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AXE Shower Gel – Shock – 16 oz

Get clean and refreshed with AXE Shock Shower Gel. This body wash delivers a stimulating cooling sensation and provides a jolt of energy to keep you going through the night. Made with glacial water, deep sea mint, and menthol, the revitalizing scent leaves you smelling fresh and feeling ready for anything. This body wash delivers a stimulating cooling sensation and provides a jolt of energy. View larger AXE Shower Gel Mood Altering Line. View larger One Bottle Delivers Fresh Clean Feeling With a rich, energizing lather, AXE Shock Shower Gel delivers an invigorating clean, helping you look, smell, and feel your best. Try the rest of the AXE Mood Altering line, including AXE Sport Blast 2-in-1 Shower Gel and Shampoo, AXE Snake Peel Shower Gel, AXE Deep Space Shower Gel, and AXE Cool Metal Shower Gel. Directions for Use: 1. Squeeze out gel. 2. Lather on body. 3. Rinse off. 4. Be clean. Smell great. Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Product contains menthol. If you experience discomfort, please stop use. What’s in the Box Shock Shower Gel in 16 Fluid Ounce Plastic Bottle. Shock Shower Gel At a Glance: Revitalizing body wash in 16 fluid ounce bottle Energizing Shock scent includes deep sea mint and menthol Delivers ultra lather Leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling good

Key features

  • Axe Shock Get Going Shower Gel.

Honest reviews



I’ve had a few Axe shower gels, and they’re all pretty equal. They smell really good when showering, although it’s not like it lingers afterwards. They also have micro-beeds that help in exfoliating. It doesn’t seem to lather up so well on the Axe Shower Tool however, other body washes seem do this better.

Amy Mauk, GA

Doesn’t Lather Well – Weak Scent – Cleans Well

This shower gel doesn’t seem to have the strong scent that most Axe products produce. Though it smells good, it dwindles away within a few minutes of being out of the shower. The soap cleans well and washes off easily leaving a nice crisp clean feeling. In fact, this shower gel leaves my skin feeling better after a shower than most others i’ve used! Maybe i’m used to theIrish Spring Intensify.. because I don’t get that blast of minty menthol that this shower gel advertises (perfect for early morning showers before work). I also find that it takes a lot of soap to lather up well.It isn’t a bad shower gel, just not my favorite. If I caught it on sale i’d consider getting it again.. but for now I will stick with old faithful.

Selma Malone, KY

I love Axe but this isn’t my favorite scent

Axe Shower gel in general is great. It has just the right amount of soapiness to it (not too much and not too little) and most of the scents smell great. The Shock scent smells good but I don’t like the tingling sensation it causes. It’s a little too tingly for me. I’ll stick with Phoenix and Deep Space.

Nelly South Chatham, MA

Love the smell!!!

I got this for my hubby because it was on sale. It smells amazing! I guess Axe knows their stuff and how to make men smell great!

Dorothy Caratunk, ME

boyfriend likes this

it was on sale and i thought id treat my boyfriend to something nice. i dont think hes ever used this one so will see how it goes smells nice also.

Myrtle Max, MN

greatr smell

My son loves all AXE products, and this one is no different. When he gets out of the shower and opens the bathroom door, the whole house smells fresh and so does he.

Rosalinda Barney, GA

Good Stuff

I love Axe shower gel because it includes ingrediants other than soap in their gel. In this products case, it contains ground up sea algae and menthol. This is one of my favorite Axe scents because it smells masculine and its not overpowering. It produces a fairly generous lather and is easy to rinse off. If you like Axe, get this product.

Nan Mesa, ID

Axe Shock

Axe Shower Gel, Shock, 16 Fluid Ounce is an awesome shower gel. I use several of these scents, doesnt break me out even with my sensitive skin and smells great.

Margery Severna Park, MD

Smells great but not overpowering

My husband likes this shower gel because it smells good and leathers well. The menthol makes it refreshing to shower with on a hot day. I like it because it’s priced well and the 16 oz. bottle lasts a long time.(Even if I borrow it sometimes.) It seems like men of all ages like these Axe products. My husband uses several. I think it’s because of their nice fragrances that aren’t overpowering. I like the way they smell too.

Marla Espanola, NM

Great Smell

This is a very good scent from Axe. My boyfriend was happy with the product when I gave it to him.

Lucile Talmage, UT

Great Product, and Source

I picked this item primarily because I’m disabled and depend on my wife to do my shopping. I saw this on TV and wanted to try it, but I kept forgetting to add this (and others) to the shopping list. Not wanting to add any more trouble to my working wife I find I can do some minor shopping on Amazon. As for the product, it’s great. Cleans well, smells great. This is a keeper.

Nola Nisula, MI

Very nice smell

This really has a nice smell and it really helps me get going in the morning. Four more words needed.

Frankie West Coxsackie, NY