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Avon SSS Original OIL 5oz

Avon SSS Bath Original Oil 5oz

Key features

  • SKIN SO SOFT Original Bath Oil Spray.
  • Keep skin moisturized with the softening,
  • Smoothing benefits of Skin-So-Soft in a seemingly weightless formulation. 5 fl. oz.

Honest reviews


This has mineral oil….and does nothing to Mosquitos

This has no effect on mosquitos thought it would be a repellentwith a nice smell , I read many times that mineral oil clogs pores and induces pimples and acne which I am prone to. Regarding softness , it does make your skin so soft ..

Michell Lanagan, MO

Great against Mosquitos

I admit it: I don’t actually "like this product", I find the scent to be heavy and gross. BUT… I’ve used this for years as a spray against mosquito bites & I have to be honest, it works amazingly!!!! The added bonus is that my skin is really soft too! I don’t use it except during the summer when we spend our evenings outside. But it’s really great at keeping the bugs away 🙂

Maggie Beaverton, MI

Great smelling

This is a wonderful product. It’s good for ashy skin, sunburn, bug repellent, and to make you smell good. Just be careful if you have a cat he or she might not know it’s you. This is because cats mostly go by scent.

Ramona Glenoma, WA

Same as i remember

Lve this oil especially when iam out in the garden as it repels bugs and smells great. I have dry skin and my skin jst drinks this in!

Augusta New Munich, MN

Saved me from the fleas!!!!

So this recent summer I had a huge mosquito and flea attack out dogs ended up getting the fleas and unfortunately brought them in the house so we had a horrible flea infestation!!!! Not fun!!! I would wake up looking like vampires chewed me up all over my legs and feet and even neck and arms pretty much everywhere I was soo angry this whole summer I could even sleep comfortable oh the itching pain and I couldn’t go to sleep with all those chemicals from normal of woods spray so I looked up on the Internet and came across this people with my issue said they swore by this to keep them away from you at least and they where right as soon as I got this even though I must admit took a Lil to long , I sprayed it right alway and I personally hate the smell of only it smelled a little better but I dealt with it because I couldent stand another minute getting chewed up and this saved I would put it on before bed or when walking around outside or inside my house and I stopped getting bites and when I wouldn’t wear it at all I would get a bite so yeah this really works or that purpose anyways !:)

Melody Navarro, CA