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Axe Wet Shine Gel Clean Cut Look, 3.2 Ounce

Get a wet look that doesn’t look overdone with a medium strength hold for a clean cut style.

Key features

  • Hair will look sleek and shiny but still feel good to her touch
  • Gives a long lasting, clean cut wet look with no flaking
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


strong hold but questionable ingredients

Axe recently released a whole new line of mousse and gel products. This one provides a medium hold and requires only the slightest amount of product to be used. What worries me is the list of chemical ingredients that are in this product. If you worry about putting chemicals in your hair, I’d recommend avoiding this product and trying something much more natural instead.

Hilary Somerset, KY

Axe Wet Shine Gel Clean Cut Look

Axe Wet Shine Gel Clean Cut Look. This is a hot product for households with men. I want to say “especially boys and young men”, but I honestly am not sure. My son uses these products, and he is in the category of “boys and young men”. This particular product works well for him, and he uses it with good results. This particular product smells fresh, clean, a touch of manliness, and definitely inviting. It is perfect for my son, or for any man. My son is a winner who likes positive, good things; therefore, if he says it is good, I totally believe that it is.Highly recommended.

Josie Conklin, MI

Good Stuff!

This works well for me (male, short hair) and also had a nice pleasant a light scent. I recommend it!

Blanca Wickett, TX

Wet & Shiny

Axe makes great products, and this hair gel is no different. It has a solid hold and leaves hair with a slightly wet and shiny look. While there is a light amount of crunch when dry, it does not leave you with helmet hard hair. Great product and whole heartedly recommend.

Letitia Toledo, OH

Not My Favorite Axe Product

I was disappointed when I used the wet shine gel. The gel is very liquidy and rolled right off my hands half the time and into the sink. I had to be really careful applying as to not waste it.I usually wet my boys’ hair first, apply gel or mousse and style their hair each morning for school so it will stay in place all day. This didn’t hold their hair and it didn’t give a wet look either when dried.For a product that says “For a strong hold, wet look”, it didn’t do either for us.

Ruby Killdeer, ND

Axe Clean Cut Look Wet Shine Gel has and herbal orange scent and gives a medium hold. Great for teen male or female.

My teen loves the fresh herbal scent with hint of orange, and stresses that it smells good enough for male or female use. Put pea size dab on hand rub together and apply on damp hair and style. You can style any way you want and it alwasy comes out right.

Fannie Murfreesboro, TN

keeps me ol’ hair slicked back

This is some great hair gel from the folks at Axe men products.It keep my hair slicked back and gives a nice wet look too.Great for the spring/summertime!

Megan Windsor, PA

make hair look wet

This gel gives your hair the wet look. makes hair shiny and has a decent hold to it. No flaking or crusting from use.

Janette Kimberton, PA

Does the Job Without a Greasy Look

What can I say – it does the job and holds your hair in place without the greasy look or feel other brands have. It’s also a clear gel without the lumpiness I have seen with other white and lumpy Axe products. If I could change one thing it would be the smell, as it is a little too much of a scent put in there. Other than that, I would recommend it.

Etta Vredenburgh, AL

Axe hair gel: Another solution for unruly hair

I don’t have much hair, but whatever that exist are out of control except when I have a short hair cut.I really wasn’t looking for ‘Wet Shine’, but something to keep my hair tidy. This Axe Wet Shine Gel did just that. I used about half the amount suggested and after several hours, my hair is still as it was when I first combed after showering.Very happy that I came across this product.

Cherry Victor, ID

A lot to like, but makes my scalp shiny

First, I want to say that this product is exactly as advertised – it has a medium hold, doesn’t feel sticky or stiff when dry, is easy to apply, and results in a shiny finish on my hair. I’ve applied it to wet, damp, and even dry hair. The wetter my hair to begin with, the wetter the look when dry – but it still looks wettish even when applied to dry hair. The scent is pleasant but also quite light, so you (and others) won’t be smelling it all day. It also doesn’t take much product, so this bottle will last a while.All of that is good. Real good.So, why only three stars? My rating is for other folks like me with thinning hair. The only thing that I don’t like about this gel, but it’s a big thing to me, is that it also makes my scalp look shiny. Said another way, it makes my scalp look greasy. That’s not a look that I like at all, so it’s a deal breaker for me.While it’s not for me _anymore_, I would have liked this a lot 20 years ago when I was in college. For younger guys or those of you older guys who have been luckier than me with your hair :), I recommend it. It’s a good product. However, for guys like me with thinner hair that don’t like a shiny scalp, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Flossie Loreauville, LA

Sort of stiff/crunchy, and lots of fragrance

I generally use a L’Oreal Melting Gel to help control my hair, which otherwise wants to stick out in all kinds of crazy ways. I gave this Axe gel a whirl and it didn’t work as well for me. My hair was much more stiff and crunchy with this product. It also has a strong fragrance, which isn’t something I need. It might not be bad for you if you’re looking for a stiff gel and like a spiky hairstyle, but it didn’t work for me for a wet or gently sleeked back look.

Tasha Dante, SD

Wish it lasted all day…

This product was great, with a nice manly scent to it…but with all the promise in the world, I couldn’t help but feel as if this product fell a little short. I’ve been wearing it all day, and for the first few hours it was great, but now, 8 hours later, I have an afro that looks like a muffin top. Great potential, but not quite there yet.

Erna Heth, AR

Forget about salon brand gels!

My husband has a short style hair cut with a longer length on top. He has always liked to gel it back giving it a more defined look. Axe Wet Shine Gel Clean Cut Look gives him that look without giving him that “porcupine” stiff feeling.A small amount goes a long ways. My hubby’s hair looks sleek, shiny and smells great. It leaves his hair touchable and it goes back to place. Get salon quality results without the salon brand price. For on now we will be buying Axe styling Gel – forget about salon brands!

Danielle Dupont, WA

Wet Look

This has a pleasant fragrance, light and not overwhelming.It creates a wet and shiny appearance on hair. It helps keep hair in place and is good for styling hair.Using too much can cause a filmy residue and you should avoid applying more than one application to hair.It can be used for all hair types.It’s a decent, average product.

Marjorie Strathcona, MN

Family Fun Testing Axe Gel

I gave this to my handsome 16 year old grandson to try. He tried the product and his sister said it made his hair look good. My 9 year old grandson decided to join in the fun, and used some gel to make a unicorn horn. The horn held really good even while sleeping. 🙂 It took a thorough shampooing to get the gel out in the morning before school. The gel has a noticeable scent so be careful not to use other products with a scent at the same time.

Rosalia Stockton, MN

Firm hold, nice scent, no flakes.

Axe Wet Shine Gel works as advertised. It held my 6″ thick wavy hair in place all day, and gave me a slick, wet look. I used about 2 dime-sized amounts and ran it through my towel damp hair. Then I ran a comb through my hair to part it and set it in place. It stayed in place all day, even after riding in a convertible for about 30 minutes. The best part is, unlike other gels I’ve used, it does not leave flakes when you run your hand through your hair at the end of the day. Lastly, the gel has a light and pleasant fragrance.All in all… a great gel, with awesome hold.

Shelly Shady Spring, WV

Horrible smell, works well though

I can’t stand the smell of Axe. It too reminiscent of a high school boys’ locker room or the guilt-filled bedroom of a frat kid. Blech.However, if you ignore the overpowering odour from this gel, it is actually a pretty decent styling agent. It holds well, limited flaking & crusting. It’s a very clean look without being too cumbersome and heavy.

Sheila Corryton, TN

Wet shine look

Axe offers hair care products for any number of sleek modern looks. This works fine for a medium hold, without the rock hard hair of other similar products. They are not kidding about the wet look either, so make sure you are after a glossy shine to your hair.

Leeann Sun City Center, FL

Looks Wet; Doesn’t Hold

I’ve been blessed to get to try pretty much every hair product from Axe and for the most part they work well (with noticible exceptions like the hair dust). This one is another I’d add to the list of products that don’t work that well. I found myself constantly pushing my hair back up (after a healthy portion of the gel). It just doesn’t hold well. For my money, and these Axe products do cost a lot, I’d go with theAxe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream, 3.2 Ounce. Similar price but works so much better and without flaking. If you are gel guy then go with the cheap stuff at the store – it works better.

Mildred Salesville, OH

medium hold, wet look

I laugh when I hear people bemoan Axe’s hold over today’s young men. I am an old lady and I love the stuff! I am past the age where women cut their hair short, and I find I really like the hold and look.As with other Axe products, it has a really nice smell. It’s easy to use and looks great. If you take a dab, rub it on your hands and through your damp hair, this product will give you medium hold and a damp look.Another great product from Axe.

Rebecca Keene, CA

smells great with a clean getaway

My teenage son loves the smell of this product and it greatly helps him achieve the look he is going for during those time crunching, wee hours of the early morning. The product lasts all day long. After trying this, what I loved most about it is that it washed off your hands completely with just a quick rinse of tap water–no gooey, between-the-fingers residue.

Juanita Lehigh, OK

Teen son loves it

I gave this product to my 9th grade son, who uses All Things Axe. He loved it. He has short hair and he likes to spike his bangs up. His review: “Not very sticky so it didn’t feel prickly or slimy. It kept it firm for the whole night. And all the girls thought it smelled good.”My adult observation is that it gives, as advertised, a wet look (as opposed to a stiffer waxy look). If you don’t want a wet look, you won’t like it.I also tried it on myself for reviewing purposes, but I am not a good subject – I have long hair and long bangs. I did find that it gave a low-medium hold on longer hair, and it also have a “wet” look on me, which is not what I want at age 50.BOTTOM LINE: Gives a firm hold and a wet look. Made for a younger crowd.

Brianna Crane Lake, MN

Perfect, Great Smell, Great Hold

A while ago I got a chance to get a reviewer sample ofAxe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream, 3.2 Ounce. I loved the aroma, but did not like the hold or texture at all. This corrects that issue and makes a perfect gel solution. It has a pleasant smell and works great as a gel. And that’s all I’m looking for.I’m sold.

Christy Gay, WV

Great wet look and hold, better for thinker hair

The look and hold was excellent. But I think this works better if your hair is thicker. Mine is on the thin side.Despite that, it was easy to apply and it felt great. If you want to look sharp, this is a great thing to use.

Kelli Tenakee Springs, AK

smells strong, but works well

This product is easy to use, with an inverted squeeze tube that is simple to dispense. Just squeeze a small amount onto your finger tip and work it through your fingers, then run through your damp hair.The scent reminds me of guava, but other people have described it as herbal orange. The shine comes from hydrogenated castor oil.

Jesse Florence, KS

Mostly does what it says it will do

I’m pretty impressed with the Axe hair products (I’ve used many of them) and have purchased these hair care products myself after receiving samples to review.Their Axe Wet Shine Gel does indeed give you that wet look. I use it in conjunction with their messy look styling gum. I start off with messy look, get the look I’m after, then slick the sides with Wet Shine Gel, flattening the now slickened sides to my head.My only complaint is that the bottle says the product is “for a strong hold”. I believe this is false. Others have called it a medium hold, but I would say it’s more of a light hold. With this product, the wet look is what makes the product and definitely not its hold.The scent is light and pleasant, and it does what it says it will do, except for the aforementioned hold issue. 4 stars.

Randi Fertile, IA

Smells Clean, Not Perfumey

This smells citrusy…huge improvement over the nasty strong cologne scents from Axe in the past. Historically, I refused to allow Axe products in our home, they stunk like cheap cologne. That has changed apparently and since my son falls for their marketing, that he’ll be a babe-magnet with Axe products, I can now allow him to be the Casanova he envisions.This holds my son’s hair with a slight shine, but not stiff and crispy. He likes it a lot and it holds in the style he desires…he has medium/short hair and does that combed forward and pointed up in the front thing. He really likes this product.

Malinda Middleburg, KY

Axe’n it.

When my hair is newly cut, I like a glossy gel to quickly shape and set it. The axe product is slightly citrus but not overkill. I can achieve the wet look without having my hair actually wet, which is what they are looking for.It doesn’t leave noticeable residue or the dandruff look if as it wears thoughout the day… I’ll use it more in summer than winter, due to my cut lengths, and easily recommend the low cost high value to my friends.

Eula Sparta, OH

Creates vibrant contrast to usual ways of styling

I love this gel because with just the tiniest amount I can do a slick back on my girls’ hair and they love it. This is a good contrast to the usual and brings out facial features. First I apply it with a comb, putting hair back. Then use hands to actually slick back and finally use comb to smooth out. The key is to not use too much and possibly finish with a small shot of hairspray to hold it. It’s a very professional look, in my opinion.

Eva Cooperstown, ND