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AXE Face Wash, Peace, 5 Ounce

Versatile Face Wash Refreshes Your Skin AXE Peace Face Wash cleanses your skin of dirt and oil, preserving its natural smoothness. This face wash is suitable for application at any time of the day. Use it to freshen up during your morning shower or to prime your skin before a shave. The gel foams as you massage it into your skin, helping you spread it evenly and thoroughly. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and energized. View larger Fresh Scent with a Masculine Edge The masculine scent of AXE Peace Face Wash features a blend of citrus, nutmeg, cedarwood, and amber notes. This formula helps guys look, smell, and feel their best. Directions for Use Wet your face. Massage in the gel. Rinse off. Use with Complete AXE Peace Line To ensure you look and smell your best, combine AXE Peace Face Wash with other AXE Peace products, including bodyspray, deodorant stick, anti-perspirant invisible solid, shampoo+conditioner, shower gel, and shave gel. What’s in the Box AXE Peace Face Wash, 5 Fluid Ounces. AXE Peace Face Wash At a Glance: Face wash refreshes your skin Leaves your skin feeling fresh and energized Fights dirt and oil Can be used with other AXE Face products for a complete face care regimen

Key features

  • Feel the love
  • Specially designed to cleanse your face, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth
  • Look for the full line of Axe peace products

Honest reviews


He Likes It

My husband has used a few Axe products such as deodorant and body wash and has always liked this product brand. The Axe face wash smells good and cleanses very well. This cleanser doesn’t have a scrub to it but that’s okay because my husband doesn’t need a scrub so a gentle cleanser is perfect. I thought it dried his skin a bit though so I gave him moisturizer for after he uses it. All in all, this is a decent, no scrub cleanser for men that has a nice fragrance, but is a tad drying. A little goes a long way a well making it a good price for a long lasting tube. The Peace scent smells great.

Lindsay Frederick, PA

Cleans well

The feedback from my 30-something-adult son is that this cleans well without irritating his skin. He and more importantly his girlfriend like the scent of this. As a 50-ish woman I’m not all that sold on the scent but he likes it which I guess is the demographic Axe is marketed at.

Rosalind Dana, IL

Great clean feeling, scent is pleasant and subtle

I’ll admit it…I wasn’t expecting to be very impressed by a face wash. After all, they’re pretty much just soap, right? The ingredients look a lot like body wash or shampoo.Well, I have to say – I really like this stuff! For years now, I’ve rinsed my face off with water every night after getting home from work. It’s one of the first things that I do, just to get that day’s worth of oils washed off. This face wash takes the clean to a whole new level. It really does feel much cleaner and more refreshing to me than when I was just using water. This review won’t do that justice – I really like it. The scent is also pretty subtle, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like you just bathed in cologne. I like the scent, but I also like that it’s not overpowering.The only reason that I didn’t give it five stars is because it does sting my eyes unless I get every bit washed away before I open them. I’m contemplating getting some baby shampoo and seeing how well that works. Seriously. :)Stinging eyes aside, I highly recommend giving this stuff a try. I’m impressed.

Matilda Rolling Meadows, IL

Great Smelling Clean

This face wash from Axe smells terrific. The scent is fresh and unlike many of the Axe products not overwhelmingly strong. It doesn’t haunt you for hours; rather it fades rather quickly. Only a small amount of gel is necessary. It is very smooth and leaves you face feeling soft and clean. It does require a bit more rinsing than most to remove but overall a most satisfactory cleanser.

Kelsey Grubbs, AR

Axe Peace Face Wash

This is a nice, light scented, face wash. A small amount goes a long way and I feel that it isn’t as harsh on my skin as regular soap. I don’t get out of the shower feeling like my face is tight and dry. In the past, I was a little leery about using Axe products (thinking about adolescents who bathe in overpowering Axe body spray…), but I’m learning that Axe has a gentler side. This is one of those products. It has a softer scent.

Tracey Cyclone, PA

Effective face wash

I don’t know how the concept of Peace is supposed to smell, but this is definitely not it. The Axe Peace Face Wash has a strong smell that is somewhere between the deodorant and cologne range. However, as far as I can tell, the smell does not stick with you. The smell may be helpful in booting up your senses in the morning. The smell did not bother me but I did not find it particularly exciting either.The face wash is actually good. It is a yellow-tinted see-through gel with tiny bubbles. A small amount is good enough to get the job done. I have no complaints about its effectiveness. I was surprised at how effective and unassuming the product was considering the Axe marketing.This particular 5oz container looks respectable for men of all ages on the front. The back side has instructions on how to use it (standard instructions for face washes). The only goofy thing with this is that according to the instructions, between steps #2 and #3, a male and a female (with a pony tail) must bump foreheads :)If it accidentally gets into your eyes, there is a 2-3 second noticeable ouch-sting. The ouch then goes away.

Faith Arnold, MO

This “peace” not so peaceful

Talk about a STRONG face wash! I gave this to my boyfriend to use thinking that he could use a little help in the clean face department. He is a bit more rugged looking than the average guy, beard and all. A little face wash could do the boy some good. He used it at my house and when I asked him how he liked it I got a simple, "yeah, it was nice" – No more, no less than that. So out of curiosity, I decided to try it myself. This is the strongest smelling face wash I have ever encountered. It made my eyes water even after I sat my face under the shower head for 10 minutes straight. I got a little in my nose and my nostrils burned for 30 minutes post shower. I suppose this Axe face wash is meant for the grungiest of grunge because it is intense.I gave it a 3 because it does the job and cleans your face, but it is a bit too harsh for something to be putting on the face in my opinion.

Felecia Walsh, CO

Cleans well; bit too much scent

I’m very pleased with the cleaning ability of this face wash. Works well, doesn’t dry out my skin like other face washes (especially important given the cold temps this winter) but is not so heavy on the moisturizing that my skin feels greasy after using it. It strikes the right balance between clean and moisturizing.I’m not that fond of the scent, however. It’s not bad, just a bit too strong for my preference. It does not linger too long, which is a plus.

Janie Bronson, FL

Effective Product – Pleasant Scent

Axe Face Wash contains safe and effective ingredients (cleansing, ph, thickening agents, moisturizer, and preservatives). The scent is pleasant but not overpowering like some of Ax’s other products.My grandson said that he liked the gel and it appeals to his masculine side (the packaging and scent targets men). Some of the other products I have given him appear either too feminine or too medicinal.The gel (like most gels) cleans well and rinses clean without that feeling of residue and tightness that soaps leave.Good alternative if the price is right ($1 an ounce is competitive).

Michell Gates, TN

I don’t care much for this face wash. I would suggest Axe Boost or Axe Chilled Face Wash that are much better

This Axe face wash comes in a 5 ounce tube and a little bit goes a long way. A small pea sized amount will give you lots of suds so the bottle should last quite a long time. The face wash is yellow and smooth and doesn’t have beads or anything in it to exfoliate your skin. I have seen others say in their review that it does but I can assure you that it doesn’t. It will remove oil and clean your face but I would prefer something with some grit to it that will really scrub my face. It seems to dry my face out just slightly as well.The scent is a blend of citrus, nutmeg, cedarwood, and amber that somes to gather in an odd way. I just don’t care for the scent and despite their claims your wife or girlfriend probably won’t be crazy about it either.I have used a lot of Axe products over the years and have found them to be hit or miss. Some of them I really like a lot and others not so much. I will finish up this face wash but I wouldn’t get it again. On the other hand the Axe Boost and Axe Chilled face washes are wonderful! I would highly suggest that you try them.

Ada Hestand, KY

Nice Clean Scent

The Axe Peace Ultra Smooth Skin face wash is a nice gel facial wash. The scent is really nice. It’s a masculine, clean skin. Axe always has nicely scented products.The wash lathered up well and rinsed easily and cleanly. The wash was not overly drying and the scent remained nicely.

Sasha Wilbraham, MA

Smells Great, Works Well

This is a nice, basic face wash from Axe. It doesn’t exfoliate or do anything fancy–it’s simply for getting your face clean. It rinses quite easily and has a clean, masculine scent. Use with other Axe products and smell great!

Genevieve Fall River, WI

Beats Trader Blows

My wife has been buying face wash for the shower from Trader Joes. I guess I’m used to watery, non-foaming hippie wash and anything is an improvement. The Axe Peace wash lathers up very nicely, even with a small dab of soap. It feels ‘clean’ and like has a pleasant, slightly citrus-y scent. I’m not a fan of the theme. Every time I pick up the bottle and see a giant peace symbol I cringe. Weird marketing, but I like the overall product quite a bit.

Darlene Golden, MS

Nice Smell, Great “Clean” Feeling …

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Axe Peace Bodywash. The scent was crazy weird and overwhelming. Therefore, I did not have a tremendous amount of hope for this face-wash. Imagine my surprise when the scent was revealed as a nicely dialed-down version of the original! It is merely pleasant and refreshing smelling. Likewise, I really like how thoroughly this cleanses one’s face. I didn’t experience any tightness after using it, but I also followed it fairly quickly with a light moisturizer.While the tube is somewhat small, it will last a LONG time. And, my very sensitive skin had no negative reaction to this product at all (which is rare and awesome).Overall, this Axe product is well worth the money!

Esther Edgerton, WI

Double Duty

I obtained this face wash because I use Axe Shave Gel and wanted to try another Axe product. This face wash has a mild scent and did a nice job of cleaning my face. The last time I used it I left it on my bathroom counter top and when I went to use it again it was gone. I asked my wife if she had seen it and she said she used it, liked it and planned to use it again. She said she found the scent to be just right for her preference, she liked the results she got from using this product and she explained that a little goes a long way so she expects it to last her for quite a while. Looks like it is going to stay in her bath room and I have become just a provider and not a user. So, what else is new?

Rosa Bell City, MO

burned his eyes

My 14 year old son used this product and said it was horrible and burned his eyes. He had to be very careful to not get it anywhere near his eyes and even then it wasn’t good. We ended up throwing it away.

Marcie Gray, ME


I have reviewed many face washes, but out of them all, this one has my favorite scent! It is refreshing, clean, and very relaxing, while having bright and subtle floral and musky notes. It is gender neutral in smell, though as a woman, I prefer men’s soaps and face washes. My skin is sensitive, and this soap leaves it just a touch dry for my taste, but it’s still worth it for the smell. Great product! I wish it came in a perfume or body spray!

Vivian Bastrop, TX

Pleasant manly fragrance, but not cooling like Axe “Chilled”

The fragrance is not overpowering and is somewhat spicy and citrusy. It gives you a nice sudsy wash and rinses off easily. Face feels smooth and clean after using. The fresh, spicy, citrusy fragrance lingers for a while. I like the cooling effect of Axe “Chilled” better. Just a personal preference, I guess.I do like this fragrance, but if “Chilled” and “Peace” were sitting next to each other on a store shelf, I would definitely choose “Chilled.”

Cara Titonka, IA

Feels Good But Experienced Minor Breakouts

This face wash feels good and does not have all that obnoxious fragrance that I usually associate with Axe. However baby smooth I may have felt following usage I noticed some minor skin breakouts on the second day of using the product. I have really good combo skin so sensitivity is usually not my issue and once a product does that to me, I no longer use it. I’ve used Ivory or Dove soap for face washes and never experienced breakouts . I’ve also used skincare products by Dove and Simple and never experienced breakouts. I guess something’s work for some and not for others. Know your skin type before purchasing or get a sample.

Bettie Painesdale, MI

Cleans your face.

This is a face wash product produced by Axe. It is not a scrub which I tend to like a little better as they seem to work a little better to me. This product does do a pretty good job of cleaning your face though. Also the scent is just right on this as it is not too overpowering. I liked this product and its ease of use but will probably stick to using the face scrubs instead of just the face wash. If you have sensitive skin though I would probably go with this.

Tammy Crystal Beach, FL

Cool and Refreshing

The winter wind and weather can “do a number” on a person’s skin, even in South Carolina. Hoping that the Axe Face Wash might help the dry stinging feel of his skin, I chose this product for my husband. Since he’s never used anything for his face except whatever soap was in the shower, I was more than a little curious about his reaction. On a scale of 1 to 10, he gave it a 9 right away. To him, a 9 is about as high as the rating goes for any product.To be a little more specific, he likes the smell and the way it leaves his skin with a cool refreshing feeling. Especially when used after shaving, the Axe soap makes his skin feel clean and fresh instead of dry and parched.

Virgie Matlock, IA

Gentle Exfoliator that Leaves My Skin Feeling Clean and Refreshed, Not Dry and Irritated

Axe is a popular line of hygiene products geared towards men. The Axe Face Wash, Peace, has a very subtle, almost nonexistent, fragrance. It has a yellow gel that can easily be squeezed onto your palm. A small amount goes a long way. There are no tiny scrubbing granules inside the gel. Therefore, it shouldn’t dry out the user’s skin. I’ve used it for nearly two weeks and it leaves my skin feeling and looking clean and refreshed, not dry and irritated.It is still winter outside and my skin is very sensitive. I have to be careful about using facial cleansers that have a lot of alcohol that will dry out my skin. I can use Axe Face Wash, Peace, up to three times a day without it dehydrating my skin. Men with very oily and acne-prone skin should use Axe Face Wash, Controil, Oily Skin Face Scrub (Axe Oily Skin Face Scrub, Controil, 5 Ounce), which has cleansing granules. It is best to use Axe Face Wash, Controil, during the warm months when flesh is at its greasiest.The Axe Face Wash, Peace, is similar to the Dove Men + Care Face Wash, Sensitive (Dove Men+Care Sensitive + Face Wash, 5 Ounces) and the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub (Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub, 5 Ounce), that I have used in the past. All of these face washes are excellent exfoliators that I have used with the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System (Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System 0.68 Fl Oz, 1-Count). Exfoliation, I have learned, is necessary for rejuvenating and cleansing my skin, keeping it acne free.After using the face wash from the Axe Peace line, I would love to try their other products, especially the Axe Peace Shower Gel (Axe Peace Shower Gel, 16 Fluid Ounce), the Axe Peace Antiperspirant (Axe Peace Antiperspirant, 2.7 Ounce), and the Axe Peace Shampoo (Axe Shampoo, Peace, 22 Ounce). I have been extremely satisfied with a majority of the Axe products and have purchased numerous Axe products as gifts for men. Easter is fast approaching and a basket with your man’s favorite hygiene products would make a very useful, thoughtful gift.Joseph B. Hoyos

Liz East Woodstock, CT

Smells and feels great!

I’ve used face washes for sometime, and typically have just ended up using the same stuff my wife has purchased. I never even considered purchasing something specific for men (although that does seem to be the trend in the health & beauty industry).I really have enjoyed this. The gel/cleaner is a yellowish hue, and smells really nice. I haven’t been able to put my finger on what it smells like, although it probably does remind me of other Axe products I’ve used. I certainly enjoy it, and after using it on my face, my face feels nice.On added benefit, at least for me, is that my face doesn’t seem to be as itchy afterwards (and thus requiring after shave). I think I could almost get away with not putting on any after shave, although I usually do.Regardless, I’m happy. It smells great and makes my face feel nice. What more can you ask of a cleanser?

Claudia Guanica, PR

I pine to use it again

I am always looking for a face wash that will work well with my Clairsonic facial brush. Gels seem to work best, but some of them are too slippery. This Axe Face Wash is a gel and seems about the right consistency. I did notice while using it that it smell strongly like an artificial pine forest. Like one of those ubiquitous pine tree car fresheners. However, after I rinsed it off, the piney smell was mostly gone and it actually smelled like I rubbed my face all over a young, metrosexual guy…it seemed like a real and not-bad cologne-y smell, which faded after about an hour.

Nadine Hutchinson, MN

I smell like a bro

Axe fash wash isn’t that bad, actually. It cleans well and also moisturizes. But the scent – ugh. Peace? More like Peace, bro.

Socorro Orient, ME

Smells good and cleans well.

I have a few of the Axe face wash products. This one is fairly similar to the rest. It’s a more Musky than the other Axe face washes. Does a good job of cleaning my face and smelling masculine.

Roxanne Hornitos, CA

Not Just for Guys

This face wash is for guys?? Uh-oh. I didn’t realize that when I requested it or first used it.I’m definitely of the female gender. Doesn’t matter, I love the stuff anyway.The only thing that seems to make this a male-oriented product is the scent. It is a fresh, outdoorsy, woodsy scent that I really like. So for a few minutes, I smell more like a forest than an orchid. Big deal.It lathers nicely. It cleans well and makes my skin feel fresh. It rinses off easily. And, at current prices, it is less expensive than many of the products marketed for women. Despite my chromosomes, I’m very happy with this product.

Renae Russell Springs, KY

Good enough, but nothing special

Considering that this is an Axe product, and they’re not known for their subtlety, this isn’t a bad-smelling face wash. It’s a little bit spicy with a hint of pine. As far as consistency, it is a bit oily, which is a bit hard to reconcile when it’s supposed to be cleaning my face. It takes quite a bit for it to create a lather. It seems to work just as well as any other face wash that I’ve ever used. I did break out when I initially used this product and had some concern about that, but it seemed to be just a reaction to switching products, as it only happened once and cleared up relatively quickly.

Lucy Lowry City, MO

Clean Fresh Scent, Good Everyday Face Wash

Axe Face Wash is a great every day face wash that will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh. The scent is akin to most men’s cologne – slightly fresh, slightly musky, but not overpowering. The face wash has no microbeads or anything added to the soap – it’s simply a clear soap and it gets your skin clean. Recommended.

Chelsey Geneva, OH

Okay Face Wash (B- Grade)

This Axe Face Wash isn’t a bad product but it doesn’t "wow" me like I was expecting. It lathering really well and you only need small drop for your face, but afterward, I felt my skin was dried out. I had to use moisturizer to take away the dryness causes by this product, which doesn’t happen with other face washes I use. I don’t think I will seek out or use this face wash again.Katiebabs

Concepcion Long Beach, NY