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Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Bodywash Total Fresh, 12 Ounce

Get it all done in one with new axe total fresh 3 in 1 conditioner. Get a head to toe clean with a dose of conditioner to get touchably clean hair. Good for gym, dorm, and on-the-go.

Key features

  • Gives a head to toe clean
  • 3-in-1: shampoo + container + body wash
  • Convenient and time saving
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


Works fine as a body wash but I don’t care for using it as a shampoo

I am neither thrilled or disappointed with this 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. This 3 in 1 product is dark blue color and has a typical Axe stronger smell but that’s what I expect and usually like about Axe products. I usually like stronger scents because I like to smell nice and clean. It’s hard to explain what this product smells like other than like a light cologne. I will say that it’s not the strongest smelling Axe product that I have tried by far. It works fine for a body wash but I don’t care for using it as a shampoo. As a body wash it gets you clean and makes you smell nice but doesn’t seem to moisturize your skin in any way. My hair and scalp is very particular about what type of shampoo that I use and as a shampoo this product doesn’t do much for me.

James Bromide, OK

Not as Impressed with 3-in-1

I really likeAxe’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but somehow, this 3-in-1 formulated as a bodywash just isn’t as impressive.This product works poorly as a bodywash, as it does not lather too well in a washcloth – am I supposed to use the whole bottle in one session? I doubt that it would do much better in a loufa – what the heck is a loufa? I even tried a more primal approach, by rubbing the stuff all over my chest and everywhere else I could reach with the product directly from my bare hands, and that didn’t do much better.It has soapy properties that can clean, but the Axe 3-in-1 S+C+B Total Fresh is a little disappointing. It works okay as shampoo, if anything. I will keep using either bar soap, or a more effective bodywash for my skin, and maybe the much more effective 2-in-1 Axe products to shampoo my hair.

Lorraine Harlan, IA

Good shampoo

For the purpose of reviews, shampoo is kind of like batteries in my opinion. Do the batteries fit your device ? Do they work for a sufficient amount of time ? Not much else to say.So here’s my thought on this new Axe shampoo. It does what it says. It cleans my hair. The scent fits well in the same ‘odor pallette’ as my current soap and deoderant. If there are any cons its that not one woman has ravished me on the bus or even given me an extra long glance since using the product. But that’s ok. I’d hate to have to explain the incident to my wife.

Jacklyn Mount Vernon, OR

3 in 1 perfect for on the go!

Axe 3 in 1 shampoo plus conditioner plus bodywash is perfect for hubby on the go. This is his go to when he is at the gym and even better when we travel. He especially loves it for travel since it really helps cut down on what he has to bring in his carry-on bag for overnight trips.The bottle has a great design and makes it easy to fit it in his gym bag, and also squeeze into an overnight carry-on bottle. The bottle hasn’t opened up on it’s own even though it has been shoved into a bag or tossed around either. So hubby has no worries about it getting all over his new clean clothes.It lathers quickly and rinses out without any extra time giving hair and body a nice clean feeling. Plus its very consistent and doesn’t leave his skin dry at all. The scent is strong but hubby loves the scent, he says it smells manly, and I also really enjoy the smell on his skin. The scent will last from his morning shower all the way until he gets home, which is perfect for it does cover up his work smells. LOLHubby really enjoys this brand and this product. He likes the fact that it can do everything in one bottle and will be buying it from now on since it fits his fast lifestyle.

Emilie Garden City, MI

Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Body

Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Body. I love these products that are 3 in 1! How convenient! This particular product is very much loved by the “man” in my life that is using it.Axe products are hot products among the men in my life, and I’m sure, among other men as well. Axe is very high quality; the smell is out of this world; and it does its job wonderfully.Highy recommended. We LOOOOOVE Axe!!!!!

Rosemarie Brier Hill, NY

Very heavy perfume scent, but typical Axe!

The 3-in-1 (“Total Fresh Head to Toe Clean”) is just a repackaging of the regular Axe liquid body wash.I use Axe all the time, it’s one of those staples I pickup at Family Dollar, when I’m in the neighborhood.Axe products are have a heavy lather but the liquid is, opposite of Dove, primarily a soapy perfume. Nothing more. And, unless you perspire very easily, there’s no immediately need to use perfume or deodorant.Axe is perhaps on the same level as Suave, a good, generic body soap. A much better product is the Dove “Men’s Care” line.

Jacquelyn Joelton, TN

Love this for my son

This 3 in 1 is perfect for my pre-teen son. Give him too many different bath products to use and he’s at a loss as to which to use for what. I far prefer handing him a single bottle to use instead of always having a pre-shower explanation of “Use the blue bottle for washing your hair, use the grey bottle for conditioner (but just a little bit!) and use the green bottle with your sponge for your body”, then half way through the shower hearing him yell, “What was the grey one for again?!”. Now, I can just hand him this bottle and tell him to wash all over with it. From his hair to his toes, just use this bottle. He’s loves the simplicity, and many of his friends in his class use the Axe brand body products as well. He likes using the same kinds of thing as his friends do, so he took to this hair and body wash right away. Perfect for every day use and for him to take with him in his swim bag when he goes to the pool in the summer, so he can wash off with it afterwards.

Anastasia Centreville, MS

Smells like Tide!

This 3 in 1 smells like Mountain spring Tide. I love that the bottle is 3 in 1 -shampoo, conditioner and body wash for the slob in your life (he he!). I liked the color of the body wash too. Its a cool metallic blue color. The bottle is pretty big and I think that it’s a pretty good value-compared to some body washes sold at Bath Body Works, for men that are double the price for half the size.

Gussie Waucoma, IA

Convenient Product WIth A Typical (Awesome) Axe Scent

If you like the typical fragrance of Axe products, you probably will like Total Fresh, an Axe 3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/bodywash.I am a fan of Axe products for men, as I really like their scent. At the same time, I often find that combination products such as shampoo/conditioner don’t work well for me. I have fine, thin hair so too much conditioner tends to make my hair greasy or “too soft.” But since I love the smell of Axe products, and this contained a body wash, I thought it might be a better combination, as bodywash tends to be more gel-like than “2 in 1” shampoo/conditioner products.Like other Axe products, I find that the scent of Axe Total Fresh pleasing. While most Axe products have what I refer to as a “Sweet/Manly” fragrance, I would describe this one as having a little more of a fruit scent as opposed to a sweet cologne smell.Because it has a more green/blue gel-like consistency, I found the product leaves my hair clean without looking or feeling greasy. As far as a body wash, it felt fine applying it, lathered lightly, rinsed off well, and left me with a fresh Axe scent, but it wasn’t at all overpowering.The ingredients are typical of this sort of hair/shower product: water, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. etc.Axe Total Fresh comes in a 12 ounce bottle. It has a rounded, hinged cap, which pops up and recloses easily.I recommend it.

Helen Preston, MO

Does all three surprisingly well

At first I almost didn’t get the Axe three in one. I have had bad results with three in ones for women, and I remember Axe as being overwhelmingly strong scented. Still, I was curious. The smell is nice and pleasant, not the strong scent I usually associate with axe. I really liked the way the the shampoo rinsed off my hair, and the face wash didn’t feel drying. As a body wash the Axe was sudsy in a nice way, felt smooth on my skin, and I came out of the shower feeling clean and refreshed. For people who remember the previous scents of Axe, give this one a try, it’s really a nice product.

Elvia Glen Elder, KS

Smells “clean”

The product has a pleasant scent and lathers up nicely. You can use it as a shampoo/conditioner and as a body wash. I asked my wife to smell of my hair and she said it “smelled clean.” I’m not looking for a heavy scent, so “smells clean” is good enough for me. This is the first Axe product I have used and I am pleasantly surprised by it.

Kasey New Cumberland, WV

Smell clean and fresh, your entire body, with one bottle

No need to pack soap, shampoo, and conditioner when you have this Axe 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It leaves you smelling great all over. Not sure about the effectiveness of the conditioner, but I don’t have much hair. I think there is too much hype in the soap, body wash market. How much better can one product be than the other?

Cathleen Vantage, WA


My husband used this 3 in 1 wash. He uses Dove and Axe body washes a great deal. While most of the Axe products smell a little too “teenage-y” for him, he really liked the smell of this one. He didn’t like that it left his skin feeling a little oily, although it wasn’t bad enough that he won’t use it.

Sally Twin Rocks, PA

Easy use, not so overpowering fragrance

I don’t like to spend a lot of time with different products when I just want to get cleaned up and out. The fragrance isn’t overpowering and it’s nice to be able have a one in all cleaner. I’ve already gotten two more.

Jade Mojave, CA

Good all purpose bodywash

The nice thing about this bodywash is that it’s an all-in-one product combining bodywash, shampoo and conditioner. So, I only need to carry this one bottle to the gym for my after workout shower. It’s a fresh smelling blue product that lathers well enough that it’s not too much work to get a good soaping action going. I don’t have anything negative to say about this wash. I didn’t give it 5 stars just because it just doesn’t seem to stand out quite enough to rate that. Some washes are milder and some may have a fragrance that appeals to me a little more. So, 4 stars seems right to me. It’s fine, but I may or may not buy it again.

Jenifer Belva, WV

He gives it a thumbs up…

My husband buys Axe products so I thought I would surprise him with this one Via Vine Voice…Needless he was happy to see this AXE product took up less room in his shower. Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Bodywash is Totally fresh — I like the smell – but the key to this product is the Conditioner. My husband works outdoors 5 days a week. His hair suffers in all weather and his biggest complaint is dry hair and dry scalp. I noticed the difference the week he started using it. He noticed it too.. His hair looks and feels soft…Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Bodywash takes the hassle out of shopping for my husband and and he likes the results of using it. Axe now has two happy customers…

Maura Centerville, IN

Axe Effect.

Finally! I have a chance to write a review after fighting off all the women chasing me.It seems to work well as a shampoo, although not much different than a standard bottle of whatever stuff you can pick up at CVS. The goop that comes out of the bottle is thick… almost like a ketchup. It doesn’t feel so shampoo-like and the goop is translucent… it feels more like a conditioner, yet still a bit thicker. The lather is strange, it doesn’t really get foamy, it seems to maintain its consistency until applied to hair or combined with water. The scent isn’t too overpowering, and it seems to do a good job cleaning my hair. I do not think this works well as a bodywash because of the texture or consistency.Is it really necessary to have three products in one bottle? I think it’s a bit much. I had a brief period of time where I used Axe bodywash products thanks to their early marketing campaign. But I outgrew it pretty fast, and am not really a big fan in general. But, if you like Axe scents and products and can REALLY only manage to carry ONE bottle with you to the gym, then go ahead and buy this.

Rosie U S A F Academy, CO

Sharp as an Axe

I’ve used other Axe products from the body spray to the hair stiffener (not that it’s actually called a “stiffener,” but you know what I mean), and this brand never disappoints. Axe 3 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Plus Bodywash is no exception. It meets the same high standards of other Axe products.Since shampoo is really nothing more than soap, it makes sense that there’s a product that combines shampoo and conditioner with a bodywash. This product really does its job, too, definitely leaving me with a refreshed feeling after a shower. As a shampoo, it may even be better. I find that I have fewer tangles to comb through when I’m done. My hair seems tangle-free, and cleaner than it does when using other shampoos. An excellent product. Highly recommended!

Becky Bellevue, IA

(Teenager Perspective) Not a Fan of Having The Same Head to Toe Smell

My son volunteered to try out a variety of bath products. An older teen, he is pretty picky about his products. His review follows:As a high school student, I would recommend this product to those who don’t like to spend much time in the shower. It has a somewhat strong smell & lathers ok.This 3 in 1 definitely cleans from head to toe as advertised. However, I personally think it weird that my hair smells the exact same as my body, and I am unsure if the product really cleans as compared to separate bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.In any case, this product did work for me, but it is a matter of preference whether you want to have the same, somewhat-strong smell for both your hair and your body.

Ophelia Deerfield, MA

3 in 1

I’m always suspicious of products that claim to have multiple primary functions. If it’s a good shampoo it can’t be a good bodywash, and I would never try to shampoo or condition my hair with bodywash. This is a strange mix of the two. My husband uses Axe products, both the body wash and the shampoo/conditioner. I won’t be updating my shopping list; he still prefers the separate products to the combo. This product has a consistency that is closer to bodywash than shampoo. I’m not sure what the draw is for meshing the two together. Maybe good for travel?

Natalie Princeton Junction, NJ

Manly scent

My husband and I don’t use gender-specific hygiene products for our hair. We both prefer unscented cleansers. This product clearly has a “manly smell” (Think Old Spice) but it works, and it works well with just a tab of the lotion. I used this today and definitely got out of the shower feeling revitalized.The lotion itself is a bright blue, but it lathers nicely into a white foam. It also leaves the scalp tingly and the hair feeling full and not matted.One doesn’t need to use much per washing, which may explain the high price tag. The container is safe for transport and doesn’t pop open easily.

Jill Califon, NJ

one out of three

It was really strange to see a product that was a shampoo, conditioner AND body wash in one. My husband says it worked well as a body wash but he didn’t really like it as a shampoo or conditioner. He felt it did not condition his hair at all. The fragrance of this product is nice.

Joann Cape May Court House, NJ

Does a good job

I like this stuff. It doesnt have an overwhelming smell and does what it is supposed to do. It doesnt take a lot to do the job and I got the package in decent shape. All in all a good product.

Marla Glandorf, OH

Very convenient; like the scent

I’ve never used an all-in-one soap/shampoo before so I wasn’t quite sure that it would work well. Well, it does! I’m very impressed with the amount of lather produced, and love the scent. It’s sort of strong when using it, but it doesn’t linger long after showering. To me, the scent is very fresh-smelling.The only complaint I have is with the bottle itself. I like that it has a push button that releases the cap since I have very limited patience with fiddling with bottle opening the first thing in the morning. However, the cap is rounded, which means I can’t store it upside down when it gets low to ensure all the product gets used. I can prop it up against the wall and it sort of, kind of stays put, but it will topple over easily.But, the performance and scent make up for that packaging miss, so I’ll keep it at 5-stars. Very convenient to use, and works great as a soap and a shampoo.

Blanca Burnet, TX

Pretty good body wash and a very decent shampoo…

I’m always hesitant when a body wash tries to do too much, and this Axe product claims to be not only a body wash but also a shampoo and conditioner. It actually succeeds at both. As a body wash, the scent is fresh, slightly fruity, but not too sweet. Your skin feels nice and clean after use, and it gets the job done well. As a shampoo I was pleasantly surprised. I’m troubled from time to time with dry scalp, and after using this on my hair, those dry patches went away. I don’t know whether it’s the oils and emollients in the wash, but it was a great bonus! I still prefer the Nivea body wash I used before, but I may keep using this regularly as a shampoo.

Alexis Escondido, CA

Slime Me

Like everything Axe, they have a sense of humor. This 3 in 1 shampoo looks like green slime from Nickelodeon. Fortunately it actually cleans not just cover me in goo.Once I got over being slimed in the shower, this is a pretty good product. It has the distinctive Axe smell, a little strong not unpleasant. The shampoo side of the equation is a little harsh, but on guys hair – that doesn’t make a lot of difference. And it foams up just fine. I was able to get my body clean with it.Slime me at home.

Vonda Florence, KY

Like the 3 in 1

I have two young sons and it’s so convenient to have all their shower products combine in one. The new Axe hair and body wash has a fresh but masculine scent and lathers up nicely. We wash their hair and their whole bodies with it and works just as well on their hair as it does their bodies.

Debora Copalis Beach, WA

The boys love it

If you like the typical fragrance of Axe products, you probably will like Total Fresh, an Axe 3 in 1 shampoo/conditioner/bodywash.My grandsons are fans of Axe products for men and they really like their scent. At the same time, I often find that combination products such as shampoo/conditioner don’t work well but the boys find them just real handy. Since we all like thefragrance of Axe products, and this contained a body wash, I thought it might be a better combination, as bodywash tends to be more gel-like than “2 in 1” shampoo/conditioner products.

Phyllis Malaga, NM

Good all-in-one

I am a big fan of Axe. I’ve been using their products for quite awhile now. I was certainly interested in a product such as this. I’m a guy. The less miscellaneous bottles and things around the better.There is no need for a lengthy, drawn out review. It functions quite well. As a bodywash, it doesn’t dry out your skin. As a shampoo and conditioner combination, I don’t feel as though I need to use additional conditioner (I have long hair). As usual with Axe, no fruity scent either.My only issue with this item, which is why I gave it 4 stars, is the rounded top. You can’t leave it upside down when it’s nearing empty to get the last of the soap out. It may seem stupid but that could be a few extra showers. Other than that, I’d recommend this.

Sheree Isola, MS

All things to all people?

For me, the main attraction of this 3-in-1 wash is that I can put it in my gym bag or travel kit and have one convenient product instead of 3 … no need for a separate shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I didn’t expect that a body-wash combo would leave my hair soft, full and manageable, and I was right. It seems to clean hair adequately, but not as impressive as a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. The body wash is also adequate, but when you squeeze some into your hand and try to wash your body parts in the shower, globs of the stuff fall away and disappear down the drain, so a lot can be wasted. The scent is pleasant, seems a bit strong initially but leaves only a faint trace after showing, so my wife and I both could use it while traveling without her feeling she has a “masculine” fragrance. Bottom line: it’s practical for travel, but I wouldn’t recommend it for daily home use.

Kathryn Coyville, KS