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BaByliss Pro BAB2590 Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron with Removable Comb, 1.5 Inch

BaByliss PRO Professional Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron emits negative Ions that smooth and relax hair. Porcelain generates far infrared heat to protect hair’s luster. Antistatic removable comb securely guides hair.

Key features

  • Commercial grade porcelain ceramic iron with patented instant heat technology
  • Porcelain plates create a shiny, smooth finish
  • Dual voltage for world wide use
  • Rheostat temperature dial – 260°F to 420°F

Honest reviews


Very nice flat iron!

BaByliss is my favorite hair styling tool brand. This iron is an excellent buy! I haven’t been able to find it locally even close to this low price. It does it’s job and more! Makes your hair so shiny!

Kristin Tallula, IL

Bought it for travel, ended up liking it for daily use

I bought this purely for international travel, so that I wouldn’t end up frying my Sedu in the sockets. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just something that I could take with me that would do the job well enough. I was surprised that this actually is a very nice straightener and works better than most of the expensive ones I’ve owned! I still like my Sedu best, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive irons, I definitely recommend this.

Hilary Gentry, MO

good for the price

I had been wanting a new straightener for years, but didn’t want to drop $100+ on one. This is a great straightener for the price! My only complaint would be the hair catching! It tends to pull on my hair quite a bit, unless I’m very careful in how I place my hair into the iron. So for someone like me with a LOT of very THICK hair, it does a great job straightening it, but takes more time because of the care necessary to avoid hair pulling. Perhaps others are more patient so they don’t have this problem. I have to iron extremely small sections of hair, placed directly in the middle of the iron plates, to avoid hair tugging. Otherwise, I like it a lot so far. There was also a bad, plastic smell the first time I used the iron, but that has gone away completely.

Sara Bellevue, IA

Love it!

This is actually my 3rd Babybliss iron. I straighten my hair almost every day and I just love that this iron is a little wider than most. Makes its much easier for me. My first 2 lasted about 3-4 year each. Rate this little gem and A+

Madeleine Morven, NC

I purchased it March 2011. It just died

It was a good flat iron while it lasted. It probably would have died quicker if I used it more often. I may have used it a couple times a week, if that. I only used it to tame fly away hair so probably had it on for 5 min a use. It worked great each time – until I turned it on today. It got comfortably warm to the touch and than it cooled down. Done. Kaput. Tried it again this evening just to make sure. Didn’t even get warm.

Angelita Decker, MT

Nice product

I really like the comb guide that comes with this flatiron. Overall, this is a nice flatiron. Does what it’s supposed to do, and the comb attachment helps guide the hair. It’s a good value for the price.

Adrian Willet, NY

doesnt make the “cut”

Had for less than 6 months and it pooped out . went cold . while i was on vacation ( not cool) …. save your money and buy the remington – titanium – that is what i replaced this with

Raquel Tuxedo Park, NY

Not a great iron…

I’ve used a lot of irons and my experience with this one was not great. First, it is shorter than it appears to be. If you have a lot of hair, it’s really not long enough. Secondly, the plates caught my hair. Perhaps I just got a bad iron, but I only used it for 5 mins and it pulled out 20-30 strands of hair! Thirdly, it didn’t get nearly hot enough. No where close to 420 degrees. I had to stop using it and plug in my old iron that I had been getting ready to throw away.

Juanita South China, ME

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron

I was a bit skeptical about this flat iron since it was so expensive, but I decided to give it a try since I could return it because of Amazons return policy. Well anyways, this is the best flat iron I have ever used!! It was a little comb attachment on it that replaces the need for the “comb chase method”. The comb is like a wide tooth comb, and it doesn’t pull or snag on the hair. Its a very clever idea, plus it gets those ends that can sometimes become hard and tangled with a regular flat iron. The comb attachment is remarkable!This iron gets hot quickly, but there is no flashing light or indicator that lets you know that it has reached the temperature that you set it at. Beyond that, I have no other complaints. I sold my Sedu to get this, and it was well worth it.Babyliss products are better than I thought, I may check out their other items because of this fantastic flat iron. I would highly recommend this to anyone, but especially to those who have hard, kinky, or hard to straighten hair. The temperature gets up to 420 degrees. Its wonderful!5 stars!!

Hilary Orfordville, WI