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Aveeno Nourish + Volumize Conditioner, 10.5 Ounce

Aveeno Nourish+ Volumize Conditioner does much more than nourish and condition — it adds body with a fusion of lightweight conditioners, giving hair lush, rich life. Scientific studies show that just three washes helps repair damage, providing the three key elements that give hair life — strength, softness and shine.* And in a clinical trial, 88% of the women who used the Nourish+ Volumize regimen had an improvement in hair elasticity, and 87% thought their hair was softer.

Key features

  • Designed to feed your hair by replenishing moisture to protect fine, fragile hair
  • Gentle on colortreated hair
  • Strengthens
  • Dermatologist Recommended for over 60 Years
  • This product contains wheat protein

Honest reviews


This stuff sucks

This stuff sucks. I got the shampoo and conditioner sample of this in the mail. I liked the scent and light feel of the shampoo and conditioner but when I got out of the shower I had to have my boyfriend help me get out all the knots from my hair. My hair was dry and knotty and my boyfriend said something weird, he said, “It doesn’t feel bouncy and moisturized” as he helped me brush it. I even brushed my hair BEFORE showering to remove any knots and it came out knotty and dry. I will stick to Aussie.

Letitia Jacksontown, OH

Does what is says it will

In my experience, Aveeno is a consistently good brand, and this shampoo does give my hair good shine and volume. It’s very reasonably priced, smells a bit oaty (in a nice way!) and gives my (shortish, frequently dyed) hair shine and movement. I’d buy it again.

Estela Saint Helens, OR

Not for me

As much as I love Aveeno products, this shampoo is definitely not for me. It dried my hair out quite a bit so I can’t support the "nourishing" claim. It does smell good though.

Casey Hawk Springs, WY

Adds volume to my thinning, grey hair

I’ve been looking for a shampoo that will give some volume and lift to my hair. As I have become totally grey, I have also noticed my hair thinning. I saw a commercial for this shampoo and decided to try it. I immediately noticed my hair feeling more full after the first wash. My hair is chin length with some layers, and it definitely added some lift. I have not been using conditioner but find that my hair is still soft and not tangled. I plan to try out their conditioner as well.

Shari Harwood, TX


This shampoo makes my hair shiny and soft. It doesn’t weigh it down. I don’t especially like the scent, but otherwise it really does work well.

Teresa Mount Vernon, ME