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AXE Shower Gel, Deep Space 16 oz

AXE Deep Space Body Wash’s rich lather delivers a relaxing fusion of black pepper, eucalyptus, and sandalwood scents leaving you feeling refreshed.

Key features

  • No.1 male body wash brand in the world (*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men’s bath and shower retail value sales, 2014. Lynx includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales)
  • Available in 16 fluid ounce bottle, helping guys lather up for the freshest part of their day.
  • Relaxing AXE Deep Space scent blends black pepper, eucalyptus, and sandalwood
  • Refreshing fragrance to kick off or end your day
  • Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good
  • Try the rest of the AXE Mood Altering line, including AXE Snake Peel Body Wash and AXE Sport Blast 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shampoo
  • Relaxing and refreshing fragrance
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best
  • It will make you the center of any girl’s universe

Honest reviews


Love the smell, not too “manly”

I purchase/review quite a bit of Axe products, but that is mainly because I have a teenage son who thinks Axe products are the height of class. This shower gel is great, and I will be keeping this bottle in my shower, for my personal use.The shower gel is a milky white in the bottle, and when it comes out it has a shimmery, almost metallic look about it. The smell is woodsy/peppery but is not overly “manly” nor is it the obnoxiously “loud” smell that Axe products are known for. The shower gel lathers well in a bath “pouf” or in a washcloth, and cleans garden mud off as easily as post workout sweat. When lathering up, you definitely feel “grains” in the lather, but there is not enough of them (in my opinion) to act as a “scrub.” I use this shower gel for my nightly shower, and by morning there is no lingering smell of any kind to clash with my deodorant, perfume, and lotion. I’m not sure if the scent would clash with my perfume if I put it on immediately after showering. I am very pleased with this product, and although a 35 year old mother of 5 is NOT the target market for Axe products, this is one product I will be a repeat buyer of.

Lydia Terre Hill, PA

Great smell, with an awesome affect to my skin…

I don’t know if it was just me and my body chemistry, but this made my body feel all tingling and…well, good. My skin was stoned, for lack of a better word, and it felt amazing. The smell too was amazing, with a hint of man in it. How does that song go “these ladies love me…”??? That is my life. I actually had a woman turn around and follow me like a dog in heat, sniffing my skin. Of course she does that with most guys, but I am just glad I passed the test.

Lora Macatawa, MI

Not A Favorite

My son only uses Axe products, so I got this for him to try. He found this scent to be his least favorite. It has a stronger, more chemical smell. Also, unlike most of the other shower gels by Axe, this one has the little beads for exfoliating the skin. He finds them “annoying”, because it makes the texture of the soap rough.

Freida Knobel, AR

They Must Be Joking …

I decided to try this out when it appeared on the Amazon Vine list. The black pepper, eucalyptus and sandalwood sounded like a good combo. The product description sounded more than a little juvenile – my wife and I got a good laugh out of it – but I thought I’d just ignore that and give it a try anyway.Unilever makes this, and they are a highly regarded and well known company in the personal care business. I was shocked as to how poor a product this is and how ridiculous (or worse) some of the product blurb printed on the container was. Who have they got doing this these days? And what were they thinking?The product itself was kind of creepy looking when I squeezed some into my hand. It looked and felt sticky for quite a while before producing some lather. It had some grit in it which in theory could be good in a product like this, but the amount and quality of it made it feel strange, and I don’t think that effective.The scent. NOT good at all. I am glad I only washed my hands with it and didn’t go any further.Now to the marketing. I’ll quote a line from the back of the container:”Axe Deep Space, a relaxing shower gel that will clear your mind and leave you refreshed to be the center of any girl’s universe.”I realize that this product is aimed at a younger crowd, but who wrote this, a 12 year old? Who’d be impressed by this? I hope no one. Who are these girls that are this easily impressed? I’ve never known any like that and happy to say I haven’t. I won’t even comment on the mind clearing part.And how non-politically correct can they get on a product label? I think political correctness goes too far today, but if I were Unilever, I wouldn’t put this on anything I was selling. Hopefully for them, not many women read this label, or they will have a public relations problem, and they should.Family values people might also not appreciate what is suggested by the labeling here. Maybe Unilever doesn’t care about them.As I said, they must be joking. If not, I’d sell Unilever stock if I owned some. They are headed for trouble.So, why did I give it 2 stars? Well, you can’t give anything zero stars, if you give less than 2 stars you get lots of negative reaction on amazon no matter how bad the item actually is and people then don’t read your review, and to be honest, it did act as a soap, I was able to wash my hands with it and the bad scent didn’t hang around long. That last thing would be a negative if the scent was a good one.If you ask me, do NOT buy this product. If you have teenage boys, make sure they never even see this stuff.

Kelley Saluda, NC

Axe Shower Gel Deep Space

I got this product for my husband. Both of my sons are Axe fans, so I thought I would see how my husband liked it. He loved it. It had a really crisp, fresh fragrance that was manly but nice to be around. And just a little dab will do you. LOL I would definitely consider putting this in a gift basket for one of the men in my life in the future. I just don’t think you can go wrong with any of the Axe products though.Axe Shower Gel Deep Space, 16 Ounce

Britney Fort Davis, AL

Take a whiff before buying!

The tongue in cheek advertising is part of the branding and I’m pretty sure that using Axe shower wash isn’t going to improve your popularity with the opposite sex. That aside, I think the verdict on this product comes down to whether you like the scent which to me seems exceptionally strong. I’m comparing this to a basic supermarket body wash that lathers up, smells potent in the shower but doesn’t leave any long-lasting smell – I think I prefer the more neutral odor. Otherwise, it’s a pretty large container for the price so I’d recommend taking a whiff before buying just to make sure you want to smell like that for hours afterwards.

Kristy Hagar Shores, MI

Excellent Product

I personally feel Axe products have some of the silliest marketing gimmicks around. Deep Space/Center of a Girl’s universe yada yada yada (go read the product description if you don’t know what I’m talking about here). It must really work for them however because they keep amping it up to higher levels and every pubescent male I know buys the stuff.The kids I own of the Y Chromosome persuasion are no different. It is Axe or nothing else for them. They certainly AREN’T going to use their Father’s Old Spice. This particular product, a shower gel, will certainly get another buy from them when our current supply runs low. All the silliness aside, it works very well, does not dry out the skin, has a pleasant scent, and it quite attractively priced. What else could anybody want from a bath product?

Joni Cambridge, MD

A Good Axe Product

I have been using this product off and on for about a month now. The scent is unique. It can come off as a little to powerful when you’re using it, to just right when you’re all dry and dressed. Very refreshing. It cleans as well as it smells. No complaints at all on quality of this soap. The only gripe I have, and it’s trivial, is the cap. I know its supposed to be a space aged design, but I really like a flat cap so I can place it upside down on my shower shelf. Yep, that trivial. Good product overall.

Marta Holland, IA

That’s right, a review for body wash

Well, what can I say? I stink sometimes, so I lather up with this here body wash. I It’s called “Deep Space Chill Out Gel” which makes me want to listen to the Orb or Global Communication, so that can only be a good thing. It’s supposed to smell of black pepper, eucalyptus, and sandalwood, so before I used it I was concerned I’d smell like a dirty sandal doused in spices, but it’s really not that strong. It’s got those little gritty bits of exfoliating goodness in it which is cool, and I don’t feel like I need to use a ton to get it to work.The jury is still out if it causes chicks to lose their minds. My lady took a whiff and simply said “you smell better than you did before”. That’s a victory in my book.

Erin Steeleville, IL

Heavy, overpowering, perfume-y

I tried this one because I like the Axe products I’ve used so far. Granted, it’s all about the scent and the marketing attitude that comes with the product line, but my experience has been that the scent is crisp, clean, something that feels good after a shower or shave. This product…billed as having “pepper” and “sandalwood” overtones…also has a thick, heavy, overbearing and overpowering scent that you can’t get rid of. I’m reminded of Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd’s SNL “Wild & Crazy Guys,” the Festrunk Brothers, heading off to the fox bar to pick up some foxes. Seriously. I know that sounds sarcastic but this scent is incredibly dated and brings back nothing but memories of loser club dudes who cover themselves in the worst scents imaginable, sometimes in lieu of bathing. I recommendAxe Shower Gel, Anarchy, 16 Fluid Ounceinstead…this one has the fresh, clean scent I described. But unless you want to come on strong…TOO strong…avoid this one at all costs.

Jolene Wallula, WA

Not as strong as the spray

My boys love Axe products, the spray in particular. I think the spray is too strong and can smell it long after they have left the house. I bought them this hoping it would keep them from using the spray. It smells nice, strong but it doesn’t linger forever. If they use this they don’t layer with the spray (thank heavens). It has a crisp clean aroma. I can tolerate it, and it does not trigger a migraine in me. It seems to lather well and rinse clean without leaving a film on the skin.

Simone Freedom, ME

My Favorite Axe Body Wash Yet

I really like the scent and feel of this new member of the Axe family of products:Axe Deep Space Shower Gel. The new scent of black pepper, eucalyptus and sandalwood is just amazing combining to smell sort of like an expensive department store cologne, it is different from the other scents very fresh smelling. It also has little micro beads that give you a deeper kind of clean feeling. I love this shower gel, great job Axe!

Eunice Burlington, ND

Quality textured body wash, strongly scented

I have enjoyed using Axe products for years, with Axe brand shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, deodorant, and body spray currently part of my daily routine. I find their fragrances to be largely hit or miss. Some I love (Dark Temptation) and others I strongly dislike (Fever). I have to say that the gritty, peppery Deep Space falls somewhere in between. As with all Axe products, this is a quality body wash – no question about it.Most Axe body washes are smooth while a few I have tried have micro-beads that give it a pleasant sandy texture. I found Deep Space to be one of the latter. It is definitely pebble-like – a pleasant sort of grittiness – which you may or may not enjoy on a daily basis. I did not mind the texture at all. I did, however, find the scent a lot stronger than most Axe products. I most recently used the classic Phoenix body wash, and I found Deep Space a lot more powerful and lingering. The peppery aroma stayed on my hands and arms for a good portion of the day. And while I do not mind the scent in the shower, it was a little annoying to have it stay with me all day long, while I was eating, etcetera — not to mention completely overpowering my Axe body spray (the scent that I actually do want to linger all day).As someone who uses five different kinds of Axe products on a daily basis, I have found that mixing fragrances is never a big deal. But Deep Space might just be the exception. It really seems stronger than the rest, so much so that I plan to discontinue daily use of my body spray until I finish this body wash. While I don’t think I’ll return to this particular scent, I have no problem at all with the quality of this product.

Libby Moneta, VA

A Great New Scent from Axe

A very unique, nice new scent from Axe. This body wash has a wonderful scent that’s rather hard to describe, but it quite nice as it leaves you smelling very fresh and not overly perfumed as many other Axe scents do. Though their ad campaign about this helping you “get the girls” is a bit over the top, I do think Axe body wash and shampoos are quality products, and this one is no exception. This one is recommended to those looking for the “softer” side of Axe.

Iva Church Rock, NM

Great smelling and sudsy

Never sure about the chick magnet quality of the product but sometimes you need to smell great and be clean and this works in that regard.

Sierra Okmulgee, OK

I like the scent

Which is something I never thought I would say about an Axe product. Axe Shower Gel Deep Space, 16 Ounce, has a scent with hints of black pepper, eucalyptus, and sandalwood (according to the package). I smell the eucalyptus and the pepper, but the sandalwood is quite subtle to my nose. The scent is not overwhelming, as I find many of the Axe scents-it’s actually quite light.The gel is opalescent white, with little gritty exfoliating bits in it. I found that it lathered nicely, and rinsed off easily. The lather cleansed well, assisted by the gritty stuff, removing green stains from mowing the lawn from my body easily.I think this would be a good option for those who like lighter scents (or those with parents who prefer less overwhelming smells!), to include women.

Joyce Kellogg, ID

Me: “I thought you said musty.” Her: “No, it’s MUSKY.”

My lady likes it, so that is good enough for me. I did not find the fragrance to be too overpowering, but she said she could get a whiff of it when she walked into my office. She says it has a slight musky scent. When I first used it, it seemed a bit like I was literally bathing in cologne, but the scent is not as strong after you rinse. Of all of the AXE shower gel’s I’ve tried (3 or so), she likes this the best, so I’ll give it 5 stars.

Cassandra Dennis, MA


Well, Axe has actually come a long way since the days of crappy spray on cologne. The old bodywashes, I did used to use, but now there are so many products out from the company.At first sniff, I didn’t like the smell at all and thought it was overpowering. The scent has some sort of weird “dessert” kind of smell to it, I can’t really describe it except maybe like an almond-vanilla sort of smell? In the shower, it didn’t seem as strong as sniffing directly from the bottle… I don’t think it lingers too long, but it’s not like other typical Axe smells that are more directly “mens cologne” so in that respect, I think it’s nice. I also think the texture and consistency is an improvement over the old body washes. The old ones were clearer and more liquidous, this stuff is a little bit thicker, more like a conditioner, but with a ivory creamy sort of texture… but also has those weird ‘pellets’ in it, the things that are supposed to help scrub or whatever. It’s not bad.I guess it’ll come down to scent. This is probably more of a uni-sex smell, which is unusual considering it’s Axe… but I prefer it to most of the other Axe smells.

Leanna Tippecanoe, OH

Another winning product from Axe

Axe Deep Space Shower Gel almost looks like a tie-in for a science fiction film. The container has a bright metallic look as does the gel inside. This product has a barely noticeable grainy texture. I felt the scent was rather mild, but it lathers up well and I did feel clean afterward. That’s really what I want in a body spray and this delivers the goods.

Rose Berrysburg, PA

Great new Axe shower gel

I have tried about every Axe shower gel. Most are at least decent. This one I would rate near the best, but I wouldn’t call it my all time favorite.It is thick and rich and concentrated and luxurious. Much better than average. It is a pearly white gel and has little white scrubbing beads in it. It says Chill Out and Deep Space, so I was expecting something more of a minty cool smell like some others that I’ve used. It is not minty cool at all. It is hard to explain. It is unique. Imagine you just stepped inside an igloo. It has a sort of frosty smell to it, but in a very pleasant, refreshing almost perfumery sort of way. I guess it does smell like whatever deep space would smell like. Not minty at all, though. It is not too strong.There are ones like this and Snake Peel and Thai Massage and Hot Fever and Boost which are just so different and unique that they transport you to another world. I think that is fun and worth it rather than the usual boring “manly” musk, citrus, mint, or yucky baby powder smelling soaps.A little goes a long way, too. I think day in and day out, I would get tired of it, but definitely worth buying at least once for the experience. I would give it almost 5 stars, but close enough.

Kristie Villanueva, NM

Nice and refreshing smell and product easy to use!

Excellent product, good packaging, no problems in getting here in one piece. The product is easily used and does have a nice refreshing odor. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a great shower product. A lot better than some on the market by other manufacturers. A good buy!

Daisy Mondovi, WI

Gimmicky Goodness in a Bottle …

While it humors me to watch AXE pump out product after product aimed at the primping, pimple-popping prepubescent male populace, I’ve got to admit they’ve introduced a solid line of products that males of any age can appreciate … including this 40-something. Axe’s DEEP SPACE CHILL OUT offers yet another option among their ever-expanding collection of shower gels.Every time I happen upon a new Axe shower gel or shampoo fragrance, I give it a try. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the shower gels have considerably evolved in terms of scent, color and texture. The gels have changed from being syrup-like to being more viscous and colorful. DEEP SPACE is pearl colored and slightly granular. I found the scrubbing quality of the granulation subtle and pleasant … you DO NOT feel like you’re slathering your body with Go-Jo. Axe shower gels always rinse cleanly and DEEP SPACE is no exception. Some users may experience an ever-so-slight tingling on their skin from the eucalyptus and black pepper (yes, pepper), but nothing akin to the intensity of Axe’s menthol Shock shower gel. I did find the scent to be somewhat overpowering (in a good way) when I first opened the bottle, but the aroma was slight-to-non-existent after rinsing.I liked DEEP SPACE simply because it does what it is intended to do … clean. The multitude of new scents offered by Axe is somewhat gimmicky because, in the end, the scent goes down the drain when the gel is rinsed off (only the deodorant/anti-perspirant scents tend to “hang around” for a while). Regardless, I like the initial aroma and the tinge of skin-tingle it offers. While DEEP SPACE probably won’t generate the “harem of hotties” it alludes, you can rest assure the gals won’t be running away, plugging their noses, either.

Nannie Edward, NC

Super good smell

My nephew used this and really likes the fragrance and good clean feeling. I have to agree with him that it is really nice to be around him. The cost is a bit spendy but since he is happy it is worth it in our opinion.

Rachel Donnellson, IA

Love the Scent, But……

I’ve never really used Axe product before as I’m more of an old school guy when it comes to soaps & shampoos, but I thought this bottle looked pretty cool and always wondered what Deep Space smelled like, so I thought I would give it a try.I will say that Deep Space smells pretty cool, kind of like new car scent mixed some citrus, so that’s nice. And the soap itself is a cool shimmery silvery-white, which again is pretty cool. I also liked the way the Axe soap washed off without leaving a greasy residue on my skin (I hate those lotion infused soaps that leave you feeling unpleasantly moist even after drying off) and with 16 Ounces, the bottle should last you quite awhile.The only problem I had with the Axe product is that it doesn’t suds up too well. When I’m in the shower I want a soap that will lather up a bunch of bubbles. Yes, I’m sure the Axe product is doing the trick, but I still like the feel and the idea of a rich, bubbly lather. The Deep Space Gel just kind of produced a small soapy film.If you’re a fan of the Axe product, then I say give this new scent a try. But if you want to look like Mr. Bubble before rinsing off, you may want to grab something else.

Marsha Copeland, FL

OK but there are better options

My son was excited to use this, because it is to be cooling, none of use really noticed much of a cooling effect, it doesn’t lather very well which we all prefer to have a better lather, it does rinse off well without leaving a film and it has tiny scrubby particles in it. As for the scent having any effect on girls, it is OK but nothing special and if some girl would happen to love this scent I don’t believe it would drive her crazy or make you the center of their universe, that is really stretching it…It works OK but if you like lather then this isn’t for you.

Carmela Rossville, GA

I love it when my husband uses this!

My husband likes to smell good. I like it when he smells good! This body wash smells really great. It smells cooling and soothing. When I smell this very distinct axe smell coming from the bathroom I can not wait to get in for a snuggle with him when he gets out of the shower. I asked him if it has a cooling feeling and he said a little bit. So I tried it one morning when he was out of town,just to see. It is slight cooling in effect, but nowhere near what it smells like it does. It lathers nice, not too thick, not too watery. It does not take much to get a body clean or create a good lather. Your skin is not dry after using the product, in fact I would say that my skin felt "alert" after use. Like my skin just woke up. I like it, I like how it smells and I will buy for him again and again.

Karyn Newport, MN

Makes my guy smell nice and clean

I bought this Axe shower gel for my boyfriend, so when ever he takes a shower at my house he has his own shower gel to shower with and doesn’t have to use mines. I have to say he washes up nicely after using this shower gel and smells nice and clean. The shower gel works up a nice lather and smells great. When he step out of the shower he smells so fresh and his skin was so clean. Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it for any guys who is looking for a shower gel that would keep him clean and smells great.

Olive Riverside, WA

A refreshing shower

This product review of the Axe Shower Gel Deep Space, 16 ounce is part of my obligation to Amazon for accepting to be a member of the Vine program, a club of selected customers that provide opinions about “new and pre-released items.” We enter this club by accepting free copies of products but we promise in return to submit an opinion.The New Axe Gel comes in a neatly designed dispensing container that is easy to use. The cool, clean liquid provides a rather sensational shower for as we wash… the scented aroma therapy takes place and we can relax… breathe deeply and enjoy the experience.The scent allows us to feel calm and refreshed, the relaxing fragrance is infused with black pepper, eucalyptus, which is excellent for deep breathing exercises, and sandalwood which leaves a lasting feeling of a great shower.Highly recommend this product, makes a great gift for the men in our lives.

Nettie Lewisport, KY

axe shower gel

gave this to the son for he beat me to the shower. he said he really liked it. it lathered very well, left the skin clean and smooth. and a little sqirt does the job.

Josephine Carrsville, VA

Good, but not one of the better Axe products

I’ve been a big fan of Axe products for a few years now. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, and like variety. I use them in my shower at home, as well as carry some with me in my gym bag or backpack when I work out. I do like “Deep Space”, but not as well as most of the other scents. It’s a gel, so the same consistency and texture as all the others, but it has a more chemical-ly smell (difficult to described).One additional note is that the Axe products that have this kind of top don’t do well for travel, in gym bags, or being shipped to your house 🙁 The top gets depressed far too easily when it is even minimally jostled, so expect leakage if you are doing anything other than keeping it in your shower.Ones I like better include Excite and Dark Temptation.

Muriel Greenwood, LA