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Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF-15, UVA/UVB Sunscreen, 4-Ounce Bottles

With naturally calming Feverfew, a natural ingredient related to chamomile, this light, fast-absorbing moisturizer is clinically proven to calm and soothe sensitive skin and to visibly reduce the appearance of redness in as little as one week.It is oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and dermatologist tested. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and daily use.

Key features

  • Fragrance-free
  • Provides UVA/UVB sun protection to sensitive skin
  • Oil-free
  • Noncomedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic

Honest reviews


Great for sensitive skin

This product is great for dry, sensitive skin. My skin has been dry, sensitive, and prone to breakouts for years and this is by far one of the best products I have found for my troublesome skin. This leaves my skin feeling clean, not greasy, and doesn’t cause breakouts. I don’t have problems with redness generally but it does help even out my skin tone regardless. The only thing is I wish it was slightly more moisturizing like the night cream. This is a great lotion for the spring/summer and I rotate this with a heavier moisturizer for the winter. Overall, a fantastic product!

Nadine West Hills, CA

Nothing extra “special”

I have extremely sensitive fair skin that is prone to eczema in the winter & for some reason my cheeks just flush red, I am not sure why but I do know alcohol makes it worse (so I avoid it). This is the reason I tried Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer. I wasn’t expecting “miracles” but I did expect it to do more than it does. I have been using it along with the coordinating cleanser for around 3 weeks now & really don’t see any difference in the red flushing of my cheeks, with that said, it’s still a nice moisturizer but did not do anything for my red blotchy cheeks. All in all it’s just a good basic daily moisturizer but nothing more.

Ashley Rachel, WV

perfect moisturizer for skin peels

by far the best lotion to use with any skin peel. I only use it after the second day as the first 2 days you should use neosporin. I always recommend this to all my clients. It soothes skin and reduces irritation and redness that are so common with skin peels.

Claudine Hughesville, PA


I don’t have acne prone skin, I have pimple ridden,oily, 26 year olds skin, and I hate it. I put everything on it, acids, peroxide, etc, so my face is always scaley, flakey, dry, chapped and cracked. Plus the blemishes are red and broken skin. This lotion feels like pure silk being rubbed on my face. Even acne moisturizers seem thick and icky in my face, this stuff is silk in a bottle!

Ursula Issue, MD

Just OK

The ultra calming did nothing to calm down my inflammation due to dryness or acne. I wasn’t expecting it to. It feels a little greasy to me, but it does sink in pretty fast for a drugstore brand. The texture is really creamy and nice. I’m a little confused about why this has fragrance in it? That can break sensitive skin out (tryNeutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Sensitive Skin, 4 Ounce). Not sure why this has sun protection either, seeing that SPF 15 does virtually nothing. I don’t exactly like the idea of a moisturizer having SPF since I want my moisturizer to sink into my skin and the sun protection is going to sit on top of my skin. It just doesn’t seem logical. Something I’ve noticed about products with sunscreen– they wash my skin out and make me look more chalky/white than I actually am. That includes this one. I won’t repurchase. My favorite moisturizer is stillOlay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream, 1.7-Fluid Ounce.

Estella Gilroy, CA

I should know

I was a guinea pig for aveeno products!!! yes I was approached many!!! many!!! years ago to use a product of theirs before it came on the market…they are very customer friendly company and they truly want your feed back!! when I testing my product it was a bit too oily for me… since I have combination and sensitive skin….this is a good one!!! did not exist back then!!! WOW aveeno you have come a long way!!! Happy to say I was part of helping it happen!!!!hopefully I will see one of these in a spf 30!!!! its a bit too thick and not enough sunscreen…

Janell Burket, IN


I love Aveeno products. And when I saw they had an ultra calming moisturizer, I had to try it. After all, the price range isn’t bad … I have skin that tends to flush red easily, and it’s on the sensitive side. Since I’ve started using this I’m not seeing so many flareups. I find myself going, hey, I’m not feeling so flushed and stuff, so I’m happy. Plus there’s no strong scent, and it feels really gentle, it’s not sticky or goopy, so I am very happy. And you get a bit of sun protection, to boot.

Catherine Hillsville, VA

Love it

I have dry sensitive skin, and finding a lotion wit sun screen witch don’t irritate May face is very difficult. But is the right one. I don’t get irritated after I use it.

Tami Saint Thomas, ND

This moisturizer delivers exactly what it claims

I have very sensitive skin which tends to be red and inflamed, especially when I use creams/lotions/moisturizers with an SPF. This Aveeno moisturizer really does calm my skin and removes about 99% of the redness and irritation. Most days I use it after putting on a glycolic acid cream and the two work together beautifully. I live in Arizona and am exposed to the harsh sun everyday. Using Aveeno Calming Daily Moisturizer w/ sunscreen has helped my skin to stay moisturized with no rash, bumpiness, or even slight sunburning when I’m outside.I have this on auto delivery although the bottle lasts a really long time. I hope Aveeno never stops making this—it’s amazing and very effective, not to mention affordable. Thanks Amazon and Aveeno for providing such a wonderful product!

Mable South Naknek, AK

Be careful!

I have a habit of only reading the good reviews when I’m excited about a product, but I wish I’d delved into the 1-2 stars.I typically have problem skin–usually whiteheads. Once I started using this stuff, I began developing big, cystic acne.I could not understand what was causing such a flare up! The only other time I had such big bumps was due to a crazy amount of salicylic acid I rubbed on my face (one of my desperate moments).Also, I noticed when I’d scratch my face, dry flakes would appear….This Aveeno product was slam-dunked into the trashcan real quick.If you have problem skin, I’d advise you to look into more natural moisturizers. I went back to my Yes to Carrots line, and I woke up with non-irritated skin.I can’t wait til this mess clears up though!

Ophelia Lyndhurst, VA

Nice to skin

I have Rosacea and this was not irritating, nice consistencyNot greasy stays on and moisturizers the face very well

Ingrid Cougar, WA

Only use this!

Great product…non greasy and calms skin redness just does what it says…Both hubby and I only use this…

Lorrie Beaumont, CA

I love this stuff!

Ever since I found this lotion, I won’t be without it. Rosacea has no known cure, but when a face feels uncomfortably hot and a light application of this cream makes it feel more comfortable – that’s a big deal. Calming is what it does. It’s aptly named. I use it at night and under makeup by day, and whenever my face feels hot or dry, almost like an ointment. It’s light and has no fragrance – other good points. It goes a long way too, so it’s a real value.

Kari Pinsonfork, KY

Works great

I like this stuff. It works great. Moisturizes well and helps hide the natural red in my face. SPF seems to work well too.

Dayna Hydeville, VT

cools down my rosy cheeks

Nice moisturizer and it does as advertised andcalms down the red in my skin. Would recommendand purchase again.

Kim Galesburg, KS



Iris Conger, MN

Love Aveeno, but better with additional products.

I have been using the skinceuticals CE Ferrulic since January (my favorite product so far along with the simply clean cleanser). In the past month I added AOX+ Eye gel in a.m. and A.G.E. eye cream at night, Phyto corrective gel in morning and evening, retexturing activator in evening and after my moisturizer (Aveeno ultra calming) I add in the morning the Skinceuticals physical UV defense spf 30 sunscreen. My skin started looking brighter when I first started the CE Ferrulic and it is looking overall better with the recent additions.I’ve been using this moisturizer for a while. I liked it before, but I love it in conjunction with the skinceutical line. I’m reluctant to switch to a skinceutical moisturizer – I love the Aveeno. My skin is so smooth with it.Again, overall, people have noticed a change in my skin, stating it looks brighter and "great" without solicitation. I will edit my review or write a new one if I notice anything different in the coming months.

Kathi Selma, CA

Non-irritating but somehow blurs up my contacts

I have used Aveenos Positively Radiant moisturizer for quite a while, but after having a period of my skin being a bit senstive I gave this a whirl. I will say it feels great on my skin. It absorbs nicely without feeling greasy. My skin feels soft and this product does not irritate my skin at all. However, I also have noticed daily problems with my contacts getting smudged up for seemingly no reason. NOTHING else has changed. I wash my hands well after applying moisturizer, have gone through several different pairs of contacts. And yes, I thoroughly clean my contacts nightly. And, of course I don’t put the lotion near my eyes. But I swear it migrates into my eyes anyway and leads to constant smudging all day long. I mentioned my smudgy contacts to my hubby without mentioning the lotion, just complaining about the “cloudiness” on my contacts. He asked if I was using the Aveeno face lotion and mentioned that whenever he uses it, it causes his eyes to water all day long. So… I really have done multiple things to rule out all other variables and all I can say is that there must be some residue that may easily get into your eyes, just a heads up for the contact wearers in particular.

Frieda Pekin, ND


Does the job, moisturizes, clams my skin, no irritation. Need very little. Very happy with product at a very reasonable beauty product price.

Sabrina Free Union, VA

Looooove it!

This is the only moisturizer I use for my face. If you have sensitive skin – buy this! I live by it.

Suzanne Lyman, WA

Good moisturizer, but not a great sunscreen

Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t noticed any sunscreen effect. I applied it half an hour before going out and still got spots under mild sun… But it did reduce my redness and flaking, my face does feel smooth and moisturized. I use it in the morning and use Vichy thermal water during the day to keep my face hydrated and calm. Together they work great.

Jaime Cleveland, GA

Replaced my expensive face lotion

I replaced my bliss face lotion with this Aveeno moisturizer. It is difficult to find a 15 SPF lotion, that is an oil base and it a sensitive skin product. This is a great value and I don’t think you can compare to it unless you spend a lot more.

Ladonna Krotz Springs, LA

Best facial moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer for at least 7 years and I never use any other moisturizer on my face. It’s gentle, doesn’t make my skin oily (and trust me, it’s already quite oily on its own), and I love having daily SPF.

Shawna Sardinia, SC