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Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment

After 4 weeks, 100% of women showed improved skin vitality with increased firmness, smoother skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles or diminished look of age spots. See dramatic results with this 2-step daily treatment system while also protecting your skin from sun damage with SPF 30. When the naturally charged biomineral concentrate is combined with the rejuvenating moisturizer, formulated with Active Naturals blackberry leaf extract and dill, the 2-step treatment system activates to restore essential energy to elastin-deficient skin, restoring a more youthful, awakened look. You will begin to see the rejuvenating power of this breakthrough treatment system quickly and will experience even better results over time.

Key features

  • Improves firmness, jawline contour and definition
  • Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Diminished look of age spots
  • Smoother texture

Honest reviews


Makes for smooth magic, or so I’m told…

I got this for my mom. This is going to be rather short because I’m writing this for her. Ha, well, not really for her. I asked her how she liked it and she gave me a run down, so I’m writing this for YOU based on what she had to say. First off, I got it for her because I don’t used facial lotions (I’m a guy and I’m only 25, so I don’t really need it) and the wife doesn’t need it. That’s not to say that my mom NEEDS it (go on, dig that hole buddy) but she is more apt to use this than anyone else I know.She really liked it.Maybe I should have just opened with that. That’s what is important, right? The four weeks they suggest have not gone by, but after a little over a week she says that she can feel a difference. She said that her skin feels smoother and she liked the fact that it didn’t feel overly `lotion’ like (I’m not sure how to describe that somewhat sticky feeling your skin gets when you apply lotion).I agree, this is pricey and the packaging seems wasteful (but to be honest I didn’t even really care to bring that out until I read it in another review and stopped to think about it). Alas, this is a good product according to my mother, and her word is law.That warrants five stars, right?

Georgina Denton, MT

Smooth and Glowing Skin

After using this two step system for a week, I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin looking and feeling smoother.Step 1 in the system, is a little vial of “biomineral concentrate” which is applied to any areas where there are obvious lines/wrinkles (such as outer eye area, mouth to nose lines, etc.) The concentrate feels almost like a silicone primer, and leaves a silky feel to the skin.Step 2 is the “day moisturizer” with SPF 30. This moisturizer imparts a nice glow to the skin, and offers great sun protection. (I’ve also been using it on my neck).One thing I didn’t care for: the biomineral concentrate has a green tint to it, which I felt left a SLIGHT shadowy/dark look under the eyes. Granted, makeup and concealer covers this, but a clear, colorless product would have been a better formulation for this area, in my opinion.Still, the performance is as promised, so the system gets five stars.

Marva Wildorado, TX

Excellent product

This product really works. It has a pleasant smell, skin feels smooth after only one application. The makers are claiming 100 % positive results, which I think is a stretch. I have used it for one week now. I think I will see even better results over the next 4-6 weeks. Highly recommended.

Rosanne Wilmette, IL

Skin Care…

So far I am pleased with this product. Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment is perfect for the upcoming summer months. The moisturizer has enough SPF to protect the face and neck on a daily basis when enjoying the outdoors. Other products with sun blockers usually make my eyes tingle or burn, but this item does not bother my eyes. It seems to keep my skin balanced, so I am not too dry or too oily…just the right balance. The small tube vials contain an anti-aging ingredient that makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I have been using this under my makeup and bronzer with no problem. So if you are looking for vitality, protection from the sun, moisturizing, and anti-aging products…then this is the skin care product for you.

Marva Catawissa, MO


When I received this product, I intended to give it a four-week trial, as it promises to deliver miracles in just four weeks: “After 4 weeks, 100% of women showed improved skin vitality with increased firmness, smoother skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles or diminished look of age spots.”Unfortunately, I had to stop the trial at two weeks because I just couldn’t take it any longer. I think that I may have discovered Aveeno’s magic secret to making wrinkles disappear: irritated skin. Skin that is distressed can swell, and look slightly puffy. Puffed up skin is firm. Puffed up skin is smooth. Puffed up skin has less wrinkles. Just like Aveeno promised. Unfortunately, puffed up skin is also painful. The skin in the area around my eyes was very swollen and uncomfortable, even though I had taken great care not to put either the biomineral concentrate, or the moisturizer in that area. But maybe I’m just allergic to the product. I don’t know, but I sure wasn’t happy with the results.I also was not thrilled with the packaging, as other people have commented. What’s the point in having four little bitty tubes of “naturally charged biomineral concentrate?” (Naturally charged? Honey, I’m here to tell you that electrical charges are always 100% natural, since there is no such thing as artificial electricity. But I digress…) Since the tubes are opaque, it’s impossible to tell how much product is in each one, or how much product is left after use.The larger pump container of the moisturizer is also opaque, with a pump action dispenser. It smells strongly of good old fashioned regular sunscreen, and feels like good old fashioned regular sunscreen. I didn’t find anything remarkable about its moisturizing powers. Heaven help you if you get any in your eyes…Back to the four little tubes: If the stuff is so wonderful, why not provide an amount equal to the sunscreen, so it can be applied to all the same areas as the sunscreen? Why not mix the two lotions in one tube? Or, if they can’t be mixed, why not package them like a two-barreled epoxy syringe that delivers equal amounts of two different substances? The current packaging scheme guarantees that the user will run out of the biomineral concentrate before they run out of the sunscreen lotion. Then what? Does the lotion work without the concentrate? Or is the user supposed to toss the remainder of the lotion, and run out and buy another kit?The remainder of the product, with all its wasteful packaging, is going into the trash, and ultimately sit and take up space in a landfill for all eternity. I am returning to my five-star stand-by day cream,Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion, Active Copper, SPF-20, 1.7-Ounce Bottle, packaged in a recyclable glass bottle.Sorry Aveeno, my swollen eyelids will not forgive you.

Marta Kingsbury, IN

Vanishes Into The Skin

It truly absorbs into the skin and makes my face feel way softer than a baby’s booty. Most lotions sit on top of the skin and make the surface seem softer or moisturized, but with this, it soaks in and truly feels like theres no lotion there–it’s like having new skin. I haven’t seen a difference in the lines though, but it’s only been a week. I will update 7 days from now.I usually only purchase products that I deem good quality as well as reasonably priced. I think $33 is a bit steep for a 1.32 oz drugstore item and probably never would have tried this had it not been for the vine program. I will purchase this as a consumer because of the quality of the lotion, but can’t say it will be on a regular basis because I hate getting hustled, and the price seems like a hustle to me.Also, Aveeno should really do something about the packing. It’s extremely wasteful. So much unnecessary plastic, and some carboard could have been spared had they(Aveeno) chosen to not be so “designer” about the packaging of the item.EDIT: OK, I’ve done it for over a month now. I can say that I see no differences in fine lines(but mine are REALLY fine), BUT, I did have a bit of a discoloration, spots and a tad of a jawline, and this product helped those things when I didnt even have those issues in mind while using this product.I would be more interested in a night product of theirs because sunscreen always irritates my skin, and so does this, though mildlySummary: Great quality lotion, a bit pricey, and wasteful packing

Theresa Toyahvale, TX

A Qualified Recommendation. Aveeno Rejuvenating Day Treatment: A Critical Review.

This product, “Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment,” comes with a surprisingly high recommendation from a retired head nurse from East Elmhurst Hospital, a.k.a, my mom.I asked her could I take pictures of before and after. Her curt response was, “No…I don’t want my picture on the internet.” “But, it’s not the internet, it’s Amazon.” “Do you have to go on the internet to get there?” “Yes-” “Then, (interrupting me) I do not want my picture on the internet.” Below is my transcript of our conversations over the past month.First thing to know is that my mom, Ila, is a youthful, fair-skinned Jamaican woman. She’s also a no-nonsense, “truth teller.” One of the first things she told me is that she doesn’t believe any company’s claim because, in her words, “there are a lot of companies saying things to get you to buy their product!” My counterpoint was that who better to know if a product is worth it than her.The Rejuvenating Treatment kit is a 4-week process and since the kit doesn’t come with any literature, she decided to thoroughly clean her face and not apply any makeup to her face as she’d normally do in order to find out if the company’s claim that it would remove fine lines and reduce age-spots were legitimate. Here are her findings:Week 1: She saw no difference and neither did she “feel” any difference. One of the things that she did notice was that the cream portion was very gritty. She thought that was odd because normally creams are soft and soothing. She has sensitive skin and had some initial concerns about how long-term use would impact her appearance.Week 2: Again, no tangible difference and the gritty cream was still bothering her. In addition, she noticed that the pour spout clogged very easily and was a bit difficult to get the ingredients out until she decided to snip the top and shake the contents thoroughly. This was the turning point for her. She surmised that the product, either the active ingredients didn’t mix well or that the lot that we received had ingredients that were settled. But, immediately after she felt a distinct difference after she washed her face. This happened the middle of the second week.Week 3: After the middle of the second week and all of the third week, she says the product does indeed work well. Her face is noticeably softer and she said looking at the fine lines that they appeared to be less apparent. She did note that the “few” deeper wrinkles were not affected, but she also said that she didn’t expect any product to get rid of that.Week 4: She has proclaimed to her satisfaction that the product does as it claims. The fine lines are noticeably reduced and the age-spot on her cheeks are significantly lighter. “I would say it is a very good product!”And, there you have it.

Laurie Bothell, WA


This is a two part simple daily treatment.First you apply the “concentrate” in the tiny tube, which comes out blue and transparent. Immediately after, you apply the creamy white moisturizing sun block from the dispenser.Both have a very silky feel which on makes the skin feel so smooth and polished. I’m inclined to touching it as my fingers just glide all over it.I’ve used this for nearly three and a half weeks.At the end of the first week I noticed that my forehead which is completely lined with fine lines seemed plumped up and much smoother.Now approaching the 4th week, my skin is definitely smoother. The lines haven’t completely vanished, they’re there but much less visible.Lines around my mouth too are less noticeable.I’m 40+. I can’t say that this has made my face look twenty something, but without a doubt, I can say my skins texture is so much smoother and improving daily.Not a face lift effect, but very considerable improvement. The quality of my skin looks to be about five years younger, really.The package came without much directions besides apply both one after another.Because I use make-up everyday, I did not use product in the day time as instructed, because I’m unsure how my make-up would affect this treatment. So, I apply it a few hours before bedtime to naked skin where it works it’s magic as I sleep. In the morning I inspect my skin in bright morning sun….there’s is a major improvement.I didn’t expect to have so much to say about this product.

Valarie Smithtown, NY

Too much for me to keep it up…

The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because I don’t want to give a bad review because I didn’t follow through on the regimen. A two step process puts me over the edge, especially in the morning. I just don’t have time for products like these and one is supposed to follow through on doing it day after day, which I also didn’t do. If you can follow the regimen, I would say the creams are smooth and feel nice on your skin, but I don’t know if they work since I was so sporadic about my use of them. It may sound pathetic since its only a two step process, but I’m sure there’s others out there just like me.

Flora Happy Jack, AZ

It is smooth but doesn’t do much for wrinkles

It does make my skin feel very smooth, the cream is not greasy and does soak into your skin easily. It virtually disappears and it works wonderfully under makeup. It protects your skin from the sun. This cream is very gentle, I have had no reactions from it. For the summer I think this will do nicely but for the winter months I feel there isn’t enough moisture in this to help my very dry skin.The small tubes that you use on problem spots feels very smooth and almost powdery. (it reminds me a little of silicone in the way it goes on and feels) As for 100% improvement, I don’t believe it and feel they should remove this claim. While my skin feels softer I have noticed no difference in the wrinkles I have, they appear to be the same, especially the ones on my forehead. I feel this is greatly over priced and it has way too much wasteful packaging.So basically I have seen no improvement in my skin in the 1 1/2 week I have used it other than feeling soft and I really wouldn’t recommend it unless the price is lowered. They should really redo the packaging and make it more earth friendly too.

Aileen Alpena, AR

Makes my skin silky and with no sensitivity issues

I have been using this treatment for a month now. It is too soon to say if it will make my skin miraculously wrinkle-free, but it does feel very, very nice. The lotion leaves my skin with what at first feels like a protective coating. It is not unpleasant, in fact I really like it, but it is certainly unlike any other cream I have ever used. The included tube of green goo for “areas of concern” goes on nicely and disappears. The tubes are supposed to last one week, but mine lasted most of the month (there are four tubes included).My skin is very sensitive and I am hesitant to try new products lest I wind up with a bright red face from chemical or scent irritation. I am please to say that I have had absolutely no problem with this product. I have become very attached to the silky texture it gives me and plan to but more once this long-lasting product finally runs out.

Leanna Garneill, MT

nice moisturizer

In this 2 part treatment, it is very nice that the small tubes are odorless. The bottle of moisturizer is a bit strong in smell when first applied, but fortunately it fades quickly. I don’t care for face products that have a strong, lasting odor. In the short time I have been using the product, I can see a noticeable difference, and that makes me happy. My skin feels supple, not oily and no dry patches.

Susan Oran, IA

Used over a month and noticed a difference!

Please note that I am thrilled it HELPED my skin, but it did not erase any wrinkles, only made them less noticeable, which was a positive for me. Things I liked – the green bio mineral concentrate that goes on first does not create a green coloring to skin after it is absorbed and the day moisturizer goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed. I like the SPF 30 UVA/UVB rating since a close family member`s melanoma discovery has made me prefer skin products with good sun protection.What I don’t like – the first time I tried it was during a time of extreme high pollen counts that made my eyes itch and water. Everyone should always be careful about NOT getting any non-eye product into the eye. I kept the concentrate and moisturizer away from my eyes, but later rubbed my right eye without thinking and instant pain! Some of the Aveeno was no doubt still on my fingers and it hurt! My eye watered even more and the pain took a long time to subside. This was not the product’s fault, but do be careful not to do what I did!I rated it 4 stars because it did soften my skin’s feel and minimized some wrinkles. It may or may not react on other’s skin the same way. (If it had actually removed wrinkles, it would have been a 5 star for me.) I plan to continue using the remaining product to see if improvements continue. I think it is worth a try for most consumers, if no one expects a miracle and is happy with improvement through softened skin and less noticeable wrinkles.

Cara Cadet, MO

I loved it

This is so easy to use and it feels very nice on your face. I am not generally the type of person who uses daily mosturizer and often fear the numerous bottles that other skin care treatments want to give you in order to keep yourself looking young.This product is two steps. One is a small tube of super fine lotion. It almost feels invisible putting it on and a very little bit goes a very long way. It is very light and you don’t feel it once it is on your face. The other part is a daily mosturizing lotion with sunscreen in it. It comes in a little handy pumping bottle. You just push the top and enough for your face comes out. This is a little bit heavier going on. Once it is on however, you do not have that cakey, makupy feeling that you often get with heavy sunscreen or mosturizers.My husband said he noticed a difference in my face. I don’t know that I did but I guess my husband said I looked more smooth. Works for me.My only complaint is with the daily mosturizer product.This second product, the daily mosturizer is the one that feels a little bit heavier and you get more than you need when you push the pump top.Easy to use, Nice feeling when it is going on and once it has been on, noticable difference to my husband. I’m pretty happy with this and would buy it again.

Robin Mountain Home, ID

Instant Vitality, Long Term Improvement!

I struggle with my age -55- and do not meet it gracefully. I try a variety of things to soften the blow and am most often disappointed. However, Aveeno has given me a reason to believe that there are ways to be more comfortable in in our skin as we move through life.From the first second I applied this product, I felt relief. The serum immediately filled my creases an took away those random dry spots. Once the serum was applied, I used the fresh smelling anti-aging lotion and applied it all over my face. With the remainder, I finished it over my hands. WOW! The products at once toned, refreshed and reduced the effects of aging on the skin. The dry, lusterless appearance was replaces by toned, fresh skin. Used at bedtime, I woke up to soft, younger feeling skin. It wasn’t an effect that faded quickly once the product evaporated or wore off.I recommend this product to anyone who wants an improved feeling and look.They won’t be disappointed.

Ashley Plainville, MA

No Results Other Than Eye Irritation. Strong Perfume Smell also an Irritant.

Aveeno Ageless Vitality seems to be marketed as a miracle cream that not only “keeps your skin resilient and younger-looking”, it will “reduce the appearance of wrinkles or diminish the look of age spots”. Aveeno also claims that 100% of women showed improved skin vitality in 4 weeks.If only this product really did all it claims to do. Perhaps it microscopically reduced my wrinkles – all I know is that when I look in a mirror, I see no difference at all in the 4 weeks that I have faithfully been putting the Biomineral Concentrate and Rejuvenating Day Moisturizer on my face.In fact, the Day Moisturizer is not only heavily perfumed (to cover the sunscreen smell – see below), if used as shown on the illustration in Step 2 (around the eye & on the eyelid), the day moisturizer will irritate your eyes.The Biomineral Concentrate ingredients are: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Trislloxane, Silica, Zinc, Divinyldimethicone/Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Tycopheryl Acetate, Copper Powder. The package includes 4 tubes of 0.08 (2.5 ml) each.The Day Moisturizer consists of Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (12%), Octisalate (5%), Octocrylene (1.7%), and Oxybenzone (3%) – all with the stated Purpose as Sunscreen. The product also has a large amount of inactive ingredients in addition to the sunscreen (dill and blackberry are towards the end of the inactive ingredient list). There is one 1.0 fl.oz container of Day Moisturizer.With no noticeable difference in my skin and no noticeable difference in my existing wrinkles, I’m going back to the original skin protection that I have used successfully for years – lotion mixed with a high SPF sunscreen.1 star because of the claim that 100% of women showed improved skin vitality, when, in fact, the product does not live up to its claims.

Sally Bremerton, WA

Good product but way too much packaging

I have enjoyed Aveeno products for many years and this moisturizer is on par with the high quality Ive come to expect. The main feature is the spf 30, which is quite useful, particularly if you are a woman whose foundation does not contain spf.The main event is the lotion, and it is in a short, wide pump. The moisturizer has a refreshing scent laced with the usual spf undertone. It is a dense, yellowish color and is a little heavy in feel. It absorbs into the skin very nicely and doesnt leave me feeling at all dry or one bit shiny and I dont feel it would cause breakouts. Its a very good product.Then there is the ultra concentrated hydrating gel. This gel comes in three separate but identical little tubes, and a tiny dot of this gel is all you need. It is ultra lightweight and “high tech” feeling, and absorbs in flawlessly. I say high tech because its so silken it almost feels dry to the touch.I take off one star for the wasteful packaging. It comes in a large cardbord container with a fancy flap lid outlining all the features, yet the bottle contains just very minimal instruction and the vials contain none. Then comes the clear plastic tray. It is five times bigger than the product. I also ended up crushing the vials of the spot treatment trying to get them out of individual compartments. Why couldnt have one bigger vial instead? I felt this was an attempt to make it feel fancier than it really is. I am also concerned that the pump Aveeno used for the moisturizer may not get all the product when it gets toward the end. I hate to waste product but dont know whats going to happen when I get to the bottom of the bottle.

Alexandria Clay, KY

Nice product

I guess Aveeno thought they had to use fancy over-packaging in order to compete with similarly marketed products. This box has a big flap to open to view a plastic window so you can see the mini bottle of 30 spf rejuvenating day moisturizer and 4 microscopically small tubes of biomineral concentrate. I understand the idea behind all of the fancy display but I thought Aveeno was supposed to be better than that.All that aside, I do like the way the product works. This is only supposed to be a one month supply, for which I think the price is a bit high, but it seems to be eliminating a small but deep crease I have in my chin area. I would love more of that biomineral concentrate included in the box. I guess each little tube of that is supposed to be about a week’s worth?The sunscreen is very nice, it goes on very smooth, and has a nice scent. The scent is almost fruit-like; I guess with the blackberry leaf extract, but not too fruity. I much prefer it over the “old lady” smelling Olay scent. Another good thing about this moisturizing sunscreen is that my face does not sweat profusely once I put it on, like the Olay Pro X did. Gads I hated that stuff. This goes on smooth and does not interfere with my makeup. Sometimes with all of the sunscreens and other stuff I have to use, I feel like I have 5 different layers going on, but this one feels good. A 30 spf is the minimum I will use on a daily basis, so I like that. I get dark spots and a raccoon-like tan as I have a dark-ish skin tone (okay, medium). This seems to kind of keep all of that at bay. Now I wonder if they have something that can help me with the dark spots! I also wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep my sun exposure to a minimum. I recommend that highly to keep the skin as youthful as possible.

Avis Sturgis, KY

Mixed results with combination skin

This month-long treatment system is comprised of two products: a biomineral concentrate that comes in four tiny tubes (one per week); with a “Rejuvenating Day Moisturizer” (SPF 30) for daily use.After conscientiously using the system for 10 days, I was quite happy with the biomineral concentrate. It is improving the look of the deep smile lines above my mouth and perking up my overall skin elasticity.But I could no longer continue with the moisturizer — I’m 50 and have combination skin, and the cream moisturizer is too heavy, makes my skin look shiny and greasy, and I was breaking out (although I don’t know that the moisturizer was to blame).So I’m back to using Aveeno’s Positively Radiant daily moisturizer, which is lighter and much better for my skin, following the biomineral concentrate.Tip: When the tiny black tube of biomineral concentrate is empty, cut it in half with scissors and you’ll have access to a lot more product that you can use on a cotton swab.

Ebony Linton, ND

Lovely product

As someone with normal life wrinkles I have been suspicious of creams and other products claiming to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. But I agreed to test the Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment as part of the Amazon Vine Program.I have been using the two part cream system almost daily– except when I forget– for a month. Honestly, the laugh wrinkles around my eyes seem significantly diminished. The deeper wrinkles at the bridge of the nose, above the lips and on the sides of the mouth may not seem to be all that much changed.The treatment comes in two parts: a small tube of grayish-green ointment goes on the wrinkled area first follow “quickly” by the thick, white cream. When I first started I thought it would be best to experiment by using the treatment on one side only. But after about four or five days I observed an improvement to the skin tone on the Aveeno side, so I began using it around both eyes and other wrinkled parts of my 66 year-old face. I do not look “Ageless” as the name of the product claims, but better and healthier.Not only do I think the wrinkles are a bit less noticeable but my skin shows a better “vitality” or healthy glow. With only a light amount of daytime make-up I go out into the world with more self-confidence. I certainly recommend Aveeno Ageless Vitality Rejuvenating Day Treatment.So, why do I give it 4 stars instead of five? I nearly gave it three because of the poor, nearly absent directions for use as well as the wretched packaging. Even by using heavy kitchen scissors I struggled to get the plastic wrapper open. For Aveeno to create such a fine product but pay for someone to package it so poorly is a shame. As far as the directions go… there was nothing helpful in the package– no leaflet, brochure or literature. By reading the very tiny print on the cream jar I figured out some of the steps in usage. This part of the product needs to be improved.That said, I like the daily treatments very much.

Rose Eagle Lake, FL

Definitely a rejuvenating moisturizer but definitely not a wrinkle reducer

As the instructions indicate, I’ve used this for one month as of May 20th before I wrote this review. What I like is that this moisturizer is smooth, silky, and very moisturizing. The small vials of “biomineral concentrate” dispense a very silky solution that feels great on the face. However, combining the biomedical concentrate (first) and then the rejuvenating moisturizer (second) as stated on the package did not “dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles” on my face. In fact, I noticed absolutely no difference after a month.In summary, I find this to be a great moisturizer but it did not live up to its claims as a wrinkle reducer.

Dana Sheldon, SC

Fine moisturizer

I am always on the lookout for the best new moisturizer, and decided to give this one a try. After about two weeks of using the product, I have no complaints. It is an above average mositurizer, non-greasy, and does “feel” like it is penetrating.The four little tubes of serum … not sure about those. The product is very dense, and a little bit does NOT go a long way. Other similar products I have used seem to go farther. I found that I had to limit the serum to just my eyes and mouth; wish there were enough for the serum to be used in other places too.All in all, this is a product that is competitive with other drugstore cosmetics in its price range. I will likely by it again, but if the product were unavailable for some reason, I’d be just as happy with a similar product.

Reva San Lorenzo, CA

I love this treatment

but, does it give me back the elasticity in my face? I don’t expect that, even though the ads of TV tell me that 100 percent of women regained at least some back. This package is a 2 step treatment. The first step treatment is in a small tube and 4 of these tubes are in this package. The second step treatment is the day cream itself.The first treatment is meant to be put on the worst wrinkles, like the ones under the nose or the pucker wrinkles. Or pick some of your own. The small tube contents feel like a serum. The second step, the cream itself is heavenly smelling…a nice soft scent. Aveeno really hit it on this one. I’ve had this over a month and I can tell that my wrinkles are still in the same spot but I still have most of my product left. Don’t know how long this will last but it should last over a month since the product package costs over 30.00. Although this is a day treatment, I use it at night and it is greaseless on my skin and goes in easily and leaves my skin feeling smooth.Don’t know if I would buy this again as I think it is a bit pricey for Wal-Mart or whichever discount store you choose to purchase it but I do love it.

Amanda Carthage, MS

Not for sensitive skin

In the past I have used Aveeno products without reaction, but this stuff did not get along with my skin. The mineral complex is nice, my skin felt smooth. The daily moisturizer, however, cause redness, stinging and irritation. Too much sunscreen I think. I normally cannot wear any kind of sunblock on my face (I wear dorky hats) but took a chance as it was Aveeno. I tried the stuff for a week and it’s taken close to three to get my skin back to normal.If you have normal skin, your mileage may vary. But this is definitely not for sensitive skin.

Yvette Sparta, OH

Might work for some

I actually thought this was working, once I re-did the instructions a little. The small tube of gray-green stuff I was told to apply just where needed, but it lasted more than a week. So I decided to just spread a very thin layer over my whole face. Each tube is supposed to last a week. Problem is, the bigger pump jar lasts way longer than four weeks, way longer than the four little tubes. So I bought another one of this product, in part because I know you sometimes need more than one of a particular product to give it a good try.I haven’t found out how to buy just some more of the gray-green little tubes, which I will be out of long before I finish the pump jar. So that’s one problem.Another is I have combinationn skin, and even though the pump jar cream feels like I’m putting on something really rich and moisturizing, the dry section of my skin starting getting dry again after I bought the second box of the product. Do I see the results it offers. Maybe. Not sure. Certainly no one has said to me, what are you using, you look younger.I think, for all these problems, I wouldn’t buy it again – UNLESS I do find some of the gray-green stuff sold separately. It doesn’t pay to keep buying the entire system, and have way too much of the pump jar cream left over.

Marva Speculator, NY

A great product

After receiving this item via Vine about a month ago I’ve been using it daily and my skin hasn’t felt this moisturized in a long time. In just about 3 days I noticed my skin was softer and had a little more elasticity. I feel it’s really made the most difference on the skin on my neck. Where it was just slightly starting to wrinkle the skin is now much smoother and “bounces” back into shape quicker when pinched. The Biomineral Concentrate is a little bit greasy when applied but it did make a difference targeting the deep crease I have in between my eyebrows. Now I don’t look like I’m constantly scowling. Overall I’d recommend this product for anyone looking for younger, smoother skin.

Valeria Unionville, MO

Not clearly better for your money

I found the packaging to be excessive — four small tubes of a bluish paste (which retained their color when applied on my skin) and a squeeze container, which makes it difficult to control how much is applied, in a big box with plastic compartments. Why couldn’t the small tubes be in one tube?I had no problems with skin irritation. I found the cream nice feeling and mild smelling, but I didn’t notice a dramatic decrease in wrinkles, age spots, or the like. It seems very expensive for a face cream.

Carey Lacona, IA

kind of like neutragena

I love to try new personal products that are on the market especially if it promises to help erase the evidence of the laughter and joy twin five year old boys can bring.I was very excited to try Aveeno’s rendition of the elusive fountain of youth called “ageless vitality.” It’s a two step system that begins with a “biomineral concentrate” that is strategically dabbed onto only on the “problem” areas of my skin; specifically for me, around my eyes, followed by the “rejuvenating day moisturizer.”When I first squeezed the “biomineral concentrate” out, I paused. It looked suspiciously like Neutrogena’s “gel serum” I had recently reviewed. I followed my instinct and did some investigating into whether Aveeno and Neutrogena were owned by the same company. Sure enough, they are! They are both owned by Johnson & Johnson. So, the grey “gel serum” that Neutrogena packages MIGHT in fact be the same “biomineral concentrate” that Aveeno has.I dutifully dabbed the “biomineral concentrate” around my eye area. It left the eye area VERY soft but also dull (grey) looking. The next step is the “rejuvenating day moisturizer” with SPF 30. It has no noticeable scent and left my face feeling very soft, slight greasy (dewy?) looking, but the greasy look was mitigated by a light face powder. If for no other reason, the moisturizer was useful for it’s SPF.The end result after three weeks is well, about the same as with any other product I’ve used. My “problem area” remains a problem area but in all fairness, I haven’t given the product the entire four weeks of trial yet. I rationalized that the product couldn’t do any harm (could it?) and since I didn’t like the dulling effect it had around my eye area, decided to use it only at night. Hope springs eternal that one day, I’ll wake up with a noticeable decrease (as slight as it may be) in the fine lines around my eyes that seem to be getter deeper and deeper.

Alice Cherry Hill, NJ

Ageless and Vital naturally and for a good price

This is another hit for the JNJ Aveeno line, there is reduced lines with continued use, the moisturizer is really great, the consistency is not thick and sticky, but smooth and effective. I will admit that since I do not have wrinkles that effects would be hard to judge, but my aunt tried the product with me and she really likes the effects and I have seen it reduce her wrinkles. What is nice is that it has also added elasticity to her skin making it look and feel younger and has added a brightness to her overall skin color. There are comparable priced anti wrinkle creams from other brands but some of them do not have the same refined consistency to their creams that I have found in the Aveeno line.

Randi Heidelberg, MS

After the first 3 weeks….

Before starting this program, I set aside my usual skincare products for about a week in order to have a clean slate to work with and write a good review. In addition, I used it only on one side of my face in order to see any results clearly.After washing your face, you apply a tiny bit of a tubed product on ‘problem areas’. I patted it under the eye and smoothed over the ‘marionette lines’. It has a silky feel, and the small tubes means less of a possibility for bacteria overgrowth, as would be the case in one large tube. Also nice and tiny to tuck in a travel bag. Follow that with the day cream. It has a nice scent, very light that dissipates quickly. Don’t let the fact that it contains dill make you think you’ll smell like a pickle! A little goes a long way, use too much and it takes a while for the white cream to absorb into the skin, and if you’re in a hurry, be sure to check the mirror for any white streaks that didn’t get rubbed in.After nearly a month, there was indeed a slight difference on my right side, mostly around the eye. Slight red patches around my cheeks also lightened. My skintone is more even, but no reduction in pore size, darn! I should also warn you that after a few days my face broke out slightly, then settled down and became clear. Maybe it was stress, and not the product, but I would advise anyone who has an issue in the first week to stick with it.Sadly, like most skin programs that include more than one product, the box includes plastic packing that can’t be recycled in my area.

Edwina Mount Vernon, OR