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Avibon Vitamin Pommade

Product Description According to Gweneth Paltrow: “Avibon is hard to find outside of France, but it’s one of my very favorites. It’s full of Vitamin A, which is wonderful for the skin, getting rid of blemishes, tough dry spots and preventing wrinkles (they say). I know an older movie star who uses this every night and she has the most amazing skin!” According to “Avibon is a must purchase while in Paris to keep wrinkles at bay.” According to VOGUE- “Avibon is pumped full of skin-clearing wrinkle-blitzing Vitamin A.” *this product contains lanolin

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This was a waste of my money. I brought this like 6 months ago and after using it for a month and no good results WHAT SO EVER!!!! I have a tube of this in my cabinent collecting dust. Take my advise and PLEASE dont wast your money on this.And to raise this from $40 dollars which was to much for a waste of a product. Now its $200.00. Please it should be against the law to do this to buyers. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!I only gave it 1 star because I could not write a reveiw with out rating it.

Natalie Fancy Farm, KY

Expensive and Petroleum-y but it Works

I was looking for a less chemical-packed way to get retinol as an anti-aging treatment, and I found this to be a good pick. it doesn’t irritate my skin like other full-blast versions do, and I did notice a difference in my skin after some prolonged use. That said, the drawbacks are that it does have the consistency of petroleum jelly (so I used it sparingly) and a heavy rose smell (which I didn’t mind but other reviewers seemed to hate). It’s also expensive and difficult to get, so in the end, I ended up just not bothering after I used up the first tube. C’est la vie.

Cherry Death Valley, CA

Too bad it’s only $8 in France

I LOVE this product. It is a cheap pharmacy item in France. Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about Avibon on her website under “Favorite French Pharmacy Items”. It is a miracle cream. Heals everything! Super hydrating, smells great, tastes great (you can use on your lips). Is a little heavy for summer, but perfect for winter time. I stocked up in France but $27 is still worth it if you can’t get there.

Michele Fourmile, KY

Dewy, moisturized skin

I use African Black soap which can be drying so I had no issue with Avibon being ointment like. This is my first day using it and I used a very small amount and it did not make my face feel greasy, it made my face feel dewy. I love that it made my lips and face feel more plump and so soft. Too early to tell about fine lines and evenness but I will definitely do an update after using it for a bit.

Sylvia Los Angeles, CA

My skin looks great

I bought this from Amazon at the start of the year. I have been using nightly. It is too heavy for daytime. My skin texture has changed. It looks even and very healthy. I am 53 and African American so I do not have wrinkles. The problem now is that I paid $34 for this at start of year, as I watched the price increase I bought another a couple of months ago for around $70, now it’s $179! Really???? Shame on this seller!!!!

Shanna Oak Park, IL

It is okay

I have been using a variety of products and see that the price has gone up dramatically. I did not see any results and the smell is only okay. So many better products on the market if you are serious about aging skin.

Kaye Paulina, LA

very heavy – almost like ointment

This is a very thick cream – almost like an ointment. When you use it at night, it feels so heavy. But when you wake up, you can see that all that greasy heaviness is penetrated into skin.

Caryn West Falmouth, MA

Thick barrier cream

This is a great cream for nighttime use in the dry winter months. I did not observe any change in my fine lines and hyperpigmentation, but I didn’t have much to begin with. It should also be noted I only paid ~$25 for this…not over a $100! If you are looking for a Vitamin A analogue cream, ask your doctor for an Rx of Retin-A, etc instead!

Denice Alexander, KS