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Axe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Apollo, 12 Ounce

AXE Hair Apollo is a 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner with a masculine fragrance that combines crisp fruit notes with a fresh background, making hair smell and feel irresistible.

Key features

  • Cleanses guy’s hair with a fresh scent and invigorating feel
  • Leaves guys’ hair feeling soft, touchable, and clean
  • 2 in 1 formula for easy shampoo and conditioning
  • Works well with AXE Styling Products
  • Axe Apollo 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner combines crisp fruit and a creamy background and gives men touchably clean hair
  • Axe Apollo Shampoo and Conditioner has a masculine, irresistible fragrance that the girls will love
  • Axe Apollo 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner goes well with Axe Apollo Shower Gel and Apollo Body Spray

Honest reviews


Manly Man Scent

My husband is a fan of Axe products, and this one is no different. He doesn’t always use conditioner, so a shampoo that conditions a little is perfect for him. If I had to describe the scent of this product, I would say it is a modern take on the generic manly man scent. It’s not grandpa scent, but it’s not what I would call a metro-sexual scent either.

Lorna Whitethorn, CA

Ya gotta love Axe

I just LOVE Axe. Their whole line. I won’t say this does huge wonders for my hair. Most conditioner/shampoo mixes don’t. But this Axe combo didn’t leave my hair feeling gunky, which is awesome. It also has a super cool scent. Love it!

Kayla Kanorado, KS

A Shampoo/Conditioner Made for Men

The AXE line of products has one of the few shampoos specifically made for men. This new Apollo fragrance is a nice addition to the line I also like the that this is a 2in1 Shampoo/Conditioner so you only need one bottle if you want both. In my opinion it is a great shampoo, check out the 3in1 product that is also a body wash, it is an even better way to simplify your life.

Candice Bosworth, MO

Good option

A two-in-one shampoo and conditioner is a nice option when you want to eliminate using two separate products. Be it that you’re limited in time or perhaps traveling, having to deal with only one product could prove very useful. This shampoo and conditioner combo from Axe is a great option. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but the price point is good and the results speak for themselves. My hair is clean, fresh, and the scent of this product is very nice. My one complaint is the way the bottle opens. You push down on a button on the front part of the cap and the top pops open. I don’t know how long that will last as the entire piece is plastic and doesn’t feel well ‘built’. Other than that, this is definitely a product I’ve enjoyed using.

Adriana West Springfield, PA

Product is fine, but nothing to distinguish it from other shampoo/conditioners

This product works fine, and has a light fragrance. There is nothing to distinguish it from other shampoo + conditioner products, so future purchases would be price dependent. I did find that it did not leave my hair as manageable as the Clear dandruff shampoo and conditioner I reviewed some month’s back, but Clear is an exceptional product.

Gladys Marland, OK

Like alot

I got this for my son and I love the smell, unlike other Axe products this one is not to strong scented and it lasts a while. It really is only a shampoo/cond as he tried it as a body wash as well and it dried out his skin a lot! maybe will buy again

Tanya Ash Grove, MO

Axe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner, Apollo

Axe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner, Apollo.The smell is enough make you want to sniff this product all day. It is so inviting.This is an awesome product. It does its job wonderfully.Axe is a wonderful brand of products. It is a hot item. The men in my life love this brand. Words cannot describe how wonderful this brand is.This product is highly recommended.

Corina Island Heights, NJ

The Best of the new formulas.

Axe has always been a take-it-or-leave-it proposition to me when I go to the Dollar Store.The formula, “Apollo” seems a bit different than the others which is more or less a slight difference in fragrance and a snazzy title.I like “Apollo” because it literally feels as if it is smothering the hair like lotion. But, it washes off very easily and I like the way my hair feels right after it.So, this shampoo/conditioner gets 5 stars.

Helene Bradner, OH

The Apollo fragrance reminds me of Polo Sport

Years ago when my husband and I first started dating he wore the men’s cologne Polo Sport, so that particular fragrance stands out to me when I smell something similar to it. I picked up this Axe Apollo 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner combo for my pre-teen son since he likes using most bath and hygiene products by the brand. The strong cologne-like fragrances that the products are scented with are popular with boys his age and so he likes using just about anything by Axe. 2 in 1 shampoos are my favorite for him, since he’s able to use use one bottle for everything. Turns out these Axe brand 2 in 1 shampoos are more like 3 in 1, since they are so strongly fragranced they also work as a men’s cologne, since the scent lingers quite a while. This actually works out well, since my son normally puts on way too much cologne when he does use the bottle he has. Instead just showering with this gives him a much lighter dose of cologne scent, not so overpowering. The Apollo fragrance smells just like Polo Sport cologne my husband use to wear, so I like it over all of the other Axe fragrances. So if you’re a fan of products that resemble Polo Sport, this Apollo fragrance of this Axe shampoo is probably the one for you.

Letha Hayes, LA

Smells beastly!!

Smells very manly! Love the shape of the bottle-looks like a capsule or something. Leaves a nice Irish-springy scent. The color is a metallic turqouise that has shine to it. Am planning on buying a few bottles for my 4th grade nephew whose in love with a 5th grader and wants her to notice him lol!!! Overall, this is a great value for your money-smells great and the scent was still going strong for about 2 hours.

Hollie Edgewater, WI

Great Shower Solution

TheAxe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Apollo, 12 Ounceuses a push release for easy opening. Note to other manufacturers no one likes a fingernail splitting top. This Axe Apollo shampoo comes out looking a vibrant green that reminds one of the Toxic Avenger. But it is all up hill from there. Some Axe products have strong cloying fragrances. Not this one. It has a citrus-floral scent that is pleasant but does not overwhelm. Of course, all this is moot without performance. The Apollo conditions and cleans well.

Gladys Meadow Bridge, WV

Axe Apollo – Scent Takes You To The Moon And Back!

I am a long time fan of Axe products for men, particularly for their scent. At the same time, I tend to steer clear of “2-in-1” shampoo/conditioner products. More often than not I find them to leave my hair greasy compared to using a separate shampoo and conditioner. I tried Axe Apollo though, again because I tend to love how their products smell.I was not at all surprised to find that the scent of Axe Apollo Shampoo Plus conditioner is great. It has that typical Axe “Sweet/Manly” fragrance, but the scent is nowhere as potent as it is on Axe sprays and other products. In fact, I would classify it as “faint.”I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find that the product leaves my hair clean without looking or feeling greasy. Unlike most 2 in 1 products, Apollo has more of a green gel look to it, as opposed to a white cream “conditioner” look. It is NOT gel, it just resembles a gel more so than being overly creamy. The product is a nice balance of mostly shampoo and a little conditioner.The ingredients are typical of this sort of product: water, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. etc.The bottle is 12 ounces.If you love the scent of Axe products, and the convenience of shampoo/conditioner combos, you will probably love Axe Apollo!

Alta Hamilton, VA

Apollo Shampoo plus Conditioner

My husband tried out this shampoo/conditioner. He loves that it has both shampoo and conditioner in one, because that just saves time and space. He also liked that it left his hair feeling clean and conditioned. The smell was too strong for him, but at the same time, it didn’t linger. That could be a positive or negative depending on how long you like to smell like the shampoo you used. He also felt the smell would be more suited towards the teenage crowd as opposed to the 30s crowd.

Marisa Meservey, IA

Great Product

I got this for my son, who already uses Axe deodorant and body soap. His hair is fairly long, very thick and curly, and he’s lazy about using conditioner. This shampoo/conditioner combination is perfect for him. He says it lathers well, rinses easily, and leaves his hair soft and easy to comb. It has a nice masculine scent that, while not strong, does linger.

Barbra Belfast, NY

Did Not Like

I used the Axe 2 in 1 shampoo for a week and I felt like I was shampooing with a body wash. My hair smelled great but after the week trial my scalp was itchy and my hair felt dry and brittle. I think I will stick with separate shampoos and conditioners since they give me better results.

Leslie Tenafly, NJ

decent combo product

This is good shampoo/conditioner, and works about the same as other combination products i’ve tried- i.e. not super great as either a shampoo or a conditioner on their own, but good to use if you’re traveling or at the gym and don’t want to carry extra items. The smell is pretty strong, like most Axe products, but pleasant –i don’t know about “irresistible” though!! the color is an unnatural opaque blue-green with shiny gold sparkles (neither here nor there, just describing that it looks pretty weird- does not affect usefulness). If your hair is exceptionally oily, you’ll need to use this a few times, as the conditioner neutralizes the shampoo action. if your hair is very dry, this conditioner won’t be adequate (i have long thick hair). As this product is advertised for men, maybe those guys who have shorter hair won’t really notice. If you like Axe products in general, and are okay with shampoo/conditioner-type hair cleansers, this is also a fine product. it has a really good price point, and i think it’s a good value.

Deidre Scotland, TX

(Teenager Perspective) Good, But Strong Smell. Made My Hair Soft, But Not Irresistable

My son volunteered to try out a variety of bath products. An older teen, he is pretty picky about his products. His review follows:I think that the Apollo Axe 2 in 1 scent targets a younger audience. It has a strong fragrance, but the scent is appealing to me. The scent lasts quite awhile after my shower.I am in high school… despite the underlying message being “to pick up more girls”, since I began using Apollo Axe, no girl has purposefully touched my hair or has told me that I am irresistible. HUGE disappointment.On the plus side, the Apollo 2 in 1 did make my hair softer (it did its job, in a way).

Chelsey Aurora, NE

good fragrance

My son (college aged) used this product and he really liked it. He felt it did a good job of cleansing and conditioning his hair. It has a nice masculine fragrance that he liked. I also thought it smelled nice.

Ella Pacolet Mills, SC

Son is happy

My son loves his Axe products and was glad when he saw the new item to try. Usually I do not hear from him. That is a good thing since he will tell me when he doesn’t like an item I purchased. This Axe shampoo however, won him over so much he told me it was his favorite of all. He likes the new Apollo scent. Also felt that the shampoo/conditioner left his hair feeling and looking good. He is happy, so I am happy! Will continue to purchase.

Nichole Jefferson, ME

Works well; scent is a bit heavy

Overall, this is a nice performing shampoo and conditioner. It lathers well, rinses out cleanly, and does a very good job with regard to cleaning and conditioning.On the down side, the scent is pretty heavy. It’s not unpleasant by any means, but it’s quite pronounced and it lingers. I would prefer a less intensive scent, which brings the rating down a star.But other than that, very nice product.

Margret Loveland, OK


I really like this shampoo. Plus it has conditioner so I don’t have to rinse twice. It leaves a real squeaky clean feeling on my hair and scalp. Once my hair is dry it feels nice and soft. It smells good too.

Brigitte Glenallen, MO

My Brother Loves This Shampoo and the Price is Great

My brother’s hair ranges from ponytail length to buzz cut, depending upon time of the year. With the weather still being cold, he keeps it longer so a shampoo with conditioner built in is useful.He had a half dozen choices of shampoos the day I put this one in the shower and he went right for it. He recognized the Axe name and liked the scent. He has been showering with it for a week now and says it leaves his hair “real nice.”Price is great and he likes it so I’ll buy more.

Jayne Petaca, NM

Great Combination of Shampoo & Conditioner

Personally I have short hair & oily skin, so I don’t use a conditioner very often. I find that the combination of shampoo & conditioner in a single bottle usually leaves my hair feeling greasy. I prefer using them separately, using about 2-3 bottles of shampoo before I finish off a single bottle of conditioner. I tried this only as a fan of Axe products. At first I assumed the conditioner would be overpowering, so I tested it. Surprisingly this still leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean – the way I like it. The balance between the two are just right & the scent smells good too. A couple of women asked if I changed my cologne & how much they liked it after I started using the shampoo, so I assume it’s a strong nice smell people like. If you are a person that has dry scalp, then you might want to think about how light the conditioner is. Otherwise, I’m a fan & will continue to use it.

Fannie Crestline, OH

Lathers well and smells great but it’s hard to tell their is conditioner in it

I usually like the scent of most Axe products because the scent is usually interesting and I like a stronger scent. This shampoo / conditioner combo is very similar to some of their other scents. The scent is described as fresh citrus and crisp fruits and but to be honest I doesn’t really think it smells like that at all. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the scent. To me it smells more like a cologne scent but it smells nice. It’s a dark blue shampoo / conditioner that lathers up well and leaves your hair squeaky clean. However it doesn’t seem to add much moisture to your hair it’s hard to tell that there is conditioner in it as well. The bottle is also only 12 oz. which isn’t very big but the cost is reasonable.

Vicki Newfields, NH

Nice Cologne Scent

AXE is a men’s line of grooming products that is marketed as a very edgy line. They are heavily cologne scented products and very masculine scented.I really like the new Apollo scent. It states that the notes are crisp fruits with a creamy background but it just reminds me of all those colognes that named “blue”, you know the ocean type ones. It’s really nice, one of their best scents.For the product itself, it’s a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner so it didn’t lather incredibly well but rinsed nicely and left hair soft and smelling good. I like 2 in 1 products for my young sons because it leaves their hair soft and manageable and just one less step that needs to be taken in the shower. If you had oily or extremely fine hair, you may want something more cleansing and less conditioning.The standout quality of this product is the scent.

Annabelle Summitville, OH

Love it!

My grandsons love Axe products, and this one is no exception. They think this shampoo is cool. According to the reactions the shampoo/conditioner lathered up very easily,rinsed away clean, and left hair feeling soft and smelling good. These combo products are great because this is the only way they ever use a conditioner, so it’s a real win. The scent is very powerful, but was very subtle after the hair was dry.

Candy Harvel, IL

2-in-1 because there’s not a 3-in-1

When I was growing up `WWW’ stood for World-Wide Wrestling and the most profound statement of my early life was a quote from a wrestler named The Iceman King Parsons. In many of his interviews, his response to the things that just happened in life was “Like my momma always said: `It be’s that way sometimes — have mercy!” If life throws lemons your way, then wash it out with this Ace, Apollo-scent 2-in-1 Shampoo with conditioner.If you get hit by a folding chair or crash and break a plastic table while being thrown from the upper rung of a wrestling rink, then you’re bound to want to take a shower and when you just don’t have time, 2-in-1 Axe shampoo and conditioner gets the job done, swimmingly.Have mercy.

Nichole Deeth, NV

Finally a grown up smell from axe

I think this is the best scent yet. Okay I like the chocolate one too. I cut my fiancé’s hair and I can tell you that this does dry things out a little, but man a live does he smell terrific. Like temptingly terrific. This lathers up pretty nice and leaves hair clean and smooth. My only suggestion is that once a week you still use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of buildup and bring back your shine.

Jeannine Chatham, MA

Strong scent. Excellent 2 in 1 shampoo.

Axe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Apollo in an excellent shampoo plus conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling clean, but not weighted down or greasy. The conditioning is light, and just enough to keep my dry-normal hair soft and not frizzy. The shampoo lathers great, and only a small amount is required. There is a strong fairly masculine scent, but it is not overpowering like some Axe products. Even my wife doesn’t mind using it. It is reasonably priced too. Axe 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner Apollo is a very good product, and I highly recommend it.

Jeanette Tabor, IA

Smell Great

What can I say this is great shampoo/conditioner. People always notice my hair. They always tell me how great it looks. Shinny and full.

Jacquelyn Mountainville, NY