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Axe Detailer Shower Tool 1 each, Color May Vary

AXE detailer shower tool is designed to work with Axe shower gel to keep every part of you ready for action. Get the right levels of clean for all your parts.

Key features

  • Plastic, Rubber
  • Cleans effectively
  • Exfoliating
  • Easy to use

Honest reviews


Its ok

Somewhat better than a regular sponge, but not a real “detailer”. I guess the people who made this just wanted to sell it to college students like me who were just looking for a quick and easy shower tool. After switching to using sponges and other stuff, I realized that this tool isn’t that great really.Pros:-convenient-looks cool-sponge side lathers somewhat-scrub side is great for scrubbing feetCons:-doesn’t make very good lathers-can irrate skin. It can be overly rough on your back skin.-the string can come off (easily placed back)

Candy Wicomico, VA

Decent but could be better..

I like this sponge better then any other one I’ve tried, but I feel there is still room for improvement..Pros :
• Cheap. About the same price as the next cheapest one you’ll find.
• Awesome rubber grip.
• Hard side that works well for bottoms of feet.
• Main sponge side feels rough, like it’s actually exfoliating (opposed to other softer ones).
• Stays together and lasts a long time (I’ve had mine for a year).Cons :
• Doesn’t rinse out well, but most don’t.
• Doesn’t lather the soap up as well as I’d like.I will probably end up purchasing this one again when the time comes for a new one. I would recommend this for anyone in the market for a changeup from your soft/worn out sponge or washcloth.

Nadia Nebo, IL

Great Product for me

I read other reviews that said it wasn’t good but could not find anything else so took a chance. Look it’s not perfect and yes someone needs to design something for guys because we like to be clean to LOL, But it does work well, looks great and I use it most mornings with my Axe soap. I find it to be a great addition to my showers. Mine is RED not blue which I thought wasn’t great since it’s pictured as blue but it still looks great and at least it’s not hot pink ;)I’d give it a try, I think it will get to most places and you can always use a bar or suds for the other places. Hope this helps

Aline Silver, TX

I use this ALL the time

I bought my first one 2 years ago with a AXE shower soap. I still have that one and it still works. I bought a 6 pack for backups and as gifts. I have never given them to anyone that did not rave about them. This shower tool is made to scrub your skin. The scrub side is not gentle but the back side is, it like a cloth covered sponge. I use mine EVERYDAY. It is especially wonderful if you have a shower partner . They can really scrub down back and your gluts and you will REALLY feel the difference when you get out of the shower Your back will just tingle. I like to use the NIVEA men’s soaps and scrubs. I especially like the" NIVEA TOUCH OF RENEWAL body scrub". Ever sense I discovered the AXE shower tool and the NIVEA Touch of Renewal. I take a special day where I can get with a close friend or a partner and we can do a COMPLETE body scrub of each other with a nice long shower and finally a rub down with a good nourishing body lotion. I don’t have to explain where you can go from there, do I.I guarantee this is the best way to keep a relationship going strong.I forgot something before you start this process make sure you have a light lunch. Because once you started you both will never want to leave the house for the rest of the day or night. Don’t worry about dinner you might have a nice little desert and some wine to nibble on after sundown

Haley Crandall, GA

A Girl’s Shower Tool Too!

This shower tool may be for guy’s but I like it too! No more pouffy shower puffs that don’t hold their shape now that I have my AXE Shower Tool. The combination shower puff and exfoliator fits nicely in my small hand and provides a sudsy, scrubby cleansing experience with my favorite shower gel. The soft shower puff side works up the suds and firmer side is for the scrubbing action on elbows, knees, heels and any other parts needing special attention. Tender and not so tender spots needn’t be neglected with this tool.My son recommended this for me MINUS the AXE shower gel, thank goodness.

Fannie Halifax, PA

Great for Women too!

My fiancee bought one of these with his Axe Pack, and I had lost my little body poof so I asked if I could borrow his. After one borrow I fell in love. It keeps it’s shape well where as other poofs and loofahs tend to fall apart. This one has a nice back on it with a nice rubber grip, and the more abrasive side helps for feet and really making sure your skin is soft and smooth. I had liked his so much that I brought it with on a trip for us, and thought I had lost it. We were both sad about it so we went to the store and bought another one! I happened to find the first missing detailer and now I have my own, yay! I won’t be going back to poofy loofah sponges again with this thing around, it does just what I want it to and doesn’t fall apart! I give it four out of five because although I love this thing, a little bit bigger would be nice.

Ericka Lexington, NY

Perfect for men

This is the type of body scrubber my boyfriend has been looking for. This is a must for all men. Very durable, and it seems like it will last for a very long time.

Marion Parish, NY