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Azure Naturals Professional Strength Best Hyaluronic Acid Natural Moisturizer for Your Face, Anti Aging Organic Vitamin C Serum Plus Vitamin E Plus Aloe, Best Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Product

Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and draws moisture out of the environment onto the surface of your skin, there is not a more effective moisturizing agent in the market today! Ultimate hyaluronic acid serum penetrates your skin deeply, activating collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, and brighter complexion.

Key features

  • Ultimate hyaluronic by azure naturals is made in the USA and contains the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available
  • Our hyaluronic acid serum will deeply hydrate your skin, removing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softens and smoothest skin, visibly reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • Buy with confidence made in the usa with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available

Honest reviews


better then I expected

I have tried a few Hyaluronic Acid serums over the past year but this one was a real treat. It really does absorb moisture and leaves my face so smooth. Living in Arizona can leave your face wrinkled and dry and this helps defeat the sun!

Connie Gloucester Point, VA

works really well

The product will show results fast as far as the hydration of your skin. With time it will show excellent results. It important to point out that even though it is great for all skin types, some people have different skin conditions. For that reason results will not be the same for everyone and I can not guarantee that you would even have the same as I did. I had a good experience and would recommend using this with the ultimate vitamin C also by this company.

Francisca Grenville, SD

Great moisturizer

I have been using this Hyaluronic acid for just over a week now. I think this product it a great moisturizer. My face has not been dry nor cracking since i have begun using this product. I have been using this in conjunction with the Azure Natural vitamin C serum. I just apply the vitamin C serum with 4 pumps to my face in the morning and then in the evening i apply 4 pumps of the Hyaluronic acid. These have cleared up my mild acne, firmed my skin, and moisturized. Just have a mild smell. I wish there was a natural mint or lavender scent.

Adelaide Avilla, MO

A perfect treat for the face!

A perfect product that keeps your skin youthful, LOVE IT!Here is a list of the important ingredients in this product:Vitamin EOrganic AloeAmino ComplexHyaluronic Acid10% Vitamin CWith these acting together, your face will be protected as well as look better every day. The ingredients will also benefit you by repairing the skin’s texture, adding firmness, hydration and reduce wrinkles on the skin.The product contains no alcohol, no parabens, no GMO’s, and also cruelty and gluten free.Easy Pump Top BottleThe product is in a nice pump top making it easy to get a perfect amount of serum. There also is a natural scent not strong so you won’t notice it after applying to your face. You will immediately see some plumping from hydration in your wrinkles and after continue use, you’ll also notice how soft and even your skin tone will become.This clear product is very potent and a little goes a long way! The ingredients are a perfect antioxidant blend for feeding your skin nourishment.After a few uses, I’ve seen already a improvement in my skin texture and how smooth it feels!Great product and after a few days, you’ll see much improvement to your skin that you never seen before!

Lara Kinderhook, IL

Love it, very inexpensive for a great quality product

I love it for a lot of reasons, its vegan, organic & does the job, its comparatively cheaper than other similar quality products in the market. Makes my skin radiant & smooth. I’m using it along with the azure Vit C serum, I’ll continue using this serum. They alo give risk free money back guarantee, I knew it if the seller has this much confidence on their product, it has to be good.

Ada Palmdale, FL

Perfect Addition to their Vitamin C

Hyaluronic serum is such an important part to a healthy skin regimen for hydration. I love this one as I love Azure Naturals Vit C serum. I use the C first (on cleansed skin) and the Hyaluronic right after followed by a moisturizer. (Can’t wait for A.N.) to come out with one because I know it will be amazing. As always, all the right "Organic" ingredients and customer service is top notch! Please Azure, more products! I would love to see them come out with an Emu Oil line.

Heidi Nicollet, MN

I really enjoyed this product

Honestly, I really enjoyed this product. It has become a part of my daily morning routine and has more than once saved me from the effects of sunburn. (I get a little red on my face after running and just a little bit of this on my face helps it go away in one day). Unlike some products, after you put this serum on it doesn’t add a heaviness to your face. It is pretty light weight.Instead of a dropper like many serums have, this serum comes with a nifty pump! Also, unlike the vitamin C serums, the hyaluronic acid serum is more of a gel consistency than liquid.A little bit goes a long way. You only need a few squirts to have full face/neck coverage. It leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. As for smell, you need not worry. It is just a light citrusy scent. 🙂

Thelma Porter, MN

Great product for healthy, moisturized skin

I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it. You only need to use a small amount at a time, and it absorbs quickly and easily and does not leave my face feeling oily or greasy. I apply it immediately after washing my face in the morning. Since starting to use. I have noticed my skin has a nice youthful glow and feels much softer and smoother. Great product to help hydrate skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Karen Armagh, PA

Plump, New Skin…Here I Come!

This is an excellent plumping serum as well as helping to reduce and fade sunspots and wrinkles. I love the texture of this and it hydrates my skin so well. This has helped me reduce the appearance of sun and age spots and I am so grateful. I try very hard to care for my skin well and this product has been a major help! I would definitely suggest this amazing product to use in your daily beauty routine, to help soothe, moisturize and repair your skin

Bette Eighty Eight, KY

My Skin Care Secret… This Serum is a MUST HAVE!

I have heard about how hyaluronic acid is great at activating collagen production allowing for fresher, firmer and more radiant skin in the past but now I have seen it in action and it made a believer out of me! All of my friends and acquaintances all want to know my skin care secret! LOVE THIS STUFF!

Mandy Oregon House, CA

Great for plumping Fine Lines

I love this serum for plumping my skin. I bought it to use after glycolic peels, but found that if I used it on a regular basis, it made my skin appear plumper and thicker. I’m not sure if the results are temporary or long lasting, but it plumped my skin enough to noticeably soften my fine lines (near mouth and eyes.)It’s a little sticky to use, but the results make it worthwhile. I highly recommend as a skin healer (after peels, lasers etc) but also as a fine line plumper. I use mine in the evening before bed.

Christi Applegate, CA

It Works!!

I have been using the Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum for a few weeks now and the biggest difference and the biggest improvement I have noticed is, my face feels a lot more moisturized and has a more radiant, youthful look to it. It’s also so soft! I really liked that this serum has a little thicker consistency to it, but it still absorbed very well and quickly into my skin without leaving any kind of residue. I understand results may vary with each person, but I personally had a really great experience with the Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum and would recommend this product to anyone to give it a try.Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for my unbiased opinion.

Brandy Topawa, AZ

my skin is moisturized

This serum contains Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E. I just have to keep using it to see more results, but so far, I like it. It’s moisturize and plump my skin.

Dixie Groton, SD

Great Serum!

This is a great serum. It is very easy to apply and has a very light, pleasant scent. My skin feels much softer and firmer. I like that it includes vitamins C and E also. This serum comes in a pump bottle which is a lot better than the dropper bottles most competitors use. It is more sanitary so you don’t contaminate the rest of the bottle every time you put the dropper back in. It also safeguards the possibility of spilling the bottle when you take the dropper out of it. I apply it at night. It soaks in immediately and then I put my night cream over it. My skin is smoother. I can see results in that my skin looks more radiant and has less fine lines than before. It seems like it is getting rid of a lot of dead, dry skin overnight. I received a complimentary product in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Elise Pierceville, KS

Great product & Great in DIY skin care recipes too

Azure Naturals Hyaluronic acid serum is really amazing, I love using it with my Azure Naturals Vitamin C serum & it goes on light & absorbs in fast with visible signs almost over night. It is also a great pick me up for my skin after a hot day.I have also found this hyaluronic acid great to add to my DIY body/skin care products, like DIY Skin hydrating toner/moisturizer & more. It is great alone or in a DIY recipe, nothing hydrates my skin as well as Azure Naturals hyaluronic acid.I recommend you give it a try & see how amazing it really is.Thank you

Mandy Valparaiso, IN

Great for Stretch Marks

I don’t have many deep wrinkles yet but I do have stretch marks that concern me around my tummy area and the back of my legs. This serum works to lighten them. A lot of people think that serums are only for the face but you can use it anywhere on your body where you need it. I actually have a bunch of light stretch marks over my hips and buns and this stuff works nicely on them. This company sends everything nicely packaged so you don’t have to worry about cracking or spillage. I would totally recommend this serum for anyone looking for a product to use on stretch marks from my own experience. I’m not sure how it would do on really rigid dark stretch marks because mine are the light kind. I’m sure it would work perfectly to help diminish them over time though. There is no overpowering scent to this serum and its easily absorbed into the skin. This serum is a little thicker in consistency but doesn’t leave any type of residue. I love it!

Victoria Keiser, AR

Vitamins, Minerals and Health OH MY!

I found this serum to be rejuvenating and refreshing – as you can tell from the description it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and all that is good for your skin! I don’t have sunspots or damaged skin but I do have a lot of dry skin on my face and I must say this serum worked really well to help moisturize my skin. I did have some bags under my eyes and this did definitely help to reduce those 🙂 I can imagine that this product would work wonders for those who are in the sun or use a tanning bed on a daily basis and it definitely helps with wrinkles. The serum is not sticky or greasy, it only takes a few drops and it does not leave any residue which is awesome for me because I am not a fan of greasy products. And not only does this product work on your face but it works on the rest of your body as well! Have stretch marks? This will help reduce them 🙂 The collagen in the product does a great job of making your cheeks look full and perfect.I love that this product is all-natural and it doesn’t have parabens or alcohol in it. No fillers, just the good stuff. That is what we need to be using, it may cost a bit more, but it is worth it in the long run. Plus they offer a one year money back guarantee! You can’t beat that, give it a try 🙂 I was not disappointed and I am sure you will not be either. I have never been a person that takes really good care of their skin – I don’t use creams or moisturizers like I should, but now that I am pushing 40 it is almost necessary. And I had heard a lot in the recent years about the discovery of Hyaluronic Acid being wonderful for your skin so I wanted to try it. Hopefully this will help me stay young-looking and refreshed! So honestly what do you have to lose? Maybe just a few wrinkles or sunspots?***I received a complimentary product in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are my own***

Nola Florida, NY

It works great.

I love that this is Organic, no GMOs and free of many things ! It has firmed up my facial skin and worked to remove more discoloration from my skin. It also smoothed out my skin.Linda

Beulah Panguitch, UT

Great Anti Aging Product

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed my sunspots fading and my skin is firmer. It leaves my skin soft and helps with my fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t irritate my skin and I love that is contains natural and organic ingredients!

Trisha North Salt Lake, UT

No more wrinkles!

I have been using the Azure Naturals Hyaluronic Moisturizer for a few weeks now. I have noticed changes already. I have also been using the Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum as well. The Hyaluronic Moisturizer goes one smooth and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. It dries fast and completely. It isn’t watery like the Vitamin C serum, it is thicker, almost like a gel. It comes with a pump rather then a dropper, which I like. Two pumps and that is enough for one use. I apply in the mornings before putting my make-up on and at night after I wash my face for the evening. It is super easy to use just wash and pat skin dry. If you are going to use a toner, apply the toner before the serum. Apply a small amount to the entire face, neck, and decollete. Allow to dry. Can be used daily and under make up. Follow with a moisturizer.I have noticed that the few wrinkles I do have are diminishing (I am 34 years old). It leaves your skin feeling super soft and gives it a very youthful look.

Fannie Port Alexander, AK

My skin looks bright and healthy.

I hand’t heard of Hyaluronic Acid before. When I heard that it draws moisture to my skin I was excited to try it. I applied this each morning after I cleaned my face. I used this with the Vitamin C Serum. I like that it doesn’t have a strong smell. The dispenser is wonderful because I can gauge just the right amount without opening the bottle. I thought this absorbed into my face quickly and it doesn’t leave any residue. My skin looks bright and healthy. I’m glad I added this to my morning routine.

Nadia El Granada, CA

great product

I received the product it was in a box and in bubble wrap. I love when my things come in bubble wrap so I know they are protected. I started using AzureNaturals for almost a month now, I really use it on my forehead from all the funny faces I make as a mother. I really like what it has done to my skin. I live in Florida and it’s the hottest part of the year here summer time. The skin on my face becomes very dried out. Since I’ve been using AzureNaturals my face hasn’t been dry at all. My face looks a lot younger, fresher, softer and firmer also. It really seems to plump the skin up. I think it’s made to so it hides fine lines. It doesn’t have much of a smell which some people like, I wish it had some kind of smell to it. It comes in a pump rather than a dropper, pump is a lot easier to use. I love that I can use this product under my moisturizer and makeup with no problems whatsoever. It’s as though it’s not even there. I also love that you only need a small amount. One bottle will last a very long time! You really get your money’s worth in value and benefits to your skin. This one has acid in it which sounds a little scary but it’s actually good for you. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and draws moisture out of the environment onto the surface of the skin. The acid serum penetrates your skin deeply, activating collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, and brighter complexion.

Lora Heth, AR

Hello beautiful skin.

I am actually very pleased with this product. I wasn’t sure how well it would work for me but I am glad to say that I am loving how it is working so far. I have very dry cheeks and my t zone tends to stay kinda oily and this has helped in both areas. It has made my cheek area much more softer and hydrated and my t zone seems to be less oily. I use this in the morning under my make up and I swear it has improved the way my make up feels and looks on my face. I have used many many facial products but none have worked quite like this one. I have to say, this is one product I will be repurchasing.Disclosure Notice: I received this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Antoinette Arion, IA


What a awesome product A+++ works great I like the Azure Naturals ULTIMATE HYALURONIC ACID Serum . I would recommend this for everyone. I truly love this company they are awesome if you have any questions they always answer the questions always fast replies. Excellent company A++++.

Sheena Jerico Springs, MO

Puts Moisture Back Into Your Dry Skin

My wife lived in Cebu and now lives in Florida. Both places are hot, humid and sunny. All this sun can be hard on your skin. My wife looked very young until she turned forty. I mean, she did not look old at forty, but she began to look her age. You could also see affects from the sun on her face. She tried Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum to see if it works for her too. This product puts hydration back into your skin and makes you look younger. My wife has used it for a week and it works great. There are no side affects and her face really does look younger. More importantly, her face looks healthier. I believe this product reverses the affects we receive over time from the sun. My wife loves this product and will continue to use it. She will also buy some for her sister.

Camilla New Albin, IA

Great product!

This serum works great, over the past few weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in smalls lines and wrinkles. The serum has brightened up my facial features and my face looks and feels much better than before.The serum isn’t thick, it’s easy to add to your face, blends in well and doesn’t have any bad smells.Over I would recommend this product!

Bianca Monclova, OH

Good addition to nighttime regimen

Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times its own weight in water and hydrates skin exceptionally well. This serum is great for skin that is dehydrated and needs help. Use nightly to keep skin from being dry as the desert. I like to use after Vitamin C serum. It sinks right into skin and will add significant moisture to skin. Use every night for best results. This serum is a good addition to your nighttime regimen.- See more at:

Nelly Athens, TX

One of the Best Serums

The Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum is plant based and made right here in the United States, so that is even further incentive to use this product. I have been trying over the last year or so to get away from all chemical based skincare products and go more natural or organic and it being made here is like icing on the cake!Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and draws moisture out of the environment onto the surface of your skin, which makes it a more effective moisturizing product. The Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum penetrates your skin deeply, activating collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, and brighter complexion. You will love how your face feels and looks once you have used it for a few weeks.It’s a pretty clear serum that absorbs rather quickly without making your face feel or look like it’s greasy or shiny. That is a major plus for me because I hate looking like I have grease on my face. The scent is a light almost herbal/flower like fragrance so it definitely does not smell like chemicals. This serum will not clog your pores if you have had that problem in the past.As with any skincare products, I always tell my friends that it took time to get those fine lines and wrinkles, so your skincare products will work the more you use them and this one is no different. You can apply the Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum twice daily, once in the morning and again at night. Some of you might notice changes in about 2 weeks, but it can take up to 6 or 8 weeks to really see the difference and by the 6 month period, you will see the maximum benefits. Remember, I said it took time to get those fine lines and wrinkles, so be patient.This serum spreads really good, so you don’t really need much to start with. If you are unsure how much you will need, start very small and add as needed until you get more comfortable with how much to use. I would hate for you to waste any of this product. Allow to dry. Can be used daily and under make up. Follow with a moisturizer. Azure Naturals does recommend that it will work even better if used in conjunction with their Vitamin C Serum.

Tamara Denver, CO

Love this Serum ♥

I use it at night, so that I can look beautiful and young in the morning. It is not sticky at all, smell nice and absorbed well on the skin. It moisturized and hydrates well, although I use a moisturizer after applying the serum. It’s affordable and you can easily buy it from amazon. The packaging is also cute.If you are looking for Hyaluronic serum, you can give this a try. I am sure you’ll love it.

Isabelle Rupert, WV

Your skin will be so thankful!

I have been using this product twice a day, as it indicates you can do, and let it absorb into my skin. I especially like to use it under my eyes and around my eyes where I have too many fine lines! I notice as I age (I just had a birthday a couple days ago), I get more and more fine lines. My skin isn’t quite the same as it was when I was younger. It’s a tough thing to deal with. I do find that Hyaluronic Acid really does make a difference in my skin. I have softer skin, I notice my fine lines are softened (but not completely gone), and I notice the small discolorations are fading.I love that this product is almost completely natural and mostly organic. This is something that is very important to me! I can’t stand the thought of putting chemicals on my skin.I love that I can use this product under my moisturizer and makeup with no problems whatsoever. It’s as though it’s not even there. I also love that you only need a small amount. One bottle will last a very, very long time! You really get your money’s worth in value and benefits to your skin.

Cecile Burnt Cabins, PA