour to blowdry and then another hour to straighten my hair but with this hair dryer I had nicely dried and styled my hair in 30 minutes! And the best part is I did not need to use a flat iron! My hair is super soft and I love how quickly I was able to accomplish what usually takes me almost to hours! I am in love and definitely highly recommend this dryer! It’s worth every penny!

Noelle Mount Horeb, WI

Speedy dry-time makes me so happy!

My hair takes forever to dry, and I’ve never had the patience to wait that long. I’ve gone through a number of blow driers in the past and figured they didn’t vary enough to make a huge difference in my life. Babyliss Pro is pretty awesome and definitely stands out from the crowd. My hair dries in about half the time without all the annoying struggle. I like the combination of settings too, making it easier to switch back and forth between temps without having to mash down on a "Cool" button.

Alba Seneca, SD

Great dryer

I didn’t find that the air was so much more than the 1800 watt dryers, however, the big difference is the heat it generates. I can see my hair drying faster with this dryer than with others (I own at least 5 other models). I like this one since it’s light to carry and also it’s not so loud.Just be careful that it can get your hair really hot that can burn your fingers, but if you’re used to drying your hair it will be no problem at all. This model is very similar to the ones used by professionals (maybe even used by professionals), but in general I like it and I also like the price. I hope this one lasts a while working the way it does so far.

Ebony Mayfield, NY

Dries quickly

Just what I was looking for….ionic, 2000 watt and most of all light weight. I have trouble holding anything heavy above my head. This is light weight and yet very powerful. It dries my thick hear quickly.

Patti Greencreek, ID

love this blowdryer!

I am caucasian, have natural, waist length, un- dyed, naturally straight thinnish fine hair (but I have lots of hairs on my head) FYI if you are looking for someone with similar hair to yours. I like this so far but will see how it goes…….but so far it is working well, have only had it a month or so?? I don’t blow-dry my hair every day, especially in the summer. But I used this, and the black attachment you put on the end to direct the air worked fine for me. A few other people said theirs was falling off. Mine is staying on so far. I will update if anything happens. I had the T3 bespoke featherweight blowdryer that cost me $200 when I first bought it. Within the first 2 year warranty it broke, I brought it back to Beauty Brands, they gave me a new one and 4 years later that one just stopped working one day after it had been making a very loud annoying noise. They wouldn’t let me ship it to them – they said they didn’t have a repair center, and it was no longer under warranty so too bad for me! This Baybliss Pro blows the air out MUCH faster and harder than the t3 bespoke featherweight, and it feels just as light but I didn’t weigh it or anything. Also – this Baybliss one has a 4 year warranty as opposed to the t3 only a 2 year. This Baybliss was 1/4 of the cost so love that! On the t3 my fingers always accidentally switched the power off during my blow-dry, and with this Baybliss I didn’t do that. So ya love it so far!

Patrica Canutillo, TX