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AXE Softening Cream, Natural Look 2.64 oz

Get that casual style (without looking like you tried too hard). AXE Natural Look Softening Cream instantly boosts your hair for a natural look with some style.

Key features

  • A medium hold styling cream with a soft, natural finish
  • Perfect for short to mid-length hair in need of some freestyling
  • A little goes a long way
  • Casual (un)done look instantly
  • Works well with AXE Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Touchably clean hair with an irresistible scent girls will love
  • An intriguing, fresh fragrance with a warm, masculine edge
  • Also available in body spray, deodorant, shower gel, and shampoo
  • Helps guys look, smell, and feel their best

Honest reviews


Scent isn’t too strong

I was expecting more scent from an Axe product but surprisingly it isn’t that strong. This is not a bad thing though. It smells a little sweet and not over powering. The control cream does what it’s supposed to do. If you apply to wet hair, it’ll work like gel and make your hair stiff. If you apply to dry hair, it’ll shape it while looking dry. Damp hair will give you the slightly blow dried hair. You don’t need to use too much of the cream either for it to work. And you can apply some water throughout the day to reshape if necessary.

Stacie Stockton, MN

Good for Light Hold

This is a decent styling product, not too greasy, and it does a good job with a light hold. You only need a little applied to damp hair to do the trick, but if you want a heavier-duty sculpting product, this may not be for you. The scent is pleasing and masculine, but not overpowering, at least to my nose. I like it, but it hasn’t quite replaced my favorite hair product which does provide a firmer hold.

Merle Chapman Ranch, TX

This Axe Styling Control Cream Brought Peace to My Troubled Hair

I am nearly fifty-one years old and have thin, greasy, lifeless hair that hangs down like the sparse strands on a dirty, twenty-five-year-old mop. I have to wash my hair every day with shampoo and conditioner. I prefer using a brand of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for convenience and economy. My hair doesn’t have much body until after I wash it, apply a styling gel and torture it with a blow dryer.I was pleasantly surprised after using the Axe Hair Styling Control Cream, Peace. It gave my hair more body and volume. My coworkers, Lydia and Michelle, asked me if I had gotten a haircut. I told them no, but I was using a new styling cream. I must admit that the extra body and volume does get me noticed by the opposite gender. I believe it even makes me look younger. Young people have thick, bouncy hair.Axe’s short, plastic jar is easy to screw open. Using my right index finger, I apply a small dab to the palm of my left hand, rub both hands together and briskly run them through my freshly washed hair. I then style and blow dry my hair. There is no sticky residue, no flaking, and no obnoxious, lingering odor. My hair is thick and bouncy again. I highly recommend Axe; it has brought peace to my troubled hair.Joseph B. Hoyos

Dionne Fieldale, VA

Great hold!

My thirteen-year-old son was looking for a new styling cream for his thick hair. He was currently using Crew products with not much success. This cream has a pleasant scent of citrus, pepper, and ginger. With slightly damp hair, my son applies a pea size amount to his hands and then works it through his many cowlicks. Amazingly, the product holds his hair in place for the entire day.His hair does not look greasy or stiff. It’s a definite winner.

Victoria Cannon Ball, ND

Axe Hair Styling Control Cream, Peace, 2.64 Ounce

The Axe Hair Styling Control Cream, Peace was a great fit for me. The product doesn’t have much of a noticeable scent, it applies easily and cleanly plus works very well. Putting it on wet or dry hair was a non issue for me. The hold lasts all day which was surprising. Overall, very pleased with the product.

Isabelle Elkins, AR

Hold It

This styling cream adds control and some body without making hair crunchy or hard. The scent is terrific, refreshing with a touch of green and spice. Unlike some of the AXE products it does not overwhelm.The cream applies easily when rubbed between the hands and applied on wet hair. Less is definitely more when it comes to this product. A little dab will do, providing a flexible, healthy looking hold. It can also be applied to dry hair for a touch of control. It does wash easily, a definite plus. This is a good product with great scent. Recommended

Noreen Haynesville, LA

Will be using this from now on

Just needed something to manage really fine hair. Hairs like a haystack, but don’t want something too metro. This is the ticket. Very small amount goes a long way. Keeps things under control without worries for the rest of the day. Smell isn’t all beauty parlor. A regular guy’s product.

Juliana Wingdale, NY

Nice gentle hold

As they used to say in ads for another hair product, a little dab will do ya with Axe Peace Hair Styling Control Cream. I have rarely been satisfied with most styling creams. They either leave my hair sticky and looking like it’s been covered in plastic or fails to really keep my often unruly waves in place.This product works, especially when applied to damp hair shortly after I’ve shampooed and stepped out of the shower. A little bit on the fingertips, then rubbed together before applying, and Axe Peace gives me a nice hold, gentle enough to let me still maneuver my hair into a style I favor and without any stickiness. It has a pleasant but mild scent that is barely detectable once it’s in the hair.

Leonor Arbon, ID

New Favorite Hair Product

My husband has wild, curly hair. He was really impressed with this product. He said it “made his hair look the way it would look if we lived somewhere with perfect humidity.” This is a high compliment from him. He doesn’t really “style” his hair, but more makes his best attempt to tame it. The smell is nice, but not overwhelming. This will be his new go-to hair product.

Diann Long Valley, NJ

Does what it claims and without an overpowering scent

I was a little nervous to review this product since I was worried that based on what I’ve seen on commercials, the scent might be overpowering. Thankfully, those fears were unfounded. When sniffing the jar the cologne-like scent of the control cream is strong, but barely detectable once applied to the hair. In my case, that was a positive, though I could see someone who wanted a pronounced scent being disappointed. As other reviewers have mentioned, it does what it intents to do and well. It held a style well and without looking heavy, crunchy or shiny. Even better, it made for hair that still looked great the next day, which is uncommon with most styling products. Overall I think it is very effective and a great hair styling product.

Candace Lewiston, CA

Prefer a Tube

I apply some type of hair gel, mousse or cream to my sons’ hair everyday. The have wavy hair and it can get quite messy throughout the day at school if they don’t use hair products. I have to say that I don’t really care for the creams in the containers like this AXE control cream. It really doesn’t have as much to do with the control or performance of the hair product as it does with the application of the product. I don’t like sticking my fingernails into the jar. If you are a guy or have short nails, you may not care but this gets all under my fingernails. I get more under my nails than I do in their hair. I really just prefer a tube where I can squeeze out of it.

Abigail Brussels, WI


As with all of the Axe Peace line, the scent here is light and super appealing. Likewise, I LOVE how touchable it left my boyfriend’s hair. He tried both Axe "Spiked" and Axe "Messy" this week … both had great results, but this was (by far) the sexiest.The generous size will last you months and months! And the price-point is spot-on.Long Live Peace!

Whitney Ellsworth, NE

Great Everyday Hair Cream

This cream is great, I use it when I am in a hurry and don’t want my hair to look shaggy. Just grab a little, work it into your hair and flatten it out. It keeps my hair managed for the rest of the day and I highly recommend it! The scent is great too!

Debra Bolckow, MO

Very happy with this product, and I’ll tell you why.

As a woman with Fibromyalgia, I am very sensitive to odors and fragrances. My significant other has tried many, many hair products and I have had to make him go wash it out of his hair because I just couldn’t tolerate the smell. But I actually love the smell of the Ax Styling Cream. It is light, and fresh, but not too overpowering. And, he likes it too, so we’re both happy. I’m so glad to have found this product and I will definitely be back for more!

Imogene Gulnare, CO

Fine product… good hold without the limits of gels…..

Axe "Peace" hair styling control cream is a fine product. It has a scent, though not a strong one by any means.Notably, this cream has a very strong hold. A relatively small amount will control a lot of hair.Fortunately, it doesn’t have the slick look that many gels tend to leave behind.This kind of product is pretty much a matter of personal taste….if you’re in the market to try something new for your hair, this is a good bet….

Jennie Lanesville, IN

Smells Great and Holds

Not only does this work really well, mostly holding everything in place without being hard or too stiff, but it also smells really great for a guy without being overwhelming. You can’t go wrong with Axe!

Adrienne Pleasant Hill, TN

Didn’t hold well enough for my thick hair

Nice smell, easy to work in but it doesn’t hold thick hair well enough to replace my current product (Axe for thick hair).

Claudette Battle Mountain, NV

Better than Bee’s Wax

Control Cream by Axe is a lightweight styling product. It works well for medium hold with my greying wavy hair to help control some of the frizz that happens with my hair type. Its got much lighter ontrol than hair gel, so it makes you look like you have fuller hair without all the product. It has a pleasant smell as most axe products do, you won’t really notice it unless you use a ton or someone is that close to you. I like to use Bee’s Wax for a natural styling product, but its heavy and not always right depending on humidity. I find this to be a great alternative to wax or gel.

Nell Wasola, MO

Great for styling but it smells too strong

I wanted an alternative to American Crew’s Fiber since not all stores carry it.[Good]This is pretty good at styling your hair.When it dries, your hair will look natural. It won’t be slick and you won’t look sleazy or old with it.It has a much better feel than American Crew’s Fiber when you’re applying it.It has a decent container.[Bad]People will be able to smell the cheap cologne scent on your head for miles. It is really strong and overpowering especially indoors. The scent is so strong that you can’t even get rid of it after a shower. It just lingers for hours. Even if you use less of it, it’s still really noticeable. The kicker is that I have a really bad sense of smell, and this is just way to overpowering even for myself. I just can’t use it for this reason.[Verdict]This should have been a five star product. I know that super strong scents are part of the Axe brand. I just thought that they were trying to reinvent themselves recently. I guess I was wrong. It’s funny that the cheapest products use so much perfume and cologne, that you’d think they cost more to manufacture than more expensive brands.Until they greatly reduce the scent, I’m sticking with American Crew’s Fiber. If I wanted a cologne smell, I’d buy it and apply it separately.

Jean Irrigon, OR

Good Hold – Smells Great

I am a fan of Axe styling creams – they have a great aroma and good hold, plus they are a good value! This is a nice, medium texture cream that works great.

Liza Mount Carmel, IL

Great styling cream

My husband loves these styling creams. He usually uses a pomade but this works just as well. It’s not as thick as a pomade but the Peace scent is a nice light scent. There are no complaints, this is something I would buy for him again.

Mari Ballengee, WV


This keeps your hair in place. I like that it lets you style your hair and keep it in place as well. This has a great hold., without causing frizzes. Great for humid areas hair will still hold up. This has a great scent to it as well. Overall a little bit goes a long way. Great for all males in my house as well.

Diann Dalton City, IL

Great Stuff

I’ve used Axe hair styling cream for many years. Previous to receiving this styling control cream from Vine I always usedAXE Charged Spiked Up Look Hair Putty. After using the control cream, I found I liked it better. The main reason is that the “Charged” putty is a lot stickier than the cream. As in, very sticky. It does a great job of letting me spike my bangs. The control cream does as well and unlike the “Charged” putty, isn’t sticky to the touch. It’s a lot more natural looking and dries clean soon after application. It offers all the control I need without the stickiness.Some have complained about the odor of the cream. I actually liked the smell and didn’t find it overpowering. I also couldn’t smell it hours after it dried. Some have more sensitive noses than others. For me, this hair styling cream presented no issues.After trying this stuff out, I’ll be switching to it from my old “Charged” hair putty. What better endorsement can I give it?

Debbie Sunnyside, NY

Just meh.

I really just dislike this product. Used in any amount it leaves a greasy residue. I know that it’s for styling and not a finishing product but it adds tremendous weight to the hair and makes you need a good shampoo half through the day. There are better products for the same results, even from Axe.

Vera Burghill, OH

People Making Out on Bar Code is Better than Actual Product

Smells great, sort of like Polo cologne. (Because I know you don’t know what Peace smells like.)This stuff is sort of watered down though. I greatly prefer which does a better job overall. You will use less Baxter cream pomade than Axe.

Clara Independence, OH

Works great but strong smell

This stuff works great…holds well, unlike many similar products. But the smell is very strong. It wouldn’t be too bad if it was like coconut or something like that, but this smells like bad cologne. Too much bad cologne. Your mileage may vary, but it’s not really for me.

Beverley Alvin, IL

Style now and forever hold your Peace

There’ s a reason Axe products are so popular. It’s because they work well, smell good, and are reasonably priced. This hairstyling control cream is no exception. The Peace line has kind of a citrusy, woodsy, gingery fragrance which is decidedly masculine. That said, I had to try it for myself so I could see how it works and write a review. I have shoulder length fine textured hair. I used just 2 small dabs of this stuff and distributed it around the crown of my hair after I shampooed it. Then I dried it as usual. It gave my hair some lift and body and helped to keep it in place. The nice thing was that it didn’t weigh down my hair or make it feel greasy. My husband also tried it and thought it did a good job of keeping his hair in place while still leaving a combable. He has other products in the Peace line that he likes and this one fits in nicely.

Renae Annemanie, AL

Another Axe winner!

Axe has so many great products! I have not had a bad one yet! I have never used control cream on my hair and was leary what the final result was going to be. The cream is light with a nice scent to it. I have straight brown hair and it held my hair in the style that I wanted all day long.Will buy in the future!

Harriett Grenola, KS

Good at controlling, but the texture was thicker than my son liked

My son has very thick curly hair, and he was eager to try this control cream to keep it tamed on days when it is out of control. However, he really didn’t like the way it felt in his hair. It’s a very thick cream—it has the look and feel to me of cold cream. He felt it weighted down his hair far too much, and made it look "dirty". Some of this might just be because he isn’t used to a styling cream, but it bothered him enough that he wouldn’t give it a second try. He did like the scent, and so did I—it’s a mild pleasant sort of calming scent. I think someone who is more used to control cream might like this more, and not mind the heaviness, but I can only speak for us!

Edwina Matlock, WA

*Dry* And *Touchable* Hold!

The AXE STYLING CONTROL CREAM PEACE provides a light-medium hold and has a matte finish.It comes in a jar with instructions printed under the cap and has a soft and pliable consistency, so you can easily dip your finger in and spread it through dry hair without struggling like with hardened wax hair products.The hold is touchable, tames frizzy and flyaway hairs, but you won’t be able to do any extreme styles with it. Likewise, it doesn’t do much to texturize the hair and give it separation, but makes the hair bond together. I also discovered that when I run my hands through my hair hours after, I feel a little tackiness on my palms so it seems like it transfers.This product also has that "Axe" scent, but it seems less than the usual strength, which is good because I don’t like that cloying smell.Overall it’s not bad.

Maribel Hustontown, PA