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AXE 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shampoo, Harmony 16 oz

AXE Harmony Body Wash has a calming and sophisticated fragrance with a masculine mix of citrus, pepper and ginger. AXE Body Wash’s ultra-lather and addictive fragrances give you a super-charged clean to help you look, smell, and feel your best.

Key features

  • No.1 male body wash brand in the world (*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Men’s bath and shower retail value sales, 2014. Lynx includes all Axe/Lynx/Ego Sales)
  • AXE Harmony Body Wash in a 16 fluid ounce bottle
  • Sophisticated AXE Harmony scent blends citrus, pepper and ginger
  • Refreshing fragrance to kick off or end your day
  • Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good
  • To ensure your skin looks and smells its best, you can combine AXE Harmony Body Wash with other AXE Harmony products, including bodyspray, deodorant stick, and antiperspirant invisible solid
  • Masculine fragrance blend of citrus, pepper and ginger.
  • Also available in deodorant body spray, deodorant stick, anti-perspirant invisible solid.
  • Helps guys look, smell and feel their best

Honest reviews


Axe should chop this one from the lineup

I have used several Axe products in the past and was excited to try their new Harmony body wash.The pros… it came quickly, and you can use it to wash yourself.HOWEVER… I would not want to wash myself with it. Not on a regular basis. As I said, I have used other Axe products, such as their shampoo and antiperspirant. The smell on this one was not pleasant. I wouldn’t want to wash my dog with it. The wife took one sniff and said, ‘That smells like Vicks !’ It won’t make me swear off Axe entirely, but Harmony is a big PASS.

Trina Tefft, IN

Smells great

In my opinion, the shower gel smells great. The scent is clean and fresh. As you can see from other reviews, people either love the smell or hate it. This might be the product you first smell at a store before purchasing it online.The gel lathers well, and overall, I like it.

Ashleigh Fairmount, IN

S***s gross

S*** smells exactly like Listerine. Very minty and pungent. I couldn’t even stand to smell it in the store, can’t even imagine wanting to smell like this.

Rose Nora, IL

Another solid Axe

I’ve been an “Axe-man” for a few years now, and have rode along through a couple of Axe’s product “cycles”. First was the “color” series, with fragrance names like Excite, Kilo, Phoenix, and Dark Temptations. Then came the “space” series, with Deep Space, Jet, Apollo, and Black Chill. In between were the transition fragrances Shock, Snake Peel, and Cool Metal. Now comes this latest series of, what? New Age? Enlightenment? Sophistication? I don’t know but I consider it a winner. This fragrance, known as “Harmony”, is a slightly minty, chemical-overtone, dryer sheet on fire fragrance that I happen to notice is receiving a chillier reception than most in other reviews, but I really like this sort of soapy, not sweet smell. The gel itself performs like most Axe products: lathers up quickly and easily, rinses cleanly, and leaves enough of a smell that you know you’re clean but no so much that you smell like a department store perfume counter. When I received this fragrance, I had just started growing attached to the sister fragrance, “Peace”. Maybe I like these because they are lighter and manlier, just what a 50-something guy like me needs. Anyway, I think this product is great and I really like the smell, which is why I give a full five stars.

Jeannine Danville, CA

The fragrance is off-putting

I’ve purchased many different Axe shower gels before because I usually like most of their bold / manly scents. However, the only thing I like about this shower gel is that it cleans. Other than this the fragrance is extremely off-putting to me as it smells almost like I’m washing myself with menthol or Vicks VapoRub. Also, the gel does not lather up as well as I would like.Even though I’m a female, many of my body washes are labeled for men only as I like their deep fragrance and the clean way they make me feel. Nevertheless, I definitely would not purchase this shower gel for myself particularly because of the scent.

Christi D Hanis, TX

Fellas, This One’s for You

Axe is clearly not a shower gel that a couple will want to share. It may get the job done, but it’s fragrance recalls a product found not in the beauty products aisle, but in the household cleaning section,though it claims to be citrusy and "peppery," whatever that means. Still, the price is right, and for men offended by the flowery, coconut or vanilla scents typically associated with body gels, this is a fine soap replacement. Will it bring emotional harmony? Cleaner armpits, yes. World peace, no.

Jeanne Pittsburg, KS


Can you really complain about AXE? No, AXE offers great products that smell nice, come in a variety of uses…this is another one. The HARMONY shower gel is great smelling (a manly fragrance, sort of spicy), and (according to my husband and son) feels cool, or refreshing. The product is large at 16 ounces and you only need a small amount to work into your skin (I am told it lathers great). Overall, a great product-with an amazing scent! My family could not find any issues/problems with this product.

Gena Columbia Falls, MT

Mild and Refreshing Scent

Axe Harmony Shower Gel has a nice and mild scent that isn’t overwhelming or overpowering. My son loves everything Axe and he loved this just like the others but sometimes he over does it but the Axe Harmony with the citrus, pepper, and ginger is a perfect balance with just the right amount of refreshing scent. This scent of Axe is mild enough that even a woman can wear it without smelling masculine.This didn’t break-out or dry-out my son’s skin and that’s what is the most important thing for me and this is one of the best smelling of the entire Axe’s brand.

Leanna Kaktovik, AK

Another great shower gel from Axe

Axe shower gels have always been great smelling and deodorizes very well especially after a hard workout. This one is no different. It lathers very well on my cheap bath sponge and doesn’t take much to clean the body. Overall the smell is fresh and pleasant.

Ava Belfair, WA

Very nice scent

So far I haven’t found an Axe shower gel that I haven’t liked and this is no exception. It foams up as nicely as any other body gel and although it leaves a nice scent it is not too intense. Certain scents give me headaches if they linger in an overpowering way.Scent: The strongest note coming out of the bottle is a piney/spruce type smell. Once you get the gel on the skin the piney smell almost disappears and there seems to be a fruity (citrus combined with berry) and vanilla combination that become the "high note". Once you wash it off you are left with a very light clean smell reminiscent of CK1.This is how the scent profile smells and works on my skin. Because of varying body chemistry certain "notes" may come across differently on your skin.

Elva Torrance, CA

An Herbal Bath

Hubby really loves the Axe brand- in fact most of his products are made from Axe. He likes this line due to the smell and how well they make him feel clean.Axe Harmony Shower Gel felt just like an Herbal bath to hubby. The scent is very pleasant, manly but not overpowering, and even lingers on the skin for a few hours. Very easy to lather and wash off not leaving any residue.Hubby recommends this to anyone who enjoys the Axe brand. He also recommends this Harmony Shower Gel to anyone who thinks the other Axe’s might be too strong in scent. Harmony is filled with a masculine mix of citrus, pepper and ginger.

Deena Strawberry Point, IA

Smells Great

I have heard some good things and bad things about Axe products before. This is the first one I’ve gotten for my husband to try. I can’t speak for all the other Axe scents, but I absolutely love this one. It has a very clean scent of a pine forest. It’s not too strong, but it does linger for a while. My husband says it suds up fine and he likes using it. We both would recommend this product if you like woodsy, balsam, pine scents.

Dona Gramercy, LA

Smells good (smells are subjective) and does what you expect

This is a strongly-scented shower gel. They describe it as a "blend of citrus, pepper and ginger" – to me, it smells a bit like pine. I like it, but what smells good is extremely personal. Additionally, how this comes out when you use it will vary as it interacts with your other products and your own personal scent. (Caveat: all of Axe’s products tend to be strong-smelling and very distinctive, which means you have to take care in mingling them with other scented products (including those by Axe). Mix it with the wrong product, and you can create a very unpleasant clash. But even if you mix it with the right product, you can easily become overwhelming.)When used in moderation, the strength of the scent fades quickly, leaving what is to me a fairly pleasant after-scent. This is a thick smooth (not exfoliating) gel that foams well and applies evenly, rinsing off cleanly.Do NOT use it as a shampoo. One early morning shower, that mistake happened in my house, and it did bad things to the unfortunate who did it – basically, his hair was coarse and clumpy like he had used a hair gel even after two subsequent shampoos.

Yvonne Linwood, NE

Spicy initial scent, with a strangely medicinal underlaying smell. 3.5 stars

Axe Harmony Shower Gel claims to have scents of citrus, pepper, and ginger. I can smell the citrus, ginger, and a bit of black pepper, but there is a odd back note to the fragrance-like green pepper. This is part of the reason I gave it 3.5 stars-I dislike the smell of green bell peppers. The household teen son likes the smell, and the resident teen daughter says it is not horrible (which from her is high praise)The gel is a lovely shade of blue-green, and is very thick. It does not take much to make a good lather in the shower. It cleans well, and the green pepper like accent fades quickly, leaving only the ginger-citrus-spice scent on the skin. It removes the smell of three days’ worth of campfires from the body of a teen boy (plus the underlying teen-boy smell!) and unlike many Axe products, the scent does not linger in great clouds of smell after the person has left the room.The other reason behind the 3.5 star rating is that I find the gel to be rather drying to my skin-my son has not reported any problems, but I doubt that he would. So, Axe Harmony Shower Gel is a good product, a little drying to older (female) skin, that lathers well and does not smell bad. Would appeal to teens that like more subtle scents, and to parents and teachers who appreciate the lack of an overwhelming AXE-effect. However, if product layering occurs, I have no idea of how the scent will come across or linger in the air.

Leslie Mount Sinai, NY

Axe harmony

Gel has a gingery-citrusy (sic) smell if anybody is curious. Despite the ginger smell overwhelming the citrus, it doesn’t stick in (in a bad way). It has those small micro-beads in it, so you don’t need too much to work up a lather. Thus, it will last you a while.

Arlene Eau Galle, WI

Nice fragrance – not overpowering

Guys, when your wife tells you that she likes the smell, what else do you really need to know? I was surprised that when she walked into the bathroom while I was showering, she could smell it. "What is that? It smells great." I like it as well. It isn’t overpowering through the day and smells masculine enough. Of all of the Axe shower gels I’ve tried, this is among my favorites. This has a more "every day" fragrance while the Axe Deep Space gel is more of a "date night" fragrance. Both are great and this is coming from someone who swore off shower gels until about a year ago.

Jerri Waldron, MO

The quality I’ve come to expect

I have never been disappointed with an Axe product, and their Harmony Shower Gel is the quality product I have come to expect from this brand.This left me feeling cool and refreshed. It has a pleasant musky scent that is easily detectable when you pour the liquid into your hand, but is not overbearing once you step out of the shower.

Gay Wakefield, RI

Axe Harmony Shower Gel

A great smelling shower gel that my husband loves. It has a unique scent that is not overpowering, and it does not dry out your skin. Highly recommended.

Judith Claremont, NC

shape, size and consistency more of a plus than smell

first, when products offer emotional benefits, like this one does, beware. this means a lot has gone into advertising this product, maybe everything. this product is not bad but in an already very crowded market of shower based cleaning products, this one is not some vast improvement entering that market. one of the main things customers look for in this kind of product is smell, especially when emotional benefits are touted. i agree with the other reviewers here that the smell is not a plus. it reminds one more of mouthwash than anything spiritually edifying (as promised).however, it does have plusses for the health club environment. because of the shape of the plastic container and the thick gel consistency, this is very good for throwing into your gym bag or travel kit. it fits your hand well in the shower and it will be hard to leak onto your other clothing because of its gel consistency. it cleans fine and leaves no noticeable odor on the skin. mine is now in my swim bag for use in my health club’s locker room.

Amelia Florence, VT

Not Bad, But It’s An Acquired Scent

When I first tried this I couldn’t quite place the smell. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little off-putting still. After a few uses, I asked my girlfriend to smell it. She recognized the peculiar smell right away – cloves. Personally I’m not a fan of cloves, but then again it’s mostly just a nitpick – I can stand it I guess. This has that smell mixed with other pseudo-spice scents, cloves just seems to stand out the most. To me it smells a lot like spiced gumdrops, not fruit flavors – SPICED. If you’ve ever had those & remember how they combined to a distinct aroma – that’s the closest I can think of to compare to Axe Harmony. It’s like cloves, spearmint, orange spice, & more mixed together. If that thought seems weird, then this is probably not for you. In the end, it’s probably not for me either. I’ll be trying a different Axe gel next time. But for you out there that like very strong smells & different kinds of scents – I guess you might want to give it shot.

Mavis Anabel, MO

Which Way to Woodstock?

Axe is boldly venturing into new man-turf with it new line of peace-symbol-themed products. HARMONY SHOWER GEL presents an alternative scent that seems to deviate from the traditional perfume-adoring target market of desperate high school boys and even more desperate college males. Is this latest offering an attempt to lure unhygienic hippies to the world of cleanliness? An accidental mix-up in the Axe scent lab that was too big to toss down the drain? A pheromone-infused transcendental formula that hypnotizes young ladies into ignoring stupid things, like personality and appearance? Or, maybe it’s just a simple, more-natural smelling shower gel.HARMONY’S aroma definitely generates a different vibe. While I personally wouldn’t define the scent as being “masculine” (a term that presents a myriad of interpretations) … I didn’t find it particularly overpowering either (not necessarily a bad thing). I sensed an aroma that was “earthy” and sweet; the ginger was prominent, yet somewhat subdued by the pepper. Bottom-line, this scent was certainly more natural-smelling and delicate than those of other Axe products. While HARMONY doesn’t provide any gimmicky tingle to symbolize being fresh and clean, you certainly will come out feeling cleaner than bathing in the cow pond on Yasgur’s farm.I will always give new Axe products a test-drive; I like the constant variety they offer (there’s a little something for every guy). HARMONY shouldn’t trigger an itch to go shopping for toe-ring sandals or vintage VW buses, but it just may be effective enough to wash away the smell of enjoying 3 days of peace and music in an open field with 499,999 of your best friends.

Anne Norwalk, CA

Nice Scent

I’m always a little wary about trying out an Axe product as sometimes the scent can be overwhelming. With that said I often like quite a few of the scents available in the Axe line.This Harmony shower gel actually has a very nice subtle, citrus-like scent. I also like that the gel lathers up really well in the shower and rinses off cleanly, leaving you feeling clean and not oily.

Alisha Ridgeview, SD

Subtle clean fragrance

Axe is always super saturated with scent, and your body just smells of axe. This body wash is subtle, fresh and clean. When my husband takes a shower before bed, I just can’t stop cuddling, he smells so good.The wash rinses off well, gets a body clean, smells divine.

Tamara Barton, AR

Strong Medicinal Scent, Does Work …

Foremost, the fragrance is a little difficult to get past. I thought it was reminiscent of a mouthwash and my boyfriend said it seemed like a cross between toothpaste & HubbaBubba. On all counts, the smell is not "bad," just a scent that one equates with medicinal products (and bubblegum?).The actual product is surprisingly thick. It took some serious scrubbing for it to begin to lather … before that, it was a mass of blue jelly-like substance on my arms. Most shower-gels are a bit thinner and lather quickly.Finally, it does leave skin "squeaky" clean (which may be why some people find the product to result in dry skin … it is a bit aggressive). I feel like this might work best on men with oily skin. Normal to dry skin would probably not benefit from such a strong formula. And, obviously, those with any type of sensitivity to fragrance will want to avoid this shower gel.

Melinda Cape Vincent, NY

another well liked Axe product for the mister

The man of the house loves Axe shower gels and spray deodorants. He enjoyed the scent of the new "Harmony" body wash and described the fragrance as comforting. He says the scent of this Harmony shower gel lasts for about an hour or so after use. He has also tried the Harmony spray deodorant and it is very consistent in fragrance between the two, for those who like to layer their scents.

Selina Stevensville, PA

A good lather…

Axe Harmony Shower Gel, 16 Fluid OuncesThe review of this product is part of my obligation through the Vine Club.There is nothing more attractive than a great shower after a good work out. This product offers a calming and soothing experience, the fragrance is a combination of ginger, pepper and citrus which lasts all day, providing a feeling of freshness.The bottle is easy to open and pour the right amount for a good lather.Highly recommend this product.

Anastasia Lynn, IN

A very masculine scent – like an automotive garage

My first disappointment with this product was that after using it, I did not have women flocking to me like the Axe commercials advertise. I guess my ugliness goes beyond anything that Axe can help with.All joking aside, the Harmony scent is supposed to be a masculine version of citrus, ginger, and pepper. It is a very subdued scent and not overly fruity like some other shower gels made for women. But it is so mild that the scent of the other agents overpower it. By other agents, I am talking about Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Acrylates Copolymer, Cocamide MEA, PPG-9, Citric Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylene Glycol, Methychloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Blue 1 (CI 42090), Yellow 5 (CI 19140).If you have ever wondered what these smell like, it is like motor oil, although a bit more subtle. So if you want a scent that makes it seem like you have been working on your car the whole day, this is it. But it doesn’t smell like that out of the bottle. It it more apparent as you use it in the shower.On the positive side, this stuff is really thick – pudding-like in consistency so you really only need a small amount. And most men hate having to go shopping for more hygiene stuff, so it will last a very long time. A bit unfortunate for me. I think it will take me at least a year before I get through this bottle. It does give you a good clean feeling afterwards with no residue.If you like Axe products, I would probably try a different scent than Harmony.

Christine Fairhope, AL

axe shower gel–harmony

axe shower gels are a good product. a little goes a long way. it lathers up real good and has a good scent that is not over powering. does not leave the skin feeling oily or greesy. easy to hang on to and squirts out easy.

Dorothea Tatums, OK

Axe Shower Gel

Axe has produced a shower gel which has a very attractive and functional container. The fragrance is very nice and because the product is somewhat concentrated, a little goes a long way.

Allison Willimantic, CT

Not traditional, but evolutionary

Traditionally, AXE has had cologne scented products, but recently the Lever company has added natural scents to the line, such as Deep Space, which has a very herbal/rosemary type scent. When I first smelled Harmony, my first thought was that it smelled like Pine. After using the product for a while and smelling it closely, I would say it has a strong cedar fragrance with a touch of crystalized orange. I didn’t instantly fall in love with this scent, but it provides great deodorizing action and fragrance for tough areas like armpits. Unlike “Deep Space”, Harmony doesn’t have any gritty beads, so it’s gentle on the skin.With that said, AXE should really list the fragrances on their bottles. They like to use cool names, but what fragrance is a snake peel or Harmony, if you aren’t familiar with the product line. I do think Axe should continue to use clear bottles, so you can see the cool colors of their gels.Like the other AXE body gels, Harmony has a strong scent, has a thick quality gel that lathers really good, and is an excellent value in size and price.

Letha Litchfield, ME