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Babyface Massive Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & Matrixyl 3000 .6 oz.

The unique blend of ingredients and hyaluronic acid work together to make an absolute dreamy serum that is extremely potent against dehydration. Give your face that youthful look – plump, dense skin. A healthy glow that comes from within! Also wonderful for the back of the hands and even the whole body! A thick serum, it plumps the skin by drawing in moisture and hydrating better than any other product on the market. The potent 60% strength is so effective you will see results in only days ~ GUARANTEED! It also contains Matrixyl 3000 … a very powerful firming ingredient that stimulates collagen & elastin production, and 5% Vitamin C, which is a fantastic antioxidant that repairs and reverses sun damage, age spots and redness. Together these products are the absolute Dream Team and you WILL see results! Our unique formula penetrates better than anything else on the market, producing better results than other products.

Key features

  • Stimulates Collagen, Smoothes sagging skin
  • Firms, Plumps and Tones
  • Intensely Hydrates
  • Restores Healthy Circulation
  • Healthy Glow and a more Youthful Look

Honest reviews



I’ve been using this for about 5 weeks now with no discernable difference in my skins appearance or elasticity due to this product. It is moisturizing and does not cause breakouts, but the effects are only (very) temporary.

Ethel Drakesboro, KY

Would not recommend or purchase again.

The pump did not work since the beginning so I had to open it and noticed the bottle wasn’t even half filled.The consistency is too wátery unlike other serums I can wear alone. You have to necessarily use a moisturizer on top.I used along with the retinol baby face cream. Not impressed, neither notice any dramatic or noticeable improvements.

Jasmine Westfield, WI

Babyface Massive Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I had no peeling or side effects from this product. I spot apply it to the driest areas of my face before I apply my night cream. I can see an improvement in these dry patches.

Kaye Saint Joe, AR

Love this stuff!

Within a week of using this I noticed my fine lines and large pores were much better! Will keep using this as I only just got this and tried it for a few weeks. It does moisturize too! Great for the price also.

Yolanda Turkey, NC

hard to get product out

i would have given this more stars except the packaging really sucks. Sure it looks nice, but the product doesn’t come out easy. After just a few uses, i’ve had to shake & fling the bottle around to force the product out. Hold it upside down, sideways, swing it here & there, it’s annoying.

Tia Moriarty, NM

didnt work for me

i had hopes but ive bought top line to any line and this did nothing for me i saw no results in any plumping of lines or extra moisture by eyes as it says its full of moisture etc, Just my results with it , i bough the eye cream too and that is a bit better is very emollient but doesn’t take away wrinkles or relax them

Eva Montezuma, OH