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Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion, 4 Ounce

Fastacting, soothing itch relief of: poison ivy, oak, sumac, insect bites, allergic itches and chicken pox rash For the temporary relief of the itching and pain associated with minor skin irritations.

Key features

  • External analgesic
  • Fast acting
  • Soothing relief of poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, insect bites, allergic itches, chicken pox rash,
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Nongreasy

Honest reviews


not effective for me

The packaging and delivery time were excellent. But it was not effective for my rashes. Other Aveeno product like skin relief ones has been a great product for their own purpose though and I have been using them for a few years.

Erika Phillipsburg, OH


I have a condition which makes my arms itch intensly and nothing, I mean nothing has worked. Finally, I have found something that helps! This lotion really does the trick as it has Calamine (3%) and Pramoxine HCl (1%) in it which seems to be the key. The calamine lotion does make the application appear a bit pink but rubbing it in well disguises this and helps the lotion work even better. I would recommend this for all itching, but if you have itching that nothing has helped, give this a try. It’s not greasy and works like a charm.

Louisa Rochester, WI

love it

works well, has that smell but doesn’t last long, too bad amazon don’t carry it any more, would have been nice subscribing every 3 months on it. the consistency is thick, creamy like but i prefer it that way instead of watery-like. easy to blend.

Celeste Oak Ridge, PA

Good in the short run

I recently had a bad case of hives from an allergic reaction to a medicine.This product helped a lot in the short run, which was worth quite a bit. Cooling and soothing. However, I found that after a couple of applications over the course of half a day or so, the product buildup became an irritant in itself, and I had to shower and remove it, which I didn’t necessarily feel well enough to want to do. I didn’t have that problem with aloe vera gel.However, this product contains a mild local anesthetic, so it may be more helpful for some things. I didn’t think of the aloe vera gel until the hives had improved somewhat, so it may not have compared as well in the beginning.I’d buy this again, but I sure hope I don’t need to.

Aline Star Tannery, VA

Itch gone?

I had a allergic reaction to a new detergent and i bought this to use on my rashes. it helps stop the itches but if you mess with the rash no amount of lotion is gonna help. This stuff is pretty sticky too so try not to use it on your whole limb.

Guadalupe Lester, AL

Great Anti Itch Lotion

It greatly relived my itch skin. Although, it has some unique smell though.It is a bit expensive then regular lotion. If you are going to use it for your entire body,this 4 ounce bottle won’t last long and it will be better to get bigger bottle.

Gayla Lake Saint Louis, MO

Great Product

For the past year I have been covering my skin from hives. I hated the sight of the patchy itchy redness that would appear on my skin. Since I purchased Aveeno’s Anti-Itch concentrated lotion, the hives have minimized and even disappear faster. I started applying the lotion after every bath. Within two days, the hives have been under control. I’m happy to be living a more itch free life.

Patrice Hartford, IL

Great Stuff

This product worked for my itchy rash when nothing else touched it. This product cleared up my itchy rash within 48 hours. The product soothes the itchy, burning sensation and clears up the problem. High Recommend!

Leah Husum, WA

Anti Itch Cream

I often recommend mixing a great lotion with a topical steroid to my patients to cover a large area of itchy skin. This is pretty thick stuff, so it could even be diluted some. Not fragrant.

Yolanda Point Comfort, TX

Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion, 4 Ounce

I love Aveeno Anti-Itch Concentrated Lotion!I’m super allergic person. So I need somethingthat’s non-allergic. This one seems to work.I love it,Takako Masuda

Brianna Malo, WA