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Aztec Secrets: Indian Healing Bentonite Clay, 2 lbs

Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret 2 lbs Clay How Aztec Secret Works Indian Healing Clay Clays have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask. Cleopatra used clay from the Nile river and the Arabian desert over 1800 years ago as part of her beauty ritual. German and Roman spas have been using clay packs and treatments in the spas they built 4 000 years ago. Many of these spas still exist and use clay even today. Pliney the Elder devoted an entire chapter of his Natural History to the many uses of clay for pimples black heads and skin tightening. Many famous naturopaths such as Kuhn Just and Kneipp have contributed to the revival of the uses of clay through their natural treatments for arthritus and skin ailgments. Aztec Indian Healing Clay A Brief History – The Worlds Most Powerful Facial The use of clay with apple cider vinegar can be dated back to the southern French priest of the16th century Kneipp and his natural treatments using clay packs and po

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A man’s review, for men.

For the impatient: WORKS. BUY. USE.Unlike “girly” products that smell like a whorehouse, this is a simple product.You can feel the face pulsate as the clay dries, it pulls the skin and I think that iswhy it works so well. It soaks up a huge amount of oil and dirt.I had HUGE nose pores and crap in the pores. Once week in and the pores are 1/4 the size.I’ve tried strips and other garbage and nothing has worked as well as … this plain old dirt from the ground.You’ll have to expel the gunk in the pores by whatever method prefer, but once you squeeze it outit won’t come back if you continue with the clay. The pores shrank and my skin isamazing compared to only a week ago.1. It really works2. Don’t be cheap, use good vinegar3. Apply it with a shaving brush and apply it like shaving soap. They say 1/2 an inch but that is impossible, nice try clay salesman.APPLY IT EVERYWHERE. Face, neck, chest, forearms, buttocks. Why? This is the best skin care item, ever. It’s also DIRT cheap. Dirt, get it?4. Let it dry completely for 15-20 minutes. Use a small fan if you need to help it along.5. Don’t push on or touch your damn face while it’s on, it will come off or if it’s dry you will stretch the skin out.6. Wash off in the shower and DONT RUB IT OFF like a moron, let it get soft and then gently help it off.WORKS BUY IT NOWDID I MENTION IT WORKSAPPLY TO BACK / ARMS TO STOP ACNEApply to butt to get sexy buttUse the 2:1 apple cider vinegar to powder mix for best results.This stuff works, throw all the girly crap in the garbage.When covered in clay you look like Arnold from predator.To sum it up, get this and fast.It will change your life in less than a week.

Ramona Yorklyn, DE

Really fantastic stuff, has multi-uses.

I’ve been using this for years and it is fantastic and nothing short of miraculous. I’ve used it on poison ivy, eczema, zits, blackhead, large pores, bruises, chigger and bug bites. I had a very severe bout of poison ivy, so I mixed up a large quantity of this stuff (cover and put in fridge any stuff you mix up,) and every night applied a pack and covered it with paper towels which I taped it down to keep in place & slept with it over night. The next morning I hosed off the dried clay and could see the poison ivy was losing it’s punch, less ooze, itch & redness. This stuff pulls the toxins out of your skin! Would be great for teenagers troubled skin as it’s the best clay to use on the face. I apply a thick layer and let it completely dry. It makes you skin pulsate as it’s drying and I noticed my skin is more taut, pores smaller and clean, smoother and clearer after use. This stuff increases circulation in your skin and can make it red after using, (for me it goes away after 30 minutes.) DO A PATCH TEST FIRST.I also used it on an allergic reaction I had to some sunscreen where my chest broke out in zits and after one application of this clay the next day everything had cleared up.F.Y.I. – to avoid a clogged drain, I peel the clay off after it’s dried, or hose down outside because the dried clay (if it goes down the drain) can cause a clog. You can also use it in a bath as a detoxifier for the whole body. Just sprinkle in the water and it melts (no risk of drain clogging with this method.) This is a must for any emergency medical kit.More FYI: Mix in a NON-METAL CONTAINER using NON -METAL UTENSILS. Instead of mixing with water you can use apple cider vinegar (I have also used aloe juice, NONI juice to amp up the healing properties.) A great cheap beauty mask that really detox’s and purifies.. Any mixed leftovers can be covered and put in the fridge for further use. Add a little water if it dries up a bit while in the fridge. NOTE: The dry powder does not need to be refrigerated. **If using in a bath: gently sprinkle clay (I have used 1/2 of a container per bath) and use your hand as a beater to properly dissolve the clay when it hits the water to avoid clumping.

Imelda Lehigh Acres, FL

Where have you been all my life?

I am 32 years old with extremely sensitive skin. I have acne, eczema, large pores and my skin will dry into a red rash due to changing weather or caused by some products. No amount of Retional, Accutane, Protiviti, Clearisil etc etc has ever taken care of my problems.I just used this mask for the first time (with applecider vinegar) and my skin feels super soft. My pores have shrunk to the point that I am using one of those (horrific) magnifying mirrors and they still look small. I did feel the tightening and pulling that others have described but it was satisfying to know the product was working. My face did turn red immediately after the treatment, but that faded within 20 minutes. I am VERY pleased with the result and will use this again frequently.I have used clay-based face masks before, including the bar and tube from Fresh, a mud mask from Sabon, and also fresh masks from Lush (the Chocolate clay one is my fave). None of those masks have produced as good a result as this product. PLUS this clay was far less expensive than the products i just mentioned.A big thank you to the reviewer who said that you can find this at Wholefoods. I was able to find it there for $6 after reading about it on amazon yesterday. I only had to use 1 tablespoon worth of the product (plus 1T of liquid) to cover my entire face and neck so I will expect this jar will last me a year or more!I’ll have to provide an update if it helps my Acne but its too soon to tell…

Jennifer Stone Park, IL

I purchased this for my daughter

here on Amazon based on the reviews here and elsewhere. She has profuse acne, especially on her forehead (up into her hairline) and general T-zone area. We have tried all the other popular brands of acne remedies. Proactive, Neutrogena, blah blah blah, as well as all the natural remedies I could find. Nothing helped. Nothing. I finally decided to have her try this. We followed the instructions and got the Bragg’s ACV to mix it with. I did the masks for her myself, doing the mixing and application, as well as helped her remove it. She used it 2 days in a row, with a day in between…and she will be applying it again tonight. It says in the instructions that more severe cases can apply more than once or twice a week. We will be doing the 2 day on 1 day off regimen until she is as clear as she can get and then 1-2 times weekly.Now, for the results thus far.On the first application, she didn’t get the pulsing. Instead, she said it just got cold. I have to point out that it was 76 degrees in the house. I did not put it on very thick, though. The instructions state that it should be applied 1/4 to 1/2" thick. I felt that was too thick. My bad. When it was time to rinse it off, I wet a clean white washrag with as hot as she could stand water after actually rinsing her face with the same temp water to loosen the dried clay. While I wiped the clay off, white heads were literally popping out of her pores- and I was not applying much pressure. Nothing profuse, just noticeable. I had her go ahead and shower because I had to put the mask into her hairline due to acne being there. When she came out into the living room, her face was almost glowing. Not the red that others have described (or stated in the instructions). The usual angry red color of the acne itself was almost gone. Her face was very soft. And the next day when she came home from school, her face was nowhere near as oily as usual.On the second day, I had her wash her face (with my CeraVe facial wash, the mask can be very drying so she needed something that would clean but not remove all moisture) then I applied the mask again-this time pretty thick. This time, she felt the pulsing others have described. And again, she had whiteheads come out upon wiping her face. Still no redness after she washed. But, I also did my son’s face. He just needed to clean out the pores on his nose. His turned red and that lasted no longer than 10 minutes. He had no whiteheads, but the blackheads in the pores of his nose came right out with much more ease.Yesterday was my girls day off from the mask. She had no new acne, and the acne she already had was cut in half. Understand, her forehead was literally covered to the point that you could not see her regular skin between pimples. If it keeps up at this rate, I will call this stuff a miracle.

Edwina Berryton, KS

not true, what gives it the action is apple cider vinegar

it states on the label 100% natural calcium benotine (green clay). So if it is so 100% natural why can’t you injest it? The label also says…Not for internal use. Why??? Because it’s a lie, and it isn’t purified? No mystery here for me, you figure it out.Dried my face up big time after only 3 minutes left on my skin, and i didn’t use apple cider vinegar, because i know my skin type. i tried apple cider vinegar alone without this, cleared up a pimple i couldn’t get rid of. Apple cider vinegar alone is an acid, like any aha or bha, it will cut through the top layer of your skin, take the top layer of your skin off over time, if applied over time and give a lightening affect. The apple cider vinegar I used was 100% mother, not diluted.Test yourself…put dirt on your face, any kind and see if it doesn’t tighten your face, and give that sucking action.Second time around, I even added oil to it, but it was still too drying. I am glad to hear it works for many others, it just didn’t work for me. I am very sceptical of many of the reviews here. I will try this on my husband who has very oil skin, and see how it goes, and some family and friends as well.(Edit) I came back to give a review after trying on my husbands oily skin, and a friends, and I see I get a negative from several people, all because it didn’t work for me. My scepticism is still even higher on some of these reviews. Notice how if it didn’t work for someone, they have to make comments. Even if it was a positive on other peoples skin, I wouldn’t leave a positive comment. I think most of these comments are bogus.and why are some of you coming out of the woodwork, leaving negative replys to people who don’t agree. You use the product, already left a review, so why are you coming over to this product everyday, if you aren’t leaving a review. My hunches are right, paid employees!

Charlotte Thorndale, PA

Yep its what I ordered

I had to UPDATE this product. There’s no way Id recommend this product! I mixed it and added some tea tree oil…something came up, so I put i put it in a lil plastic container. I also put it. in the fridge outside. Anyway next day I come back thinking Ill now do my facial. WTF?!! My fridge stinks like tea tree. God awful scent gamey and green like a ole hippie worse part…that s*** made a HOLE in my thin ass plastic contstainer!!! Do you really think I’m putting it on my face? Hell no, Into the trash.

Twila Syracuse, MO

I LOVE this stuff!!

I have been using this for about a week. I mix it with apple cider vinegar, and already my pimples have shrunk, and when I use the mask, the blackheads squeeze out and rinse away. I highly recommend this for anyone who has been a long time acne sufferer!!

Darla Argyle, TX


I mixed this powder with water and a couple drops of jojoba oil into a smooth paste. After it dried and was rinsed off, my pores were cleared and shrank. I have never been able to achieve this with any other product. Also, my skin looked smooth and radiant. I am only 24 and have mild acne.But this also worked for my little brother who is 19 with severe acne (I’m talking all over his face and a ton of blackheads on his nose). He had been using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatments with hardly any improvement.After the first clay mask, his skin looked about 25% better. Two days later, I gave him another treatment and now his acne has cleared up by about 30%. I think if we keep going with this, he will be completely cleared in a couple weeks. He says his face has never felt so clean and smooth.After the mask, I applied toner to his face to remove any residue, then I sprayed 100% aloe vera juice to help heal any inflammation and scarring he has on his face, followed by a couple drops of jojoba oil to restore moisture to his skin.Next, I will try out the apple cider vinegar method, but will probably dilute it with a little water initially. Vinegar is quite acidic, and can be too harsh if used undiluted.

Juana Takotna, AK

In a word… WOW!

For being something I spent 11-bucks on I’m thrilled! Now, the directions say you can water or apple cider vinegar. I tried both and the apple cider vinegar makes a huge difference, You can just about feel it pulling the toxins right out of your face. A few suggestions… definitely get the apple cider vinegar (99-cents at Walmart, you can’t go wrong) and use a glass or porcelain bowl and a plastic fork (nothing metallic; it reacts with the vinegar). Put about 1 1/2 Tsp of the vinegar in the bowl, then slowly stir in about 2 Tsp of the clay powder. Take your time, mix well, or else it gets clumpy. It will end up a thick, almost zombie-green color, clay paste. Scoop it up with your fingers and work it around onto your face, neck, wherever. When you go to rinse off your hands and the bowl, be sure to fill your sink with water and then wash off in that water, the reason being you want to make sure the clay is dissolved in the water, not clumpy as it goes down your drain. You don’t want it to clog up your drains and pipes. When you have swished the water around enough to rinse your hands and supplies, turn on the water again and slowly let the sink drain. Once you’ve cleaned that up, go sit down, relax, have a glass of wine. =) Allow yourself to just chill for at least 15 min while it dries. Then get in the shower with a nice, thick wash cloth. Take your time about washing your face off for the same reason you took your time draining the sink. Enjoy a nice hot shower, when you get out you might want to use a light face cream or lotion. I personally prefer just a little bit of organic virgin coconut oil, especially at the corners of my eyes. A little bit goes a very long way, when it comes to coconut oil. Now, you should be clean, relaxed, perhaps slightly tipsy, your face will feel tight and smooth and so very soft. Now, go to bed, you’ve earned a good night’s sleep.This is my new Sunday evening ritual, so I start out my Monday feeling awesome. Hope you get as big a wow out of this product as I do. I’ll be continuing to use this product.

Fanny Charles City, IA

Awesome Clay!!!!

I absolutely love this stuff. You can feel it working. I leave it on my face for about 30 minutes and then wash it off in the shower. Tightens up pores and sucks the dirt out of your face. 🙂 I also use this in my hair. I rub it in to make sure it gets to my scalp (good for the scalp). I leave it on for about an hour and then wash it out. I follow with shampoo and then apple cider vinegar to rinse. My hair came out so nice and soft. I love this stuff. I use it on my face 2-3 times a week and my hair twice a month. I highly recommend it and it is very reasonably priced.

Bonita Stewarts Point, CA

The first facial mask that actually feels like it’s doing something.

Oh wow. This is the first mask I’ve bought that I actually feel like DOES SOMETHING, besides just feeling good. Truth be told, this one is a little uncomfortable, especially if you leave it on longer.Me: dry, hormonally-acne-prone skin.The mask: ruthless.Are people really mixing this with water? Really? I use it as directed, with ACV (Bragg’s), and whip it. I do NOT understand why the directions indicate applying it 1/4″-1/2″ thick. I tried that the first time and it fell off in pieces. I recommend applying after a good 10 minute facial steam. Open up those pores and make the clay WORK.So, you may or may not feel the pulsating, but hopefully you will feel the tightening. Woo. Sucks your face right in. The “black-hole” comments crack me up.This stuff is messy though! Boo! I am afraid of it clogging the drain! I just don’t tell my roommates, and try to get as much of it off before hitting the shower. I dab my face with a warm washcloth, filling a basin with water, and try to get the majority of it off there so I can dump it outside and not deal with the possible clogged drain.Inexpensive, and natural. Bentonite is really great.If you’re looking for another mask containing bentonite, try Concha Nacar’s Bleaching Cream #3. It’s not a bleach and it’s not a cream; lost in translation, it’s a refining mask. Gentle, but does contain bentonite as well.Enjoy!

Letha Homer, IL

Not working for me

Well, once again I got sucked into all these awesomely glowing reviews, but it’s just not working for me. It’s not hurting my face, but it’s not making it better either. I use it with the apple cider vinegar. I keep it on for 20 to about 30 minutes always (varying times depending on how much time I have). Each time right after I wash it off, it feels awesome and smooth but immediately I dry my face, I see that it’s just the water making an illusion.My skin doesn’t look smooth anymore when it’s dry and all the pimples are in the exact same spot. I guess it’s working for others…but just not for me. I have mild acne, oily skin.Edit: So I know this edit is really long overdue, but after a while this product actually started to hurt my face, unlike the review I posted before. After prolonged use, I just got a really wrinkly forehead and my skin overrall just wasn’t smooth anymore. Fortunately, this wasn’t permanent, and I am now back to somewhat smooth skin after I stopped using it about a year ago. I think this just stretched my skin too much. Obviously, with the glowing reviews, it worked for some people. It just didn’t work for me.

Irene Falkner, MS

Necessary for Oily Skin!

Original Review:I was skeptical at first because I’ve tried many facial products, but this clay is amazing! I have extremely oily skin and this saved my skin. I also have very sensitive/acne prone skin so when I followed the directions at first, I think I put too much apple cider vinegar in it & it burned my skin. I did not want to give up so I changed my recipe. Here is what I do: 2 tbsp clay + 1 tbsp water + 1.5 tsp apple cider vinegar. Then I blend all with the bottom of a foundation brush and spread the mixture onto my face with the [wet] brush (optional). When I first started using this mask, I did it once a day for the first week, but for a few months now, just once a week does the trick. That’s the combination I am successful with. Because we all have different preferences, consistency may vary, so experiment and you will find the right combination of ingredients for you. Also experiment with how often you will need to apply this mask. Good luck!By the way, it feels amazing on your face. If done correctly, your face really does pulsate and I personally love that feeling.Edited Review:I still love using this mask, but I just use my hands to spread it on my face. Doesn’t look as pretty though. I also forgot to mention that I like my mixture on the thick side, so if you want a smoother/liquid mixture, obviously just add more water or vinegar.

Earlene Holden, MO

Waste of money-waste of time

I wonder if I received the same product as the viewers mentioned on this product. It astounds me that people are giving it a 5 star rating when I would give it a “0” if I could. First, I had the worst time mixing this product. It clumped uncontrollably and adding more liquid didn’t help, it just made it worse. Secondly, it felt painful on my face. What is with this “tingling” sensation everyone is talking about? Not in this lifetime! It felt like torture. Thirdly, it did nothing to improve the appearance of my skin. I ended up with droplets of oil coming out of my pores as if there was no tomorrow after using it. Above and beyond that, there was no improvement of texture to my skin, nor did it clean my pores. Just when I thought I was safe, I found out the product did a number on my new bathroom pipes. It clogged them up terribly when any residue flushed down them. The product was dumped in my garden and good riddance to the container! Never again!

Allyson Mehama, OR



Adriana Turin, IA

Super clean feeling

Just tried the clay mask for the first time and i really like it!! I mixed it with water (next time ill use a whisk to stir it, it gets pretty lumpy!)and my skin feels revitalized and detoxified. I have large pores and lots of blackheads on my nose…after 20 minutes of the mask sucking my face off, (a little uncomfortable, but thats how you know its working) my pores are definitely smaller. I also used a toner afterwards and my pores are completely clear. My face got a little red afterwards but not too bad…Im definitely keeping this stuff in my skincare regimen. Also, i put a thin layer on my thighs 5 minutes before a shower (I get little bumps sometimes from the dry climate and my razor) and it made them completely smooth. Just in time for bathing suit season! I highly recommend this stuff.

Dolores Fraser, MI

Bottle full of dust

Do not like product. Had no idea I would receive a container full of fine dust. It does not mix when following the instructions and leaves a mess everywhere.

Rhonda Wildwood, GA

i will not be using this again.

i am baffled by the number of good reviews this product has. i totally regret purchasing it…this is my honest experience with the comes in a powder form that you have to mix with liquid to turn into a paste, which you then apply to your face. this product does not mix easily with liquid so it takes a bit of patience to get it to the consistency you want it to be… kind of a pain.i attempted to mix it with water in a small bowl, then apply it to my face and let it dry.why i don’t like it…1. it never fails to make a huge mess all over the bathroom counter and sink.if i apply it and then go into another room (sit on my bed or something or watch TV while it dries and i find it flakes off and crumbles onto my couch and comforter, really annoying…)2. i dont even have sensitive skin but it made my skin feel WAY too dry and tight once i rinsed it off… it was a very uncomfortable feeling.3. it got all up in my hairline and looked like dandruff, don’t use this product unless you have time to shower afterwards.4. this product just feels unnatural on the skin.5. it is incredibly annoying to apply — unless you take the time to mix it in a baggie, it kind of clumps and doesn’t dissolve properly in water, so u end up with stange lumps all over you face, then some bare patches where it didn’t apply.6. cracks and flakes off and makes a mess as i mentioned previously, you’ll need to confine yourself to the bathroom while you wait for it to dry.other people might have gotten it to work for them but there are MUCH better clay masks out there for purchase that are easier & more convenient to apply and won’t strip all the moisture from your skin.would not recommend, it’s way too drying, and not in a good way.

Linda Pineville, LA

In the garbage where it belongs.

Perfect example of all hype. All it did was make my face feel like it was been sun-burned, wreck a bowl, and make me smell like dirt.

Concepcion North Attleboro, MA


There are over 1K review on this product so I’m not sure if anyone is going to read this one, but for a face mask & it’s price, this is great! My pores are getting smaller & my face is clear of any pimples.It’s not an overnight miracle & I’ve been using it for the past month now. At first, my face broke out, but it cleared up in a few days. I’ve used many mud masks over the years & having my face pulse is pretty normal to me.I pour just a tad of apple cider vinegar in a plastic tupperwear bowl & add small amounts of the clay & mix with a plastic spoon until I get a smooth (not too runny!) foamy consistency. Then I smear it all over my face. I like to put mine on thick. The thicker it is, the longer it will take – up to 30 min. If you put it on thick, it will start to hurt your skin due to it tightening to be careful. Then I take a paper towel & run it under hot water (I like my water hot) & then just rub it off my face. My face will be red & craving moisture so then I’ll put some anti-aging cream on (did you know you start to age at 14?).I never had “trouble” skin except large pores & they’re starting to get smaller – but pores will always be there. They’re hereditary. This isn’t a “miracle” product for me like some of the reviews I have read, but it’s a great cheap mud mask & I bet you get the same results using this as if you were to go to a spa. I’ve read that some people put in tea tree oil or they use this for their feet. I have yet to do that. I even read that some people EAT it.Overall, this is a cool product that I’ll probably be using for the next few years.

Minerva Romney, WV

miracle in a jar, no joke

I purchased this product as a last ditch effort to save myself a trip to the dermatologist and I am beyond thrilled. After I gave birth to my first child, my skin erupted in horrible cystic acne that required months of oral and topical antibiotics to treat (I had flawless skin prior to pregnancy, even through my adolescence so this was particularly rough for me). Since then, I have added birth control pills to further attempt to control the moderate acne that remained. Despite this and having a strict cleansing and make-up regime I have continued to be plagued with black heads, weird white heads living beneath my skin, too-frequent pimples, and of course the scarring and hyperpigmentation from the cysts. I used this product 5 out of 7 days my first week and it brought out an incredible amount of gunk. I had a few large pimples that either shrunk or came to a head with continued use, it dried out my existing bumps, and has brought so many black heads to the surface so that they can be removed. My scarring and hyperpigmentation have remained but I’m pretty sure that both will take time to improve and the scarring is likely permanent so I’m not blaming this product at all. I wish I could have found this product years ago instead of struggling with various other over the counter(some very pricey) products

Tabatha Jena, LA

Intense Mask

Although I didn’t purchase from Amazon, I recently purchased this at The Vitamin Shoppe, and I must say, after 2 uses, I am impressed with the ‘after’ results. Everything that’s been said regarding the extreme suction, and pulsating face, etc, is absolutely correct. Funny thing, as it was drying, it suctioned so much, that it had drawn the corners of my nose ‘in’ some and when I finally went to wash it off my face, I had to laugh because it made my nose look like ‘Miss Piggy’. Yes your face is red afterwards, but it calms down soon after. I have never used a mask that is so intense, but you will love how smooth, and glowing your face will look in the end. Such a great value for a great product

Alexis Hollis, NY

It’s A Facial-in-A-Jar!!!!

I have oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin that will break out if anything even comes near it. I discovered this product on Amazon after seeing that it had over a hundred rave reviews. After reading all the hype about this mask all over the web, I had to try it, so I ran out to Whole Foods early in the morning to get my hands on a tub of this stuff. After using it for the first time last night, I can tell you that this mask lives up to all the hype. It is the BEST mask ever! I can’t believe how cheap it was, too- only $7 for a 1lb tub! This clay is amazing. My skin looks soooo good- I didn’t think it did much at first but when I woke up this morning it looked like I had gotten a facial! My pores, which can usually be seen from space, were invisible. My complexion was even toned and my skin was as smooth as a baby’s butt. Before using this, I had a bunch of lumps and bumps on my face (clogged pores that were all turning into pimples) and this morning they were GONE. I cannot recommend this product enough. Also, I couldn’t find Braggs organic apple cider vinegar so I had to use the regular watered-down ACV from Ralph’s but I think it would’ve worked even better if I had used the raw, full-strength stuff. The acid is what makes it pull tight, and the ACV I bought was only 5% acidity. I also put too much on (the directions say 1/4-1/2″ thick but just layer it on a littler thicker than a normal mask, otherwise it won’t dry fast enough.) After rinsing this off my face with warm water, I washed with my L’Oreal RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing cleanser and then applied my AcneFree 3-in-1 Night Repair Foam and my Neutrogena Firming Moisturizer. My skin looks amazing and I highly recommend this facial-in-a-jar!

Gabrielle Dyer, TN


I purchased this clay for student’s chemistry experiment (bought way too much) and tried to use the rest for a facial. It didn’t work for me..I thought that I was going to clog the drain but I didn’t. Way too much effort for the effect.

Joann Three Rivers, TX

best blackhead removal mask

I’ve been using this off and on for decades. Only with ACV. Bragg’s. I put a nice layer on. Not too thick or it won’t dry. Not too thin or it’ll dry too fast and won’t pull enough out. Unless you just want it for a sort of conditioning, cleaning. Then do your thing. But you do need to be careful with this stuff. It’s strong. I’m a fair-skinned middle-aged woman and this can give me broken capillaries. I like to use it just for the blackheads on my nose because it’s so strong that it really pulls everything out in one go. When I do do my whole face my skin is definitely tighter and the pores smaller. No question. The redness goes away soon enough. But broken capillaries? Not so much. Bottom line? You can use it various ways to solve various problems. Just read the label and then experiment. No one else has YOUR skin. For me it’s the best blackhead remover for my nose that I’ve ever come across. Looking like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer for a half hour afterwards is a small price to pay. 🙂

Rhonda Woodside, DE

The Best Kept Secret!!!!

This product is definitely one of those I can’t live without. I have been using this product for 2 or 3 weeks now and it is amazing. I mix it with bragg apple cider vinegar, apply and wait 20-30 minutes until it is almost completely dry. Get hot wash cloth and wipe off. The results, WOW. I am a smoker, so I apply extra thick layer around mouth and nose area. Rough patchy skin, gone. Blackheads, gone. Sunspots, fading. I am left with dewy, smooth, firm face. I apply tiny amount of Nutiva cocnut oil, done. Can’t say it’s the foundation of youth but it’s the next best thing.For people with sensitive skin, dilute vinegar with water or honey or just use water. You will feel your skin get tighter and tighter, the longer it sits. Around the edge of my face burns a little after I take the mask off but the coconut oil soothes it right out within a minute or so.

Vicki Nacogdoches, TX

Horrible, overly hyped reviews.

For me it did not work at all. It was horrible…just dried up my skin. This might work for people with little tiny blackheads that are very mild but I have really bad blackheads so this didn’t do anything for my pimples (witch are relatively mild), my blackheads, my skin tone or texture, it did nothing except dried out my skin. You can try it, I wanted to because of all the good reviews but trust me here you’re probably going to be disappointed. I am sticking with clearasil deep pore cleansing mask. It works pretty good I just always look for anything better that’s why I tried this stuff but there is my recommendation if you have clogged pores. Exfoliate your face (st.ives apricot scrub) then clearasil facial mask in a tube, then use aloe vera after sun lotion. That is the best combination I’ve found and I’ve tried a lot of stuff.

Frieda Milford, MO

Miracle pore cleanser

I mixed this powdered clay with apple cider vinegar as directed and was amazed as the results on the size of my pores and texture of my skin. Highly recommended.

Maggie Springfield, TN

4 years strong…

I first picked up this clay at a natural market on a whim and it has been my best friend for years. I’ve tried other premixed masks but I always go back to making my own.Edit [Nov 11, 2013]:I have recently read about the pH of betonite clay being about 8 or 9 (above 7 is basic). Apparently if you simply use water, the pH remains the same. Since Apple Cider Vinegar is acid (pH around 4), it balances out and is good for the skin. Plain vinegar is more acidic, so yo would end up with a slightly more acidic mixture. Ideal pH of the skin is 5.5. These are things to keep in mind when you are mixing up your mask. If you want to be more precise and match the ideal pH of the skin, you could always use pH strips to test your mixture.

Tabitha Babcock, WI

Great Hair Mask!

For the past month I have been using this product, with organic apple cider vinegar, as a hair mask and my hair has fallen in love! I’m natural and have very thick, long hair, so I finger detangle the night before and then two strand twist my hair, medium sized. Before I apply the mask I take my twist out and lightly finger comb the two strand twist out so the mask can hit all the strands of my hair. This is a weekly detox for my hair and I leave it in for about 20 to 30 minutes and after I rinse it out my scalp feels refreshed and my hair looks so shiny! Love, love, love this for my hair! I used to use it for a facial mask, which worked for a little while, but I decided to switch over to a different clay based mask, but I would definitely recommend this product for a facial mask as well, with organic apple cider vinegar.

Lynn Harrisville, MS