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Axe Body Wash, Snake Peels 16 oz

Combining desert minerals and cactus oil, AXE Snake Peel shower scrub exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin.

Key features

  • No.1 male body wash brand in the world. (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men’ bath and shower retail value sales, 2014. Lynx includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales.)
  • Available in 16 fluid ounce bottle, helping guys lather up for the freshest part of their day.
  • AXE Snake Peel body wash contains desert minerals and cactus oil
  • Refreshing fragrance to kick off or end your day
  • Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good

Honest reviews


By FAR my favorite

This is by FAR my favorite Axe shower gel. I love the smell, and I love the bonus exfoliating scrubbing stuff. Some of the Axe shower gels are pretty weak/watery in strength or just your standard flowery/musky smell. I found that all the ones that come in clear bottles are of better quality (notably more concentrated/luxurious with “goodies” in them), and this is the best and most “luxurious” of them all.I add in some others for variety, but I have been using this scent as my favorite since the stuff came out (almost 10 years ago?). The only thing I don’t like about this is that I cannot transfer it to a pump bottle because the beads and scrubbing goodies plug them up.Also, note that Amazon’s price at the time of this writing is not very good, even with their Add-on pricing. I have gotten it much cheaper before (in a 6-pack x older 12oz) shipped from Amazon. With luck, you can find it at a local drugstore which will likely be cheaper as they are often on sale, but this scent is harder to find.Note that the original size was 12 oz. The current common size is now 33% more = 16oz. Occasionally, you can find a bonus +50% size (18oz).

Marcella Gregory, TX

Hubby asks for 2 girls instead of just 1…

My husband loves Axe products. This is one of his fave body washes because he said the smell isn’t too overpowering and he also likes the "beads" in it as it exfoliates his skin nicely. His comment when buying his Axe products….make sure it has 2 women on it instead of 1 lol (referring to the back of the label).

Louella Darlington, PA

Great pumpkin-ginger smell

Great for those who like a warm, spicy, ginger-y scent. For years, this has been my favorite of all Axe scents.

Pat Altha, FL

Axe Snake Peel

Axe Shower Gel, Snake Peel, 16 Fluid Ounce is an awesome shower gel. I use several of these scents, doesnt break me out even with my sensitive skin and smells great.

Deanne Warbranch, KY

I love this!

I love this stuff. Great liquid soap and it cleans your skin too. You can feel it smoothing rough skin after just 2-3 uses. and it smells great. Or so I’m told.. 🙂

Cornelia Carlile, WY