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AXE 2 Sided Shower Tool, Detailer

Tackle the detail work when you shower with the AXE Detailer 2-Sided Shower Tool. With one soft side and one scrubby side, this shower tool effectively cleans your entire body. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to control, and the soft mesh works your favorite AXE body wash (available separately) into a gentle lather.

Key features

  • Two-sided sponge cleans and exfoliates
  • Mesh side lathers for general cleaning
  • Scrub side smooths rough spots
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Pairs well with AXE Body Washs (available separately)

Honest reviews


“Give It The Axe!”

I had the opportunity to use the shower tool for a period of a week. I typically use a scrubby that is soft and shapeless, or a scrubby with a long handle, so you can scrub your back with it. I like both of those. I did NOT like this product. Asthetically, it is very homely looking, more like something you would scrub a car with. As a shower scrubby, it is too rigid, does not conform to ‘body parts’ comfortably, and is not comfortable to hold for a period of time in your hand.

Phoebe Antimony, UT

It’s For A Man, Man!

Axe goes to great lengths to make their products appear to be very manly despite being little more than metrosexual products hidden underneath a well-executed “tough guy” ad campaign. So goes it with their latest product, the Axe Detailer Shower “Tool” (’cause real men don’t do loofahs). I have to admit that I’ve always liked Axe products, from their body sprays to their shower gels, and I’m quite pleased with the Detailer as well. When you need to get down to the nitty gritty, the rougher red side does a fine job of getting dirt and grime off of the bottom of your feet, your knees and elbows. The softer black mesh side leaves you feeling scrubbed down but not skinned alive. There’s also a rubberized, tire-like gripper in the middle. The first time I used it was after a trip to Galveston Island, TX, where the Gulf of Mexico can be pretty dirty and contains a bit of tar as well. The Detailer did its job and got me clean. I’ve used it with shower gel as well as with bar soap. It appears to work just fine with both of them. It rinses clean quickly and easily too.There are plenty of similar products on the market that work just as well and cost much less. However, if you’re worried about losing your man-card but don’t want to give up your longing for a good scrub down, the Detailer is just what you’re looking for.

Peggy Redlake, MN

Gets the green out!

Every time I mow the lawn, I get green stains on my feet, particularly the heels and toes. I wash them off afterward, but inevitably a green caste remains over the next week.I’ve tried the big puffy shower things, which is really the only way to get good lather with modern liquid shower soaps and gels. They work, and produce a lot of lather. But, they are also hard to hold when they are soapy, are a bit scratchy, and not firm enough to really help with the green feet. Unlike some other reviewers here, I never had a problem with how they look, though they do have a distinctly feminine air about them, even if you don’t go for the pink.I was detailing my car this morning, and thought about the detailer shower tool from Axe. I guess the clever Mad Men down in marketing got me, because I picked one up in the afternoon while I was out. It actually does look very much like a car detailing tool, with the black and red color scheme and the “tire” ring around the outside edge. It is stylized enough so that it doesn’t look like something that should be decorating a mechanic’s garage. I have to admit, it does look considerably better hanging in the shower than the purple shower poof it replaced.Thankfully, it is smaller than it appears in the pictures, so it is easy to hold and maneuver. I guess because of the tire outer edge, I was worried it would be too big.The rubber outer edge is soft, and feels like the polyurethane that inflatable pool floats are made from more than the hard rubber of a car tire. This makes it easier to hold, but compressible so that a good lather can be worked up from the black colored shower poof inside (it is in there, hiding behind the red scrubby pad). So already I like this better than the traditional poof, because it feels better in my hand, is easier to hold, and looks better. But, what really threw it over the top for me is the red scrubby pad on the front.At first I thought I would have to add soap to the red pad to use it, but the lather from the poof behind it squeezes right through it, so if you’ve been using the rest of the tool, the scrubby is all soaped up and ready to go. It is perfect for getting dirt, oils, and, yes, green grass stains off of the soles of feet, toes, elbows, palms, and other tougher areas of the skin (it does tickle a bit!). It is too rough for any other delicate regions, but the puff behind it is fine for those (that one is the same as a standard puff, and is a little bit scratchy like those are, but nothing too rough).So, overall I really like this “detailing tool for bodies.” It is easier to hold than a standard puff, looks better hanging in the shower, and has a great scrubby pad built in. A great replacement for the standard combo of shower poof and loofah, and takes up less space. Plus, lately my wife has been asking me why my feet aren’t green, which I’d say is a plus.Recommended!Sean P. Logue, 2008

Tina Selma, OR

Not the best scrubber

It’s obviously marketed toward a man but in an almost embarrassingly way. More useful and less gaudy alternatives exist (like loofah sponges).

Sallie Negaunee, MI

My boys loved this…

I’ve got twin boys (7 yrs) and they loved this gadget in the shower. Makes them feel like bigger boys. When they used it I could see a lot of lather and that made me feel like they were getting a good scrub down. They said it was easy to hang on to and didn’t feel like they would drop it. My husband agreed on all points as well and said that the material gave a good scrub but didn’t irritate the skin!

Lina Baker, CA

don’t get its purpose

Maybe I don’t get the point with this. Okay, they use sex to sell it; I get that. It’s supposed to create a situation in which women – I’m assuming really dumb ones – are made out of control in your presence after using it. Right. And Yaks fly.But is there anything truly unique about it?Well, it does have sandpaper sides, one of which would remove the face off a statue and other that buffs your flesh to a tender red. But other than that it’s just sort of a sponge. The `directions’ say it gets all those special places (if we all have them are they really so special?) but I think a washrag does a better job.So why am I even thinking about this thing this much? I’m done and I’m outta here – to find my washcloth.

Arline Archbold, OH

Too Small and no lather

I thought this was finally a bath sponge, loofah or whatever for men but this thing was crap. It is small and doesn’t hold a lather on the loofah side. The detailer side is tough and takes up to much room.

Harriett Moses Lake, WA

Reinventing the buff puff, at least the tub is clean.

I’m always on the look out for a really exfoliating (but not painfully so)shower accessory so though marketed for men I thought I’d try this out too (and I knew my husband would give it a try if it was in the shower, he’s a sucker for anything new)This is basically a buff puff in a masculine wrapper, I suppose it sort of looks like a tire with the black rubber edging and red extra scrubbing middle (reverse side of the buff puff side). I liked that it had a rope to hang in the shower, and that’s about where my liking ended.The rubber portion is very large, I’m 5’7″ so not that petite and had a hard time holding it comfortably, the rubber also gets very slippery when it gets wet making the problem even worse. Nothing special about either scrubbing surface, I ended up sort of turning the rubber portion inside out so I could get a better grip.My husband did also try it and reported back that he liked the simple other one in the shower better (which at this time happens to be a pink one, don’t think guys really care what color it is) or a plain wash cloth.I did find a good use for it though. When using cleaners to scrub the tub I hate how most sponges/scrubbies allow the cleaning product to get all over your hands, forcing you to wear gloves etc… well the rubber “tire” on this keeps any cleaner (body or tub) on the one side, so it works great with scrubbing bubbles or soft scrub to clean the tub, and lets be honest here… guys your girlfriends/wives care a lot more that your tub is grime free then if you’ve exfoliated in the shower 🙂

Lydia Saint Marys, WV

A Great Idea – How About One Made of Natural Materials Though?

Wow – I can’t believe it took this long for a product like this to be made. It’s a great solution for the loofah and puff! My son used this product since he has been using Axe products for a few years now and these were his thoughts on it -Pros:- Ergonomic, comfortable to hold and use.- Scrub side (red) is great for exfoliating, esp. hands and feet. Plus, unlike a regular loofah, it seems like it would be less likely to have bacteria grow quickly since it isn’t a natural product.- Mesh side takes the place of the puff he used before to get a good lather going. He said the mesh side was even better than a puff because it retained more shower gel and still had a great lather.Cons:- The first time using it, the mesh side is a bit rough.- Not as good for the environment vs. a loofah since it is man-made, while a loofah is a plant.

Elda Middletown, MD

Fun but not exactly a necessity

The Axe Detailer Shower Tool is actually a hand-sized scrubber with one black plastic mesh side and one red scrub side suitable for digging into spots on firmer tissue.I gave a scrubber to my spouse and these are his comments: I tried the Axe Detailer shower tool in two ways, using both shower gel and bar soap. Both seem to have a comfortable feel during use. It probably works better when applying a shower gel or liquid soap, however. One containing mint would be especially invigorating.The accompanying directions accompanying this handy device breathlessly declare that “When girls check out guys, they notice every part.” Whether that is true or not is unknown to this male reviewer. However, I found that the Axe Detailer was a serviceable dual-purpose scrubber and performed adequately, both in applying lather to more tender skin areas, and in scrubbing those more difficult to clean areas on body parts that might be comfortably scrubbed vigorously. It served its purpose well, and it should be especially useful in cleaning ground-in dirt.I recommend it; it could make a nice gift.Now in my opinion, it looks a lot the kind of freebie cosmetic companies put in gift bags for women – plastic, cheap, and unnecessary – but fun. I can’t help thinking that it’s the kind of thing a mother would give a twelve-year-old-boy hoping it would encourage him to bathe and something that teenage males might enjoy.My own spouse will probably use it to remove garden grime!

Margarita Pickens, WV

He loves it…. nifty little product!

I ordered this for Hubby and didn’t think much of it when I actually laid my eyes on it. This is one of those products where looks can be deceiving! He came to me on his own and told me how much he loved it. We are a big loofah loving family… so if the man in your life doesn’t appreciate loofahs’, then don’t go there unless he is open to them. He loved how it had a loofah on one side and the other tougher side. He loves to use the tough side on his nails and the bottom of his feet. It has actually softened his hard-working calloused feet. I am not guaranteeing that it will remove them, but it will soften your tough guys feet after all.I tried it myself so that I could review it. I ended up enjoying it as well. The loofah is great and the other side is a great bonus. I used it on the soles of my feet and I was in heaven. The product itself looks funny enough, because the black piece sort of looks like a tire to me. Nice product design and packaging…. now if they only included some Axe soap with it… it would be a wonderful deal.Try it out and ofcourse Axe soap. They are such sexy smelling soaps that make you want to ravish your man. Ok… too much information.

Effie Lockhart, SC

This will keep you clean, but can it make you sexy?

Of all the products I’ve received as a result of my membership in the Vine program, the Axe Detailer Shower Tool is the one I’ve anticipated receiving the most. After all, unlike the books I’ve read, or the Power Bars I’ve consumed, the Axe Detailer Shower Tool promises to heighten my appeal to the opposite sex. It says so right there on the package. Here, read along with me: “When girls check out guys, they notice every part. They don’t miss a thing. Neither does the New Axe Detailer.”This little gizmo, quite attractive in its own right with its red and black design, is going to “keep every part of you ready for action.” The scrub side (that’s the little red part) will, and again, this is a direct quote (as the quotation marks should indicate), “dig into your extra dirty spots or tough parts (hands, elbows, feet, etc.)” The softer black mesh side is for those, ahem, “sensitive” areas which I took to mean my “thing,” as my brothers and I called it back in the day (now, there’s a phrase you don’t hear too often), and the even more sensitive area directly behind it.Although Axe predictably recommends using Axe Shower Gel when putting the Detailer into action, the gel didn’t come with the package, so I lathered up with regular soap. I must say, it was quite a pleasure to scrub away with the Detailer, and I felt cleaner and more refreshed than I usually do when stepping out of the shower. Still, I didn’t think I could recommend this product until I saw the effect I had on women now that I was available in a cleaner, more vigorously scrubbed package. Would women mistake my elbow for shining armor when it’s so clean that it glistens in the sun? Will the fact that the balls of my feet are purer than ever put a spring in my step and lead to invitations to dance?Well, no, the women did not respond, but I feel cleaner after a session with this gizmo, so I recommend it.Brian W. Fairbanks

April Saxton, PA

Axe Detailer Shower Tool

The Axe Detailer Shower Tool is an attractive shower decoration. It would look very nice in an all white shower. It’s not as attractive hanging against my blue and yellow tile. Besides it’s decorative aspects there’s nothing about this product to recommend.The tool consists of a vinyl mesh faux loufah gathered and attached to a large rubber disc with a finer vinyl weave attached to the other side. The disc is so large that it does hot allow scrubbing behind or inside the ears. The tool will not fit between my cheek bone and nose. the finer weaved part is supposed to allow removal of “tough” dirt but doesn’t work as well as a regular wash cloth. The rubber disc is too large to fit comfortably in a regular sized hand. This allows one to experience feelings of inadequacy in the shower without looking downwards.The Axe Detailer Shower Tool is truly the Pet Rock of Men’s personal grooming products. Only they have outdone the Pet Rock people by making you buy 4 of these things, that are good for nothing but just hanging there, instead of just one.

Jeanette D Lo, MS

By This Axe I Scrub!

Sorry about that, but I recently discovered Robert E. Howard’sKull: Exile of Atlantis, and I couldn’t resist.As readers of my Vine reviews have noted, I’ve long believed that men and women are similar enough that they can use each other’s health and personal care items but that in order to market said products to both men and women, changes may be required. The Axe Detailer Shower Tool is a perfect example of this as it is rather obviously just another lowly Foaming Shower Pouf… with a sex change. Gone are the lovely pastels, replaced by a manly black and red. A rubber tire grip allows you to apply masculine force and direction to the problem while the red pad provides exfoliation for those men who need it. Note: care must be exercised as the pad is quite abrasive. If your choice of career or lifestyle does not produce calluses, you are advised to use it sparingly in order to avoid screaming like a little girl.Over a month of daily use with Gillette Oil Control Face + Body Wash andGillette Shampoo + Body Washproduced excellent results.So why only four stars? Because there is already another product on the market that outdoes it: Salux Japanese Beauty Skin Cloth. Salux or other brand flat nylon mesh cloths are superior IMHO for the following reasons:1. Unlike the Axe the Salux cloth can be used to scrub the back with a two-hand motion.2. Unlike the Axe the Salux cloth works quite well with bar soap.3. The Salux cloth is much better for cleaning nooks and crannies like between the toes.4. A Salux cloth packs a lot smaller.Good try, Axe, but I’m going back to my Salux.

Virginia Clarkesville, GA

A little rough, but effective

The packaging and design of the detailer is very innovative but resembles a phallic symbol! The black “soft” side is still kind of rough. The red scrubber works well on your elbows and feet (as advertised) but it’s almost like using a scouring pad on your skin. I used Axe body wash as recommended and found that the combination produced a very clean wash. I suppose any type of body wash or gel could be used with the detailer tool, but those with sensitive skin should avoid the detailer as it can be quite abrasive. I’d recommend using it on your body maybe every 1-2 weeks, but you can use it on your feet and elbow on a daily basis.

Tamera Punta Gorda, FL

A campy, unnecessary “macho” loofah for the Nascar set…

Pricey for what it is. As a loofah, it works well enough, I suppose: one side scrubs, the other side buffs, although the “tire” that holds the loofah together is unnecessary and even feels a little awkward when attempting to use in the shower.As a marketing gimmick, the “Axe Detailer Shower Tool” borders on camp. Was anyone REALLY clamoring for a “tire loofah”?What’s next, deodorant shaped as a carburetor?

Elma Southworth, WA

Great Loofah/Scrubber

TheAxe Detailer Shower Toolcombines 2 great “Shower tools”, A bath sponge and scrubber. But it comes with a con : More Shower Gel use. I had to use about 24 percent more body wash than usualy with this. The scrubber side is great to scrub at dry dead skin and has also been great as a facial scrubber for my acne. The loofah/sponge does what any other bath sponge does. And Unlike a lot of bath sponges, it doesn’t fall apart easily, which has been a recurring problem for me with bath sponges.PROS1. Bath Sponge/Scrubber in oneCONS1. This may require you to use more body wash than a standard bath sponge.

Berta Lewiston, NE

Interesting Idea But Is It Really Necessary?

The masculine design of the Axe Detailer Shower Tool is geared for manly men, though I wonder if guys would really want something like this. I’ve used the shower tool for months now, alternating between it and a regular soap scrunchy, and honestly I like the scrunchy better. While the Shower Tool is designed to be gripped, and each side is designed for the intensity of scrub desired, I’m more inclined for something more minimal and less (gender) overdetermined. Plus, I wonder do we really need another plastic bath accessory? To the product’s credit, this shower tool will last you for a long time.

Concetta Nahcotta, WA

This little tool does the trick to an extent……..

My husband is a big time Axe user also and was excited to receive this product. After he used it he thought it was okay. He indicated that the soft black side does the job and feels like other mesh type products that usually come in a globe shape held together in the middle by a band. Great for lathering up and smooth with just a touch of texture but probably should have been a bit bigger.As for the rougher red hard side again it’s very much like other brushes that come with a texturized scrubber on one side of them. One advantage is that both of these brushes are on one product – but there are other brushes out there that are pretty similar with one part soft mesh and the other loofa type material and those products have the added advantage of being on a longer handle so you can easily reach the middle of your back and other hard to get to places where the Axe does not.Additionally the black rubberized donut shaped holder was mushy so that the red side was always caving in (this was not a problem with the black side where you probably want it be be more flexible anyway). Overall its an O.K. product, especially if you are using more than one product to do the job today. But if you have a handle type product today with both a soft and rough area built in you will probably want to stick with that instead.

Daisy Bear, DE

Finally a decent shower gel sponge for guys

There’s finally a decent shower gel sponge on the market for guys! I enjoyed this shower tool from Axe very much. Not only is it compact, but it has two sides (a soft side for the sensitive areas) and a rough part to clean the heels and palms. The shower tool is easy to hang on to and after you’re finished, you can hang it on the shower head. No muss and no fuss with this body scrubber. I tried it out as soon as I received it in the mail. I gave it a good workout and it stood up to the test. Another sold customer for this fine product from Axe.Highly recommended.

Colette Gainesville, GA


No more soap jokes with this handy little cleaner. If it were any other color you might mistake it for a woman’s product, but the black and red colors combined with the look of a truck tire is definitely manly. One side is a soft spongy black mesh that lathers up quickly to completely wash your entire body. The other side (red) is said to be the rough side, but it simply firmer and better for a scrub for your feet or elbows. Best when used with liquid soap, the Axe will lather with regular bar soap. The rope loop is handy as well. It is definitely durable and won’t be falling apart in a month or two. The manufacturers are really pushing this with clever ads and publicity and it seems to be working. It makes for a great gift.

Imelda River Rouge, MI

The almost-perfect man-loofah.

This is an almost-great product. It has a rough side and a soft loofah side. The only problem is that it is lacking a handle for you to use to clean your back. As far as durability goes, which is a major problem with me and loofahs, I’ll have to see how long this baby lasts. If it falls apart on me, I will return to modify this review. Otherwise, consider it a decent product.

Avis Berea, WV

Decent shower tool

The Axe Detailer Shower Tool is decent for what it’s intended to do, but when all is said and done it is merely just an average thing to use. Sure, it has two sides a ‘soft’ (read loofa) side and a harder scrubbing side.All this really is, is a highly marketed loofa. Axe recommends that you use Axe body wash with this, but any liguid body soap will work just fine. I have used this about a dozen times and am neither displeased with it, nor am I overly pleased with it. In fact, after the 9th time using it some of the black (soft) fabric was already peeling away from the rubber base. So I am beginning to question the overall quality of the product.The red scrubber side is decent enough and rough enough to get the dirt and grime off my feet after wearing sandals all day.One positive about the black side, but this could apply to any loofa, is that I recently got sunburned and started to peel and this product helped me get the dead/peeling skin off faster.Overall this is a decent product, but I am not sure I would buy into the marketing of it. It certainly looks cool, but doesn’t really do anything different then countless other products like this already on the market.

Kristen Wyoming, IA

Great for my husband, I wish I had one!

My husband uses this and likes it very much…….He likes the rubber grip it has that allows him to scrub hard and the buffing side is nice. I wish they made one for women………I go through shower poofs so fast because they get big and stretched out. My husband has had his for months and the black poofy part isn’t stretched out at all and it looks new and great. I might buy one for myself even though it’s for men…………since it lasts so long!EDIT: I bought myself one and it’s great. It doesn’t fall apart and puff out like other shower poofs. I wish they made a woman’s version of this.

Joan Laotto, IN

Gets the job done, cleanly!

Call it what you will, but the Axe Detailer Shower Tool is essentially a loofah for dudes. The black and red may look more masculine than the pastel-colored poof-y things that hang in your shower and the rubber grips might resemble the tires on monster trucks, but it really serves the same function. The softer side works up a nice lather while the harder side provides effective exfoliation on the feet. I like it–and, more important, now I no longer have to share the poofier lilac one with my wife!

Alejandra Frostburg, MD

a plastic scrubby

It does what it’s supposed to do, so I gave it 4 stars, but really, there’s not much to get excited about here. It’s a plastic scrubby. I guess the advantage over a Nens Loofah Sponge 8″ is that you can squeeze this out. Also, it’s red and black and says AXE on it, so you’ll feel more . . . manly! Personally, I don’t much like the way the plastic feels, but I’m just an old hippy, so what do I know.

Mable Callahan, CA

Nice Quality, but quantity overkill

I really enjoy using this item paired with the Axe Skin Contact Purifying Shower Gel, 12-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 4). I really do feel more energized and clean, especially after I run / workout. The handle section gives it a more masculine appeal, but honestly this is just like any normal bath scrubbing device. I like the addition of two sides, which is handy for scrubbing deep when using the rougher flat side to exfoliate.The only problem… this pack comes with four of these shower tools. Honestly that’s not that bad, but really I can’t imagine needing more than two of these within a year or even two years. These are well made and don’t seem to be the kind of item that readily needs to be replaced anytime soon. An extra for the spare bathroom or possibly a backup for the gym bag, maybe… but honestly I can’t figure out what to do with the other leftovers. Other than this, I have no complaints and have happily changed my daily routine to include using this shower accessory.

Brandi Crichton, WV

An okay scrubber…

It’s hard to get excited over a body scrubber, but this little tool does the trick well enough. You put the liquid soap (they suggest Axe, of course, though I used another kind) on the softer mesh section and scrub away. The rubber border gives a good grip in the shower, and the mesh is invigorating. The rougher and more abrasive of the two sides is good for knees, elbows and the soles of your feet, but doesn’t have the oomph of an actual loofah, which it seems to want to emulate. It also takes a while to wring free of soap, far longer that the suggested time in the instructions. Still, it provides a pleasant enough shower experience.Followup — after only two weeks, the rubber finger hold has broken in one place, which leaves two nasty little sharp edges to hack at you while you’re showering. That reduces the “pleasant” aspect as stated above. I’d knock it down to 2 stars, but I can’t. Buyer beware…

Dianne Great Falls, MT

Nice Shower Experience

This is a really good spin on the whole loofah sponge concept. It’s very similar to those scrunchy kind of things, except it has a nice soft vinyl grip.The tool feels really good in your hand. You can definately get clean with this tool. One side is a loose woven material that holds soap and makes a ton of foam. The other side is more like a wash cloth for rubbing a bit harder.The only downside, it’s kind of hard to rinse out. You sort of end up with a lot of soap left in the scrunchy side. You don’t really need Axe liquid soap, it works equally well with bar and liquid soaps.The shower experience is nothing like the advertisement. It just helps you get clean without using a washcloth.After a week of using this, the 17 year old in the house is in love with this thing.

Patti Muenster, TX

Coolest-Looking Shower Tool

I have to say this is probably the coolest-looking shower tool I ever used. I never liked the way those other shower sponges looked, so I would never buy it. Also, those other shower sponges seemed too soft to fully clean you. However, with the Axe Detailer I can confidently say I’ll be clean because of the red, harder surface that’s good for cleaning my feet. The great thing about the red part is that it doesn’t irritate my skin, because it’s hard enough to wash those harder areas but soft enough for my skin. So I will definitely be using this when I take showers with my Axe body wash.

Lourdes Mason, OH