Axe Styling Aid, Hold Plus Touch, Spiking Glue, 3.2 Ounce

AXE Hold+Touch Spiking Glue for strong hold plus touchable feel for normal hair.

Key features

  • Available in styling aid only
  • Fresh scent
  • Formulated for normal hair
  • Provides strong hold and soft, natural looking hair

Honest reviews


Good hold and nice smell

Bought this for my husband. He uses other Axe products and I love the smell. He likes the hold – win win! A good product at a reasonable price.

Ashley Church Point, LA

Just like rubbing Elmers glue between your hands

This stuff not only looks like, and has the consistency of Elmer’s Glue, but when you rub it between your hands, it feels like they will stick together.This is a good product however, and does eliminate me from having to use hair spray on top of my current gel.I’ve also had no flaking with this product.

Sheryl Webster, IN

What Goes Around Comes Around

OK, I admit it. I’m of German-Irish heritage, 61 years old and have more hair on my chin than on my head. My beard has always been thick and coarse and hard to tame. So I’ve been looking for something to at least give me a chance to look tidy without appearing unnatural. Even though this is not the intended use for this product, I’ve found that it works quite well for me. I probably use twice as much as recommended and work it in vigorously. It doesn’t look stiff, has a pleasant (not overwhelming) scent, and makes it simple to trim out the noncomformist hairs that can’t be held down. Now if I could just find something to work on that darn ear hair!But Wait–There’s More: Now that I’m growing my first ever pony tail, I’ve found that this styling aid works a whole lot better than hair spray. You don’t get that stiff sprayed down look, and it takes just a little of the product to get the desired result. No more looking like Norma Bates sitting in her rocking chair.

Merle Hartland, VT

Offers strong, but non-briittle hold

I’ve used a number of different hair gels in the past, and I prefer one that keeps my hair neat but doesn’t make it feel like a steel helmet on my head. The Axe Hold-Touch Spiking Glue (terrible name, by the way) has a pleasant scent. I used it right after showering and it worked very well. Be sure to follow the directions and use just a dab. A little of this goes a long way. The 3.2-ounce tube should last me a long time. One caution about the packaging: One corner of the end of the tube is rounded, which is fine. For some reason I cannot fathom, the other corner is pointed and since the tube is quite firm, this pointy corner can be a hazard. Why didn’t the designers round BOTH corners? Apart from this design peculiarity, the product itself is a good one for giving your hair a distinctive appearance.

Shannon Edgar Springs, MO

I Like It!

Since I cut my hair very short, friends have wanted me to try the “spiky” look. When this lovely Amazon Vine offer came up, I thought “Now is the time.” And with a tiny bit of creamy product on my fingertips, voila! I’ve got a Jamie Lee Curtis “do”!Since I’ve never used anything like this before, I don’t know how to compare it, but I can just say “I like it.” I wish it didn’t have the dreaded EDTA in it like so many beauty products do, but it’s such a tiny amount that is used, I don’t suppose it will kill me. The aroma is fresh and pleasant, on the masculine side which is better than any kind of flowery smell, and hair is still touchable and hasn’t turned brittle or anything. This 3.2 oz. tube will probably last my lifetime, and yes, I like it, I really like it!

Bettye Blue Hill, ME

OK But Hair Is Still *Stiff*– There Are *Better* Products Out There.

I enjoy the Axe commercials and I’m glad that there’s finally a company that’s marketing products to men here in the USA, but I have say that AXE STYLING AID HOLD PLUS TOUCH is just average.The glue is thicker than a gel, but thinner than a wax/paste, so it’s easy to get it out of the tube and apply. There’s a scent that’s pretty much common to all the AXE styling products and smells like a light musk or something along those lines, I can’t quite figure it out, but it isn’t overpowering and is sort of in the middle of a warm scent (e.g. cinnamon) and light scent (e.g. lemon).After applying it to my damp hair, the product didn’t feel too stiff but after a couple of hours of running around and sweating, my hair felt stiff as a board. I’m not sure if it’s because moisture makes the product re-harden or if it’s just because my hair and product dried completely, but it felt like I just sprayed hairspray on it.It provides a semi-matte finish.There are Japanese, Korean, and Australian grooming products, for men, that do a much better job. From Japan there’sMANDOM GATSBY MOVING RUBBER SPYKY EDGE (80G), which is a wax/paste that will supply POWERFUL hold yet the hair will not feel stiff. And it comes in different formulas for different holding strength. You can pick it up either in a Japanese market (for about $9.00) or here on Amazon and it’ll last.Korea hasConfume Hair Stylist Wax Super Power Hold, which is similar to the MOVING RUBBER product. It’s also a wax and provides strong hold and the hair is touchable, meaning that it will feel like you have product in your hair but the hair isn’t stiff. And it also comes in various strengths.Australia (I believe) makesFudge Shaper 2.5 oz.. This is another great product that provides extreme hold, yet the hair isn’t stiff.It’s very hard to describe in words the difference between the above products and AXE STYLING GLUE. I guess the closest analogy would be comparing rubber to wood. Rubber will retain it’s shape but feels pliable; Wood is stiff and is unyielding. You’ve got to really experience it for yourself to tell the difference.Even though the above three products are wax/paste, they’re much softer and easier to apply thanMurray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade.Anyway, AXE is OK if you’re just using it to keep a short, manageable, conservative hairstyle in place, but you’d probably get the same results usingAqua Net Professional Hair Spray, Extra Super Hold 3 Unscented 11 oz (312 g)and at a cheaper price.

Lesa Blacklick, OH

Good Product

Axe Products are always good. This really helps my husband keep his hair in place. He use to use hairspray but with this product it keeps his hair in place and he doesn’t have to worry about it all day.

Judi Edwardsville, VA

Average spiking glue–better ones are out there

Axe makes a good spiking glue. It’s easy to work into your hair, and it stiffens pretty quickly after your hands leave your hair. However, it’s also water soluble, so any sweat or wet hands will immediately wreck your spikes. Also, the spikes’ hold is not stiff enough to remain spikes after you put on a hat, accidentally run a hand through your hair, or bump your head into something.I prefer my other two spiking glues: American Crew pomade and Got2Be glued. These products are not water soluble, so sweat doesn’t affect the spikes. And the holds, especially for Got2Be glued, are 12-14 hour holds. The neat thing is, even if your spikes start to wilt, just run some damp hands through your hair, and bam! the spikes are back. You can’t do that with Axe spiking glue without using more product.Overall, Axe has a good product, but there are better ones out there (and cheaper too). This is a pass for me.

Eloise Elwood, KS

Surprisingly wonderful

Well can’t tell you much BUT this stuff really works and leaves your hair soft. Doesn’t make your hair break like some products yet gives you all the control you need to hold a little curl or straight blow out in place. Will I buy this again? Yes again and again. I finally found the right combo for my difficult hair in this horrible weather!

Cynthia Darwin, MN

A little dab will do ya

I’m usually not one for hair gel, but I bought some once on the recommendation of my barber. “People with your kind of hair (thick and wavy), need something to help it ‘lay’,” he said. Yeah, right, and he likely got a commission from selling me a tube of sticky goo that made my hair feel like it had been washed in pancake syrup.Later, I got a free canister of Axe Whatever styling gel and liked the results. The same is true of Axe Styling Aid Hold Plus Touch Spiking Glue. Like the other Axe product I tried, this can leave your hair feeling a little stiff, but thankfully it isn’t sticky. It holds the hair in place, just as promised, and if that’s the result you seek, you probably have to accept that there’s going to be a slightly unnatural feel to your hair when you run your fingers through it. It’s a good product, but I suggest you use only a little dab, you know, as suggested in those old Brylcream commercials: “A little dab will do ya.” Too much and your hair may look like it’s been embalmed.Brian W. Fairbanks

Selma Hunter, NY

Great Hold Great Smell!

I recently received this complimentary product from Amazon to test and I have to say this was really a wonderful product they sent me. I myself love to keep my hair curly after it dries out of the shower but I have to use a crap load of mousse because gel dries and flakes off and is just plain nasty to use imo. My husband always uses conditioner to keep his semi-long hair back out of his face so I had him try this stuff as well. Here is our opinion.Pros:A little goes a long way, smells really good, holds very well, is still soft to the touch, and dries with no residue and doesn’t flake off which is very important.Cons:No cons really just note the consistency is like Elmer’s Glue and is EXTREMELY sticky.Husband and I will definitely be buying!

Dorthy Warrenton, OR

Very Good Product But Pricey and Scented

A small amount of this rubbed into your palms and then run through your hair with your hands does a very nice job of whipping my short hair style into shape. It even lasts over into the next day after a night’s sleep. There are two negatives: it has a strong odor but the odor dissipates in a few minutes. Also, it is expensive and I am not sure the pricey products in hair stylers do any better a job than the cheaper ones.I have found a significantly less expensive styling hold with a very light scent. It does a better styling job for less than five bucks (for 6 oz. instead of 3.2 oz.) Target. I’ve reviewed it here, after this product, and it is called:Schwarzkopf GOT2B GLUED SPIKING GLUE

Lillian Goldsboro, MD

Huge it !

My 13 year old son loves anything Axe and this was a huge it. It works great styling his hair – natural looking.

Danielle Cullman, AL

Does the Spike!

My son has quite a few glues on the counter. When I added the Axe Styling Aid, I found this was the one with the cap off most often. Now trying to get him to talk about it is not easy since he is a guy of few words. Likes the coconut smell. Likes most Axe products. Works well. I actually like his hair spiked instead of the long in your eyes look. Will keep on purchasing and throw out the other glue products that never have their caps removed.

Allyson Minnetonka, MN

Great – a little goes a long way

I’ve been using it daily for a month and I’ve not used half of it.. I have short hair and I use the ‘glue’ right after towel drying my hair (slightly damp). Usually a pea size amount will provide a decent hold to keep my hair where I wantit, yet there’s no shine or wet look. I’ve use pomades and gels and this looks more like a lotion or actual glue.. The hold is great, and lasts all day.

Maxine Montezuma, IA

A Good Hair Glue

I’ve used hair spray, mousse, gel, wax, and such in my hair through the years, and Axe Spiking Glue ranks up there with my favorite of these products. It holds as firmly as a hair spray (though you can’t really brush it out of your hair – hair stays pretty crispy until your next shower) while being easy to apply with your hands like hair gel.It’s got a pleasant smell and just a bit – a couple of drops – is needed to style my hair.

Corrine Lynndyl, UT

Works well

A group at the office tried the product and they all agreed it did a good job with a natural feel. Recommended.

Jannie Union Dale, PA

Axe Styling Aid

I sent this to my 38 year old son and my 17 year old grandson. They loved it and use it everyday now. Good strong hold & very little needed. Washes out nicely. Nice sort of coconut oil scent. The bottle is thin and easy to take in your overnight bag. Grandson no longer wears an afro but still loves it with his short hair, my son has white hair & usually this kind of styling help means it would look wet but not so with this. It looks clean & dry in both types of hair.

Coleen What Cheer, IA

Nice smelling with good hair hold

Axe Styling Aid Spiking Glue is a nice product. It smells good, not overpowering, and holds the hair in place. Just remember to only use a finger tip amount or it gets to be a sticky mess. I have used other products that are too waxy and stiff. Axe Styling Glue is lighter and leaves a softer feel to the hair. Well worth getting for hair grooming.

Audrey Auburn University, AL

Holds hair all day!

I’m not a young man who would normally go out and get axe products. However, I used to be the sales manager for a beauty supply company (a long time ago!).Recently, I was given a tube of this Styling Aid, and wow! To quote the old Brylcream commercial, “A little dab’ll do ya”. Just the tiniest of dabs worked into wet hair and styled immediately afterwards will stay in place all day long. The stongest Styling Aid I’ve come across.Very cool stuff!

Deidre Danforth, ME


OK! It’s “GOOD”!First, I am 63 years old, have had short hair/crew cuts/flat-tops, etc., most of my life back to grade school somewhere around grade 4.I have used every imaginable product for short hair during most of this time, some were great, some not, some average.Around 2000 my hair began thinning, and I guess the “age” thing of my hair becoming finer and finer really became a problem for me to care for and get to “stay up” figuratively “like it used to”!!!I have used NO product for the past 4 years or so, as everything basically seemed to become “grease” or “some sort of yuck” an hour after I applied it. This sort of result is a definite NO GO for me.Fortunate for me, Vine offered this sample and I requested it. It’s really a great product and I am pleased with it in many ways. First, I am not a “scent” type guy and basically hate all things perfume(y), etc., usually “going without” vs. stinking like a lilly, cucumber, pine tree, or whatever! The scent presented with this product is quite lite, and quite innocuous (sort of like perhaps something lightly citrus and perhaps some spice like cinnamon?) and it does not “grow” as it sits, like many other products do. I never wear cologne, aftershave, etc., for this reason. Second, Axe is easy to work with from the tube, and applies well (evenly), and sets up just right for my “older” hair. For the first time in quite a while, I now have a sharp, straight-up, and non-wilting “brush-up” that looks as good at 3 p.m. as it did at 6 a.m.I’m a very particular man in most aspects of my life, how I look and what I do, and this product is one of those “rare” ones that suits me to a “T” and I cannot recommend it to you highly enough if you sport a flat top or other type short cut that you want to stand up and stay in place! (Also, you won’t smell like a flower garden, either!)~operabruin

Teri Peru, IL

Touchable Hold

Axe Styling Aid is a great product for your hair.The “glue’ is the perfect consistency to keep your hair the way you want it. It’s strong, but touchable hold feels light and natural, not “filmy” and not greasy feeling or looking.It is a kind of “clean hold” that keeps your hair in place with a remarkably firm hold.I’m very satisfied with this styling product and will continue using it, especially now in this humid weather. In my opinion, it is an excellent product.

Corine Tigerville, SC

Review of the Axe Spiking Glue

Nice product! I’ve been partial for years to the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Glued hair glue. That product lasts all day, and adds a decent shine even if I sometimes feel like my hair could deflect bullets.I obtained a tube of the Axe Styling Aid and immediately noted a difference. First, unlike the Got2Be, the texture of the glue was consistent. It was cremey and it applied very easily to damp hair. Second, the smell was much better, though not entirely pleasant. Whatever chemicals are active in hair stuff, it never smells great but that smell lasts a minute or two and then is gone.The Axe product held up well all day and in fact, I got two compliments on it. Both basically went, “Did you get a haircut? Looks good!” Neither was solicited. Both were appreciated.In short, very nice product and one that I recommend. I will be buying this hair glue from now on.

Juliana Cowansville, PA

Nice smell and good hold.

I find a lot of Axe products to stink, but this spiking glue has a nice manly cologne smell. It goes on very sticky but dries to a firm soft hold, washes out well but does seem to block pores on scalp. Leaves smell on pillows if you go to bed with it on. Only need a small amount, one 3.2oz tube will last us a very long time.

Amy Cottage Hills, IL

Strong stuff!

I don’t typically use spiking glue but thought I’d give this a try as part of the Amazon Vine program. My hair tends to misbehave and refuse to stay in any sort of style but a pea-sized amount of this stuff managed to completely set the whole thing for 24 hours. It really is just like glue.It smells reasonable and is very easy to wash off your hands unlike some of the other gels I’ve used in the past. You really don’t need to use very much at all, so I suspect that one container of this will last at least a few months. The slogan should be “Crazy Glue for your hair”.

Joann Stromsburg, NE

5 stars if you need strong hold for spikey hair

Got this for my 21 year old son who really likes most of the Axe products. The scent of this is, of course, great for him and he really likes that. however, as a styling aid for his hair his complaint is that this is just too strong. he’s past the stick-straight-spike look and now prefers a softer hold. He generally wears his hair in a short faux-hawk (like a mohawk, but the sides are not completely shaved – just very short while the top remains longer/higher). So he does like to have some hold in the hair, just not this much!so, if it were perfect for him, I’d give it a 5 star. But for him it rates as a 3-star – it’s okay, but not something he’d use at this point. Again, it is called “Spiking Glue” – so if you need your hair glued up stick straight, then by all means this is a 5-star all the way. I decided to give it a 4 star – something in the middle since the product works as intended, but just works too well for my son to use.

Muriel Spirit Lake, IA

Liking this stuff!

This is a great stying aid for men’s hair.I use it to keep my hair slicked back (well, what hair I have left anyway) and it does the job quite well!I just have to use a small amount and I’m set for the day.Very recommended!

Carla Thornton, AR

Great product in the right size

I’ve been using Got2B Glued hair spiking glue. It’s fine, but it comes in a much larger package, and I travel frequently…so I have to travel without hair stuff! Lame.Enter Axe Styling Aid. It works exactly the same – great, all day hold, keeping my hair looking exactly how I set it in the morning. Even better, it smells pretty great, which makes my wife a happy camper. This is a very good product that comes in a reasonable size for me to travel with. 5 stars all the way.

Kaitlyn Zeeland, MI

Former gel guy converted

I’ll have to say that I’ve used mousse, gel and danged near everything except for pomade for my hair and settled on gel years ago. While the brand and hold of the gel changes from time to time, it’s been gel for years until being introduced to Axe’s Spiking Glue. I was pretty skeptical and it certainly did take a few times using it before I mastered its use. I tend to run my hands through hair fairly regularly, and gel just wasn’t up to the task, but this new spiking glue certainly does the trick. Like I said before, I’m definitely converted. Anyone want an almost full container of gel?

Kelli Guntown, MS

Pretty Good..

My son really likes this to hold his curls or spike his hair. I think its a bit stiff- smells too strong and would not use it for longer hair a little goes a long way with this… its great for guys maintaining a short hairstyle.

Emilie Sabinal, TX