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Axe Waterless Dry Shampoo Foam Reset, 5.07 Ounce

Waterless shampoo foam that refreshes hair while eliminating the greasy/oily morning after look, and leaving guys with hair that looks and smells great.

Key features

  • Easy way to refresh your style when a shower isn’t an option
  • Cleans/freshens while delivering style
  • Refresh your style easily for a look girls will love
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


Doesn’t Work

I’ve used this twice so far: once when I woke up after I showered the previous night with no product in my hair, and once when I woke up late and had to rush out where I did have product in my hair from the previous night. In both situations I was disappointed by this product. Both times I ended up with a slightly wet and sticky head of hair. I’d say this was exactly what would happen if you woke up and simply put mousse in your dry hair. It did not seem cleaner or feel clean. It felt clumpy and sticky.I’ll admit I was curious as to how this would work at all to clean hair without water or shampoo. I’ve found my answer: it doesn’t. If I’m running behind next time I’ll run some water through my hair and put some product in (then wash when I have a second with real shampoo and water).

Sondra New Carlisle, IN

I Don’t think So

No No No, this is not good. Maybe, if you’re in a hurricane and lose power you can use this so your hair doesn’t smell but do not make the mistake of believing you have fresh, clean hair. You’re wetting and perfuming, that’s all. Save your money, this one is a dud.

Cornelia Auburn, IL

Pick up, spray, brush and go!

With so many power outages and water shortages this winter I was in desperate need for a dry shampoo. Not so easy to find these days, a dry shampoo can be quite useful when someone is sick or wounded and unable to shower. Well, say hello to Axe! – famous for the scent that drives men and women wild, how handy it is to be able to pick up, spray, brush and go, and still have your hair smell terrific! I’m so glad I found this on!

Janna Goodland, MN

Walk of Shame Shampoo

This still kind of cracks me up. It’s hard to think of it as being designed for anything other than those unexpected sleepovers. THIS IS A VERY SLUTTY SHAMPOO! This product isn’t something you could use on an everyday basis, but it works well enough in a pinch when you just don’t have the time (or the ability) to actually wash your hair.

Hattie Scotland, GA

Color Me Extremely Unimpressed

I looked forward to trying the “Axe Waterless Dry Shampoo” as I typically do not shower on Saturday mornings, but would like to have my hair styled rather than run around town with a cap all day long. I also have greasy hair and although I have pretty short hair, I tend to have pretty bad bedhead in the mornings. I was therefore intrigued at the thought of a product that would not only allow me to style my hair without taking a shower, but also cut down on some of the greasy bedhead on my “shower free” days.However, I have to say that I was less than impressed with the product. Although, it did “wet” my hair down so that I could properly style it, the result was no better than simply running water over my hair under the sink (and then putting in my hair product to style). In addition, my hair felt no less greasy than it had been 2 min previously and again no different than if I had just stuck my head under the sink and dried with a towel.On the positive side, I did not find the scent to be overpowering – which was good because I’m a 40-something “adult” who doesn’t need to drenched in cologne to feel like a man – and after taking a shower the next morning, I felt like the scent was completely gone.Bottomline was that I was unimpressed by the product and it’s performance ESPECIALLY at $8.00 a bottle!

Lilian Hanska, MN

It Really Works

I got this for my mom and I to share. We both wake up with the worst bed-head, and the only way to get our hair in place is to thoroughly wet it down and blowdry. I thought this might save us some time, and it did. When I first squirted the foam out, I expected it to work like a typical hair-styling mousse. To my surprise, it performed better. Typical hair mousse applied to my dry hair doesn’t have much effect, but this did. It saved me time because my hair was not soaking wet, but pliable enough to blow-dry into place. Also, with the heat of the blowdryer, I expected my oily roots to be in issue. Somehow, the Axe shampoo eliminated the oil, and left my hair looking and smelling clean. It did not leave a heavy product residue, either. The only con I have is the scent was obviously masculine, but pleasant. Once the shampoo dried, the scent was really nothing to be concerned about. Mom and I may have had better results than some other reviewers because we started with hair that had no other product residue in it… just needed a shampoo. Also, mom and I both have short hair. I would hesitate to use that masculine scent if I had long tresses. Overall, I think the product performed as promised, and saves me time when I’m in a rush and need to get that bedhead under control.

Evangelina Tower City, PA

Won’t ever buy – or use this again.

You can “reset” your hair – if by “resetting” you mean make it smell like you overdosed on cologne, liberally coated your hair with hairspray, put a hat on, slept in your car for a few hours, took the hat off, and walked for a mile in a slight drizzle. It doesn’t look or feel refreshed, nothing is “reset” – the only real redeeming value of this stuff is that after about 30 minutes, the smell of it dissipates enough so that you don’t smell it again until your hair gets wet again.Personally, I’d rather use nothing than use this. If something (say…icy cold water) was available, it’d be a no brainer to use it. Yes, I understand that this is for “no water” hair cleaning. The problem is: this product doesn’t help at all, and in fact makes the perceived problem even worse.Don’t buy this junk.

Lorena Salamonia, IN

Works for a day; but not close to looking like you’ve washed your hair

I used this waterless shampoo for a couple of days when camping in an RV. The product comes out as a foam and goes into the hair easily. I had to do some extra brushing to get things under control, but it did leave my hair looking okay; not clean, but under control. It seems to mask the dirty hair look with a bit of shine and some extra control. Not sure that this product is intended to help you through two days, but I decided to give it a try. The second day, things didn’t go so well. My hair definitely felt heavier after the application and my hair looked unwashed for sure (clumpy and heavy). So, this may work okay for one day, but even then, my hair did not look like I had washed it, so your friends or colleagues will probably be able to tell. It might be good in a pinch, but not a regular kind of thing. There is no rinsing, so whatever this product puts in your hair stays there.

Brandie Fagus, MO

Smells great but doesn’t eliminate greasy look

My stepson had never used a no-rinse shampoo and was interested in tryingAxe Waterless Dry Shampoo Foam Resetso we both gave it a shot.Alex really liked the smell, and found that it was very easy to follow the directions. He didn’t think that it was sticky. His short hair looks shiny but, to him, feels greasy and he says that his hair feels as though it’s carrying residue.I needed more than a pump and a half for my shoulder-length, curly hair. It felt sticky and killed the curl. I wasn’t nuts about the scent in small doses; enough to do my own hair left me smelling like the male version of a bordello. I needed to shower and shampoo twice to get rid of the odor.Recommended for guys with short hair who are trying to refresh but who aren’t prepping for a night on the town.

Odessa Fox Lake, WI

Fine in an emergency

From the powder based Fekkai to spray Ojen…and even way back to PPpppsssst, I’ve used about every dry shampoo.Axe is no better, but surprisingly, no worse. Terrific in a teen gym bag or when he gets up late for school.

Roxie Enfield Center, NH

Husband Didn’t Like It

My husband thought it was a mousse…it took me forever to convince him it wasn’t, especially since it didn’t work as advertised. My husband has very long, thick wavy hair, and washing his hair is not something he can do quickly. Some days he only has time for a quick shower, so I thought he could use this product on those days, but when he tried it, neither one of us could tell any difference.To be honest, I have been looking for a waterless shampoo for our travel needs (ex: transatlantic flights that take forever), and I have yet to find one that did something more than act as a fancy mousse.

Pearlie Tolland, CT

Extensive review from a GUY

Ok so i have to admit I did not think this would work. I have curly hair and prefer to shower at night. This leaves me with really bad bed head in the morning and usually requires another shower to “control” my hair. Regular gel does work but leaves you with GEL hair. A bit greasy or wet looking. I hate that.So enter this product. I found I needed usually three tabs of this. I applied one to each side of my head and a third down the middle and bingo…bed head under control. No need to wash or re-shower in the am, (which to be honest I love an AM shower to wake up but don’t always have time). I found it did take about 15-20 minutes to fully dissipate (ie: gel look to go away) But after that my hair looked styled but NOT gel’d.So 5 stars …love it…

Connie Dime Box, TX

My fiance didn’t like it much

I got this for my fiance. He used it and didn’t care for it at all. He has long hair, and instead of keeping it clean between washes, which is what he expected, it made it gunky and oilier. On the other hand, he did say it made his hair smell good. After he used it, though, he had to take a shower to get it out of his hair. His hair type is normal, with dry ends, so I don’t think it’s because of his hair type. He just didn’t like it.

Nell Ridgefield, NJ

I nice hold me over until I can get my hands on the real thing…

I have oily skin. It’s just a problem I’ve been cursed with. It could be worse. Still, skipping a shower one day makes me feel really gross, and leaving the house without washing my hair is a complete no-no. Sadly, with my exercise routine, I generally don’t like to shower until the evening (after my workout) and so I can go the whole day without a shower. Tired of washing my hair in the sink before work, I decided to try some of this waterless shampoo, and I must say I was really impressed. I somewhat expected this to be one of those dud type products that didn’t do what it promised. When I pumped the foam I was afraid that this was going to work more like a mousse and that it was going to make my hair sticky, but it went in and smoothed out and did just what it promised. It dried and my hair felt clean and ready to do. The only drawback is that it doesn’t really last all day. By mid-afternoon I’m ready for another spritz. It would be nice if it lasted longer, providing me with a full day of a clean feeling, but if I keep a bottle in my desk then I’m ready to go for the whole day.

Simone Jordan, MN

Freshens with Fragrance

Ideally dry shampoos refresh and revive hair with the push of a button. While the best can certainly extend a blow out and save some time, they will not fool anyone into thinking its your hair’s first freshness. Although I cannot say I am enamoured of any, I do rely on them for travel, especially during the summer, to fluff up my fine hair and to freshen at the gym.Ace’s entry into the field is a mousse, not a spray powder. It only takes a pump or two for the product to foam into my hands. The fragrance is less assertive than most Axe products, a rather pleasant coconut scent. Distributed through hair, it definitely added volume and some freshness although nothing that would suggest that it was newly shampooed. Blowing dry helps add volume and it does seem to make hair a bit easier to syle. The fragrance gradually dissipates. My hair felt okay, no noticeable residue but did not feel especially clean.This is a serviceable entry. It is definitely a time saver. Waterless shampoos have come along way since the still usable baby powder and cornstarch and the notorious Psssst! shampoo of the seventies. I still prefer Oscar Blandi and Rene Furterer but this one works adequately and smells nice.

Jodi Benton, WI

Decent scent; so-so results

We tried this product with my son.I’ve used waterless shampoos before – with my straight, fine hair, they can extend a day between washing at most, absorbing oils and sometimes leaving hair actually crackly and dry. The good news with this is that it didn’t render my son’s hair (similar in texture to mine) crackly and dry, but it did leave a residue…and it didn’t noticeably make the hair look any cleaner (although it smelled nice, if you like Axe’s products). There are less expensive dry shampoos out there, although probably none that smell quite this good.

Lorrie Wenatchee, WA

Axe Waterless Dry Shampoo

I’m not sure what exactly this product is does other than act as a deodorizer for your hair. My hair didn’t feel clean after using it. I thought I’d try some for those early morning days when I’m just going to be around the house. I pumped a couple of handfuls of foam out and worked it into my hair. I combed it, wet it down a bit, and re-combed. After my hair dried, it didn’t feel at all clean. It may not have had that funky just-woke-up smell anymore, but that’s about it.I’d say if you have very short hair and want a bit of hair deodorizer, then this might be a good product for you. It is lightly scented, so it’s not overpowering at all.

Alisha Yazoo City, MS

Clean with no residue

My son has long hair and sometimes after a long day he wants his hair clean but doesn’t want to have to take forever to dry it before bed. We both tried this product. The foam stays in the hand and goes in easily along the roots. The smell is nice, I remember when Axe first came out and the smell was so strong it was obnoxious. The manufacturer seems to have cut back on the strength of the scent so it’s now just a little masculine, spicy, and pleasant.Son tends to have oily hair, mine is dry. The Axe worked fine on both, making his hair look less oily and just making mine look pretty much the same as always. After brushing it out neither of us had a residue feeling or that dander dry shampoos sometimes produce. A very good product to take camping, if short on water for some reason, or just a refresh between shampoos.

Diane Ozona, TX

smells good, does not dull hair, provides body

this is a foam/mousse “dry” shampoo for a quick touch up when you don’t have time to do a full shampoo, or don’t have access to a shower right then, or have a specific style you keep. i’d say this is a temporary solution, since your hair is still going to be dirty. what this does do, is give your hair a quick lift, fresh scent, and a non-greasy appearance, like other dry shampoos. unlike most powder-based dry shampoos, however, it does not dull your hair or leave a lot of residue. if you use dry shampoos at all, this is definitely worth trying- it’s a unique product that does what it advertises. i know people who regularly use dry shampoos on clean hair, just to have more body and texture. this also works well for that purpose.

Sofia Stockton, NJ


I forgot this ‘technology’ existed. I would have tried this years ago. It’s great when you don’t have time to shower, but need to make your hair manageable and clean smelling.It worked very well for me, but my 3 & 4 year old sons liked it even more. They were fascinated that foam could tame their hair.This smells pleasant and I will buy it in the future. It’s great to keep in the office for those long work days, or take with you on road/business/vacation.

Bettye Chatham, MI

The smell was WAY too strong

I loved the idea of of Waterless Shampoo but the smell was too much and I had wash it out after about hour. If you love the Axe smell this would be perfect. If you love the Ax smell and you need a product to cover up a bad body odor this would be the perfect item.

Robin Rose Hill, NC

One of the best value products for men’s hair

This is a more dry waterless shampoo than others I’ve tried. It does not appear as if any product is in my hair yet my hair is not sticking up in places. Unlike prior years, I’ve got a private full bathroom in my office suite this time. One consequence is that the first-thing-in-the-morning-shower kind of went by the wayside. It’s better to beat the rush and worry about a shower later, I always figure. But then actually I don’t usually get to take a shower until afternoon. Solution – the waterless shampoo. Weird but it works for me since I have short hair.

Ava Nemaha, NE

Axe Walerless Shampoo Foam

This hair product is easy to use. The pump works when pressed the first time and the shampoo foams up fast. It’s not particularly easy to use and hard to distribute evenly through my hair because it doesn’t stay damp for long. I don’t use hair gel and my hair immediately absorbs the foam. I’m not impressed with the results from using this waterless shampoo. It left my hair sticky and stringy. At the end of the day my hair looks worse than it would if I hadn’t used the waterless shampoo.

Alexandra Marshfield, MO

Good to make your hair look it’s best in between showers

This 6 oz. bottle of dry shampoo foams up when you press the pump. All you need to use is a pump or two at the most at a time. Just rub it into your hair to give to your a freshly washed look and smell. It has a very light scent and isn’t overpowering. If you have oily hair then this would help your hair look its best between washes. It would also be good if you are camping and don’t have access to a shower or after a trip to the gym. It’s also good if your hair is a mess because it gives you the ability to redo your hair without actually washing it. The only down side is that you can feel the product in your hair almost like a styling gel.

John Ennis, MT

Made My Hair Greasy

The AXE Waterless Foam Shampoo made my hair greasy when I used it. That result is totally the opposite of what a dry shampoo is supposed to do. As I first dispensed the product in my hand, it seemed to be better than other dry shampoos because it didn’t have that offensive odor and powdery texture that most do. I’ve never been a real dry shampoo fan because of those attributes. The AXE Waterless Foam Shampoo has quite a pleasant scent to it and a foam texture of course and not that powdery texture but when I applied it, it left my hair greasy looking so it defeated its purpose.I can’t really recommend this.

Della Holden, ME

Works like Mousse

This product made my hair look shiny, and did not feel like it was helping it look clean. I wake up with bad bed head, and usually have to wash it in order to style it. I thought I could use some of this in my hair in lieu of washing it, but I couldn’t. This applied to my dry hair like mousse and just made my hair clump and stick up. I have short Asian hair and usually apply gel to style it. I had to add water in order to flatten my hair back out, and then use gel to style afterwards. I basically ended up using this as I would regular shampoo. It has a nice scent, and if I had longer hair, I think it would have worked better.If you use mousse to style your hair, this product will work better for you. It’s not a bad product, but it was not for me. I will pass on this in the future.

Esmeralda Rueter, MO

Axe Waterless Dry Shampoo Foam Reset

works really good for that “light” cleaning in a hurry when there’s no time to go home and wash your hair before meeting someone after work. Works fast and as long as your hair wasn’t really filthy dirty you can’t tell it wasn’t just shampooed in the shower but if your hair is days of dirt and oil then this won’t help, it will just make it look more matted down. This is really meant, I think, for people who get their hair dirty while working that day, but did already wash it earlier the regular way.

Beulah Railroad, PA

Makes your hair really look clean

I got this for my teenage son, who loves AXE products. When I told him that they have a waterless dry shampoo, he couldn’t wait to try it. He said that it really smells good. It has a real fresh clean smell, and makes his hair feel clean and keeps your hair looking shiny on the days that he can’t shower right away. He didn’t think it would work as well as it does, but he was pleasantly surprised. I know he will continue to use this for a long time.

Gayla Litchfield, ME

I was going to rate this lower for my kind of hair, but I changed my mind

I have fine, thin, naturally curly hair that I keep whacked off very short because I can’t deal with it. Still, it grows too fast, and I wind up having bad hair days a lot unless I wash my hair frequently. But I’m older, with very dry skin, and also I’m getting scared of falling in the shower or tub because of my osteoporosis, so I don’t risk bathing as often as I used to. I wear my dirty hair hat often. It’s a great chocolate brown vintage Stetson fedora, and it covers my hair great, but if I take my hat off (or somebody else does it for me, wanting to try it on), there’s my even-worse-from-sweat hair.Okay, I’m saying all this because I changed my mind on this product. The first time I used it, I thought it was a little thick-feeling with a sticky residue. The smell is not something I think a man would want lingering; it’s a sweet, almost gardenia-like floral. I figured I’d shampoo it out in a few days and recommend only people with thick oily hair use it. I brushed through it until it was less sticky and put on my Stetson as usual before we went out.I was surprised when I took off my hat and my hair wasn’t flattened down on my head. Now, I’m not saying my hair FELT good—not like it would if I had just shampooed it in the shower. But it sure did look a lot better than it usually does when I’ve taken off my hat. This waterless shampoo seems to give the hair some body and prevents it from getting wet-greasy-limp. So it’s nice to have around.

Katrina Georgiana, AL

An Interesting Product

I would never have thought to try a mans product such as this one on my hair, but I said what the heck and gave it a whirl. Due to some delicate medical equipment I had to be wearing, I couldn’t take showers as often as I like to. I have very long hair and it is a pain in the butt to wash in the sink, so I thought this would be the perfect product to try at this time.I know that the AXE line has a reputation of having a very strong fragrance and that worried me. And yes, as soon as you spray this out into your hand the aroma is overwhelming, but it soon disappears and left my hair smelling almost like chocolate. Quite pleasant.Now you need to wait for the product to dry all the way before you see that there is a bit of a difference in you hair. It really isn’t like having freshly washed hair, but it does make enough of a difference in the smell and texture for those days when you need a little something for your hair and you just can’t wash it right away.

Shelby Fairview, MT