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Aviance Night Musk By Prince Matchabelli for Women Cologne Spray, 2.6-Ounce

Introduced in 1983. Fragrance notes: jasmine, rose, cinnamon, warm sweet spices, lavender and citrus. Recommended use: evening.

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Honest reviews


Pretty undertones, but smells cheap

Being a musk-lover, I was totally excited to smell this perfume after reading all of the positive reviews.I received it today and was most disappointed…it has a sweet, light-ish musky smell in it that I like, but unfortunately, it’s positively overwhelmed by a scent that I can only describe as “cheap-perfume smell.”Now, don’t mistake me for a perfume snob–I’m anything but and nearly gag every time I walk past a department store fragrance section because they’re so strong. But this has a chemical undertone that I wouldn’t want people to associate with me. It reminds me of the 80s…all the perfumes seemed to have it back then.

Tabatha Bristow, NE

Not the Night Musk of old but still works with my body chemistry

When the original Night Musk came out backin the eighties, I combined it with Bonne Bell Skin Musk Oil and this was my “signature” scent for years. I seldom went through a day without a compliment and my husband loved the scent as much as I did. It was reasonably priced and it smelled different on me than it did on others, which I think a good perfume should do. It also lasted a long time on me.Then, alas, Prince Matchabelli bought the scent and they radically changed the smell of it. I’ve never been able to understand why they did that but maybe it was a poor seller. Coupled with the fact that they soon after purchased Bonne Bell’s Skin Musk Oil and modified the smell of that, I decided to search for a new fragrance.I have tried all kinds of perfumes in the last twenty years or so. None of them lasted on me like my old standbys and none smelled as good to me. And the money I’ve spent! The last perfume I tried that I thought would become my “signature” cost $90 a bottle and my husband hated it!One evening, I was sitting at the computer looking at different perfume sites when I wondered if I might still like Aviance Night Musk despite the change in fragrance and likewise, since it had been so long, would the change in Sking Musk still be as obvious to me.I came to Amazon and discovered that each was still available and I decided to order them. When they arrived, I was like a little girl, I was in such a hurry to try them on. Guess what? Although I can detect a slight change in the scent, it’s not as apparent to me as it was all those years ago. And best of all, the scent lingered for four hours until my husband came home from work. His first question was, “Is that your old perfume?”Several hundred dollars later and many years wiser, I’m back to wearing my “signature” scent. Occasionally, out of nowhere, a waft of the Night Musk will come my way, and I think what a lovely scent it is. It just seems to work with my body chemistry, especially with the Skin Musk, which I put on before I spray on the perfume. It just smells like “me”.I am so happy it’s still available and I so hope that Amazon will continue to stock it. During the time I was trying all those other perfumes, no one ever commented on them. Today I went shopping and a lady stopped me to tell me that I smelled so good! It made my day!

Germaine Mound Valley, KS

Worn it for years

I have worn this perfume for years. It is the only one that every single time I put it on I get a compliment on how nice I smell. Tried others – – no compliments. Why change it when it ain’t broken….

Dionne Munford, AL

Smells really good!

I got this from amazon and actually when i first smelled it i wasn’t crazy about it.But a month later i started wearing it and i love it!!! Its kind of warm and soft at the same time.I will definitely be purchasing this again!

Earnestine Marble Falls, TX

writing titles is the hardest part of a review

Ordered this without even knowing what it smells like. I figured that even if I didn’t like it, it’s rare that I flat-out hate a perfume (although I’m not fond of food-based perfumes), and there wasn’t much risk with it being inexpensive.Simply, this is one of the best perfumes I have ever smelled. It’s strong enough to get your attention, but in a classy way. This smells like something you would wear if you were going to a fancy restaurant. If I was going to equate it to an outfit, I would say it is similar to a woman wearing a shoulder-less red dress that went down just short of the knee, with 3 to 4 inch slide-on heels, wearing the hair up, and dangling earrings, on the arms of a man wearing a dark suit.Every time I smell it, I think how great it is that some purchases sometimes work out so well.

Earline Florham Park, NJ