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Aveeno Living Color Preserving Shampoo for Medium-Thick Hair, 10.5 Ounce

Aveeno living color preserving shampoo for medium-thick hair is designed for the unique needs of color-treated, medium-thick hair. This rich-lathering shampoo breathes new life into your color by revealing vibrant shine with each wash, while perfectly balanced cleansers carefully lift away impurities to enhance color clarity. Our active naturals formula features the power of color-fortifying lupine botanicals, scientifically shown to smooth the cuticle, helping to lock in color for long-lasting, healthy brilliance for vibrant color that comes to life wash after wash.

Key features

  • Locks in color
  • Boosts vibrancy
  • Build shiny, strong hair with life with the aveeno hair care collection

Honest reviews



I was spending at the salon 15 dollars a bottle for color preserving shampoo.Then I tryed this shampoo it is better & a whole lot cheaper. The lather is thick and luxurious & it smells nice. It left my hair silky,& with body!! I just love it And am going to switch brands!! It is fabulous !!

Marion Lucernemines, PA

Not for fine hair unless you want it heavy and flat

I’ve used another Aveeno shampoo that I’ve been pleased with — it smells nice and gives my hair a little body. I thought that it might be nice to try this one since I have colored hair and would like to keep my red color as long as possible. Somehow I missed that this was for “Medium-Thick” hair and realized after I had dried it that it was really heavy on my hair and made my hair stick to my head with no body whatsoever. Not exactly the look I was going for!?!? I found the scent and the packaging pleasing so I’d recommend it to someone that had much thicker hair but if you’ve got thin hair like me, stay away!

Alberta Las Cruces, NM

Will continue to use

My wife likes Aveeno products, so we tried this shampoo. I don’t color my hair, but my wife does. And to be honest, I’m not as picky about shampoos as my wife. I just want my hair clean. With that said, this shampoo cleaned my hair just fine. I don’t know that I’d pay the higher price for it, but when I asked my wife what she thought, she really liked this shampoo.My wife liked the scent as well as the lather and how the shampoo left her hair. It’s a product she wants to continue to buy and use.

Jayne Ascutney, VT

I’d Buy It.

I’ve used just about every shampoo imaginable; professional (big bucks), cheap (suave), and about everything else in between. When making the decision to review this product, I figured, “Eh, what’s another one?” I’ve used Aveeno skin moisturizing products in the past, in particular the lotion containing oatmeal, as I have very sensitive skin and allergies. So, I have positive viewpoint of Aveeno products in general, but have been around life’s block enough to know not to be sucked in by marketing or hype.I do meet the criteria of “medium-thick hair and I do color my hair. Quite dramatically in fact for many, many years. From brunette to blond with blond highlights. So, I paid careful attention to notice any increased “vibrancy”. I also tend to have dry hair and I pay close attention to how my hair feels immediately after I shampoo. Will it feel like it has been striped of any moisture so that I now have to drench it in conditioner? Or will it feel soft, and at the same time, CLEAN. I also use anti-frizz products to smooth my hair to help it when it comes time to use the straightener. Will I be able to use LESS anti-frizz oil?Scent, a shampoo’s first impression.I’m from the generation that had a shampoo product called, “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!” (Yes, actual shampoo name) and once used, everyone within a 500 foot radius would begin to experience nasal soreness from inhaling the sickening sweet fumes. Okay, okay, I jest; a bit of hyperbole to brighten your day. But the stuff was STRONG smelling. Thus, I’m cautious when raising the open bottle to take that first whiff.Sweet, yet mild. Not so strong that the scent would linger long once it is rinsed. So, mark that a “like”.Next is texture and color. How does it look and feel?The texture is thick, but not overly so that you have to pound the bottle upside down to extract a few droplets. Or even worse, shampoo that is so thin that it squirts from the bottle like water (usually the dirt cheap stuff). It comes out of the bottle nice and smooth and I was able to easily control the amount of shampoo squeezed into my hand. The color is a pearly white which is pleasant enough. So, another “like”.Now, on to a very important component of any shampoo: Lather.Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the lather. I didn’t find it to be “rich-lathering” as it states on the bottle. There IS a noticeable lather. Would I call it “rich”? No. I’m not one to make a big deal about the lather as long as it does what it is meant to do: Clean.Once my hair was rinsed of all traces of shampoo, did it feel clean while not feeling stripped of moisture? I have to say that it did. It felt clean, yet soft, and I didn’t feel the urge to dump a bottle of conditioner to rehydrate my parched head. Actually, I did use a little bit less conditioner after using this shampoo. Click: “like”.From there I styled my hair in the usual fashion (long and straight)using a bit of anti-frizz, blow dryer, and straightener. Did I like the result? Yes, overall. I did notice that my hair was more cooperative during the blowing out and straighten process. But, did it “lock” in color and “boost” vibrancy? Hard to tell. How does one measure that, anyway? I used the product for a week straight and did not notice any vibrancy boost. But, I’m not surprised and really kind of expected it. It is one of those claims that sells shampoo, yet is really a matter of opinion; not something most people would actually be able to measure outside a laboratory with some contraption that measures degrees of light. So, the word “vibrancy” is used because it is ambiguous. No click either way.So, would I recommend this stuff? I would if you put a lot of effort into making your hair smooth. But, not for anyone whose hair has a tendency to be oily or is fine in texture. You would NOT like this product. Would I buy it having used it? Yeah, I would. But, I don’t know if I would specifically seek it out in a store. I am curious though what the results would be if used in conjunction with its sister conditionerAveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Conditioner, for Medium-Thick Hair, 10.5 ozs (Pack of 2). Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Mallory Adena, OH

Not Earth-Moving

The one thing I can say about this shampoo is that it does a thorough job of cleaning your hair without harshness. I don’t know about its claim for preserving color though as I did not notice the color staying for longer than usual. The smell is not offensive.Use it as a normal shampoo, but don’t rely too much on it as a color preserver.

Blanche Zephyr Cove, NV

Not Worth It (D Grade)

This shampoo dried out my hair and really didn’t do anything amazing for it. I was very disappointed and would stick with Suave or VO5. Overall a very lacking item better left in a warehouse somewhere.Katiebabs

Vanessa Aberdeen, MS

Doesn’t even come close to the quality of my usual shampoo

I did not like this product at all. Since I received this product through the vine program, I figured I’d give it a try since I’m always looking for quality products that are at a good price and there appeared to be a lot of favorable reviews for this product so I was hopefully optimistic.The normal everyday shampoo I typically use is Matrix Biolage for color treated hair so in fairness, I’m comparing the Aveeno product against a professional “salon” product. My hair texture is medium so according to the Aveeno product description, this product should have been appropriate for my colored hair.What I initially realized when using this product is that there is very little lather. There is so little lather that I found myself washing my hair twice and using A LOT more shampoo than what I would use normally to get the same clean feeling that I’m used to. In addition, this product felt like it left a heavy film on my hair which made it virtually impossible to style. I usually can simply blow dry my hair while crunching it with my fingers and it looks great. While using this shampoo, my hair lacked body and felt flat. In addition, this product did not preserve the dark color of my hair and after only a week of use, I could tell a noticeable change in my hair color – my dark brown hair was a lot lighter, more golden.I would not purchase this product in the future. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to hair products and cosmetics and I definitely will use a department store brand when I find a quality product. The Aveena shampoo, in my experience, simply didn’t come close to the quality I get from my usual shampoo and I wouldn’t recommend it nor use it again in the future.

Eunice Kewaunee, WI


My daughter has extremely long, medium-thick blonde hair with natural-looking highlights (highlighted by her hairdresser). I have baby fine hair so I had her test this for me. The very first thing I noticed after she usedAveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo, for Medium-thick Hair, 0.817-Pound (Pack of 2)was how sparkly her hair was. After I got past how sparkly her hair was, I noticed that her hair looked more vibrant & the color wasn’t as drab as it had been for a while. She’s used it 4 times now & just asked me if Aveeno has a conditioner that goes along with this shampoo. She’s picky about her hair products so the fact that she asked about the conditioner means she really likes this product. She has healthy hair so I can’t comment on this shampoo’s restorative power.5 stars for sparkly, vibrant hair.

Latoya Glennville, CA

Nice, inexpensive shampoo

This is a pleasantly scented shampoo that does what it sets out to do–keep color-treated hair looking fresh. However, I personally found it too drying for my already too-dry hair. I had to put on a load of conditioner. And frankly, looking at the ingredients, it’s a little too chemically heavy in its composition for me. It really is a conventional shampoo, not one that can make any claims to have healthy ingredients. This shampoo does contain sulfates.

Kari Perkinston, MS

Artificial-smelling fragrance, nothing natural

I’m not too crazy about theAveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo, for Medium-thick Hair, 0.817-Pound (Pack of 2). The fragrance is quite artificial and the body of the shampoo is just a little too thick and creamy. It just doesn’t feel that pleasant. I think the naturals thing is just hype and advertising and the ingredients list isn’t all that different from any other shampoo.

Bessie Monticello, MS

regular shampoo

I thought a color preserving shampoo would be great, and the bonus was that this Aveeno shampoo is supposed to be more natural. I try to use green products as much as possible since I don’t like chemicals going down the drain. I like nature’s gate, kiss my face & jason products but don’t feel the need to spend huge amounts of money on haircare items. I color my hair at home every few months, and have thick straight hair.Honestly, I didn’t love this shampoo. While it cleaned my hair just fine, I didn’t have any noticeable positive changes after using it for a few weeks, which is what would make me return to a product over and over. Just a run of the mill shampoo for me that I can get buying a 99 cent bottle of suave – which comes in some great scent choices so I can switch it up now and then.

Rhonda Wellborn, FL

Another Aveeno Winner

My wife and I both have fairly thick hair. This shampoo does a great job of leaving it feeling clean and soft. The fragrance is subtle and natural, not an overwhelming chemical perfume. I can’t say much of anything about the color-preservative claim. I haven’t noticed any difference in my blond hair or my wife’s chocolate-brown hair. The shampoo leaves it soft and shiny, and my wife doesn’t get “fly away” hairs with this product. In that respect, it’s similar to other Aveeno shampoo products we’ve used, all of which have been pleasant alternatives to the industrial strength stuff.

Grace Mora, MO

Is it the shampoo???

I usually pick my shampoo based on three things -1) Scent2) Whether it is kind to my skin and hair.3) PriceSo when I had a chance to try this one, I thought I’d take a chance. I have medium-thick hair, and, yes, I color it. But please don’t tell anyone.I thought my review would be about the three things that I enjoy in a shampoo … and yes, I do like the light scent, and it is kind to my skin and hair. And given the quantity/quality, the price is decent. So I’ve given the product 4 stars – great but not perfect.But here’s where things get weird. After I washed my hair for the first time with the shampoo, and without changing anything else, two friends commented on how nice my hair looked. My cut was three weeks old, and my hair REALLY needed coloring at that point, but they saw something I didn’t.Was it the shampoo? I’ve recolored my hair and I’m now using it regularly, so I’ll have to see what other comments I receive – or don’t receive.

Phyllis Sulphur Springs, AR

Soft manageable hair but didn’t like the smell

The results of this shampoo are very nice. My hair is course, extremely thick, and naturally wavy. After shampooing I let my hair air dry and it was soft and wavy with minimum frizz. I didn’t like the smell – it is a typical floral/fruity smell that is common in drugstore haircare. I’m not sure why they can’t make these products smell more like the salon products. It also had a slight chemical smell in the base note – but it did not leave that scent in my hair, thank goodness.

Adela Hardy, IA

Aveeno for thick hair vs Pantene for thick hair

Background:I switched to this Aveeno Living Color shampoo from my what I have currently been using for the past few months, Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo. I have VERY thick, long brown hair. I am 30, but started getting sporadic grey hair in my early 20’s. I have enough of it now that I dye my hair every 6 weeks with a deep brown hair color from L’Oréal Paris Feria. Because I dye my hair such a dark color, I can tell right away if the shampoo I am using is helping or hurting my hair color preservation. My hair is so thick that if I don’t plan on curling it, I need to flat iron it just to keep it under control.Differences:Scent:The Aveeno shampoo definitely does not have the same perfumey scent that Pantene shampoos have. You actually need to hold the Aveeno to your nose to detect any scent, and the smell it does have it not the greatest. It doesn’t smell bad, but it’s not going to make people say “oh wow, your hair smells great”Texture and performance:It feels thick, like honey the hand. It also doesn’t lather up to a bunch of foamy bubbles while washing your hair with it. However it cleans hair very well and leaves hair super smooth. This reminds me of a VERY EXPENSIVE shampoo I tried 5 years ago that had the same design. The shampoo was over $30 for a small bottle, and used in very high end salons. The shampoo was designed to help maintain expensive hair coloring and styles. I stopped using the pricey shampoo after I stopped spending $$$ a month at the salon to maintain my hair color. This shampoo is working just like the very expensive shampoo I use to use! It is keeping my deep hair coloring nice and dark, but at a fraction of the price.Differences:One major difference I have discovered in using the Aveeno shampoo for thick hair, vs the Pantene shampoo for thick hair is how my hair drys when I don’t use a hair dryer. On days where I don’t plan on going out, I will sometimes just pull my hair back into a ponytail or up into a hair clip after my shower, to save my hair an extra day from the damaging effects of blow drying and ironing. Usually (while using the Pantene) doing this would cause my hair to end up very frizzy and hard to brush through, making me regret not blow drying it. The Aveeno shampoo instead makes my hair look just fine without blow drying it. It seems to tame it, keeping it from looking wavy, frizzy and out of control, giving it a smooth and sleek appearance.Recommendations:I would recommend this shampoo for those with THICK hair who also color it and are looking to make their color last as long as possible. Fine hair, thin hair and even some with medium hair will most likely NOT enjoy it’s effects, as they may find it makes their hair too limp and without body. I also highly recommend this shampoo for those who have long hair that sometimes would prefer not to blow dry it.

Lashonda Washington Island, WI

Makes my hair flat

I have been coloring my hair for 30 years, so it’s pretty dry and damaged. It’s also thick and wavy. So I try to find a shampoo that moisturizes, protects my color, and still lets my hair be fluffy. I also like a nice smell. And fewer chemicals. So…yeah… I’m picky.MOISTURIZING: Yes, this shampoo is moisturizing enough that I can get away without a conditioner if rushed. But it’s sort of a yucky, limp, moisture. I don’t like the feeling.COLOR: I don’t note that this product protects my color at all. On the other hand, I don’t find that any drugstore brand protects from fading; I do have to pay more for that.FLUFFY: Not. My hair is limp and icky even right after a wash and dry. The first few times I thought I hadn’t gotten all the shampoo out, but that wasn’t it… it’s just this product – it flattens my hair.SMELL: *gag*CHEMICALS: Chock full of ’em.BOTTOM LINE: Wouldn’t buy. Won’t use, even for free. I used about half the bottle to give a fair review but I won’t be finishing it.

Dorthy Middlesboro, KY

In Living Color

I color my hair myself, every few months I grab someL’Oreal Feria Haircolor, Crushed Garnet 41, 1 Applicationand voila, I have refreshed my color. It might be permanent on the box, but within a few weeks it will start to fade out a bit. Thats why you NEED a good color preserving shampoo and conditioner.I have used Aveeno products in the past, in fact their oatmeal lotion is amazing.Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, 8 oz, so i thought I would give this shampoo a try. For about 13 bucks you get two 10.5 fl.oz. I think thats a deal and a half, given that most color locking shampoos are twice that much. The great thing about Aveeno is that it has its own patent, ACTIVE NATURALS, which is formulated with natural products. This particular shampoo uses Lupin Proteins, from the Lupin plant. Its the picture on the bottle, purple long flowers, really pretty actually.Lupins are in the Legume family, interesting tidbit they are named Lupin because people thought the plant only fit to eat by wolves. The protein allows for high water and oil absorbtion properties, therefore making hair thicker. So you get color protection, plus thicker hair and “vibrancy”I also loved the smell of it, and thats important.

Martha Mountain Top, PA

I like it but don’t understand why it includes sulfates?

As someone who worked in cosmetic ingredient sales (selling them to the scientists and major manufacturers, not selling cosmetics) I learned much. Fortunately, although this was years ago, the public is getting smarter in the U.S. about iingredients as well. For this reason, many “natural” things are popping up and that is a good thing.I like the scent, I like many of the ingredients…unfortunately what holds me back from loving this is that it contains sulfates. In Europe sulfates are avoided as they strip your hair of shine and color. And everyone there knows it. They are cheap and used in commercial floor cleaners for stripping. But they are a high foaming agent. In the U.S., unfortunately, we incorrectly equate foam with “clean” and since they are inexpensive, you’ll find sulfates in most shampoos. Foam has nothing to do with how well it cleans and the reality is that foam equals BAD in shampoos because it means it contains harsh stripping sulfates. However, now that the public has gotten smarter, you’ll also find loads of shampoos now finally saying “no sulfates!” on the front. This is why. They don’t lather as much but they clean your hair better without stripping it. In fact, I rarely have a hairstylist not ask me how my hair is so shiny and healthy yet I color it. It has a gloss. Because I never use sulfates, my color stays in longer, my hair doesn’t get split and dull, and I condition. Additionally, as we age our hair gets thinner. Sulfates actually CAUSE hair loss. Eliminating them not only keeps your hair in amazing shape without stripping it, maintains shine, but it also creates a thicker head of hair–or at least prevents the hair loss occurring from sulfates.Now granted, the sulfate used is better than SLS which is the most common, but it’s still a bad thing. And other ingredients would hold color longer so I don’t understand the reasoning.I thought it cleaned well, smelled well, had some good ingredients but I would never use it long-term, I’d still opt for sulfate free shampoos above this.

Nannie Greenville Junction, ME

Unexpected Benefit: Soft Hair

I colored my hair first because I wanted to try Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving shampoo with freshly colored hair so I could really tell if it made a difference. After several weeks of using Aveeno, I can say that it did.I have had very little fading of my hair color. The Aveeno has a nice, very light smell, just clean smelling not perfume smelling at all. The biggest thing that I noticed was how soft my hair is. I have thick, wavy, coarse hair which I also color and straighten so soft is not usually a way I describe my hair but each time after using Aveeno, my hair feels soft like a baby’s. I can say that alone is worth sticking with Aveeno. I really like it and will be using again and again. Thanks Aveeno, soft hair!

Suzette Castle Hayne, NC

Amazing Lather

Aveeno Living Color Shampoo is the best shampoo I’ve tried in a long time. I only needed a dime-sized amount and it lathered up really well. I usually need a lot more shampoo for my long hair but with this shampoo I only needed a little bit. It also smells really good and keeps my hair shiny. The color in my hair stayed vibrant, though I still needed to color it to cover the gray hairs growing in. Overall I really liked this shampoo.

Tania Hunnewell, MO

This Brand-Loyalist Is Switching Shampoos!!!

Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo has proven to be so good that this brand loyalist is switching shampoos! Yes, I’ve been a loyal Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo loyalist for years. In fact, I’m also a frugal sceptic and have not deemed more expensive shampoos (Frederick Fekkai) to be any better than Garnier which is significantly less expensive. Thus, until now I’ve never considered switching shampoos.Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo has, however, completely won me over; I’ve even ordered my first shampoo-conditioner combo pack – from Amazon. What is it that makes this color preserving shampoo so good? No more fly-aways or frizzies!My medium weight, chin-length hair is unruly; numerous swirls and cowlicks appear, as if by magic, even when I style my hair. I have to use a flat iron to help tame the fly-aways and, because I color my hair that can lead to damage. What a surprise when I used Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo the first time. I was able to forego using my flat iron. Better still, when I awoke the next morning and ran a brush through my hair – it looked great! The big test was washing my hair and allowing it to air-dry. Normally, that results in hair that looks like I had been struck by lightening. Using Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo resulted in presentable hair – enough so that I would have run to the grocery store without doing anything to it.I cannot speak to whether Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo will really let your color last through 40 washings. I use Clairol Natural Instincts which seems to have faded at about the same rate as it does when I use Garnier Fructise. I use approximately 1 tablespoon of shampoo per washing; this size Aveeno lasts about 21 washings at an approximate cost of 30 cents per use. Even though this shampoo is more expensive than my former brand, the outstanding appearance which results from the use of Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo makes that cost well worth the money. The scent of Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo is very light. This is particularly important to me because my spouse has severe allergies and cannot tolerate a strongly perfumed product.This is one individual who has switched shampoos in favor of Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo. I hope you will be as pleased with the results you achieve from its use as I was.

Johnnie Chickamauga, GA

Nice shampoo

This shampoo works great. I won’t go on and on about it…it’s shampoo, afterall. I will say that it leaves my hair nice and soft, doesn’t dull my color, and smells nice. I’d definitely recommend if you color your hair. Actually, even if you don’t, it’s a great shampoo.

Stella Ringle, WI

Great Product for Color Treated Hair

I have been coloring my hair for years and hate how quickly the color starts to fade and the grey begins to show. Luckily this shampoo came up on Amazon Vine right as I had put on new color so I was able to test out its claim of preserving color. Normally my color only lasts 6 weeks max but after using this every day I made it to 8 weeks which was a nice surprise! The lather is rich, the scent pleasant and best of all it kept my color on longer.

Lana Canastota, NY

Okay – not great

I did not find this shampoo to help my hair color. I also found it to be a little drying, ended up with frizzies. The smell is nice, but I would not purchase again.

Roxie Cotton, GA

Aveeno has another great product…

I really like the Aveeno body wash because of the scents and price/value associated with the product. So I was very interested in trying out this shampoo on my colored/highlighted hair. I loved the way it smells. It lathers up well and a little goes a long way so this big bottle will last a long time.In terms of the color protection qualities… I started using this literally right after the last time I got my hair colored. I have been using the Aveda Color Conserve product line and I have to say I can’t detect any difference in how long my color has lasted with the Aveeno versus the Aveda… and for the price tag (not to mention the convenience of being able to buy this in mainstream settings rather than going to a special Aveda salon), this is a great value.I will probably keep using this just because it is enjoyable to use (love the way it smells), the cost-effectiveness, and the ability to buy it when I run to the store rather than having to run yet another errand just to buy shampoo. I also would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends.[NCJVR]

Blanche Parkman, OH

Great product!

As dictated by my wife: Shampoo feels clean with a scent that’s not over-powering. The consistency is medium to thick in your hand, and lathers well. You do have to use more the recommended amount if your hair is thick. Hair feels clean and soft after shampooing, and the coloring stayed longer than when I used non-color preserving shampoo in the past. Less frizz and more shine, and healthy after air drying.

Elma La Crosse, IN

Aveeno blew it on this one

I got the shampoo because I like Aveeno products and because, while Fekkai shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling really soft and (for the first time) really manageable, I was hoping for something close to the same result with a natural shampoo.I guess my first disappointment came when I took a look at the ingredients. They’re not natural. My second was the performance. I mean, it’s fine as a shampoo and I have medium-thick hair that I color to be close to my natural color so this should have worked really well for me. And it didn’t work badly but then neither did the regular, over-the-counter shampoo that’s not advertised as being tailor-made for colored hair work badly. In fact, the performance on my hair at least was about the same.So, given the performance and the definitely un-natural ingredients, I don’t know why Aveeno is charging so much for this. I don’t think it’s worth it.

Alisa Neversink, NY

Great Product

The Aveeno Living Color was used with all family members and found to be a wonderful shampoo product. For my daughters, all of whom have various degrees of color treated hair, the shampoo was liked better than the premium shampoos they’d been using at a higher price.The Positives:All of the females in the family found that the the Aveeno had a decidely nicer after-shampoo scent left in the hair.They also found that the shampoo left their hair silky, smooth, and tangle free.For the non-treated hair members of the family, the shampoo was equally effective.Nuetral: Like other color perserving shampoos, the Aveeno Living Color leaves your hair feeling a bit “heavier” than regular shampoo but its weight was noticeably lighter than the “heaviness” that some of the other color preservative shampoos seem to leave.So, overall, a good shampoo that all the family members can use (to reduce bottle clutter in the bathroom), no matter what their hair color situation.

Minerva Pigeon Forge, TN

I will definitely use this again!

I’ve never bought anything from Aveeno that I didn’t like. The quality of this company’s products is beyond compare. So, what can I say about this shampoo? The smell is sweet, fruity-flowery but does not overwhelm. The lather is very nice, and it rinses out very quickily (copared to others of this type.) The best part is the fact that it imparts an amazing shine! When I caught a glimpse of my hair in the sunlight, I was really, really impressed by this product!In conclusion — Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo is excellent. If you have color treated hair, I am certain that you will find that your color will not go down the drain with the suds!

Camilla Piedmont, WV

My hair isn’t medium-thick, but I still love this shampoo

Aveeno Living Color, Color Preserving Shampoo for Medium-Thick Hair makes my hair as soft, silky and shiny as the Fekkai shampoo that costs four times as much, and after using this for a couple of months I’m certain that it also helps maintain my color as well as Fekkai. Given that this is advertised as being for Medium-Thick hair, I presumed it would have little to no body-building properties, but it’s enough for me (someone who once had fairly thick hair that is now noticeably thinner as I progress through menopause). Definitely recommend it!

Cara Sanford, TX