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AZO Yeast Plus tablets, 60 Tablets

Relieves Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection. Homeopathic medicine in a supportive botanical base that stimulates the body’s own defense systems. Because this is a natural product, the color may vary. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Yeast infection symptom relief
  • Vaginal symptom relief
  • Homeopathic
  • Multi benefit formula

Honest reviews


Didn’t work… 🙁

Unfortunately, after following the instructions and giving it a couple months, this product did absolutely nothing to relieve my symptoms and/or prevent infections.Edit: As it turns out, the reason for my recurring yeast infections was diabetes type 2. This product may work on normal yeast infections, but if it doesn’t, take yourself to the doctor. It could be something else, like it was with me.

Brandi Olyphant, PA

Completely ineffective.

I tried this for a mild yeast infection and it did absolutely nothing after taking three a day for close to a week. I knew it sounded too good to be true and I was right! I should have figured that a homeopathic treatment in a non-specific probiotic base would be useless. I’m just wondering how other people saw any improvement with this sham product. I’ll stick to my refrigerated probiotics and more verifiable herbal treatments for yeast infection relief in the future.

Danielle Sunset Beach, NC


I began with awful symptoms right after Memorial Day. I tried Monistat and it only made the itching worse (which was strange because I’ve tried it before and worked fine). I stopped the Monistat immediately and quickly ran out and bought this after reading all of the good reviews. Took the initial 3 tabs and 1 daily tab since then for prevention. I was back to normal after a couple of days. But 8 days later, my symptoms came back. How frustrating! I stayed away from the Monistat and took 3 AZO pills the first day I felt the itching start, but at this point I’m just done with this infection so I called my OB/Gyn and she gave me Diflucan. On the second day, I feel 70% better. So…I think this product worked ok for my symptoms, but didn’t get rid of the infection altogether. The Diflucan is what’s doing the job for me.

Olga Osage, WY

A must have

I purchased this item from Walmart today, due to a yeast infection. I took three tablets right away and I be d$%^E this stuff works. This item really worked. I had my doubts until this product eased my symptoms within 15 mins. With all of that being said “BUY IT HERE or GO TO WALMART, JUST BUY IT.

Amanda Oak Ridge, TN

AZO Yeast Really Does Help

I suffer from chronic yeast infections, requiring daily perscription meds, but I would still be bothered by both vaginal and oral yeast infections. I take 2 of these daily. The box says one a day for prevention and up to 3 a day for an active infection. I really notice a difference in yeast taking over when I stop using these. I am still not yeast free, but noting has totally cured me. I also use natural suppositories. I like a brand named Vitanica, and use 1/2 at a time with very good results. I’ve tried Boiron and don’t like them. Use some protection at night to soak up any excess. The Boiron ruined my nightgown and mattress pad in just one night.

Jeri North East, PA

Excellent for everyday use

I have to take medication everyday that causes yeast infections if I don’t stay on top of them. Taking these tablets everyday is a cheap, effective way to stave off some very unpleasant issues! And, if you do have a yeast infection, these pills are far more effective than other name brands at getting rid of it. I just double up on the dosage until the symptoms have cleared, then take everyday. It’s when I forget to take it that problems sometimes occur. I highly recommend these tablets if you have issues with recurrent yeast infections as they are an easy, cheap way to stay healthy!

Jamie Oxford, MS

Works amazing for Hydradenitis Superativa (boils)

I suffer from hydradenitis superativa (a condition that causes painful boils under the arms, etc). Recently my dermatologist said that new studies had some out showing a relation to yeast and these infections. Formerly these have been treated with antibiotic type acne medication (minocycline, etc). Well I didn’t want to keep taking the minocycline and have wanted a natural solution for this incurable condition. So I started taking this product everyday 2x a day and it is keeping the the reoccurences down to a minimum and when I do get them (rare now) they go away quickly. I use tea tree oil topically then they do appear and this does wonders. So now I’m not longer on those antibiotics and now I’m treating it naturally with no side effects! If you have this condition, you can understand what a relief this is. And for informational purposes I have a really bad case of the disease and have been recommended to have surgery. But with this solution working for me, I am not going to need it now.

Mai North Houston, TX

ok to buy

This does the job. No complaints, If you are looking for a pill to pop in to reduce the irritation and be rid of the problem, I would say this would take care of that.

Rosie Croydon, UT

AZO yeast pills

I gave these pills three out of five stars because they didn’t cure me. But the price is good. I wouldn’t use it as your only source of relief.

Mai Argonia, KS

AZO Makes Miracle Products!

I have been familiar with AZO products for years, being a frequent sufferer of Urinary Tract Infections and using one of their other products for UTI pain. Having positive past experiences with their products I didn’t hesitate to purchase AZO Yeast Infection Tablets when I recently came down with a vaginal yeast infection.This was a pretty severe yeast infection, the itching was unbearable! I personally have some sensitivity issues with traditional over the counter vaginal yeast infection treatments, they usually irritate me and make matters worse so a product that is considered homeopathic is sometimes a better option for me, not to mention I like natural products that help me avoid filling my body with chemicals that have side effects and other bad things.I ran to a local drug store and grabbed a package of the AZO Yeast Infection tablets (60 tablets for $5.99) along with a homeopathic pro-biotic douche made by another company. I used both immediately and within 30 minutes my itching was relieved and symptoms subsided within about 3 days! I was impressed, relieved and grateful for these two products and feel the need to spread the word!Another thing I’d like to mention is that I have an eczema type condition that causes my right foot to break out in itchy blisters which I just realized is tied to excess yeast in the body. I wasn’t even thinking about how bad my foot was itching during this yeast infection but within 30 minutes of taking the AZO Yeast infection tablets, my itchy foot calmed right down too!! I could not believe it, I would consider taking this product regularly just to help with my foot alone!The AZO tablets can be used with traditional yeast infection creams or other treatments if you prefer it that way. They are to be taken one tablet, 3 times per day during an infection, and once per day to prevent future infections. They are flat, round tablets about 1/2" in diameter (approxiamately) and are coated and easy to swallow.Do I recommend AZO Yeast Infection Tablets? With flying colors! I love, love, love this product!

Sharlene Glenwood, AL

great product

I love this product. So far it is working wonders. I have only taken 3 days of medication but the relief has been noticeable. I did have one complaint. They (not sure who) placed a sticker directly across the back of the back covering the Warning, Directions, Other and Interaction. This isn’t good for some people and they really should place it somewhere else.

Janice Brewster, NE

Can’t live without

All my adult life I have been plagued with yeast “issues”. I found this product and just taking one daily, I can truly say the issue is resolved.

Alberta Wynnewood, PA

Surprised! It worked in 3 days!

I used a generic 3 day suppository first, it did not relieve the symptoms, and infact may have made them worse! Desperate and unable to get into a Dr right away, I picked up the Azo Yeast pills, I did as directed and took 3 pills a day. At first I noticed nothing, and was disappointed, but bought the pills, so kept taking them. By the end of the third day I realized my itchiness was going away and the next morning it was gone altogether. I cont. to take 1 pill every day when I remember. It has been a week now and nothing!Don’t know if it was a coincidence and only worked b/c the 3 day suppository did its job or what, but I don’t care! I will keep taking these! 🙂

Lee Lakin, WV