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Avon Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System

Product Description Unlock the power to reshape, repair & recontour your eyes. Concentrated Elixir 2X the level of an intensive densifying ingredient to help reduce the look of undereye bags and fat pockets. Use PM, under eye only, over Intensive Repair Cream. .09 oz. net wt. Intensive Repair Cream Formulated to restore elasticity as it reduces and firms. Use AM & PM, over entire eye area. .5 fl. oz. Powered by pro-sirtuin TX technology. 80% of women agreed that their natural, youthful eye shape and definition were restored.* As seen on TV. IMMEDIATELY* Eye area looks and feels firmer, tighter and more elastic. IN JUST 3 DAYS* Restores the look of natural volume to thinning skin around eyes.

Key features

  • A Brand new 2 part Eye Contouring System
  • Use AM or PM
  • 3 Days—Restores the look of natural volume to thinning skin around the eyes

Honest reviews


doesn’t work well

This product (the cream part at least) seems okay. It is quite thick, it did diminish the look of slight crows feet (I’m 33) after the first use. I have no clue what the point of the “elixer” is. This does not de-puff or really serve any purpose. I also had a very bad reaction to this product and I do not have sensitive skin nor have I ever had an allergic reaction to a moisturizing product. It burned the outer corners of my eyes so badly, I have red marks there now. I threw this out after one use. Would not purchase again. Will be sticking with my Clinique

Rene Loveville, MD

Eye Moisturizer

I have been wearing this product for a couple of years and love it. My Avon Lady drives me crazy so I was looking for a new place to buy Avon. I was thrilled that Amazon carried Avon products. I like this eye cream better than anything I have tried.

Jeannie Jasper, TX

Eye nourishment

great product… cream to keep area moisturized and then awax type element that I use to prevent crow’s feet.i think it works !!

Kathryn Loyal, WI


I love some of the other Anew products (e.g. night cream), but this? Meh. It’s okay, but nothing special. There are actually two products in this one jar (a top and bottom compartment). The bottom one is a thick, rich lotion (not bad), and the top looks like a solid lip balm. I’ll finish the lotion, but I’ll not re-order this one.

Kim Hopewell, OH

Soothing eye cream

This two punch combination is wonderful! One side of jar is cream(upper lid), other side of jar a light weight balm( under eye). This eye cream moisturizes and is not oily. Will purchase again!

Tabitha Dauphin Island, AL

Avon Ultimate Eye System

I’ve used Avon for over 30 years. This product, for me, is just so so. I prefer the clinical eye cream line. I don’t think this helped my eye area look any younger, but everyone is different and the clinical line is my favorite. I would not purchase this item again.

Jenna Pendleton, OR