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Axe Styling Cream, Anti-Dandruff 3.2 oz

Light hold styling cream with dandruff fighting pyrithione zinc that fights itch and flakes while providing medium, rework able hold and a matte finish for dandruff sufferers.

Key features

  • Fights flakes and itch while keeping your style in check
  • Flake fighting formula that you can’t get with traditional gels
  • Provides a medium hold that can be re-worked throughout the day
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


My Favorite of the New Axe Styling Creams

This is a lightly fragranced, but strong cream hold that proactively fights against dandruff and flaking. I used this and found it held my hair in place all day and even the next morning before a shower. I liked that it held it in place without it becoming stiff. There were no flakes like you get from gel after it dries. This gave me a clean look that held in place. I really like it.

Tamera Mohall, ND

A Mixed Bag, Pleasant Smell but a Strange Feel

This sounds like a great idea. I used mousse and Gels a lot and I have always wondered if they contributed to my dry scalp. Throwing some Pyrethrin Zinc into the product shouldn’t hurt. I have to admit I was a little shocked to see it the first time I tried it. It is very similar in feel and appearance to Head and Shoulders. I was also a little set back by the instructions to rub it into the scalp which makes sense for a dandruff product, but far different from how I generally apply gel.It really is a mixed bag. I have been using the gel for a week now and I can’t say for certain that there is any big change in flakiness. I have it pretty well controlled with antidandruff shampoos. But I do like the idea of a little extra protection. I also really appreciate the scent, it is pleasant and not over powering but pleasantly subtle. The bad side is the feel of the gel in the hair. It feels a little like lotion, or actually a little like just rubbing Head and Shoulders into your hair. It has an oilier feel to it in my hair. And the first time I feel that I may have applied to much. I find that I need to use very little.Pros+ Very pleasant smell.+ Smell is not overwhelming which I was worried about, rather subtle.+ I don’t seem to need to use much at all.+ Holds well.Cons- Feels a little oily- Has a different hold than I am used to.- Feels a little like rubbing Head and Shoulders into your hair, during and after applicationSummaryI can’t say that I’m all that impressed with this product. I will use the rest of it, but I don’t see myself purchasing it in the future. I like the smell, but I’m not big on the slightly oily feel and appearance it gives my hair. All in all I’m pretty neutral on it and will probably go back to my usual Crew products.

Alyssa Fitzwilliam, NH

There Is Truth In Advertising

My son is using this to style his hair and keep it in place and he likes it. Since it is a cream it is gentle enough to use as a styling aid but doesn’t give him that glued down helmet head look. It also does not have a sticky residue. For someone who is battling dandruff this cream is really good because there is absolutely no flaking yet it keeps everything in place.My son rates this as a four star product because it works and no false claims have been made. It does exactly what the manufacturer claims it will do.

Bridgette Patchogue, NY

The Kids Know!

I shared this product with some young, visiting, family members, typical teen young men who are vain about their hair. The consensus was a science of disappointment for two reasons. First, they did not like the smell. Second, they thought the consistency was too much like lotion. Based on their feedback and the fact that they left it here, I cannot recommend this product.

Melisa Burbank, SD

Anti-Dandruff works to cut down on flakes

Axe Styling Cream Anti-Dandruff feels smooth and creamy when you apply it to your hair. It doesn’t make your hair feel stiff. However is does provide great hold without being sticky. My husband likes using it on days when he wears black because it is Anti-Dandruff. It provides hold without any itch or flakes. It smells great too. His hair looks good and doesn’t feel stiff to the touch.

Neva Iroquois, SD

works as well as other styling creams

It does work as well as other styling products but with the great Axe smell. This is great to help smooth out frizzies too.

Sofia Heath Springs, SC

Works fine; can’t speak to anti-dandruff aspect

I can’t really speak to the anti-dandruff aspect of this product, as I don’t really have any issues with dandruff…just some dry scalp from time to time. But in terms of hair styling, it works fine.

Gail Wrightsboro, TX

least favorite

Of the 4 Axe products we got, this was my husbands least favorite. He has super thick hair and this didn’t work at all for styling. Our house is also overly dry and with winter thought this might help with the mild flaking, it didn’t.

Natasha Chesnee, SC

Keeps hair in place and no sign of flakes

My husband LOVES this! He has fine hair, and this keeps it styled any way he wants it. He also has a dandruff problem, and it has definitely lessened since he’s begun using this. His only complaint is that this makes his hair more “crunchy” than other things he’s used, however it does look like a cream, not a gel. And he loves the smell! One thing – if you want the anti-dandruff properties, you need to get this in contact with your scalp. So if you have long or really thick hair, this might not be able to help you with dandruff. The active ingredient in this is pyrithione zinc 0.2% (an anti-dandruff agent). The size is 3.2 ounces, so you get a lot for the money! It smells kind of like a men’s deodorant inspired by a cool glacier. Hope this helps your decision!

Vonda Lanesboro, PA

Good hold and pleasant scent

This styling cream has been working very well for me. My hair is thick and I usually have to use a stronger gel to keep it in place, but this works for my hair even though it feels pretty light. The scent is not bad and definitely not overpowering. It has helped reduce my dandruff and it also has the added bonus of not getting flaky and visible over the course of the day, as many gels have a tendency to do.

Ola Hansville, WA

Axe Anti-Dandruff Styling Cream

I loooove the smell. I don’t know how to describe it other than clean, fresh, and a hint of manliness. (I know – I’m probably weird, but I love certain types of smells.)This is a hot product for the teen boys and early 20 boys, and possibly the late 20 boys, as well as the 30-year boys, the 40-year boys, the 50-year boys, etc, etc, etc. I only know about the teen and early 20’s, as my son is only 24 1/2. I know that he uses this stuff for hair styling.My son is a big Axe fan, so if my son says it’s good, then it must be good, as he is a winner and has good taste and likes positive things.Good product; highly recommended.

Maura Athens, ME

Nice product. Holds hair great!

This is one of the more unique Axe products. It’s a hair gel that is not too thick and gives you a nice hold for about an hour before your hair drops flat.The fragrance is not too heavy either and that’s a good thing.Nice product.

Lola Ruther Glen, VA

May work for some

First, one thing I like is that this does not flake. That’s a really good thing for a styling product for men. One annoying thing is that it comes out white and if you use even SLIGHTLY too much, you have to work it for 5-10 minutes just to get the colour to go away (unless you want to walk around with white-blue hair).Once it’s worked in, the style does hold pretty well for a while. But, really, other than the lack of flaking, I’m not a huge fan of this (or any Axe product to date).

Christian Ruth, NV


Wanted a product that would help with a tousled look. While this did help with that to an extent, it makes hair look really dirty!! Looked like hair hadn’t seen a shower in months. Ugh.

Caryn Rock Camp, OH

Good smell, nice hold, no grease

Hold: The cream is workable for a good length of time, and sets quickly as it dries, so you don’t need a lot, but it also wont glob in your hair if your not quick enough. I do wish it was just a bit runnier so it coated better.Material: soft and creamy, with a light cologne hint, ti wont feel like a handful of glue when your done. I hate creams that make you feel like you have to wash your hands immediately. This isn’t one of them.I can’t speak to its anti dandruff property, as my hairs so short right now that i don’t have much anyway, but it works well, feels and smells nice. A better smell and a few other tweaks and this’d be perfect.

Janette Blairs Mills, PA


This has a great texture and is not stiff/sticky. The smell is pleasant and it feels great. It is a funky looking color, but dries clear. I highly recommend it. I don’t have dandruff, but place is dry.

Meghan De Kalb Junction, NY

Very Nice Styling Cream

This is a nice styling cream with zinc added to deal with dandruff. A little goes a long way, but it does aid with keeping hair in place – not sure how it would actually deal with dandruff as you’d need to rub this into your scalp in order for the medication to penetrate – something I would not do. But as a styling cream? A+.

Letitia Ceiba, PR

Surprised by the scent!

I expect Axe products to be overpowering and perfumey. This isn’t. The scent is light and not at all overpowering. I don’t have dandruff, but do sometimes find a dry scalp accompanies using too many styling products. A tiny bit of this gives me lift and control all day without crusty stickiness. I also like that it is formulated to not cause dry scalp.I like it. Don’t use too much!

Whitney Cary, NC

(Teenager Perspective) Works Well. Good Styling Cream.

My son volunteered to test a variety of new body & hair products designed for males. As an older teen, he is pretty particular about the products he uses. His review follows:Personally, I thought that this Axe product made my hair look better and healthier.As someone who had (and occasionally still has) problems with dandruff, I thought that this product did exactly what it advertised: lessened the amount of embarrassing dandruff in my hair.I have absolutely no idea what the “Pyrithione Zinc” has to do with this product, other than make it sound different than the rest. Other than that, this product made styling my hair much easier than normal hair gel.However, the only downside of this styling cream is that I had to completely make sure that it was washed off of my hands after applying it- especially since it did not go away as the day went on (like some other gels may do).Despite that, overall, I liked this styling cream and would recommend it to anyone who had or still has problems with dandruff.

Aimee Clearwater, FL

Feels good

This cream just feels good on the scalp. Zinc, the active ingredient, is good for a lot of things from galvanizing steel to fighting the common cold to preventing dandruff.This is the first hair styling substance that I liked for making my scalp feel good. I think this is a great product.

Kathy Gapland, MD

Awesome styling cream….

This is such a great styling cream. I like to use this in dry weather. My scalp gets itchy and bothers me in dry weather. The first time I used this it was so soothing on my scalp. This has a very light hold. You can use more for a stronger hold but it still won’t be a crunchy hold. A little bit goes a long way. If you use too much your hair will be white and creamy. You will have to run your comb or hands on your hair to get rid of it. For being Axe, the scent is pretty mild. Some Axe products are really strong but this one is nice and mild. I like to use this on my son due to the light hold. It keeps his hair down and looks like a matte finish.

Tamera Arlington, NE

Good Styling Cream with Some Itch Relief

I’ve used hair spray, mousse, gel, wax, and such in my hair through the years, and Axe styling products rank up there with my favorite of these products. This cream (which is more like a shampoo or a liquid soap than a gel or a glue) – like the Axe “gums” and “glues” – holds well and is easy to apply with your hands. It’s not quite as strong as the glues and gums, but it’s decent.It’s got a pleasant smell, and it does seem to help with scalp itchiness / dandruff.The 3.2 oz size means that you can take in your carry-on baggage for a plane flight – it just slips under the TSA’s 3.4 oz limit for liquids and gels. That’s rather nice.

Esther Glen White, WV

Medium hold from a fluffy cream

The cream is similar to mousse, sort of a whipped cream texture, but a bit thicker than mousee, and gives a similar hold but with more flexibility. Didn’t get any flakes with it, but also using a dandruff shampoo, so I don’t know which gets the credit. I’d say it’s a fine general purpose product with average hold, and seems about right for the price.

Alejandra Gilford, NH

It doesn’t give much hold but it’s a great anti-dandruff treatment

This 3.2 oz. bottle of styling cream works both to give your hair hold and to relieve dry and itchy scalp and prevent dandruff. It only gives your hair a small amount of hold so I wouldn’t compare it to hair gel at all. This product is good for those who suffer from bad cases of itchy and dry scalp and dandruff. You can carry this tube with you anywhere and apply as needed. I don’t typically have bad dandruff but I have a dry and itchy scalp and especially in the Winter months. I definitely think it helps to relieve the symptoms and it was very effective for me.

Tanya Shawsville, VA

Light Hold

This is a styling cream that provided us with a light hold on hair. When I used it, it held the hair style but not a hard hold.It also has Pyrithione Zinc to relieve dryness and itch. You massage it into the scalp for that.I’m not sure if it’s necessary to have dandruff control in a styling cream but for tough cases, every little bit of help is nice.

Eliza Bradley, SC

Good for short hair

This works great to hold up short hair. I normally somewhat spike my hair and this holds my hair up as well as gel. The cream feels like lotion, and you don’t need a lot to get a good hold for your hair. I use anti-dandruff shampoo daily so I can’t tell if it is preventing dandruff, but it can’t hurt. If you have flakes, and need a gel for your hair, this is the combo for you.

Lottie Morgantown, WV

Strong Hold with small amount, no visible product flaking, scent fades after use

Daverat’s Wife speaking (Pls be kind RE: Typos,; I have arthritis) Since I’m the one that usually tries out new products on my husband’s formerly difficult to style, fine & curly hair, I had my doubts about ALL the Axe products that have come out lately and yet, I have to say the proof is in trying them. They DO what they SAY and at a very economic price. I’ve spent a lot of good money on premium Salon styling products for men that didn’t deliver the ways these have in the past few weeks. Axe is onto something here.Let me first say that a styling cream is the first type of grooming aid my husband would turn to on his own and it’s what he would use if I didn’t buy him something else. The problem is that few styling creams will give his curls definition, shape and hold without making him look like a an extra fromGrease! Also, when I took the top off and took a whiff of the “manly man” frgarance, I was worried he would be walking around smelling like some High School kid or the Aqua Velva man all day. Not so! The frangrance smells much better once you dispense some into your hands and work into into damp hair. It also fades fairly quickly into the backround and just smells, well… “clean” is the best word that comes to mind.As with the other Axe products, there is a basic illustration on the side of the tube, illustrating just how to apply the Styling Cream to the roots of your hair, massage it into the scalp so the medication can get where it needs to, and then work out from there through the rest of your style. This Styling Cream is in their Anti-Dandruff line and has the added ingredient in most Anti-Dandruff shampoos, pyrithione zinc, which should help with any scalp itch and work towards preventing future flakes. Some styling creams and gels leave flakes in their trail as they dry on your hair and we have seen none of that with the Axe cream. The other Axe styling products we have tried have been holding or molding products and with them, less is more. With this cream, you’ll have to judge what works best for you since this is also a scalp treatment. If your dandruff is really bothering you, more might be needed to massage into the scalp for itch relief. We just treated it like a leave-in conditioner and that worked fine.This product does give some hold to your style but it is not designed to be like a glue as is theAxe Styling Gum Messy Look, 3.2 Ounceand theAxe Whatever Messy Look Paste, 2.64-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3). This is the product my husband wears on weekends or out and about since it does keep his curls in place and provides a nice scalp treatment. He’s very pleased with it. For going out on the town and when he wants more style, he uses the Axe Styling Gum or even theAxe Gravity Defying Dust Messy Look, 0.035 Ouncefor the tousled beach look.The bottom line is this: Axe now has a low priced styling option to fit just about every guy’s varying needs. I never would have thought I’d be buying Axe products for my husband since they used to seem so cheesy but now they have really come up with a variety of hair product lines that deliver on their promises for pennies per application. They really work.

Nina Crumpton, MD

Great for dandruff control and style.

I got this for my son to use because he has had a problem with dandruff for as far back as I can remember. He occasionally uses anti dandruff shampoo, so when I got this for him to try, he was glad. He says that it not only controls his dandruff, but it keeps his hair in place when he styles it. He says he will keep using it, even after he finishes this tube.

Ina Cedar Grove, TN

Product that works

I’m not a big fan of product in my hair after shampooing, but this one actually does what it says it does, which is to reduce/eliminate dandruff. The gel results in your hair holding in position, but if you use that much, your hair won’t retain its natural feel. You can use less, eliminating most of the hair-spray feeling, while still retaining the anti-dandruff capability. So just a small dab is just right, in my opinion, combed through your hair with your fingers while still wet after washing. The cream leaves no after-effects on your hands (that is, no mess that you have to wash off). All in all, very nice, and I’ve been able to wear dark clothing again.

Trisha Bloomfield, CT

Not For Me

My hair is short and my Dove shampoo keeps it soft and manageable so I did not need a styling cream. However, the Axe is labeled as anti-dandruff so I got it as a supplement to my anti-dandruff Dove shampoo. Unfortunately, it does not work for me. Based on some of the other reviews that said a little goes a long way I squeezed a small amout of this light green oily product into my palm and rubbed it into my hair. I did not like the odor when it was in my palm and liked it even less in my hair. As the day wore on the odor became more and more disagreeable. In addition to the odor my hair had a greasy and roughish feel. Eventually I could not stand the odor and I had to get in the shower to shampoo my hair several times to rid it of the annoying odor and to get it clean of grease again.This may be a worthwhile product for those who don’t mind the odor and/or the greasy feel. It is just not for me.

Christa Boomer, WV