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AXE Body Wash, Apollo 16 oz

A refreshing, clean masculine scent of sage, crisp mandarin, and smooth sandalwood will keep you smelling and feeling great. Stay fresh with AXE Apollo Body Wash.

Key features

  • No.1 male body wash brand in the world (*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men’s bath and shower retail value sales, 2014. Lynx includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales)
  • Revitalizing AXE Apollo body wash in 16 fluid ounce bottle
  • Masculine AXE Apollo scent blends crisp mandarin and smooth sandalwood
  • Refreshing fragrance to kick off or end your day
  • Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good
  • To ensure your skin looks and smells its best, you can combine AXE Apollo Body Wash with other AXE Apollo products, including bodyspray, deodorant stick, antiperspirant invisible solid, shampoo+conditioner
  • Also available in deodorant body spray, deodorant stick, anti-per spirant invisible solid and shampoo conditioner
  • Fresh, clean, masculine scent
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


Great product

This Axe body wash is not just for teenage boys, contrary to popular belief. It smells great, fresh and clean. It lathers fully with a loofah and does a great job cleaning. HIghly recommended.

Augusta Bluemont, VA

Nothing to brag about

As a soap or body wash, this product covers the basics. Put it on a sponge or scrunchy and it will clean your body. As far as its lathering, I did not think it was great. I put a lot on the sponge and it did not cover my six foot four inch body. I had to add more to get completely cleaned. As far as the scent of this product, it is the same artificial scent that I have found in all Axe products. It definitely does not fit the Mandarin and sandalwood flavored description that I read prior to ordering this product. It does smell flavorful. Many people would enjoy this sweet smell. I do not because it is too artificial smelling for me.

Amparo Lyndell, PA

Unilever Floods the Market

I find it interesting that personal care products Unilever have two new lines of products for men. I have tried the company’s Dove Men+Care line and can’t resist the urge to compare the Axe line with the Dove products. The Axe Shower Gel has less of a citrus and floral scent than the comparable Dove product; however, there are a couple of issues with the Axe Shower Gel that may give pause to some potential purchasers. First of all, it seems to be far too easy to use more product than what is required, especially compared with the comparable Dove product. The spout opening is much bigger and the gel flows out pretty freely. Secondly, the Axe Shower Gel does not offer the same level of moisturizing that a number of other similar products do. So, in the final analysis: the scent works, but this might not be the most economical shower gel, or the best choice for those of us with dry skin in the winter.

Bobby Littlefield, TX

Axe shower gel

Nice and not so over powering smell.Not too bad for sensitive skin (no funny reactions – my guy has sensitive skin)

Anita Dardanelle, CA

Kinda like bathing with soapy cologne…

Axe is a brand with a reputation. We’ve all seen the unforgettable commercials for their body spray, which, admittedly, I use myself. Supposedly, it’ll make college girls rip your clothes off. Well, it doesn’t do that. I still don’t have any dates. However, the variety I use smells good, and as lame as it is, it is nice to have something “hip” on my shelf, as I’m rather clueless about stuff like that. As for Axe shower gel, it has about the same redeeming qualities. It’s something that looks darn cool in your shower. It represents youthful masculinity, something a single guy at my age is eager to show any signs of at all in the hopes of getting a girl before it’s too late, ha. However,… as a shower gel, well, I am not super impressed. Axe Shower Gel not only smells like a cologne, it feels like you are washing yourself with a soap mixed with cologne. I mean, it is very hard to get any lather out of this stuff, and it has more of a slick, alcohol-ish feeling to it. I haven’t noticed it drying me out, so that must not be a big issue, and it seems to be effective enough at getting me clean, so maybe it is nit-picky to prefer something that gets all lathery. I mean, it seems to do its job, it is just very different. I don’t think the smell really lasts either, but then you wouldn’t need the body spray. Anyway, my rating on this, “It’s okay.” Like I said though, it looks cool on the shelf.

Kitty Hartford, MI

works okay, but nothing exceptional

Unilever claims on the package that this product should produce superior lather, but I didn’t notice any difference from any other shower gel I’ve used (Dove Men Care, Nivea, etc). The other alleged selling point is the scent which is supposed to drive women wild with sexual desire. (Anyone familiar with commercials for the Axe brand will recognize that this is the general selling point of Axe products.) I cannot speak to whether women generally are attracted to the scents used in Axe products, but making such a claim about a shower gel seems particularly silly. Yes, the product does have that typical, slightly medicinal Axe smell when you put it on, but after it’s rinsed off it doesn’t leave behind that scent (thankfully!).So, if you need a shower gel and this is fairly priced, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from buying this product. There’s nothing special about it, however.

Allison Mappsville, VA

Great New Scent from Axe

I’m a long time Axe user. It’s good to have the new Apollo line out to change up the normal scents. This one is certainly more of a masculine scent.

Lorrie Jefferson, PA

Wanna Smell Me?

Clean and masculine is right!!! I do like how it smells, and so does my wife who can’t keep her hands off of me every time I use it! I save it for those “special” occasions, if ya catch my drift!

Karin Chepachet, RI

Nice Scent not enough lather

My husband tried this shower gel and immediately hated it. He prefers the Signature Collection for men from Bath & Body Works. My four boys on the other hand, ranging in ages from 12-17, liked the scent, but had two complaints. The first was that you have to use a good amount to get a nice lather and the second was that the scent didn’t last long. Overall, they gave it 3 stars.

Kristina Tiff City, MO

Economical and Effective

I have used Axe products for quite a while, and what I’ve noticed is that their shower gels are cheap to use, have a non-repellent fragrance, and last a good, long time. I have used trial or travel sized shower gels for about two months each with great results.The only downside is how much you use. If you overdo it–and it is so concentrated, so it’s so easy to do–you may keep people away or be so conspicuous you become a walking room deodorizer. Leave that to Febreeze.This particular 16 ounce container has a sporty smell and is destined with sustained and proper use will last well over a year.Perhaps the modern equivalent to women’s Jean Nate, Axe is so convenient and serviceable, it makes you wonder why they haven’t yet jacked up their prices. The only other downside is you want to keep it in a plastic bag. I do or else the flip top easily gets dislodged and can permanently extinguish any odor problems you may have emanating from (say) your gym bag.

Loretta Wann, OK

I like the scent and the way my skin feels after using it

I like this shower gel. I’ve been using is for several days on both my body and my hair. I like the way my skin and hair feels after and I enjoy the scent. The scent is pretty strong while I am using the gel, but once I wash it off, i do not smell it anymore. Overall, I like Axe Apollo Shower Gel.

Shannon Upper Lake, CA

Another Winner ~~ By Axe

This is a lightly-scented shower gel; not overpowering. He retains that freshly showered scent throughout the day. A small amount of the green gel goes a long way – it forms lathering foam. Rinses clean; doesn’t leave behind that dreaded soapy residue. The bottle can remain in the shower without water sipping into it.

Callie Mecosta, MI

Two Parts Spanish Fly / One Part Funky Cold Medina

Oh, how the ladies love this. It says so right on the bottle: the cleaner you get, the dirtier you will get. I can’t tell you how many women in the local wally-world were checking me out. I turned around at the dollar store and nearly tripped over a lady who was standing so close to me in the checkout line. I thought my wife was going to ravish me before I got it out of the Amazon box. Women become helpless putty in your hands when wearing this stuff. Well, not really, but the rest of what I said is mostly true. I just have no idea if has anything to do with the product or my confidence. Seriously, the product does smell nice. I first felt a little like I was “bathing in cologne,” but the masculine scent fades enough so that it is not overpowering once you get out of the shower. I like it, but probably need to go to some higher class joints to see if this product that is marketed as an aphrodisiac in a bottle really is effective at snagging the ladies. 🙂

Carey Bradford, NH

Love it!

I order this for my pre-teen and he loves it. It gives a good lather, leaves him and the bathroom smelling refreshingly clean and male, without being overpowering. We’ve definitely added to the list of must-haves.

Lorraine Brookshire, TX

Impressive Bottle, Love the Clean Feel

This is a pretty unique bottle, it fits well in your (wet, soapy) hands while in the shower and the design give it a trendy almost upscale feel.The top has a button that, when pressed opens a small hole that allow for easy dispensing, its as if they did not want the whole bottle to dispense if you drop it in the shower)…..whatever!…. it is a clever design and works very well!Love the smell of this stuff, it is fairly strong going on but but the time I get to my first meeting it seems to tone down to just about right! It leaves me with a nice fresh feeling that lasts until after lunch at least (depending on the humidity here in deep south Texas)I am really enjoying this gel and a little goes quite a long way which means it will last longer. A good buy!

Berta Jamestown, KY

Axe delivers

I’ve tried many Axe products from hair gel and body spray to shampoo, and have yet to be disappointed. Axe Apollo Shower Gel is no exception.As the product description states, it has a fresh, clean masculine scent. It is a “scent,” which means it’s noticeable, but not overwhelming. I did feel refreshed when stepping out of the shower which is not always the case with other body washes. It makes you feel clean rather than just wet. I don’t know if I smell like an “irresistible hero” now, but there’s only so much you can expect from any product. Axe delivers.

Lauren Victoria, MS

So-so among Axe shower gels

I’ve used about every Axe shower gel. Honestly, I like that this one is rich and luxurious, but otherwise it is unimpressive. The smell I found more to be like that fake “new car smell”. I didn’t find it revitalizing in any way. It is not a bad product, and probably worth buying once for variety, but I would not consider it one of my must-have Axe staples. There are many Axe shower gels which I like much better.

Elisha South Newbury, NH


I’m a shower gel nut. I love trying new ones. This was the first time I tried an Axe product and wow, it’s nice. It lathers up very nice, rich suds and has a very nice clean scent that does linger even after the shower. When I worked out later in the day and was sweating, I even smelled Axe then. This is very, very nice.

Shirley Nuevo, CA

Another great Axe product!

Its hard to go wrong with Axe and this is another great smell. I know these are made for me but I buy them not just for my sone but for myself. I find their performance to be far superior to that of the products for woman and the smells are very appealling. “Apollo” is no different. it will be a regular on my shower shelf.

Inez Bluffton, MN

My Girlfriend Digs The Apollo Scent

My girlfriend is pretty picky with neutral, masculine smells – they give her a headache. She even hates the smell of the “waterfall”, “beach breeze”, etc candles – the kind of manlier smells that I like (instead of fruit & flower smells). So I was trying to get something that I liked but wouldn’t make her go running for the hills either. I tried the Apollo shampoo first, she never complained & even complimented that it smelled good. So I picked up the shower gel & also the deodorant spray. Now she loves the smell, even takes my hoodie home from time to time – saying that it smells like me (Axe Apollo). So if you’re looking for a new Axe smell, this has been one of the better ones in quite awhile. I hope it sticks around to become a permanent Axe smell – like Phoenix, Twist, etc.

Jocelyn Clarkston, GA

Pleasant fragrance and cleans the body

I really like the bottle, it’s a rather masculine design that functions quite well. The smell of the gel is also pleasant without being over bearing. It also lathers up very nicely and does a great job of getting clean with it.

Silvia Milbank, SD

The best for eliminating sports sweat and odors

Axe is the name of choice for all the sports dudes in this house. And, this Apollo is the preferred scent by all of them. After trying all of Axe’s scents, this one is the most preferred with Dark Temptation running a close second. It is, by far, the only thing I’ve ever found that can truly eliminate all of the sweat, dirt and odors that sports elicit, as well as the workouts in the basement. Yeah, you’re going to attract a few girls using this too – it has a very manly, piney, woodsy scent and the boys in this house truly enjoy the smell. They also use it with the deodorant and the body spray. It isn’t overpowering either – it dissipates within about 30 minutes out of the shower. However, it doesn’t dry out their skin with using it twice daily, and it just plain works.Hope this product is around forever – the boys just love it and actually fight over it when it gets down to the small amounts remaining in the bottles. The BEST way to use this product – either get one of Axe’s sponges they sell or a cheapie at you local grocery store for a buck. You only need about a dab the size of a nickel to get up a gob of lather and it makes it last longer. Believe me, with tons of boys running around you need to find ways to stretch the budget! That’s the usage that is recommended by Axe anyway and well, it just works. HIGHLY recommend!

Karla Roll, AZ

Smells good, Feel Fresh

This Axe Shower Gel made me remember why I like Axe in the first place. It smells very good and it smells good on me. I now have a good, fresh feeling. I kind of wish I had a date now. But I definitely will be using this again, when I do go on one. It’s nice to have a good scent on you when you’re on a date.

Rosa Pardeeville, WI

Loved it

As the product description states, it has a fresh, clean masculine scent. It is a “scent,” which means it’s noticeable, but not overwhelming. My grandson did feel refreshed when stepping out of the shower which is not always the case with other body washes. It makes you feel clean and that is the ultimate goal. I don’t know if he felt that he smelled like an “irresistible hero” but there’s only so much you can expect from any product. Axe delivers as far as he is concerned.

Milagros De Kalb, TX

Refreshing smell

Great product. Refreshing smell. My wife love it on me. Switching from Irish Spring Moisture Blast to this product. Will buy again.

Esther Heath, OH

A Sexy Smell for My Man

My husband is an Axe fan anyway so when I had the opportunity to give this scent a test run, I jumped on it. It’s a very clean smell that isn’t overpowering which is important to me. Plus, a little dab will do you causing the bottle to last a while. Another big plus. My two sons are also fans of this product. So, it’s a definite given that I will be making many more Axe purchases in the future. And now that I know what this particular scent smells like, I will make it a point to look for it.

Barbara Parachute, CO

Love the Apollo fragrance

My teenage son loves the Apollo fragrance by AXE. He has very sensitive skin on his face, so he has to be careful what he uses on his face, but the shower gel is a different story. He loves the way it has a full lather, without needing to use a whole lot. What he likes most about it, is the fragrance this shower gel has, he says that it leaves a clean feeling, but the fact that the fragrance is a little strong, it lasts for a while after he gets out of the shower. The Apollo fragrance is his favorite.

Lois Adams Run, SC

not exactly the god of fresh-scented music

Like every Axe product for men I have experienced – and how many products that involve self-care for men are actually out there? – this one is exactly what I have come to expect: well-performing, a tad overly-fragranced, and definitely reasonably priced. Ideal for an evening in an Eastern-European nightclub!

Angelita Morgan Hill, CA

he loves this axe shower gel

The man of the house is a fan of Axe and typically buys the Dark Temptation line from Axe for shower gel and spray deodorant. Since he’s been loyal to that line for a while, I wasn’t sure if he would like the Apollo scent as much. The first time he used it, he emerged from the shower like a little kid on Christmas day. The scent lasted after rinsing and we both agree it’s a pleasant citrusy type of fragrance. He really likes the shower gel overall in terms of how it cleans and the level of moisturizing, but especially for the characteristic fresh citrusy scent of this new Apollo line from Axe. He wants to try out the other Apollo products from the brand.

Gay West Milton, PA

Does the job!

Regardless of the heavy marketing regarding Axe products, and the warnings regarding some of them, I found the Axe Shower Gel Apollo, 16 Ounce, very efficient at what it claimed to be able to do, which is help you wash well. I will not deny that I had taken some kind of a dislike because of the heavy advertisement tactics, but at the end my curiosity got the best of me. The gel comes out thick and I believe it is best when used with a proper shower towel, cloth, or even the the japanese salux, which allows for a lot of cleaning foam to build and this way one uses less.The shower gel definitely gets the job done, and I found that one container lasted an above average of time, making a pretty good value for the hard earned dollar. I did not notice any strong smell during or after, like some of these shower products have a lingering scent. Some you like a lot, some you do not as much. I found this product kind of neutral in the smell department, with maybe a vague pine fragrance? As to the lather this product produces, there is no doubt that using it, like I mentioned, with the salux nylon japanese bath towel I am able to produce plenty of lather, enough to do the whole body with just an average amount. The few time I tried it directly into my hands, the gel came out thick and if one is not paying attention, it might just slide out of the hand onto the shower floor. Using it this way, I can see where a lot of it would be wasted.Leaves you feeling clean, and ready to face the day with optimism. Not being in the demographics age to which Axe caters, I found myself a little bit of an intruder. Without expecting much in the way of female passerby’s jumping on my path out of the blue, and once I put aside the generation gap that exists, I found that in the shower this gel works for whoever uses it. Would I become an Axe shower gel user when there are countless other brands to consider? Probably not. I figure is kind of like spring break being for the crowd that enjoys it. For its cleaning properties I give it a sincere 4 Stars. Amazon, once again, gets my heartfelt thanks for letting me try this product and get very clean in the process.

Lilian South Jordan, UT