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AVON Anew Clinical PRO Line Eraser Treatment – A-F-33 1 oz

Unlike AHA, Unlike retinol, unlike injectable collagen, patented A-F33 works to deactivate collagen blockers & help effectively boost collagen production in just 3 days.

Key features

  • The Anti-Aging Breakthrough of the decade.

Honest reviews


Have seen a difference

It is a light cream. Good for oily skin. It doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. I use it in the morning and at night before bed. It does say not to use it around your eyes. I do and don’t have any problems. I have adult acne due to oily skin. I usually break out with certain products. This ones doesn’t effect my skin like most. Has a nice scent, works pretty good making your skin glow. Like most products this is a quick fix but not permanent like most. As soon as you stop using it your skin goes back to the way it was before you started using it.

Callie Artesia Wells, TX

Had to throw it out.

The problem with this product and several other Avon products that I tried after seeing glowing reviews is that at first it seems to be helping then after a couple of weeks you notice that your skin is more dry and duller looking than it was before you started using it. I just threw out 3 of these products and wont order any more. The thing is that I have very good skin. For it to look worse after a couple of weeks, it has to be the products.

Fern Dunreith, IN

Does nothing at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, let me rephrase : I don’t really hate this product, I just don’t care about this product anymore, at all.Pros:nice package, good texture, smells ok,applies and absorbs easily,one bottle lasts 5 weeks.Cons: NO RESULTS!!!!!!!!!! Zero, nole, none, etc….I’ve used it for 5 weeks every morning/evening and no improvement (not a bit).Thanks God, I’m done with it.And, I don’t like when companies lie to their customers. Right on the package of this treatment Avon claims : 100% of women saw the results just in 2 weeks. And, it is a huge lie.Sorry, Avon, but I am M.D.and I like facts, and the fact is:According to double blind clinical trails of this product only 50% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in 11 weeks! (almost 3 months), not 2 weeks. Common, people. To really see that improvement you need to have a microscope instead of an eye :). So, those people who see results on next day or after just one week, they really flatter themselves and see what they want to see, or just in love with Avon products (good for them).So, my advice will be: buy this one if you will find it for $8 or less;or save your time, nerves, and money, go to eBay and find a serum for $5-7 that will give you the same results (pleasant smell, texture, moisture, etc).

Lucia Jackson, LA

nothing amazing

Didnt notice any results from this. I used it faithfully under my moisturizer and could have gone without it. I wont buy it again

Rhonda Smithville, TN

Love this.

I really like this one. It has a slight tightening effect does a good job. It was a great buy for the money. I will definitely re-order this one.

Gabrielle Buchanan, ND

it’s okay

It’s okay about sums it up…I really can’t say that I have fewer fine lines but i have tried a lot and I mean a lot of products and this one is so reasonably priced and does about the same thing they all do…very little..

Aisha Wakenda, MO

Avon Anew CLinical Pro

This products does make the lines around the eyes, lips , and forehead when they start to appearmuch softer,they are not as visable.. I would try it on my neck also

Laurie Geneva, AL

Seems to be working

I have read good reviews about this product and found it here on Amazon for about half the price so have given it a test for the past couple of weeks and the lines around my mouth are not as prounounced as they were before, that is a plus! I am in my 60’s so anything that will work at this age is a blessing! I will continue to use and am thankful I have found a product that works on us older gals. Give it a try, it is not a miricle cream but it helps a lot, I can now stand to wear my glasses and look into the mirror and not ask myself, “who is that old lady?”

Adela Waterflow, NM


Used everyday have more expensive cream I use at night but it is a good cream and affordable. Good deal

Madelyn Crescent City, FL

best retinol treatment for sensitive skin

I have tried a lot of products with retinol including sensitive skin formulas (neutrogena, ROC) and this was the best, didn’t break out too bad the first 2 wks compared to similar products and have noticed a huge change in my skin, forehead much smoother and acne scars faded some after 3-4 wks or so of daily use (use sparingly). I have also combined this with olay regenerist serum and makeup with retinol including Too faced beauty balm and peter thomas roth unwrinkle foundation so it may be just the perfect combo of low retinol…

Frankie Selmer, TN


I finally found a serum that plumps up my skin and doesn’t give me any redness or irritation. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and I’ve never seen my skin look so hydrated and glow-y. I’ve tried so many skin products from the shopping channels, department stores, and drugstores and they either were too drying or didn’t hydrate enough. I am in my 70’s and this is about as close to a younger skin miracle as I’m gonna get. I apply the PRO Line Eraser Treatment first and then apply Avon Anew Platinum Night Cream or the Platinum Day Cream over it. I can’t believe how good my skin is looking. I am extremely happy with this serum and will not even bother trying anything else ever again.

Cathryn Sprankle Mills, PA