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Axe Shower Gel, Snake Peel, 16 Ounces

AXE SNAKE PEEL SHOWER SCRUB. Feeling more than a little dirty? AXE Snake Peel shower scrub with desert minerals & cactus oil deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin. Use daily to scrub the slate clean.

Key features

  • Pack of 6 bottles, Each bottle is 16 ounces, Total 96 ounces
  • Deep cleans and exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin
  • Available in shower gel only
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best
  • Made with desert minerals and cactus oil

Honest reviews


poor quality scrub, left the nubs all over the place

i’m a woman, but really like the axe men’s body sprays.thot i’d try this axe snake peel scrub, and maybe my man would like it, stunk–didn’t smell sexy like their sprays,few scrubbing nubs–not enough to accomplish anything,had to work hard to get the nubs off me,and then to get them out of the shower.the best scrubs there are are:* Trader Joe’s, Purify Scrub. Many different fragrances. And it was less than ten dollars for 18 oz. Top quality. Find a friend who lives near a TJ and have them ship you one of each scent. I got the Tangerine, as the Lavendar was too strongly scented. They don’t sell it on the internet.* One Minute Manicure. The classic, original best scrub there is. However, it’s very expensive, little bottles for $12, bigger bottles for $25. This one REALLY leaves your feet slippery, so be careful in the shower, and even for the next person, too.

Lynne May City, IA

Favorite of the AXE soaps!

I have tried most of the AXE shower scrubs but I like the snake peel because it has some kind of gritty substance in it that really scrubs away any grease. It works almost as well as Lava soap for removing grease. The smell is really appealing to women but not overbearing. Most of the time my girlfriend will just say I smell good without really knowing why. The only thing I don’t like about the soap is the packaging won’t sit upside down and you can’t get the last 10% out by just squeezing it. I have to balance the bottle onto something upside down to get the last little bit out. If the changed the bottle I would give it 5 stars.

Lilia Centerton, AR

omg, smells DELICIOUS…..

Bought a case of this for my husband; WOW, does it smell SOOOO GOOD!! I haven’t used it, of course, but he says it scrubs so well he doesn’t need a loofah & still moisturizes his dry skin perfectly. GREAT product at a GREAT price…thank you Amazon!!! Will definitely be ordering more soon!! =)

Brittany Glen Lyn, VA

Nice change from bar soap; handy in the locker room

My wife picked this up for me after I complained about my bar soap turning to mush. I don’t have a lot of experience using shower scrubs, so my expectations were low.I was looking for something handy to take along on business trips and use in the locker rooms. The AXE shower scrub was good on both counts.I use the shower scrub along with theSalux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel(see my Amazon review), so it is difficult for me to know how much additional scrubbing power AXE provides. Anyway, the smell is faintly citrus and not overpowering. I get a good lather, drizzling a bit on the nylon towel. And my wife says I smell good.What more do I need?

Regina Davis, NC

It’s Like Lava Soap, Only It Smells Better

Axe Snake Peel Shower Scrub has a pleasant citrus scent to it. The “desert minerals” are very much like (and might just be) pumice and scrub away dirt and grime thoroughly. It’s very similar to Lava soap in that aspect although Lava will peel your skin right off if you aren’t careful. Like another reviewer stated, this stuff will dry out your skin if you use it too much. However, it does exactly what the fine print says that it does, and that is get your nasty rear clean. I recommend it.

Effie Dexter, MI

Do The Peel!

I usually get tired of these types of products and soon try another, but I’ve found myself sticking with this one for months now. I love the smell, the bottle dispenses easily, and the pumice in the soap is great for cleaning my shower mirror so it doesn’t fog. Nice product!

Vivian Newton Highlands, MA

My FAVORITE Axe shower gel ever

I am so sad to see this being discontinued. I just purchased a huge case somewhere else.This is by far my favorite Axe shower gel. It is rich and thick and luxurious, and a little goes a long ways. It has exfoliating scrub, colorful scrubbing beads, and sparkles. I really feel being pampered as well as getting super scrubby clean. This really helps get rid of sweat, oil, dirt and old, dead skin and makes you feel so soft and clean. It also has a wonderful smell — kind of citrus, kind of exotic fruit.I have been using this for years. It is my favorite. Compared to other shower gels, the price is not bad at all because it is so concentrated. My only gripe is that you can’t transfer it to a pump bottle because the “goodies” (sparkles, beads, etc.) will clog the pump.Also, note that this product comes (in addition to a travel size) in 12 oz, 16 oz (+33% More size), and in an 18 oz (+50% Bonus size). Do your math to make sure you are getting the best price as it’s all over the map now that it appears to be discontinued.Sad that it seems all the best Axe shower gels get discontinued…

Alberta North Evans, NY