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AXE Clean Cut Look, Classic Pomade 2.64 oz

Axe refined gives you the hold without the hard feel for a clean-cut, polished look shell love, so you send the right signals.

Key features

  • Axe refined gives you the hold without the hard feel for a clean-cut, polished look shell love, so you send the right signals
  • Hair is looking smooth and shiny
  • Polished look shell love
  • Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade gives your hair polish without looking wet
  • Clean up your hair and your act with Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look hair pomade
  • Axe Refined Clean-Cut Look Pomade for men goes well with Axe Primed Just Clean Shampoo and Axe Phoenix shower gel

Honest reviews


Amazon cancelled my order?…so I bought it myself now its a 5 Star

I was set to review this product but unfortunately for unknown reasons Amazon cancelled this item. I really wanted to review this product, I’m a big hair gel user and always like trying newer products. Sorry… :-(Update….purchased this at my local drug store and I’m glad I did…This isn’t a gel its more of a paste. Its great, really does give you that messy look (in a neat modern way). It holds very well while remaining light and soft, no hard crunchy hair like gels. I love this stuff, took it on vacation in the Caribbean, rain forest and it held up with no problems.

Jeannine Taylorsville, MS

Can’t go wrong with it

My husband is a prime candidate for Queer Eye. He cares about his appearance, but he’s just completely clueless as to what looks good and how to look good. His hair, in particular, is a point of much frustration for both of us. It is naturally messy. It grows in all directions. Thank goodness for the popularity of the “messy look” style.Still, you’d think getting a messy look is simple. It’s not. My husband’s method generally is to put some styling goo on his hands and run it back and forth through his hair briskly, like he was shining his head with it. This is not the best method for a messy look, but it is what he does. The result is often mixed. If the paste is good, he will have a good messy look at the end of this. If it’s bad, his hair will turn into needle-sharp spikes sticking straight up in the air.Axe Whatever resulted in a darn near perfect messy look despite the technique. His hair remained soft and touchable. He commented on it having a relatively pleasant handfeel compared to his previous products. I personally didn’t like the scent of it, but the scent fades not long after application, so it doesn’t really matter.Overall, we recommend this product. I think Axe has done a good job of creating a styling product that guys can’t go wrong with.

Bette Oakland, MI

Decent But Not Strongest Hair Hold Control

I’m not really all that technical when it comes to my hair but I do enjoy a level of messiness that has somewhat become a piece of my self image so I keep an eye on getting different types of hair products to find a good affordable one to use on a constant basis.The tests I use are: product feel, feel in hair, product smell, product rash causing, bug appeal, and product hold.Product Feel:I actually had no idea of what the consistency was of this product when I first got it delivered. I expected a sort of messy slop like some other products tend to have but it actually looks, feels, and works more like a hair wax. I consider this a pretty nifty thing considering hair wax products tend to be more expensive than their sloppy alternatives.Feel in Hair:After diluting a small sample of it with water and mixing it in with my hair I must say it returns my hair to a normal level without much residue. It gets to that point (if you use hair wax you know what I mean) where it feels a bit more smooth but the hair has its normal flow.Product Smell:It smells like some sort of weird banana mix. I can’t say I dislike it but I also don’t find it too appealing. At any rate, it’s better than most product smells.Product Rash Causing:I have the most sensitive skin around (100% Irish American pastey white skin) and I have issues with some products that interact with skin. Given I goto the gym most days (and I don’t shower before) it can cause the product to drip down with sweat and affect me if it has rash causing issues — it happens a lot with me and gels. This product, on the days I’ve tried, has not caused any rashes to appear or my skin to get irrated.Bug Appeal:Any kid growing up playing baseball knows that the minute you start sweating in a ball cap you attract scores of bugs. The same thing goes for odd smelling hair products — I used to have issues in high school with gels attracting bugs prior to my wax days.Product Hold:This is what I think hurt the product the most… I looked at some of the other reviews and everyone is screaming wild praise for its maximum hold but I really find it sub par compared to a lot of other products out there. I have quite a bit of hair (check out my Amazon image if you want) and it just doesn’t do a good job of controlling. It does cause the hair to work just if I have a date or if I’m going out for the night I don’t trust the product to do a good job. I use it for work to save on using some of my other products but I can’t imagine it becoming a life choice.I suggest, if you can, to buy a smaller dosage and try it out yourself — I think it’s kind of a waste to buy a 3-pack of something you’re not sure if you’ll use so just get one, try it out, and if you like it buy the 3-pack.

Jodie Thonotosassa, FL

Way Too Greasy!

I’ve tried every hair gel, wax and paste on the market. The Axe Whatever Messy Look is like putting cooking oil in your hair. The scent is kind of weird too. LA Looks is the least expensive gel and a far more effective product than AXE. Seriously, don’t waste your money on this one. I only gave it one star because I didn’t have a choice.

Elaine Cumming, GA

Is there a reason why I didn’t receive this?

Before I could try and write a review on this Amazon notified me that this item will not be shipped. So, suffice to say I can’t offer an informed opinion on this.But since Amazon won’t let me post a review without a rating…I will rate this product a 4. This is based on previous Axe merchandises that I have used.

Valarie Madison, OH

So you want to pay for messy hair?

First things first. I watched the little ad for this product on Amazon. A bunch of male models put on wigs with messy hair and women won’t talk to them. (Let’s forget for the moment that the whole thing is obviously scripted). So what’s the message? Women don’t like messy hair.So what’s the solution? A product that will make your hair messy. Confused? Me too. But I figured, well, if it can make your hair messy, it can probably make it stay in place. And in fact it can. It’s very similar to gel, but doesn’t dry as hard. It stays sort of gooey, like a hard wax. It looks shiny like gel.If you really want your hair to look messy, I suggest not combing or brushing it. That usually works for me. Good luck with your hair, and with the ladies!

Lolita Bally, PA

How to get it on … Finger – Rub – Spread

This hair paste has the color and consistency of putty, but fortunately it doesn’t dry hard. It adds that grimy weight to your hair that people find so intriguing — the bed-head style — and nobody needs to know how hard you work to make yourself look unkempt.On the underside of the lid are the instructions, which were about my favorite part of this product:FINGER – RUB – SPREAD1. Use finger-tip amount2. Rub vigorously between hands3. Spread thoroughly through damp hair and styleThe price is right for this product, and the fragrance is quite light and pleasant. But why are guy products so much cheaper than similar girl products? And why do the guys get the racy directions and we girls just get “apply sparingly to damp hair”?

Lorna Orcas, WA

Good light hold — not too tacky

There is usually a trade-off: something with a strong hold will generally be more noticeable and tacky, while if you are looking for something that you won’t feel if you run your fingers through your hair, then you are talking about a lighter hold product. Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste definitely falls in the lighter hold / less tacky group. If you are looking for something that will give your hair a little style then this your product. If you are looking to create convoluted works of art with your hair, then you’ll be going through a jar of this in no time and probably not all that happy with the results.Other positives of Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste include a pleasant smell. I only notice it when I put it on…it does not remain an overpowering beacon of fragrance emanating from your head (which begs the question just HOW does it attract that ladies as per the well-known Axe commercials?). And it goes on easily… I rub a little on my fingertips and apply to my towel dried hair and it dissolves readily. Other products leave little lumps and may be hard to distribute, but the Axe stuff does fine.

Nichole Beavertown, PA

Not for me . . .

I love Axe products. I usually find them high quality and smartly packaged. But . . . I’m going to have to take a pass on this “Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste”.The upside is that it maintained may hair style throughout a long day with lots of wind and moisture exposure. And true to Axe tradition, it comes in a nice looking container with a nifty snap off lid.The downside is that it deposits a repulsive residue on hair, that even seems to linger after shampooing. This product is marketed on the proposition that women don’t like to touch hard, stiff hair. I would pose that neither do they like to touch sticky greasy hair that tranfers a residue over onto their hand.I would describe the experience as being akin to massaging a dab of wheel bearing grease into your hair (although I haven’t really decided if the product is a grease or more of a wax). Anyway, notwithstanding my frugal nature — I used this product one time and threw the rest of it away.

Irene Manteo, NC

*Clean* Looking & Great For *Texture* But *Stiff*

The AXE REFINED CLEAN-CUT LOOK POMADE has that same fresh scent of other AXE products and it does give a nice shine to the hair without being greasy in appearance or touch.It holds pretty good for spiking the hair up and for texture, but it does get a little stiff. Not as stiff as gels, but the hair is harder to the touch than other AXE products likeAxe Whatever Messy Look Paste, 2.64-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3)orAxe Laid Back Shaggy Look Cream, 2.64-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3).I use this to style my coif everyday! Much cheaper than more expensive products likeFudge Shaper, 3.5-Ounce Bottles, which is hard to find, and works just as good and the hold lasts all day–just add a little water to your do to reactivate.It is a little harder to work with, like another reviewer said, because the consistency is very waxy.

Justina Carson City, NV


It is true, what Axe claims, this paste is not stiff or crunchy and smells quite pleasant.YET it does not hold all that swell. I got my hair up in a nice semi, faux-hawk, but 30 minutes outside – and my hair was limp pankcake batter, flatter than it would have been with simply hairspray. I decided the paste was too heavy, so I tried using less, but didn’t get as much play and messiness as I did with more.Also, the packaging is insane, it is an eco-friendly world out there now, Axe kids. Less Plastic, More Paste.Now the price, the price is 5 stars. So if you feel like playing around, split the 3 packages with your friends, it’s really not that much of a hurt on the budget.

Tia Amado, AZ

Smells great, but way too greasy

Not only can you achieve the messy look with this product, but you also get a really messy feel, which isn’t good.My hopes were high when I first opened the jar… the product had a wonderful scent. But for the rest of the day, my hair felt so greasy and oily. It wasn’t hot.I’m sure chicks would prefer running their fingers through “crusty, gel hair” rather than this stuff. At least they wouldn’t walk away with a greasy film on their fingers and hands like they would with this stuff. It makes your hair feel like you haven’t washed it in days.I prefer the American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme For Men 3.53oz much more.

Althea Big Cabin, OK

Whatever messy Paste

Whaever Messy paste.Ok first Axe has changed the look of the jar. It is now round instead of the weird and wider shape it used to be.Along with changing the look, it doesn’t seem to have the hold the older jars had. I’m not sure if Axe changed their formula for this product. But now it flat out sucks. I have thick straight hair. This stuff can barely hold my hair in position for longer than 30-45 minutes.The paste also smells like chemicals (not a good thing).I’ll go back to my other brand which is unfortunately more $$.Axe why did you change the jar and the formula???

Latonya Wolf Creek, MT

Warning it makes my hair fall out!

I’m in my low 20’s and I really liked this product when using it because it gave me a nice texture and helped me style my hair the way I wanted to for much cheaper than the other brands I usually buy like American Crew Fiber, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair cream, and KMS. I was thinking it was a win-win for me to buy the axe product, but after about 4-5 days of use I noticed every time I would take a shower I had A LOT more hair coming out than the usual few strands, but I continued using the product for the rest of the month not thinking the hair loss had anything to do with the Axe. What a freaking mistake! It thinned my hair like crazy and after looking online and seeing people with similar problems with Axe products, I immediately switched back to American Crew Fiber. I like the way the Axe makes my hair look better than the Fiber, as well as the price, but I now understand why the Axe is so cheap: The chemicals used it in are junk. Spend the extra money and buy something better. Your hair will thank you. Once I switched my hair stopped falling out as much. It is still kind of thin on the top, but has been getting thicker again.

Brenda Hualapai, AZ

Functional, unoffensive

I haven’t used any other AXE products – I tend to avoid perfumed products, which is the impression I have gotten of them. This paste, however, is mostly fragrance-free and does a good job of keeping my hair the way I put it. It has a slight scent in the can, but none I can discern on my hair.The paste itself is a stiff blueish butter – scoop out a bit on your fingertip, rub it around in your hands and work it through your damp hair. It then provides pretty good hold for the day. Not greasy at all, and definitely not stiff or crunchy. While it doesn’t exactly rinse clean with water, it does with shampoo.The container itself is a nice touch. The prutruding fins on either side make it easy to open and close the container tightly with wet or slippery hands.I don’t wear my hair exceedingly spiky or anything, so I can’t vouch for that, but it has the right amount of hold for an old hipster like me.

Valerie Franklin, KS

Always timely!

I’ve ordered this like 3 times now (for the bf). He loves this stuff! And loves he has such a large supply! Each one lasts about a month. Definitely recommend if your bf uses it. Its always horrible when the bf runs out of hair putty and then looks so discheveled.

Jeanine Bethany, MO

Decent product

I honestly had high hopes with this so-called gel replacement, but it ended up with a bitter disappointment.You will want to work the paste onto your hands before applying it because you don’t want to end up with “chunks” of the paste on your hair. And it seems that it makes your hands too “oily” or “greasy” after applying it. Basically, with a gel, you can just flush your hands with water after application, but you will end up using a hand soap with this one. The scent isn’t too exciting either. Oh, cross that, it smells bad. I just couldn’t bring myself to apply something whose scent I don’t even like after a couple of times. Try it at your own risk.

Shirley Johnston City, IL

Great hair stuff for short hair!

I use this for shorter hair — rub a pea size amount in the hands and run through shower-damp hair. Very fast, very easy.It smells decent, works in well with a quick rub between the hands and lasts a reasonably long amount of time.Subscribe and Save 3-pack is more cost-effective than in-store purchase.We also use this to crunch up my 3-year old’s naturally curly hair into a funky look — she loves it.

Tracey Columbus, NM

It depends

This is the only product I use, so I rate it 5 stars (after a few other products, of course).Anyway, I noticed that sometimes, if the hair is not wet enough or if it is not dry enough, it can have large effect on how long it can hold my hair. This can be fixed with the “dust”, but that is all.Recommend if you like a messy hair.

Adeline Norristown, PA

Smells Good, Works Nicely

Pros:Smells goodEasy to work withStyle stays all dayNot crunchy or flaky (like some gels)Not greasy (like some other pastes)Cons:A bit stickyOverall:Good product!

Darla Mayking, KY

Nothing special, but decent (updated)

**4/2009 Update*****After using this for a while and geting my hair cut to < 2″, it works quite well, and holds all day. I revised this to 4 stars.***The paste has a odd texture, a bit rubbery at first touch. It spreads ok and for me, it seems to get a bit stiff shortly after. As it is in the Axe line, I expected it to have some overpowering obnoxious scent. Happily, it didn’t.The container is about twice as big as it needs to be, but I suppose they were going for form over function. (Over done packaging annoys me and is wasteful). I usually use Bumble & Bumble’s Sumotech or Artec Texturline, both I like much better than the Axe Whatever paste. Of course, they cost more, but I prefer them because they give me a better texture and hold. If you have very short hair, I’d guess you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between brands.Now everyone’s hair is different, mine is a little longer and your mileage may vary, but for me, I’ll spend a more on the others that I prefer.

Mercedes Baldwin, WI

I’ll use the rest, but won’t buy again

The Axe paste is pretty good for a lightweight product, and does exactly as promised in not being crunchy. I found applying to damp (not wet) hair helped performance substantially.Here’s why I won’t go out of my way to buy it again:1) Leaves hair feeling waxy. Better than crunchy? Arguably.2) Made my hair super-curly. I mean, I have some natural wave, but this made curls like nothing I’ve ever used.3) I didn’t care for the scent at all. I wish Axe didn’t feel the compulsive need to perfume everything.Overall, it’s not a bad product. It’s just not good enough for me. I’ll head back to my Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner when I’m done with this tub.

Olivia Martha, KY

The Messy Look Paste

My 17 year old son likes this stuff, but doesn’t like the way it feels on his hands.I think his hair looks great when he uses it. It doesn’t look or feel gooey. I don’t think this product necessarily offers the staying power to the ‘messy look’ that other products do, but it’s certainly good enough – and most definitely easier to wash out than others.My son likes all the Axe products he’s used.

Carla Shishmaref, AK

Just butch enough

It’s got the look, that sleek, racing car look that might appeal to young guys, and inside the jar is thick gray goop that’s about as far from a feminine product as you can imagine. But the scent is mango. Now, I like it, but I’m female. I don’t know that the scent is going to appeal to men.Does it work? Pretty well, yeah, once you actually get the goop out of the jar. It’s not just thick, it’s THICK, and you have to scrape it out, which I suppose is more manly. But once you’ve got it in your hands and warm it up, it goes on pretty easily, and it does what it says it’ll do. It’s not sticky or greasy (as long as you don’t put too much on) and it doesn’t make your hair crisp like gels or sprays. I used it to tame almost shoulder-length hair, and it gave me a nice, casual look.Would I recommend it? Meh. It’s okay. Not great stuff, not terrible. Like the label says “whatever.”

Reba Granite Springs, NY

Plentiful. Decent scent. Leaves hair crispy though.

In the world of pomade hair products, I am but a novice. But I know what I like. This AXE paste doesn’t quite cut it for me. The price is right. At about $7 per jar, you get a decent amount of paste though the jar can be misleading. The aroma has a scent of coconut amidst the usual pomade smell. It’s actually fairly pleasant. Also, the paste spreads easily throughout your hair especially when it’s slightly wet.What I don’t like about this paste is that it leaves your hair crispy and wet looking like gel does. I thought the whole reason for pomade was to give you control without the crispified, wet gel look. I guess they missed that when developing this product.Also, the top layer of the paste resembles the consistency of pudding skin. You really have to mix it in your hands well or you’ll get clumps, which are bad. But, as I said, it does spread easily through your hair once you have it ready to go in your hands. It’s just the whole getting it ready part that may require additional work.Of the pomades I’ve used, I have to recommend the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Grooming Pomade over this product. Though it looks more like gel, it requires less to cover more area and leaves your hair looking and feeling very natural. It’s about $4/oz where as the AXE paste runs about $2.65/oz, so you get what you pay for.

Tara Edgerton, MO

Smells wonderful, not as stiff as some products

The main users of this product are the 11yo son, 16yo son and 48yo husband in my house. I’m typing this review for them.First of all, the scent of this stuff is wonderful…very fresh and clean, lightly scented but not overpowering. Sort of has a professional product smell, if that makes sense.My husband who has a short, flat-top haircut says this product is not quite as stiff as the product “Stiff Head” but it has a much nicer, less waxy scent. For his haircut, he does feel like he needs something with a lot of stiffness to it.My 11yo & 16yo sons though, who have basic, traditional, haircuts, short on the sides and a longer on top, like this product very much. Not sure they are going for the “just fell out of bed” look (we thought that was pretty funny), but they do think it adds just the right finish to their hair, holds it in place but doesn’t look stiff or crackly like a gel can sometimes. This product also seems like it will wash out of their hair more easily than some of the products we have tried, which is definitely a plus. I think we’ll be purchasing this again, mostly for the boys.

Erna Spencerville, OK

Does a great job, although applying it isn’t fun

GOOD STUFF:-The product holds well-Only a little bit is needed to style your hair, so the product will last a LONG time-It has a light fragrance (much better than other products that smell weird)-The product is SOLID — some products are way too gel-like and messy to put on, but this one is fineBAD STAFF-It REALLY sticks, so you better style right within a few seconds or you’ll be stuck with a weird hair style all day-You have to REALLY rub the product well between your fingers, otherwise your hair will have tiny colored dots in itOverall, 4 stars. It works–I can’t complain.

Josefina Four Lakes, WA

Good for that messy look, whatever.

On the jar of Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste, you will find the following statement:”Fact: Girls don’t like that crusty crunchy hair you get from gel.”Well, neither do I, which is why I tend not to use gel on my wavy, often hard-to-control hair. Axe Whatever Messy Look Paste doesn’t claim to provide “control.” Still, control is the objective, but in a way that is meant to hide the effort you’ve made to achieve it. In other words, this is for men who are vain but want to appear too cool to be concerned with appearing attractive. It’s an attitude exemplified by the word that serves as the name of the product and which may be the motto for an entire generation: Whatever. Too bad they couldn’t fit “you know” in there, too.This product is pretty good if you want that somewhat wet look, and especially if you dislike that crunchy effect that most gels leave behind. I doubt it will enhance your appeal to the opposite sex unless you have appeal to begin with. But, hey, whatever.Brian W. Fairbanks

Jody Rico, CO

Not bad for the price

Even though all indications on the product reflect that it is hair paste for men, I decided to give it a try anyway. I do not use many gel type products on my hair, but after reading about this, just thought I would “give it a go” since products for women are terribly expensive.I used it on my hair for the first time this morning. It has a pleasant fragrance and it definitely is not greasy or oily feeling. It left my hair nice and smooth after I blew it dry with a curling brush on the end of my hair dryer. The first thing I think about with paste/pomade is gumminess. In saying that, I will state that I only used a small dab as instructed on the underside of the lid. My hair has maintained its style all day.I am giving it to a couple of other people to try and will update my review when I receive more feedback.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>January 2009 update:I am still using the product after each shampoo and I am very pleased with it. It definitely makes my hair more manageable and does not make it sticky or gummy.A friend has also tried the product and so far, he has been pleased with it. It helps him keep his hair in place after washing.I would definitely purchase this product again.

Pansy Doole, TX

Just ok for my hair

I have short, very fine hair and I typically wear it slighty spiky. I’m not sure that this product is a good match for my hair. It seems to weight it down too much and I’ve had much better luck with some of the Paul Mitchell products, for example. Also, I am not crazy about the scent. Kind of reminds me of putting deodorant on my head, both in terms of smell and texture.I’m giving it 3 star and not a lower score because it might work just fine for certain types of hair. For my hair, I thought it was just ok. Obviously, the scent is subjective. I didn’t especially care for it, although my girlfriend thought it was nice, so I’ll let you judge that one for yourself.

Lidia Charm, OH