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AXE Shampoo, Peace, 12 Ounce

Get touchably clean hair with AXE Peace Shampoo, a fragrance with an addictive masculine mix of citrus, pepper, and ginger. Use with AXE Natural Look Cream to complete your look.

Key features

  • Cleanses guy’s hair with a fresh scent and invigorating feel
  • Get impeccably clean and irresistible to touch hair
  • Works well with AXE Styling Products
  • Touchably clean hair with an irresistible scent girls will love
  • An intriguing, fresh fragrance with a warm, masculine edge
  • Also available in body spray, deodorant, shower gel, and styling
  • Helps guys look, smell, and feel their best

Honest reviews


Shampoo/Conditioner (not a solution to all life’s problems however)

Ok, boys and girls let me fill you in on my day… (by the way, the real review is the last paragraph). I had just returned from running 6 miles in what the weather service described as 10 degree weather. They mentioned that when you factor in wind chill it felt like -2 degrees. I could fill you in on what it actually felt like, but we’re going to try to keep this review rated PG or better! So, anyway, I enter the house and my entire beard and mustache are frozen. Seriously, icicles… it was actually sort of neat looking and I am just jamming to get into the shower and try out my newly arrived Axe Shampoo/Conditioner that I was to review for amazon!After that run my facial hair was frozen, as I had mentioned already, and my actual hair probably had a pretty good 6 mile/sweaty hoody funk going on as well. Even though this Axe stuff is new for me I saw no reason to take it easy on it. I hit it with a real job right out of the gate. So, I jump in the shower and it’s blue. Not the shower, the shampoo… it’s blue. Looks sort of like toothpaste, though I don’t suggest you brush your teeth with it. It probably would clean your teeth and it smells good so probably wouldn’t hurt your breath any, but it would very likely taste… well, like shampoo.It lathers up first run fairly quickly. Most shampoos don’t with me, I usually wash my hair twice and generally don’t get much for suds until the second run. I notice it does have a relatively pleasant odor as well… and I remember that the dryer broke. I had to go buy a new one and it all that stuff from the Axe commercials is true, I could really wow the lady at Lowes and maybe get a deal on the dryer! I’m really excited now so I do the second wash and went ahead and washed the whole body with it!! Maybe Axe overkill, but why not!I get out of the shower and take a quick look in the mirror hoping that it washed all the gray out of my beard as well… it didn’t. Oh well, nothing is perfect and head to Lowes. The GUY that helped me out was friendly, but the Axe did not affect him at all and no great deal on the dryer. C’est la vie!Real review —> It’s a nice shampoo with a pleasant smell… I have a hard time coming up with more than that so I decided to have a little fun with this one. If you buy and use this stuff I hope you enjoy, I believe it does the job just fine. Thanks for taking the time to read my review as well.

Arline Hanover, VA

Very nice

I think this is my new favorite shampoo that does not include conditioner in the shampoo. And, I think it’s better for my hair to not use conditioner every day. So, I’m now getting good results by alternating between this Axe shampoo and my Dove shampoo with conditioner. My hair seems to respond well to that formula. I like the way this shampoo smells and the way it cleans and lathers.

Taylor Hampton, IL

Great Scent – Even for Allergy Boy!

We have several people in our home that are allergic to scents, so I was a little worried ordering this Axe, but I wanted to give it a try because my husband’s other "manly" shampoo wasn’t cutting it. My husband tried it and loved it. None of us are allergic to the scent and my husband’s hair stays smelling great even after a hard day at work. It hasn’t made his hair dry or coarse and no dandruff – like some of these kinds of shampoos can cause. Great shampoo and since we’re not perfume wearers, great scent that doesn’t have to get sprayed in the air. Will buy again.

Flora Watertown, WI

smells great

This shampoo lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great. The citrus, ginger, and pepper create a slightly masculine fragrance but also is still a nice fresh scent that could be used by a woman as well. Use this in combination with the body wash for a wonder fragrance that is not overpowering, but smells wonderful.

Leticia Comins, MI

Great smelling shampoo

As with all Axe shampoos, they never dry out your hair too much. They smell great. This one smells citrus and sweet at the same time. It lathers well and because of the scent, it leaves you feeling refreshed. I would always follow up with conditioner.

Alice Hankinson, ND

Good shampoo

I recently had a chance to try the new Peace Shampoo. About the same time I also got some of the Harmony body wash. Harmony was a bit off-putting to say it nicely. I’m happy to say that Peace was a much better option.Not really sure how to describe the scent of Peace. There seemed to be a bit of a citrus overtone, but that wasn’t the main scent. Anyway, it was certainly pleasant enough. The shampoo was had a nice creamy texture to it and it lathered quite well. It also left my hair clean and easy to manage afterward.At the end of the day, if you like Axe, this is another solid entry in their grooming product line. A but pricy for what I typically spend on a bottle of shampoo, but a nice change of pace from my usual shampoo.

Katina Sprakers, NY

Dense and smells nice!

My college son is very pleased with this product. Dense enough to use just a little at a time, the Axe Shampoo, Peace, 12 Ounce has a nice smell that is not overwhelming. Makes the hair feel clean and ready to tackle the day!

Vilma Laings, OH

Another Winner from Axe

I’m a fan of most Axe products. Quite simply, Axe Shampoos give you great hair. A little dab goes a very long way, the lather is super thick and creamy, and the new "Peace" scent is quite nice. A good value for the money for sure. The new "peace" scent is very pleasant, if not a bit hard to describe. It’s definitely a masculine scent, lightly sweet, but without being overpowering or obnoxious. Much like a very subtle men’s cologne. Leaves hair nice, clean, and manageable. A great addition to the Axe line-up – I’ll definitely be re-purchasing.

Meagan Driggs, ID

Peace at last

Axe’s Peace shampoo has a slightly orange color about it that I find distinctive. It also has a pleasant scent reminiscent of fruit. Very nice. After shampooing, your hair feels clean and healthy. I also feel, well, more peaceful after using it. A good product, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from Axe.

Irene Arbuckle, CA

Son loves it!

My son has been using Axe shampoo and other Axe products for years. Simply put, nothing else comes close to being as good at this price point. You’d have to get salon products at twice the price, and even then in my experience Axe is still comparable. Nice cologne smell that isn’t overpowering — the scent fades within a few minutes — and a little goes a long way. He likes the scent and the fact that it thoroughly cleans his hair, he is a Metro-sexual in so many ways, I think this is a good thing.

Sandy Casmalia, CA

Tried This With Axe Shower Gel, Good Combo

I have no issues with most Axe deodorant, gel, shampoo, etc scents. They all mostly the Axe like, but yet tweaked to be noticeable new. This is no different. My girlfriend likes Axe & commented it smelled nice. So she noticed the change immediately. I actually got the matching shower gel as well. I was surprised that these seemed quite different from one another in color – considering the Axe shower gel / shampoos normally are almost identical in color, smell, consistency, etc. For some reason the shampoo is golden yellow?!? instead of blue like the shower gel. All I could think was that they wanted to make sure you didn’t confuse the two, although I’ve found the shampoo without conditioner form Axe works about as well as shower gel for your whole body. For those that like to try new Axe products, give it a shot. I personally like it enough to use daily, so no real complaints here!

Marisa Bryson, TX

Good shampoo but not a very good scent. I’m not sure what they were thinking.

This shampoo comes in a 12 oz. bottle that will last me quite a while. It creates a lot of suds and cleans my hair well. My hair feels smooth after using it. My only problem is the scent. I don’t mind a strong scent if I actually like the smell of it. However this scent is a total flop for me. It smells like weeds, grass and dandelions and I don’t enjoy it. I usually like Axe products so this scent just caught me off guard. The scent is a mixture of citrus, pepper and ginger according to the description. I am not sure about pepper or ginger but I don’t smell citrus at all. This is a shampoo that I will finish but I wouldn’t choose it again.

Natasha Mapleton, ME

A “New” Scent? Enough is Enough …

While my age likely puts me outside AXE’s target market, I’ve been using its line of body wash and shampoo products for years. AXE PEACE SHAMPOO is the latest offering; while it delivers the same cleaning quality I’d expected, I’m becoming wary of the ongoing array of scents being introduced, as theyMy hair is short, thick and more on the oily side. AXE shampoos have always left my hair feeling clean and soft, AXE PEACE is no exception. This shampoo generates a nice lather … a little goes a long way. What supposedly differentiates AXE products the most is the scent. While the name alludes to patchouli, thankfully, PEACE leans more on the citrus-side (lemon) … a natural clean and refreshing smell. I found the scent to be pleasingly subtle and more masculine than some of the other “perfumy” scents AXE offers. PEACE reminds me of another citrus Axe scent, Twist. Is PEACE new product or and old scent with a new name? There may be subtle differences, but with so many fragrances being churned out by the company, I’m finding it harder to tell.

Sybil Mayaguez, PR

Axe Peace Shampoo

As I’ve stated in some other reviews, I’m always a bit wary when trying out an Axe product as sometimes the scent can be overwhelming. The Peace shampoo definately has a strong scent, and obviously it’s a personal preference kind of thing, but I just didn’t really care for it. Peace have a very strong citrus based scent, and while that worked okay for me with the Axe Harmony body wash, with the shampoo, the citrus scent is amped up and overpowering.With that said, if you like the scent, you’ll love the shampoo. It lathers up very nicely, and rinses thoroughly leaving your feeling clean, and not oily.

Tracy Franklin Square, NY


I really like the smell of this…it leaves my husbands hair soft and manageable…hubby says he thinks it is cool…worth the money

Lynn West Milton, OH


While I was not crazy about the scent of the Peace Body-Wash, I LOVE the fragrance of this shampoo. (I keep popping it open and trying to pinpoint the delightful, aromatic notes). My boyfriend says it smells like a citrus-y pastry. And, it reminds me a touch of that old-school cologne Drakkar Noir … masculine but playful.The bottle design, flared at the top, prevents it from slipping from one’s hand in the shower. Cleverly crafted.It has a nice lather, rinses out easily, and leaves hair super clean (and smelling awesome).This one is a genuine winner! Well done, Axe!

Polly Elsberry, MO

Excellent Shampoo

Huge Axe fan and these new scents do not disappoint! This shampoo smells great, lathers well and leaves your hairy squeaky clean. Just like the new body wash, hours after your shower you can still smell the scent, I love it! It doesn’t dry out my fragile hair and doesn’t irritate my sensitive scalp either, Highly recommended!

Eugenia Swisshome, OR

Axe Shampoo is nice.

I have to tell you, my significant other is extremely picky and doesn’t compliment things easily. However, he actually did like this shampoo and didn’t have one bad thing to say about it. It has a nice clean, pleasant fragrance that isn’t overpowering at all. It lathers up nicely and leaves his hair nice and soft. A+++ I will be buying him more of this.

Ursula Deming, NM

Good for cleaning but an odd smell

“peace…shampoo” That’s it? Just `shampoo’? No qualifiers? No for: oil hair/dry hair/ limp hair/fuller hair/colored hair? That seems so normal. Ok I decided; let me give it a try. Despite all Axe product commercials attracting scads of excited girls, I decided to take the risk that my wife would have self control.In your hand it looks like plastic wood fresh from the tube. It did produce a good lather but I was very aware of the scent. Something rather like an early 1970’s `no pest strip.’ Still good lather and my hair did have some bounce when I was done(I used my normal conditioner for the test so the only variable was the shampoo itself). The scent seemed to have faded as my hair dried. So far so good.Now time for the big test. I called my wife in. She agreed there was a good look. And the scent? “Are you being driven wild?” She inhaled and after a moment said “Oh no.” She said the smell was a sort of cedar/citrus smell but not a good one very plastic and old person’s closet she said. And she was NOT driven wild by desire.So it lathers up and does good things for your hair so it’s good for work or the gym but as my wife found the scent to be somewhat off putting, not for the date night. And to think all those commercials….

Amalia Abernant, AL

Very nice!

The first thing I noticed about this shampoo is the smell, which is very manly. It’s very pleasant and makes a very nice shampoo as well as body wash. Lathers well, so I say if it’s good enough for my head, it’s good enough for the rest of me.

Lana Mallard, IA

Little Boys love this brand.

I don’t know what it is about AXE – the commercials, maybe? But my 10 year old LOVES this brand – everything Axe is a must – deodorant spray, soap and now shampoo. When Axe came out with the body washes about two years ago there was one called Arctic or Ice and it was white and WONDERFUL. As a result we ended up with every product they make (now hair products, too) and I never found the smell as great or as long lasting. I think they must have changed the formula. Anyway, the smell in the bottle of PEACE shampoo is awesome – but it does not stay like that very long. After your shower you can’t even really smell it anymore. So, great smell in the bottle, not so great after shower. Small amount of product in the bottle as well. I hope they can reformulate and get the smell lasting longer – it really is a great smell.

Kate Lindsay, MT

First Class Shampoo

It has a very nice fragrance, and left my hair feeling soft and clean. The shampoo did not seem to build up with that sticky feeling, and I could notice a pleasant trace of the odor for some time after I showered.I would buy it again and recommend it to friends.

Tabitha Turlock, CA

nice shampoo

This is a nice product from the folks at Axe.It has a nice scent and got my hair clean.This is one of the better Axe shampoos IMO.

Tisha Spring Lake, NC

Wash, Attract, Repeat

I couldn’t resist getting this product for my husband when I read the instructions for use: “Wash, attract, repeat.” He had complained about the girlie shampoos in the shower (coconut, cherry blossom ginseng, ocean breeze) but was disinclined to choose a more masculine one for himself. There were too many choices! That’s when I got Axe, and it’s perfect for men. It has a masculine scent, leaves hair soft and manageable (his words), and seems to last longer than most other shampoos. A small amount goes a long way. As an additional plus, the packaging looks manly.

Muriel Hopedale, OH

pine fresh

This shampoo does everything I expect a shampoo to do – it has a good consistency, it washes hair thoroughly without stripping it and without having to use too much product, it comes in an easy to dispense container, isn’t too expensive, and it does all this while giving off a nice piney smell. Really, it’s a nice smell in the shower, different and refreshing. I’ve tried a few Axe products in the Peace scent and I think they are solid. No complaints. But…I can’t imagine using the whole line! You’d smell like a lumberjack that had been rolling around in pine shavings. (A clean lumberjack who hasn’t started sweating yet.) It may be a little much.

Noreen Leonard, ND

Shampoo cleans but beware the scent

I got this for my boyfriend because he uses other Axe products and he doesn’t like to use my "girl-smell" shampoo. Which I find funny since I usually buy generic scents or gender-neutral shampoos. But we do the little things to keep them happy. He’s happy with the shampoo insofar as how it cleans. But I’m personally not thrilled with the scent.The scent is not in and of itself excessively strong. Nor is it actually unpleasant by itself. But it does linger and it is noticeable. Which means if you use this shampoo AND other deodorants and/or body sprays you end up with an unpleasant combination of competing scents that lasts a long time. I may be particularly susceptible since I have a strong sense of smell to begin with. But I would discourage a person from using this shampoo along with other Axe products at the same time.

Leticia Denver, CO

Great Smell But Mediocre Shampoo

I’m not the biggest fan of the Axe products but I decided to roll the dice on their "Peace" shampoo. It wasn’t bad but I can’t say I’ll be using it much in the future. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I did not find the scent overpowering. Having said that, I found the shampoo left my hair way too frizzy and unmanageable. I’m probably not going to use it in the future but it could do well with for some people.

Vilma Hebbronville, TX

Love Axe hair products

My 10 year old loves Axe sprays and hair products! He was excited when this shampoo came out. He smells incredible for his age and the shampoo has not dried out his hair, it has left it soft and shiney. He has very thick curly hair that we need to keep short on the sides, but the shampoo keeping it soft helps us flip the front easily. We also use the Axe hair spray, glues and powders to flip his hair, great styling line for boys/men.

Carla Livonia Center, NY

“Wash, attract, repeat”

If it were only that simple. lol. I like the scent and the thickness of the shampoo. I’ve noticed that Axe products tend toward the more potent masculine fragrances. I wish that smell could last all day. But even colognes dissipate in a couple of hours. Bottom line: it cleans your hair. Did you expect more? I have found that shampoos like this are even good as a body wash.

Jessica Prairie Lea, TX

Our First Axe Product And We Like It

We our outside the demo age for the product. My husband is in his 40s and my son only 10 but both like the shampoo. It is a strong scent which I think is why my son likes it. He loves anything that has a pleasant smell. My husband likes it but says that when he uses it, he doesn’t use his cologne also because it would be too too much!I personally think the smell is great. When they shower, the scent lingers in the bathroom for a while. It is very pleasant.

Maryellen Apple Valley, CA