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AXE Styling Gum Messy Look, 3.2 Ounce

Axe Messy Look Styling Gum gives guys a messy, separated look with long lasting hold. Axe Messy Look Styling hair gum for men provides strong hold with an irresistible touch for your messy look. Axe Messy Look Styling Gum helps guys look, smell and feel their best.

Key features

  • Axe Messy Look Styling Gum gives you a messy, separated with a long, lasting hold
  • Axe Messy Look Styling hair gum helps guys look, smell and feel their best with its irresistible touch
  • Axe Messy Look hair styling gum for men goes well with Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste

Honest reviews


There’s Gum in My Hair!

In terms of how this smells in comparison to most Axe products, there isn’t much of a smell. It is a good styling gel and holds my husband’s hair in place. It easily lasts through the day.

Sandra Edna, KY

Good Stuff

I’ve used hair spray, mousse, gel, wax, and such in my hair through the years, and Axe Spiking Gum (and their Glues) ranks up there with my favorite of these products. It holds as firmly as a hair spray while being easy to apply with your hands like hair gel. I’ve used a couple other Axe Spiking products (Glues), and this one’s as strong but it leaves a nice “messy look” after you brush it out. It’s a nice look (and I’ve found that it kind of helps my thinning hair look a little less thin than the Glues).The 3.2 oz size means that you can take in your carry-on baggage for a plane flight – it just slips under the TSA’s 3.4 oz limit for liquids and gels. That’s rather nice…though I’ve TSA agents check the size of the package many times.It’s got a pleasant smell and just a bit – a drop – is needed to style my hair. Consequently, one tube of the stuff lasts me a long time.

Carlene Clayton, GA

works great

This works great for my 13 year old son. It smells nice not as strong as some axe products. It makes his hair look nice and easy to control.

Renae Monticello, WI

Super glue

I generally keep my hair short enough that I don’t have to use gels and mousse to keep it in place, but when my hair does get a little long and unruly, I prefer something solid to really hold it in place. I wasn’t exactly sure what Axe meant when they said “messy look”, but I figured that if it could hold hair in what would be considered a messy look, it not only would be very strong at holding hair, but it would also hold “not messy hair” just as well. I held my breath one morning, and gave it a shot, carefully following the three step instructions: a little dab on one finger, spread across all fingers, rub quickly into your hair and scalp.First of all, this stuff is really, really thick and sticky. It’s like a cross between toothpaste and wood filler, with week oldElmer’s Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz Bottle (E304)mixed in for good measure. I worked quickly and rifled it through my hair. I looked in the mirror and started laughing. My hair was all over the place like something out of a zombie apocalypse. The missus took one look at it and said, “You are NOT going to work like that.” I said I was done styling and thought it looked great, but she said I looked like Beavis. I ran a comb through my hair, but it was pretty much useless. The hair was set, and yes, messy look. I received several comments on my hair that day, none positive, but that’s only because people weren’t ready for my “not straitlaced” look. I used it one more time after that, with similar results. Notable is the fact that with my hair done up in this stuff, even wearing a hat did not move my hair around much. Very powerful styling gum, to say the least.So if you are a man going for that rough and tumble look, I highly, highly recommend this product. You will get what you seek if you are seeking that “blown out of a wind tunnel and rolled down the side of a hill” sort of hairdo. If you want to substitute this for your normal gel to get your normal appearance, I hope your best friend is Butt-Head. Otherwise, this is not for you.

Elena Round Lake, NY

Styling putty would be a bit more accurate

Axe styling gum is an extremely thick product. Definitely not like gel or mousse. It reminds me of bacon lard at room temperature, which by the way is another wonderful styling product, if you don’t mind the bacon smell. It provides a nice hold if you like the organized messy look. I have very fine hair and I did not experience the hard crusting that I get from other products, and it gives a matte finish so you don’t get the glossy look.

Debbie Neosho Rapids, KS

Too sticky… not for me.

I got this thinking it would be good for the men in my life. But it was not to be. I thought it would be like thick gel but that was not really the case.This product is probably going to be ok for you people who are used to getting this styling gum. But not for people who have never used it and are just “trying it out” to see. It’s just way to stiff and not at all what I was expecting. It made the hair feel kind of yucky to me.This should be left to the pros and not novices I guess! Oh well!

Agnes Whiteoak, MO

a bit too thick for a styling gel, but okay enough…

I found this Axe product a but too thick, but it did a pretty gppd job keeping my hair slicked back, the way I prefer to wear it.For me a a thinner formula hair gel works better.

Chasity Chewalla, TN

Heavy Axe scent, very thick and makes my hair feel greasy

This “gum” has a heavy Axe scent, it goes on very thick and makes my hair feel greasy. I tried theirAxe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream, 3.2 Ounceand that actually worked pretty well for me.I don’t care for this, I have short thick hair and it just doesn’t work for me at all.

Keri Oaklyn, NJ

Axe is always good

My son has used every product Axe makes and is looking forward to making this a part of his grooming routine. He normally keeps his hair short but did use this before he got his hair cut and said it worked very well.

Kate Franklin, NJ

Strong hold indeed

This gum is really strong infact unless your hair is rather short or your just apply it to the tips then it may be to much.My husband is in between hair cuts so it made him look like Edward on the first twilight movie lol. My son just got a hair cut and it worked perfectly.My daughter and I used it for a pixie kind of look just for the tips and it was fun for that. An other good product from Axe just really strong.

Jacklyn Long Eddy, NY

Does a nice job. Super easy.

I’m no hair expert, but my hair looks better with some sort of styling product in it. This stuff requires no skill to use, holds really well, looks good, lasts, and doesn’t irritate my scalp as some do.

Betsy Rexford, KS

Excellent strong hold

This Axe product doesn’t have the signature raunchy Axe scent. It barely has any scent, so I decided to experiment with this on my fine but dense medium length women’s hair. I like my hair to stay put in this humid climate and this does the job.I always use this on my damp hair before blow drying. I take a pea sized dab, rub it between my palms and run my hands through my hair. When I then dry my hair with a big round brush, this maintains the bend in the hair the brush puts in. And it doesn’t make my hair stiff like the Got2Be Glue I’ve been using. I was hooked on that because my hair style stayed hard and exactly where I had put it, but it was extreme and a hair brush wouldn’t go through it easily.This is a nice lotion which holds my hair in place but still doesn’t make it hard or brittle. I must say that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this, even though it’s marketed for men.

Melba Horatio, SC

Makes My Hair *Dry*

The AXE STYLING GUM MESSY makes my hair dry and stiff, almost looking like kindling.It absorbs quickly and easily enough and doesn’t leave the whitish residue that some product (likeAmerican Crew Molding Clay 3.0 oz) do if you don’t rub it in thoroughly, but I just didn’t like the way it made the texture of my hair feel. I’ve got thick, dry and coarse hair, that’s cut short (trimmer) under and short/medium on top, so maybe that’s why it’s not so good for my type of hair.If I wanted my hair stiff, I just opt for a gel. I still think the best styling product for men isGATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPIKY EDGE Hair Wax, 80g/2.8oz, which comes in different formulations, keeps hair in check, and doesn’t make hair feel dry, but it does make it stiff, while still being pliable (an oxymoron I know but I don’t know how else to describe it).The only reason I keep looking for some other wax is because something in the MOVING RUBBER makes my scalp breakout, so I’m not sure if I’m allergic or what it is.Anyway, if you want to try the AXE STYLING GUM and don’t mind your hair looking dried out, I think it would be best for short hair.

Kate Simmesport, LA

Identical to the “Anti Dandruff”

This is almost identical to the “Anti Dandruff” right down to the fragrance.I like the “Anti Dandruff” because it is cream is not heavy and not too perfume-y.You can easily style your damp hair with this and still come out looking the don.

Karin Kingsport, TN

Good product…good job…

This Axe product did a good job.Used it on men’s thick, slightly longer, straight dark hair.Less sticky when applying and didn’t leave hair feeling ‘disgusting’ as some products might.Upon morning application, hair was a little ‘crispy’ when first applied.

Annmarie Bryant, AL

Works well, just make sure you apply it evenly.

Axe styling gum is perfect for those who want to have a tussled, but also controlled, look. The “gum” is very similar to a hair paste you would get in a jar and works about the same way. You just squeeze a little onto you fingers, rub it evenly through your fingers and then your hair, scrunching and placing the hair as you go. It works very well, and holds a style without being too stiff or sticky. It doesn’t have much sheen to it; it’s more of a matte look. To top it all off, it even smells nice! One thing to be sure of is that you spread it very evenly throughout your hair. Since the “gum” is fairly thick it’s not that easy to spread it evenly, resulting is sections that end up much “stiffer” than others. Lastly, any that you may have left on your hands does not leave a sticky residue and comes off quite easily.For the record, I have medium length hair (4″) that is thick and wavy and it worked well with my hair. My boyfriend who has short (1″) hair that is thinner and straight also liked the Axe gum.All in all… a great product that leaves your hair looking and smelling great.

Penelope Fredonia, ND


When it comes to a hair styling products that I’d recommend Messy Look Styling Gum by Axe is one that is at the top of my list. I’ve tried this product with both short hair and longer hair and it worked great. I can use a little dab to create a messy-but-styled look, or I can wet my hair and use a lot to create a hardcore spike look. I’ve compared this product against the messy look line paste and gravity defying dust from Axe and this is by far the best product.It doesn’t matter if you are looking to create that perfect party-in-the-front flair to your fashion mullet or duplicate that unwavering court room part of Harvey Specter, this is the product for you. 😉

Lizzie Chester, VT

not bad

Just because this product is aimed at men, doesn’t mean it might not work for a woman with longer hair than your average guy. My hair is still on the short side so I thought I would try it. It does have good hold but you have to be careful to use just a small amount otherwise it clumps and hardens. It didn’t give me a messy look but I think it would for shorter hair by the way it holds but not the messy look you get from a good texturizer which this isn’t. It would not work for guys with longer hair, probably nothing longer than 2-3″ at most. It did have a scent to it but it wasn’t too strong and I kind of liked it.

Tracie Nemacolin, PA

Good hold, easy to use

This styling gum is easy to use – not too thick or too runny in your hands, and it spreads well within your hair. Some products seem to get absorbed only in the first spot where you touch your hair – this stuff can be mixed around easily. Keeps a good hold and doesn’t make your hair look or feel too greasy, though it does leave it moderately stiff. No noticeable odor once on, so it doesn’t compete with other things in that sense, either. Overall, I like it and would consider using it regularly.

Ruthie Pinetops, NC

Poor results for me

I guess you really need thick hair to make this work correctly. It smelled great, but it left me with very thin looking hair and it was way too sticky. I will not be using this again.

Lou Sabattus, ME

Great Product

Great product. I’m a gal and use it, even though it’s for guys! Gives your hair a nice finished look, without being sticky matted down like gels do. Highly recommended!

Geraldine Huntington Mills, PA

Smells really fresh.

I expected that overwhelming cologne smell of many axe products. But I was really surprised by the light fragrance. This is a firm hold, but not too sticky. My son has short hair and likes to wear it kind of messy. This works well and he looks pretty freshly disheveled (if that makes sense) at the end of school.

Bobbi Lynchburg, TN

Does the job

This product has a nice fragrance, not "perfumy," with a natural, fresh smell. On moderately dry hair it gives a tacky, messy, dry look. On wet hair it gives a hard, slicked look. In either case, the hold is pretty strong and last all day for fine, moderately thick hair.

Essie Ellisville, IL

Strong but sticky

Until a very recent hair cut I had hair long enough to need a great deal of hair product to keep it from sticking out in just about every direction from my head. Axe Styling Gum worked well at taming my hair without requiring much product. I used it on slightly damp hair and it held all day easily. Be warned though if you are the kind of person who likes to fidget with your hair, your fingers will get sticky. It never completely dries. Other than that, it’s a decent product for the price if you have long enough hair to use it.

Bertha Beaumont, VA

Versatile as can be

I was surprised at how much more versatile this gum is than gels for the “messy look.” I’ve liked the messy look for a long time because it’s supposed to be the opposite of perfectionism. However, the thinner one’s hair gets, the more difficult it is to go with the messy look. With this gum it’s possible to get it right.The way this product worked best for me is to start with toweled hair out of the shower. Then use just a little bit, definitely not too much, put between palms and softly clap hands until it’s kind of gooey. Then simply apply with both hands and move hands through hair quickly. Done. I’d recommend anybody to try it to get a messy look that holds in place without looking at all pasted.

Sally Sabinal, TX

My Son Hates To Do His Hair And Likes This

I have a son who hates to do his hair. Getting him to comb it is hard enough, but to have him put product in it? He just can not be bothered.I asked him if he would try to use this Messy Look Gum and he was not happy with me. However, he has been using it ever since.This product does make the hair look messy, but it does stay in place all day long. It is not too difficult to comb out, but still holds the look you want without trouble. Washing out is easy and very little is needed to give the nice results you want for a messy look.The fragrance is slight, but not overwhelming like I was afraid it would be from previous comments I have seen about Axe products.I will have to say for my son using this product is in itself a huge testimony to how easy it is to use and how nice it is to work with. The performance seems to be really nice too and holds well over an entire day. It often holds the next day too if you work just a bit with it.

Ladonna Fredericktown, MO

Great hold….

This styling gum messy look from Axe is great. Sometimes I am in the mood for some messy spiky hair I go with the Axe gum. It is fairly strong and it holds very well. It doesn’t give shine which I like and it doesn’t get hard either. Just imagine gum on your hair. Gives you the hold with out the hardness. It is pretty easy to wash off while shampooing too. You would think it would be all gunky up there in your hair but it goes off easy. The smell is great just like any other Axe product.

Freda Bristow, VA

Perfectly fine

I got this for my husband, but tried it on my bangs to see how it works. It’s a thick, white paste (reminiscent of Elmer’s glue), and I guess that’s why it’s called styling gum, not gel. It does have a mild scent that reminds me of a man, not something I would want in my hair. It isn’t too strong, but certainly wouldn’t work for me. It gives good hold, I ran it through my bangs and it reminded me of spraying hair spray on my fingers and then styling my hair that way (to prevent helmet type hair). It seems like a perfectly fine product. It certainly must be washed off your hands after application or you would be seriously sticky.

Luz Porcupine, SD

A solid styling “gum”

I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of this styling gum and its versatility. It is perfect for individuals with short to medium (I would guess-timate it can hold up to hair 3 inches long)The gum is sticky, has a glue-like consistency. It looks like Elmer’s glue, but that’s not something to be alarmed about. Once you take a dime or quarter sized amount, it’s spreads out nice and light on your fingers.The smell isn’t anything overbearing. The smell went away after I applied the gum evenly on my hair.This Axe Styling Gum is subtle, easy to work with, and keeps your hair in the style you want fairly well.

Kirsten Fanrock, WV

For More Than Just Messy Hair

Love this! I use this on sons’ hair and it holds all day without that wet, plastered look. We don’t style their hair in a messy look but this still holds their hair and looks good. We use to use mousse on their hair but have been venturing out to styling gels like this one. It holds without that wet look that some can give. My boys’ hair has never looked cuter!

Rosalind Mckenna, WA