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Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Moisturizes around delicate eye area as it whisks away makeup. 2 fl. oz. Please note that in your shipping confirmation you will be asked to let us know if you are currently receiving service from an Avon Representative. If you are, please follow the link provided in the confirmation so that s/he can receive proper credit for your Avon order placed through

Key features

  • Makeup be gone.

Honest reviews


love, but over priced. only 99cents on avon website

this is only 99 cents on the avon website!!!!! do not buy here on amazon!!! i love this stuff and wont use anything else, but buy this on the avon website because its WAY cheaper. this price is a rip off!!!!

Serena Campbell Hill, IL

Not effective

Have to scrub to get the make up off. I had a lotion based remover from sephora so thought I would try this, but just does not work well. Get Mary Kay instead!

Winifred Lapwai, ID

Very effective makeup remover

I used this for the first time today and was delighted to find that it removed my waterproof mascara very easily. Truth is, I actually stopped wearing mascara for a while because my previous eye makeup remover just couldn’t do the job of removing it fully. I’d be tugging at my lashes (which is a big no-no) only to still find traces of mascara afterward.The lotion consistency of this remover makes it very easy to simply rub it onto my eyes without tugging, following which, I simply wipe it off with a large cotton pad before going in the shower. I’m pleased to report that it removed my mascara very quickly with minimal fuss, and I loved the moisturizing effect it had on my skin.Now I wish I had discovered this little gem much earlier! With a price like that, it’s safe to say that this has definitely made it to my personal ‘must-have’ beauty list.

Samantha Wilbraham, MA

Works great

I use it by applying a squeeze to a wet cotton square, using one side to gently wipe off my eye makeup & the other to wipe the product away from my eye. I prefer to remove my contacts first .. but if I’m careful (and use a q-tip) can use w/contacts in. A few times I’ve used too much product & a little has gotten into my eye; it doesn’t hurt, just blurs my vision and has easily been rinsed out w/my saline rinse.I’ve found this product works way better for me than the pre-moisted makeup remover pads. Those are convenient but seem to need rubbing to get all the makeup off.After using this product my eye area feels nice and moist, not sore or harshly dry at all. (note: I’m in my 50s so moisture is important to my skin)

Lacey Little Lake, MI

Good Stuff

Wish they’d take down that $.0l price down. I was so stupid I thought it was $01 Cent. I purchased 2 bottles and they charged me $5.00 for each bottle for Shipping/Handling. Cost for two bottles of Avon eye makeup remover $10.02.Good stuff one or two sweeps and the mascara and eye makeup is gonezo.

Cathy Gibson, IA

Effective, gentle

I use this to gently remove the makeup around my eyes in the morning (no matter how well I clean them at night, I always find more has wept around my eyes by morning). It’s pretty gentle and works fine if you dab it on a q-tip and run it along your eye-line.

Johanna Arapahoe, CO

Works great! Love it!

It was getting hard to find my previous favorite mascara remover, and most of them don’t work well, or they create a “film” on my eyes. This works VERY WELL and does NOT get that film in my eyes. I will certainly recommend it and buy again. I use waterproof mascaras, and they are usually harder to remove, but it is no problem for this. It only takes a tiny bit, and I don’t have to rub hard. This is my new favorite mascara remover!

Yvette Churchville, MD

Great Eye Makeup Remover

I love this product! It does not make my eyes sting like most eye makeup removers– it is very gentle. The eye makeup comes off easily. It would be great if this product came in larger sizes.

Corina Carolina Beach, NC

Great eye makeup remover

The best eye make up remover by far. It does not irritate my eyes at all. I can just glide some of it with a cotton ball over my lid and it comes off completely.

Gloria Richville, NY

Does the job

The product works great, is very gentle and completely removes my eye makeup. I would have given it 5 stars but the packaging is horrible. It’s a squeeze bottle dispenser and way too much comes out. A little of this stuff goes a long way. Would buy again though.

Latoya West Jordan, UT

The texture

It is soft and doesn’t really have a smell but the texture puts me off. It is thicker than it needs to be and lumpy.

Susana Nehawka, NE

Didnt remove any makeup!

I was so excited to try a new product to remove my mascara, I had been using liquid remover and was looking forward to the lotion. The reviews were great so I assumed I’d love it, too. I followed the directions and dampened a cotton ball, applied the product, then started "patting" my lashes as instructed… NOTHING CAME OFF! I started rubbing, my lashes started clumping together and the makeup still wasn’t coming off! I scrubbed, I then use the other "instruction", rubbing with my finger, nothing. So it was a complete waste, and a total disappointment. At least it was cheap. I wear Maybelline waterproof mascara… guessing by other reviews it works well for other makeups, but for mine.

Carmella Bridgton, ME