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Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment, 8 Count, net wt. 1.5oz.

Aveeno soothing bath treatment  for Itchy, irritated skin is made of 100% pure natural colloidal oatmeala long recognized ingredient that relieves itching naturally. In the unique bath products for Aveeno, natural colloidal oatmeal is milled to an ultrafine powder.  When dispersed in water, this powder forms a soothing milky bath.  After bathing, skin becomes softer and smoother and itchy, dry, sensitive skin is relieved. Aveeno soothing bath treatment works as a natural cleanser and cleans the skin without soap.  Surface soils adhere to the ultrafine colloidal oatmeal particles and gently rinse away.  Aveeno provides temporary skin protection and relieves minor irritation and itching.

Key features

  • Helps temporarily relieve and soothe itch and irritation
  • For itchy, irritated skin
  • 100% natural colloidal oatmeal
  • Dermatologist-recommended
  • Fragrance-free

Honest reviews


Great product for severe psoriasis sufferers like me!!!!!

Love the oatmeal baths! I have been a severe psoriasis suffer (erythrodermic psoriasis) for more than 20 years, and the oatmeal baths are part of my regime (once to twice per week) to help keep the scales smoothed down and under control. I also soak in Dead Sea salt three times per week, and I use a cold pressed coconut oil to put on topically. No more chemotherapy for me. I did more than 10 years of chemo for my severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, which has caused all kinds of problems for me now. (The last one, Remicade, which caused drug-induced Lupus.) Been chemo-free since 2007. The chemo was only a temporary fix to a chronic disease. I was more than 80% covered back in 1992 when I was first diagnosed. I looked like a leper. Doctors said they do not know of anyone who has had as much chemo as me, and to still be living is a miracle. I chalk it up to a really strong heart and the miracles of God. Hope this review helps others to maintain this very debilitating condition. I have given my regime to a couple dozen people over the years, and they all say it definitely helps them.

Bertha Snow Hill, AL

Great for Eczema

I have my daughter take baths in this when her eczema flares up. Initially it wont have a soothing effect while in the tub, but her skin soaks it up and feels moisturized and soft after. I have her soak her eczema in it for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Gretchen Belle Haven, VA

A Great Soother

I’m not using this right now but I plan to use it on an irregular basis. It’s a wonderful skin calmer. Found it not advisable to soak in the tub with Eczema. Great product!

Ida Cairo, MO

Great for soothing itchy skin

I first started using this product when I developed unbearably itchy, dry skin during my pregnancy. After no success with lotions and bath oils, this was the first product to provide me with relief. Now my three year old has eczema and we use it in her bath water to help reduce inflammation and itching.

Marva Fayetteville, OH

Itchy. Itchy. Itchy. Not Anymore.

The other day I started breaking out in tiny red itchy bumps. I had no idea what caused them but I knew immediately what would help. I’ve used Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment for previous skin problems so I went to the local pharmacy and bought a box of 8 packets. Worked like a charm. Calms the skin and keeps the itch away. Keep it on hand, particularly during the summer when sunburn and bugs bites are likely.

Guadalupe Wakefield, MI

helpful for healing irritated skin

When a loved one was suffering with very painful blisters from shingles, I had been researching what natural methods could help alleviate the pain and speed up the skin healing. I heard oatmeal in fine powder in a warm bath could help out. After grinding up about 1 cup of rolled oats in the food processor a few times, I noticed most of oats would get milled to a fine powder but still some pieces weren’t as fine. I started searching online and was glad to see Aveeno, a brand which I’d tried for shower gels and heard much good things about, offers an already ground oatmeal powder for this purpose. The 8 packettes are packaged in a sturdy box which is easy to store to use as needed and provides at least a week’s worth of product if you use a packette a day. I was glad to see this Aveeno bath treatment provided some much needed relief with his skin and will continue to purchase.

Deidra Glen Spey, NY

Just the thing!

So soothing on dry sensitve skin! I love hot showers in the winter… I know it’s bad for my skin. I know it dries my skin out and I know I shouldn’t stand there like I do savoring the hot water. But I do – every time. This saves my skin and means that I get to enjoy a warm bath!!! Life is good.

Dora Drury, MA

Very good for rashes, dryness, irritation

I bought these because they were prescribed to me years back by my dermatologist when I had a side effect rash to a skin cream. While taking Allegra orally and using 1 bath a day, my rash disappeared within a week. Remembering that, I used this when I formed a heat rash and it worked again. It also soothes the skin and makes it feel smooth. It’s a great product I recommend it for light to mild rashes. (Anything serious should be consulted with dermatologist first)

Mae Hulls Cove, ME

Just grind up your own oatmeal

I bought these for convenience but grinding up my own oatmeal in my Magic Bullet is SO MUCH CHEAPER and I don’t have to worry about any weird additives.

Opal Newgulf, TX

My favorite itchy skin remedy

I use this for dry skin, itchy seasonal allergy skin, and for eczema. I have also used this on my 3 year old niece and it really helps calm down her itchy skin. If you or your child has dry skin or allergies I would recommend having a box on hand at all times.

Isabella Cleveland, MO

Great for senative skin

I love a bubble bath but my skin does not, so I found this it’s the next best thing…no bubbles but helps you relax and skin feels good after.

Karin Jewett, IL

Soothes everything

Soothing, thick and rich bath treatment that my daughter loves. We have a itchy little girl who scratches all the time. After a nice warm bath with this the scratching stops and she sleeps like a baby. She even requests it so that proves to me it makes it all better. Staple in our house from now on.

Trudy Bishop, VA

Great for Skin

I don’t have rashes or any severe medical issue like that but my skin does seem sensitive and irritable sometimes and I’ve found a nice soak in Aveeno does a world of good.Now, the trick to Aveeno is to pre-mix. If you just toss it into the bathwater that will work but it is a bit lumpy that way. I put it in a bowl with very hot water and whisk it smooth and then add that mixture to the running bath water. It is a little cumbersome to do it that way but it’s worth it.

Bessie Carol Stream, IL

comparable price to other sites

One customer said that it is “too thick” and another “clumpy”. If you pour it in while HOT water is started in the tub, it will melt fine even crumble the powder between your fingers. If there is too much, you can always use 1/2 packet and fold up the remainder for the next bath! Do remember to stir it around on the bottom of your tub prior to getting in, as it can make the floor slippery! This has been a godsend to me and there most definitely IS a difference between Aveeno brand and the generic! There really isn’t but about 50 cents difference, get the good stuff!!!

Dolores Geneva, MN

Aveeno oatmeal bath

This is very good to put into your bath for your skin. Hopefully it will come back to Subscribe and Save.

Janelle Henderson, KY


This was an okay bath soak product but I didn’t like the fact that it can be a bit lumpy.

Brittney Apple Springs, TX

I didn’t notice anything

Maybe I should sue more then one pack a bath, but I didn’t feel anything with this at all. my skin felt no change.

Sharron Stendal, IN